Simultaneous Transits

Hi, Everyone! Now that my book on degrees, "The Circular Temple" is well underway, I want to start using this blog as an actual blog rather than as a format for writing a book, which is what it has been.

One idea that has been under emphasized in astrological teaching is the concept of simultaneous transits. Really its a very simple idea: if you want to know more about a transit, just look at everything else going on astrologically during the transit, and it will help you to define the particular and distinct flavor of that particular transit.

Example: Soon I'm going to have Saturn cross my Neptune, but at nearly the same time I'm having Jupiter square Uranus. So my Neptune energy is being tested, and grounded, for this is what Saturn does, but at the same time there is an expansion (Jupiter) of freedom happening in my life. All the uncertainties (Saturn) I have about my ideals, and about my intuition (Neptune) are being accompanied by an expansion and enrichment (Jupiter), especially in the realm of relating (transiting Jupiter is moving through 7ith house), and ultimately a gaining of greater openness and liberation (Uranus being the planet squared).

I must say that right now I am acutely focused (Saturn) on all my illusions, delusions and self deceptions -- many of these being subtle, but having been with me for a long time, and am feeling like making a new beginning (conjunction) in terms of having the enthusiasm (Jupiter) to liberate (Uranus) myself from them.

Also, within a couple of days of this Mars is opposing my Sun. Always look to Mars to show the potential outlet of any energy. Oppositions are always about relating and balancing, so I am feeling a need in the midst of the energies just described to relate (opposition) in such a way that my inherent purpose(Sun) is asserted constructively (Mars), or another way of saying it is to take action (Mars) concerning what is most important to me (Sun).

The main mistake that many astrology students make is to get certain concepts about planets, signs and house in their head and then to become locked into those interpretations. The high art of astrology requires a constant expanding and deepening of ones vision of its basic principles.

I have seen charts in which Saturn/Neptune combinations produced dreadful results. This pair can mean the shattering of ideals, tremendous letdowns, or maybe indefinable fears that plague one. I am experiencing none of this with this transit. Why? Well, I'm 62 and I've been gradually and persistently working to ground my Neptune for a long time. My ideals are nowhere near as unrealistic as they were 30 years ago! And when it comes to nameless fears and being plagued by negative psychic energy, I've spent a lot of time in the past working with these things, and clearing them from my consciousness. All transits happen at the right time, and each one of them is offering you exactly what you need.

At best Saturn brings greater certainty and depth, and this is exactly how I'm feeling about my Neptune. My intuition is speaking more loudly and clearly than ever now. And I am experiencing also some irrational fears which I am now more than ever able to witness arising in myself and to identify their source. The objectivity of Saturn can present itself as a beautiful coldness like the clarity of a winter sky, where things can be seen for what they really are.

I plan to try to write at least a little bit each day on this blog, so I hope as I do that more and more of you will come to read and to comment. For now, love to you all. May we become increasingly harmonized in all our creations.

-- John


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