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Astrodiary 1: 1/12/23

The following is about my Solar Return chart, which occurred on May 19th, 2022 at 10:12:21 AM, at San Fransisco, California. I’ve been contemplating the degree of my Solar Return Moon, which is 18 degrees and 2 minutes of Capricorn in the 6th house. I’ve been living in the vibration of this chart for about 8 months now and so have had a good amount of time to consider the degree symbols for this degree, which is the 19th degree of Capricorn. The Omega symbol is, “In the night someone peering into a dark window,” and the first thing that comes to mind about this is the idea of trying to see something, but not having much light. The window is dark, and it is at night. Certainly, since my last birthday, I have been trying to understand what’s going on within and around me, and it hasn’t been easy to do. I would say that even things I thought I understood pretty well have appeared more mysterious than usual, as I realize there are things about them I’m still learning, and all this

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