The Gigantic World of Tarot Decks and Books

If you’ve looked at all into the tarot decks and books that are out there, you probably know that there are literally hundreds of them.  There are tarot decks for any taste you can imagine, from cartoon character decks, to angel decks, black magic decks, abstract decks, decks specifically for women, herbal decks, and many others – the innovations go on and on.

So how do you choose a tarot deck, and, maybe more importantly, how do you pick a book to learn from?  I think the best thing to do is to follow the recommendations of people you trust, and to use your intuition – to go with what feels right to you.

I can’t really compare my own book, Soul Journey through the Tarot, with other books on the tarot, because I hardly ever read other tarot books.  I’m like a painter who’s so busy creating his own works that they don’t really have the time or interest to delve deeply into what other painters are doing. 

What I can tell you, though, is that when it comes to ideas that are meaningfully structured, and that mutually explain and clarify each other, I have not seen or heard of any other book on the tarot that is as clear and orderly as mine.  And the reason my book is this way is because it is based on numerology and how numbers connect with astrology and the Tarot.  My book is full of ideas that echo each other, and listening to these echoes helps you to realize who you are, by becoming more aware of what vibrations and thought forms you are most drawn to.

                In that respect, my book is like a mirror, for whenever you open it and read, you are invited to see into yourself.  For the Tarot is a map of all reality, and looking into it in the right way helps you see how you’re a part of everything. 

The Tarot is is a book of advice, but that advice doesn’t come from the Tarot, it comes from you -- the tarot is just a magic mirror that has the power to receive your light, and reflect it back to you, so that you can better understand yourself. 

All of us knows everything – as spiritual beings we are divine and complete.  Learning is always a matter of exploring ourselves to find what we’re looking for, even when we are experiencing the illusion that we’ve searching outside ourselves, (illusion, I call it, because the truth is that there is no outside – it’s all you).

Exploring yourself is going to require delving into your hidden parts, and maybe parts you haven’t visited for a very long time, maybe not for lifetimes; it will require exploring the many unknown countries within, and the meeting of your other selves, and those denizens who seek to help and enlighten you.  What tool could be more marvelous than the Tarot for taking on such a wondrous soul journey?    



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