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The Five of Swords

  Saturn rules obstruction and so can the earth element. And so the Five of Swords can be an extremely obstructive card.   This means it’s all about what’s in your way.   And, of course, the thing that is always in your way is you, even when it seems to be something outside you.      I feel that this card, more than any other, signifies the kabbalistic principle of resistance.   Resistance is the limiting, confining or obstructing of a being for the purpose of giving it something to push against.   For as you push against your challenge your magnify your own light, you grow spiritually.      It is wondrous to me that the number of this card, 69, is 3 times 23, and 23 is the Ace of Wands.   The significance of this is that behind the rigidity and limitations of this card we see that it is a way of relating to or connecting with (3) a new cycle (Ace) of creative energy (Wands, which are the element fire).      69 adds up to 15, which is the Major Arcana ruled by Saturn.   The fa

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