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Reading "360 Degrees of your Star Destiny"

Lately I've been continuing to read Ellias Lonsdale's book "360 Degrees of Your Star Destiny", which is pubhlshed by Inner Traditions. It is one of the mnost insightful books eveer written on astrology. For those of you who are not familiar with this work, it interprets the Chandra Symbols which I channeled. Elliases insight into these degreee degree symbols is highly intuitive and often goes far beyond what a person might derive, on a rational level, from the symbolic pictures. An example of this is his interpretation for the degree of my Sun, which is 29 Taurus, the Chandra Symbol for that degree being "A man amusing himself by drawing strange shapes." He says in the first paragraph, "The genius to stay within a sphere of creativity, yet to make it work for the common good at every point, thereby bridging the inner and the outer." This takes the degree beyond the mere amusing of self, or random doodling, which is what some people might get

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