(164) Omega/Chandra Symbol: Pisces 11 - 15

Phase 69. Lost and Found (Resh Aleph Hey)

Angel: ROCHEL (ro-SHEL) Restitution

Pisces 11. Three undines guarding a golden treasure at the bottom of a river (Omega Symbol). Transforming/Experimental

(Degree Angel: Nanael (NA-na-El) No Agenda, Spiritual Communication)

This degree focuses on issues of temptation and desire. It is continually asking itself why it wants what it wants, and hence is unsure of it's desires. This is the first manifestation of “Leo” energy in Pisces. The little ego, based on selfishness and the illusion of limitation, must be dissolved so that the greater ego may assert itself as a pure mirror reflecting the love and joy of the spiritual light into the physical realm.

The river is time. The place where the golden treasure lies is the present moment. The three undines are the self as reflecting all time – past, present, and future.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A high, crumbling wall. It is part of a ruin and covered with ivy.” The wall was probably a part of something lofty and grand – maybe a cathedral. Now it is a support for the ivy. Is this function less noble? Which role that the wall has played has created has enhanced the world most?

This degree is all about letting things be and then seeing what becomes of them. It realizes that many human agendas, although they style themselves noble and of great importance, are actually quite narrow and false – mere pretensions of the ego. It may be just as beautiful to see things fall apart as to strive to build them up. The outer cathedral, when eventually lost to the ravages of time, can encourage the exploration of the eternal inner cathedral. This is one of the golden treasures guarded by the undines, resting in eternity at the bottom of the river of time.

Pleiadian Symbol: Men seeking a fabled sage are traveling deep into the forest with lanterns.

Azoth Symbol: The Moon pulling on the liquids in the bodies of sleepers.

Seed degree: Leo 12.In the basement of a house, a secret escape tunnel. (Omega Symbol). As we seek passages through which to move forward, we are surprised by discovering unexpected riches along the way.

The mouth of the Amazon river. (Chandra Symbol). Our emotions merge with the sea of emotions we share with all other conscious beings, and in doing so we grow more and more to appreciate the beauty of what has passed away and what is vibrantly alive now.

Fulfillment degree: Leo 29. A tiny, poisonous frog with a brightly colored body. (Omega Symbol). It is through becoming one with the treasures of the moment that we can come to terms with the tiny, poisonous frog – who is our ego.

A broken sword. (Chandra Symbol). Using the lessons derived from what was as a support, we come to love and accept ourselves as we are, and also to transmute those parts of ourselves ready for change.

Pisces 12. A fantastic archaeological find is being kept secret. (Omega Symbol) Transforming/Sensitive

(Degree Angel Name: Nithael (NIT-ha-EL) The Death of Death, Rejuvenation and Eternal Youth)

The past houses secrets which, if they could be known might have a transformative effect on the present. This degree is aware of how the self is always keeping secrets from itself – it is a technique the ego uses to try to maintain the structure it imposes on reality. There's a persistent desire here to allow all secrets to be revealed, and to open up the treasure house of the past, even at the risk of threatening the ego.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A woman asleep in a ring of flames.” One of the places in literature where this image is found is in the last part of “Die Valkure,” where the Valkerie Brunhilde
is placed in a ring of flames by the kind of the Gods, Wotan. She is to sleep there until a person with the requisite courage comes who has the power to rescue her. She, like the archaeological find of the Omega Symbol is, in a sense, being kept secret where she sleeps, high on a mountain.

On another level, this woman is the Shekinah, the Kabbalistic female spirit of one's own wisdom, each one of us being the hero who will eventually pass through the frightening flame barrier of our own ego to wake her and unite with her.

Through total rest, through deep sleep and merging with pure being an alchemy is allowed to work and to draw to itself whatever will awaken it to a new world.

This degree may experience an intense yearning, but not be able to define what it is that it yearns for. It carries within itself a secret which, in lower stages of development, it may not even be aware of. The secret is the knowledge that the perfection one seeks is there, waiting, within, and will inevitably be discovered. This is the source of the mysterious patience and hope this degree brings to whatever it contacts.

The archaeological find of the Omega Symbol is actually your true self, which in fact you never lost, but which, until enlightenment, you're keeping secret from yourself.

Pleiadian Symbol: A professor of symbology explaining a ritual.

Azoth Symbol: A horn used to convey messages over long distances.

Seed degree: Leo 24. A drowning man turns into a fish. (Omega Symbol). That such a magical thing can happen is kept secret by the narrowness of our mind, only revealed when the mind is ready to let go of its limits.

Sunrise over Stonehenge. (Chandra Symbol). Becoming conscious of the beautifully balanced cosmic patterns in which we live, we perveive the the inner goddess latent within ourselves and yearn for her awakening.

Fulfillment degree: Virgo 29. Pagans purifying themselves beneath a waterfall. (Omega Symbol). Letting go of searching out secrets, we give our curiosity a rest and allow the cleansing forces of nature to renew our spirit.

A witch preparing magic mushrooms. (Chandra Symbol). Drawing on the spirit of the inner goddess sleeping within us, we work with the forces of nature to create healing.

Pisces 13. A castle so vast no one has ever explored all of it. (Omega Symbol) Transforming/Receptive

(Degree Angel: Mebahiah (me-BA-hee-YAH) Thought Into Action, Intellectual Lucidity)

This degree deals with issues of where to focus and how much to take in. It is aware that all limitations are ultimately illusions, and that whenever needed any situation may be opened up to allow in the cosmic perspective that is always seeking entry. When one is ready to explore further, the doors to “further” appear and open.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A woman imprisoned in a high tower.” This image seems to be the exact opposite of the Omega Symbol – the woman confined in such a small space compared to the unimaginably vast castle. As you may recall, the Omega Symbol carries a 4th house vibration, and therefore signfies the nature of the degree AT ROOT, whereas the Chandra Symbol is how it relates to the world around it – a 7th house vibration. And so here we find something that is at root vast but which relates to the world outwardly as a kind of prison. The message here is that the self is, at root limitless – the limitations we seem to find ourselves bound by are actually of our own creation.

