(168) Letter to Sandra

Well you know I wanted to use the Sabian Symbols in the book because they signify the "ascendant" energy of the degrees, just as the Omega Symbols symbolize the "nadir" energy of the degrees, and the Chandra Symbols signify the "descendant" energy of the degrees.

And then it came to me: I need to channel a higher version of the Sabian Symbols which I have begun to do. I only have about 36 degrees but I am very happy with the results and they are coming easily. I am going to call this set the Pleiadian Symbols. I have also received information that the Hyperion Symbols are to be rechanneled as well and will be called the Azoth Symbols. Neither of these sets of symbols will be interpreted, but they will go in the book. I keep getting that I don't need not to interpret them because when looked at in the light of the Chandra and Omega symbols they will speak for themselves.

And by the way, the book is called "The Circular Temple." And oracles will be written for the Pleiaden and Azoth symbols. The Pleiadians have said they would drum up cash for publication. In the mean time I've been instructed to marinate my mind in the writings of William Blake. We'll talk soon.....


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