(152) Omega/Chandra Symbols: Capricorn 11 - 15

Phase 57. Listening to Your Soul (Nun Mem Mem)

Angel: NEMAMIAH (ne-MAM-mee-YAH) Discernment

Capricorn 11. A gothic novel creates a dark, mysterious atmosphere. (Omega Symbol) Transforming/Experimental

(Degree Angel: Damabiah (da-MA-bee-YAH) Fear of God, Fountain of Wisdom)

Definiteness is always confining or limiting in some way. This degree has the ability to create an expansiveness through indefiniteness, an openness that provides a field in which the imagination can thrive. This also allows the contents of the subconscious to come forward, with a consequent purging and healing of the emotional body. Most of this usually happens in a highly subtle, unconscious way.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A young boy joyously kisses a fat old lady.” This degree loves life as it is, and has a zest for encountering things as they are and then moving forth from there, by bettering what can be bettered, but accepting what is not likely to change. It can be contented, even happy, even in circumstances which are restrictive and lacking of opportunity, for it knows within itself that whatever is there is what needs to be there for now, and so without expectations it is free to relish what is.

The message it has to impart is that when we have little, a little becomes a lot when we can truly alow ourselves to appreciate it.

Pleiadian Symbol: Wild birds flocking around temple ruins.

Azoth Symbol: A man using colored lights to read a palimpsest.

Seed degree: 10 Leo. A man who sees stars invisible to others. (Omega symbol). When we are able to perceive that which others do not notice it induces us to bring a subtly of intensity and feeling into all we do.

A man putting olive oil all over his body. (Chandra symbol). To love and nurture our physical self stimulates us to love others for who they are irrespective of their outer appearances.

Fulfillment degree: 24 Leo. A drowning man turns into a fish. (Omega Symbol). When we deeply encounter our fears we find we are able to merge with them to the point that they support rather than threaten us.

Sunrise over Stonehenge. (Chandra Symbol). The new expressing vibrant love for the old brings new live to ancient truths.

Capricorn 12. Mold growing on a diamond. (Omega Symbol) Transforming/Sensitive

(Degree Angel: Manakel (MA-na-KEL) Accountability, Knowledge of Good and Evil)

No matter how difficult or discordant things become outwardly, deep inside this degree is impervious to negativity. It can manifest a strength of purpose and self-consistency that is unshakable, and can enter into difficult and highly stressful situations to do what it needs to do without becoming polluted by surrounding discord. At its highest it is a dedicated and constant channeller of the spiritual light. And although it holds to perfection as an ideal, it is aware and accepting of any imperfections that are either of no consequence and/or which it cannot change.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A beautiful, erotic fat woman eating chocolates.” I am reminded of William Blake's proverb, “The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom.” To indulge oneself is to look for fulfillment, and indulgence will only continue if fulfillment is not found. And so what is needed is a purer, deeper indulgence that finally transcends addiction. Often if what is forbidden is embraced it can then be fully let go of. Accepting and who one is, together with one's weaknesses and vulnerabilities can be what finally allows one to shed them.

Pleiadian Symbol: A botanist explaining the structure of flowers.

Azoth Symbol: A man sensitized to the energies that each particular star emanates.

Seed degree: Leo 22. A giant temple with many layers. It is in the shape of a mountain. (Omega Symbol). The multilayered truths and vastness of the spiritual realms, when clearly perceived render us impervious to any and all negativity and illusion.

An alligator swims slowly through a swamp. (Chandra Symbol). When we find we are truly and completely in our own element, we need to beware loving it to the point of indulgence and the creation of stagnation.

Fulfillment degree: Virgo 24. A satyr sleeping standing up. Roots are growing from his hooves into the ground. (Omega Symbol). Accepting the co-existence of both perfection and imperfection allows us to unite our energies deeply with those of the physical world, so we can derive from it the nurturing needed by our spirit.

A silver trident. (Chandra Symbol). If we are conscious and aware in the satisfaction of cravings we learn more about their true nature and are hence able to purify and clear our emotional bodies.

Capricorn 13. Singing and dancing in a desert oasis. (Omega Symbol) Transforming/Receptive

(Degree Angel: Eyael (AY-ya-EL) Great Expectations, Transformation to the Sublime)

This degree has the capacity to create its own small world out of seemingly nothing, and to find a way to enjoy life even in situations where the potential to do so seems remote. Its makes do with what it has, and will often even seek out limiting or desolate situations so that it may exercise its resourcefulness and ability to generate happiness.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A very old wrinkled brown paper sack.” This degree works hard and wants to get a lot done. It can be tremendously productive. It needs, though, to make sure it does this with kindness and gentleness, so that it does not overburden itself and become worn out. It is intensely in need of improving anything with which it becomes involved, and if this can be balanced with a continual regenerating of its own energy it will find that its projects will thrive and flourish to a much greater extent.

Pleiadian Symbol: A flame talking to a poet.

Azoth Symbol: A man dreams of the Lords of Karma.

Seed degree: Virgo 4. A woman boiling clothes in a cauldron with shavings of lye soap. (Omega symbol). Through continually purifying and clearing whatever discord has come to cling to us frees us to experience the full effects of our joyfulness so that it may create happiness in the bleakest of environments.

