Astrology chart for the year 2022 (1)


Vernal Equinox Chart for 2022 (March 20, 2022, 5:35 PM at Giza, Egypt)

                The place of Giza, Egypt was chosen for the Great Pyramid is located here, that monument being a link between galactic consciousness and our physical world.

                This is a chart for the exact moment that our zodiacal year starts.  The Sun in a vernal equinox chart will always be at zero degrees and zero minutes of Aries, but we can determine its spiritual Sun position by looking at the draconic chart of this chart.  (For more information on how to look at and interpret draconic charts go to

                The draconic Sun of this chart is in the 5th degree of Aquarius, meaning this is a year of making new beginnings when it comes to manifesting the Aquarian energy, which is all about being supportive of each other, and reinforcing each others’ movement toward higher consciousness.  The negative side of Aquarius can mean negative reinforcement, and one of the problems I see going on this year is that as we watch all the horrible things going on in the news it can reinforce our fears and our sense of hopelessness, which then weakens us and makes us less able to positively support each other.  It is so important this year (March 20 2022 to March 20 2023) to move away from having negative reactions to negative information and turn our attention toward proactively sending light, love and healing wherever its needed.

                This draconic Sun is on the Vesta asteroid of the VE (Vernal Equinox),chart.  The challenge of this is to not get overwhelmed by countless little things and all the information that is pouring in, but to keep ourselves centered in our own spiritual light, and allowing that to guide and direct us.

                The Moon of the VE chart is in the last degree of Libra, and is in the 2nd house.  So a major focus all year is on resources, such as how to deal with the food crisis that is already happening.  The second house also rules values, and the sign Libra is all about determining what is fair.  This obviously echoes the gun law dispute going on in America.  These issues are likely to go through a lot of changes, and humanity as a whole is trying to work through their feelings about them and how these things relate to our collective security.  In short, we’re all attempting to get clearer about what really is of value, and then to direct our energies toward that.

                The closest square in the chart is between Pluto and Moon, which shows great emotional intensity building up, and a need to keep trying to find positive and productive releases for it.

                The Star of Destiny of this chart is Jupiter, which is conjunct Mercury.  This points strongly to a need to focus on what each person’s spiritual responsibility to themselves is, rather than being overwhelmed by taking on the responsibilities of others, or draining our energies by worrying about problems we can do nothing about directly.  Desperately the world is seeking to move away from the illusion of materialism and to grow toward a stronger and stronger spiritual focus – the irony being that if we can do this it is what can and will solve our material problems once and for all.

                I’ll probably be looking at this chart more deeply in future posts.  For now remember:  you are all beings of love and light, and when you make way for that in yourself it is what will provide the greatest benefit to both you and the world around you.  Love to you all, John.


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