My New Book and What it's About

My new book, Soul Journey through the Tarot, is coming out on November 15th, and I want to tell you a little about it.

Firstly, this is a book which speaks of the relationship between the Tarot and numerology. It’s through the contemplation of numbers and how they interact with each other that we come to understand more and more deeply how their energies work. Most people will probably think that this requires a lot of “figuring out” of things, since they associate number with math, and with intellectual sorts of things. In my book, even though there is some of that mental sort of stuff, the ideas revealed about numerology are mainly mystical in nature, and are not meant to be thought of just on an intellectual level, but rather to be felt in to, to sense the energetic vibrations of all the different number.

Spirits live in numbers. This is what the Kabbalists believe. Numbers are alive – they have a consciousness. Numbers can heal you, help you and guide you, when you open your intuition to them. This is what the angels who live in them most want to do.

The words of my book are meant to impact not only your conscious and reasoning mind, but your psychic sensitivity and heart as well, and so, under angelic guidance I have chosen the words of my book in order to have a healing effect on you, the reader. My great hope is that if you read this book, and return to it to read it again and again, it will uplift your vibration, fill you with a knowing of your own spiritual power, and inspire your imagination.

It’s a wonderful thing how we can hear the same idea over and over, and then come to a point, one day, when we hear what we think is the same idea once again, but suddenly it strikes us as completely new. This is what the number 37 is about, 37 in my system being associated with the Ace of the suit of air. And, you see, when we add the digits of 37 together, the 3 and the 7, we get 10, which is the number of Uranus, signifying surprise, inspiration, liberation. When you ask the help of the Angel of 37 you are asking for a transformation of your own thinking and communicating, so that new ideas can some forth. That’s just one example of how my Tarot system works.

One of the most important ideas in my book is that the Tarot can be used for guidance and counseling, but beyond that it can be a powerful instrument of healing, by helping us to become more attuned to our spiritual journey. This is spirit magic of the highest order, and is open to all people.

If you have any questions about the Tarot, you may write me at To order my book or make an appointment for a Tarot or astrology reading, visit my website:

Thank you for reading this, and may the divine spirits guide and protect you on your journey.


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