And those limitations are not necessarily to be done away with – they are for a purpose – to help us have a focus in life. This degree senses the vastness of itself but knows also that it must find a focus, which means a confinement, and this confinement is in a tower, meaning it is seeking higher realities. The more these higher realities are assimilated, the more the self can explore its vast reaches without get lost or disoriented.

Pleiadian Symbol: On the anniversary of a famous battle a legendary sword is glowing.

Azoth Symbol: Drinking an elixir of dandelions a man feels deep tensions within him relaxing and dissolving.

Seed degree: Virgo 6.Talismans buried here and there along a road so that travelers will be protected. (Omega Symbol). Someone has gone down these paths and corridors before us. Attuning to their creative spirit and love we find the courage to explore further.

A banyan tree that creates an entire forest. (Chandra Symbol). Overwhelmed by the single tree that is a forest, we use the tower as a way of getting above it so that we may better perceive its wholeness.

Fulfillment degree: Libra 29.In a spiritual text, a man searches for hidden codes. (Omega Symbol). Continuing to explore ourselves further and further, we come to realize that we are not just what we thought ourselves to be, but a foreign country as well where we may find treasures galore.

Servants giving a woman a bath. (Chandra Symbol). Realizing our own estrangement from the world helps us to see the need for both giving and receiving support in the process of renewing spiritual energy.

Pisces 14. Unconcerned with how he is going to escape, a man explores an infinite library. (Omega Symbol) Transforming/Responsible

(Degree Angel: Poyel (poi-YEL) Dispelling Anger, Fortune and Support)

This degree knows that there is no end to knowledge – no end to what can be learned from any event or situation. The universe is holographic – its completeness is found in even the smallest part of it. And so there is no need for closure, but only a continual taking in and assimilating of the wisdom that each experience offers.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “After a feast, much uneaten food remains on the plates.” These two symbols, like the two of 13 Pisces, are also opposites. The man of the Omega Symbol is a glutton for knowledge – so much so that he would risk his life to gain a little more. On the other hand, the guests of the Chandra Symbol who have engaged in the feast have been sensitive to when they have consumed enough, and have left uneaten food on the plates.

This degree is aware of its own appetites and what goads them. The desires of this degree are highly generalized – it wants everything, but nothing in particular tends to stand out more than any other thing. The real appetite here is the craving for life and experience, a craving to become one with the world and to take in life deeply. And this is the key: it is not the quantity consumed, but the degree to which it is assimilated. When this degree allows itself to do anything completely, when it surrenders to complete merging with whatever it takes in, then it can feel that wonderful sense of satiation on all levels.

Pleiadian Symbol: A medicine woman wearing the talismans of her totem animals.

Azoth Symbol: Deep in a cave a young boy discovers a fire elemental.

Seed degree: Virgo 18. A woman playing the didgeridoo. (Omega Symbol). Attuning to the breath of life, a whole realm of knowledge opens up.

Glasses which cause one to see rainbows. (Chandra Symbol). Perception of the subtler levels of reality invites one to a feast of fulfillment.

Fulfillment degree: Scorpio 29. Through a doorway, nothing but empty, blue sky in all directions. (Omega Symbol). Embracing the vastness of knowledge eventually leads to the realization of utter freedom.

An umbilical cord. (Chandra Symbol). The fulfillment of desire brings an awareness of our connection to the divine mother.

Pisces 15: On a high hill above a river, the ruins of a castle. (Omega Symbol) Transforming/Inspired

(Degree Angel: Nemamiah (ne-MAM-mee-YAH) Listening to Your Soul, Discernment)

This degree is a resister of the compulsions and agendas of others people and the world. It has the ability to remove itself from the ongoing flow of time so that it may seek out rare and unusual experiences, and explore that which has been left behind or abandoned. It is the soul archaeologist, studying the remains of memory to unearth and retrieve precious treasures.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Many kinds of fruits arrayed on a silver tray.” Here again we find the sharp contrast between Omega and Chandra Symbol which we found in both the 13th and 14th degrees of Pisces. The fruits are juicy – a very pure, high vibration food. They are on a gleaming silver tray, silver being the metal of the moon, which signifies nurturing and the abundance of nature. On the other hand the castle of the Omega Symbol is old and dead and gone and left behind as the river flows onward. And yet the vision of it there high on the hill is food for the soul and the imagination.

This degree has a sense of the glorious richness of life and the need to be sensitive to the whole spectrum of one's own personal cravings, for they will tell the self what kinds of foods and experiences are needed as personal nourishment.

Pleiadian Symbol: A ballet master choreographing a complex ensemble.

Azoth Symbol: A bright polished sword is maintained untouched and unused.

Seed degree: Virgo 30.A man catching a ripe fruit as it falls off a tree. (Omega Symbol). The gift of the present moment tunes us in to the deeper meanings of the past.

Supersensible beings appearing as geometric forms. (Chandra Symbol). The denizens of other planes of reality communicate to us through harmonious designs which then take on the form of whatever we need for our own sustenance.

Fulfillment degree: Sagittarius 29. A house full of strange, disorienting angles and perspectives. (Omega Symbol). The past calls to us, and causes us to see the present in new, unexpected ways.

The ritual slaughtering of a lamb. (Chandra Symbol). Realizing the abundance the universe offers to us, we're impelled to give back to life by sharing what we have. pure mirror reflecting the love and joy of the spiritual light into the physical realm.


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