A small piglet dressed in baby's clothes. (Chandra Symbol). The realization of our inherent uniqueness and strangeness, and of our animal nature shining through every attempt at civilization impels us to find a use for who we are, and of ways we can be an instrument to facilitate the fulfillment of needs.

Fulfillment degree: Libra 24
Gemstones buried in the ground in the pattern of the constellation Orion. (Omega Symbol). To express happiness and joy blesses the environment with deep, enduring, and uplifting energy.

A chameleon with moving pictures on its back. (Chandra Symbol). The more experiences soften us up the more we are able to clearly perceive the environment around us and learn to deflect its discordant energies.

Capricorn 14. A woman restoring an ancient textile. (Omega Symbol)

(Degree Angel: Habuhiah (he-bU-hee-YAH) Contacting Departed Souls, Healing)

This degree is a retriever of the beauties of the past, a refurbisher and re-energizer of whatever has lost its glow or momentum. It is capable of careful and tedious work, and will always do the best it possibly can to insure that its productions are vivid and of high quality. Rather than thinking in terms of placing its personal stamp on what it does, it is more intent on maintaining the integrity of whatever it works on.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Beads carved from human bone.” The beads signify all our former incarnations, whose energies and memories we carry with us wherever we go, whether we consciously realize it or not. Just as there are holes in the ancient textile of the Omega Symbol, there are holes in our energy field caused by parts of ourselves which need to be brought forth to further our current journey, but which the limits of our present personality are not allowing through. To restore this textile means to let ourselves be receptive to these healing and balancing energies, so as to allow through what is already there and which has always been there.

Pleiadian Symbol: In a crypt a bas-relief of a woman holding a lotus by its stem.

Azoth Symbol: The star Sirius rises in the east.

Seed degree: Virgo 16. A woman cutting the thorns off roses. (Omega Symbol). When we remove whatever stands in the way of love we find we are working to reweave the beautiful fabric of life.

A jar of camphor crystals. (Chandra Symbol). Clearing the air of vibrations brings contact with the eternal peace and silence that allows us to see the vast cosmic scope of who we really are.

Fulfillment degree: Scorpio 24. Gold turning into lead. (Omega Symbol). As we come to see the past more and more clearly we see that every step in our process is ultimately of equal importance, which helps us to overcome the striving after meaning – for it is, was, and always will be there.

Coca bushes growing wild in the Andes Mountains. (Chandra Symbol). When we tune in to our past lives we find there exactly what we need to carry on with our present journey.

Capricorn 15. An angelologist explains the sacred hierarchies. (Omega Symbol) Transforming/Inspired

(Degree Angel: Rochel (ro-SHEL) Lost and Found, Restitution)

This degree is aware of how to access the help that the universe makes available to all beings. To receive this help one has to first understand the manner in which it is structured – the limitations and priorities that need to be followed, and the specific ways in which all the different energies work. It is all in the process of finding one's way toward pure consciousness which is union with God.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A woman wearing a necklace of skulls.” If only focused on seeking power and denying those fears inside which need to be released this degree will merely perpetuate old karmas until the cycle is worn out. On the other hand, if it can rise above such ego impulses it has a tremendous ability to deeply heal and clear its own being as well as catalyze others to do the same.

The woman wearing the necklace of skulls is the goddess Kali, a dark angel who helps us to befriend all the hidden and lost pieces of ourselves.. Until her tests are met, we cannot fully attune to the sacred hierarchies of the Omega Symbol.

The challenge of this degree is to find the right use of its inborn ability to lead – a way that serves the will of the highest, as well as to fuse compassion and forgiveness with its innate potency.

Pleiadian Symbol: Butterflies and flowers appearing magically to comfort convalescents.

Azoth Symbol: Candlelight glowing on a gold-leafed screen in a dim room.

Seed degree: 28 Virgo 28. A baby experiments with different sounds its mouth can make. (Omega Symbol). Such innocent and direct attempts to give voice to what is within becomes a way of accessing and comprehending the divine.

Autumn leaves pressed in a book. (Chandra Symbol). Whatever we have collected from the past becomes distilled into a body of memories that, if we can enter into its mysteries is found to contain all the wisdom of the universe.

Fulfillment degree: Sagittarius 24.A man in his imagination inventing flowers, the seeds of which magically appear. (Omega Symbol). Comprehending more and more deeply the structures of harmony that pervades the universe we see more and more clearly that the possibilities of creativity are limitless and self-proliferating.

A statue of Isis covered by a transparent veil. (Chandra Symbol). When we overcome the fear of death and realize that it is necessary to the fostering of life, we are able to see through the veil that hides the face of nature.


  1. I've never heard of the Chandra Symbols, but I've been doing a lot of research on the Sabian Symbols. I found something interesting relating to natal house rulers and how each degree may be expressed. My mom's moon, for instance, is in Aries 13(read Aries 14) in the 7th house, so I used a Sabian Symbol in the 14th degree for every sign and based each interpretation on the the meaning of each house. For instance, her 4th house is on the Capricorn cusp. I read the Chandra Symbol,beads carved from human bone,for this degree. I always look for a deeper, symbolic meaning and less literal, but this one sent chills threw my body. You see, my mom's mom was the only survivor of the Holocaust in her family. And the 4th house, among others things, is related to ancestry. Anyway, I will definitely learn more about the Chandra Symbols. It's quite fascinating.


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