Friday, September 9, 2011

Hey everyone! I have a new website and EVERYTHING that's on this blog is on it. Except that now all the degree symbols are accessed through "The Circular Temple," where you can immediately look up any degree you want, or ask a question and consult the degrees as you would the I Ching or Tarot! Also, you can go to "astrology" and then click on "Midpoints" and then type in any planetary pair, such as "Moon/Neptune" and it will take you to all the planets affecting that midpoint together with an analysis of them.

I'm overjoyed with all the help I've gotten on doing this. Thank you Teal and Emilie Potier! And thank you Sandra Sandy for all your encouragement and work posting the degrees. I am blessed.

Please, everyone, write me and tell me what you think!

Love, John

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Aries 6

The Pleiadian Symbol for this degree is "A labyrinth which appears to have no entrance." The question arises: how can we get to the middle when we can't even find the way in? One of three possibilities comes to mind -- either one needs to search more carefully for it, or one needs to climb the wall, or one needs to get a sledge hammer or axe and create an entrance.

The first 12 degrees of the zodiac are seed degrees for all 12 signs, and as this is the 6th one of them, it is the seed degree for Virgo. To do the work (Virgo) that we are here to do requires a way in to the work. So often people cannot and do not work on themselves because they don't know how -- can't find a way. This degree is about how old karmas tend to isolate and insulate themselves so that they become loops or programs that, due to their repetitive nature, defy clearing or changing. This degree is about the Aries plunge directly into the realm of healing, in a way that will not be stopped by even the most resistive or seemingly impenetrable of pathologies.

The Azoth Symbol for this degree is "Mathematical formulae on a blackboard are wiggling and dancing." Virgo is the sign of analysis, and here the analytical formulae refuse to remain as dead concepts. They come alive, they dance, they are vibrant with the possibility of change and recombination. You can try to make intellectual sense of things, but ideas have a life of their own and fulfill the urge to dance with each other in continually recombinant patterns. Healing (Virgo) is not just a routine, a formula, but is an adventure of transformation and transmutation.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is "An aquamarine in a woman's navel." We are connected (navel) to the sea of universal consciousness (aquamarine). Once we penetrate beneath our surface (the impenetrable wall of the Pleiadian Symbol) We find, at our center a wondrous completeness and peace -- the purity which is the highest manifestation of Virgo. At the center of the labyrinth which is the navel we contact the ocean of ourselves.

The Omega symbol for this degree is "An actor forgets his lines and makes up new ones." He is like the mathematical formulae which refuse to endlessly repeat the same thing, which rebelliously break out into their own aliveness to embrace change and possibility. This degree expresses the highest level of the healing art -- to transcend pathological patterns by making up new lines, new ways of being and living, to spontaneously create medicines out of anything and everything.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lunar Mansion 26

I'm gradually studying the 28 Lunar Mansions, the two sources of my learning being Yeats' book "A Vision," and my own intuition. Yeats book is very difficult to read. Its extremely dense, filled with information, and the presentation of ideas is subtle. This is why it is so infrequently read.

The 26th Lunar Mansion is called "The Hunchback." The person born with the Moon in this phase is aware of all the distortions of personality which keep both themselves and others separate from union with the spiritual light. That is, this phase is aware of the limitations and inadequacies of consciousness. It acutely tunes into the specific limitations of each person it encounters.

When a soul embodies it engages in a process of finding regularity -- sleeping and waking, eating, defecating, socializing, and fitting into the world around it through engaging in patterned behavior. These patterns become mechanistic, predictable, and through this create comfort. We allay our fears through finding patterns and regularities, so we may feel that we know what we are dealing with, or at least have some idea of what to expect of life.

The 26th Lunar Mansion is disruptive. Its energy makes us aware of the underlying uniqueness of all things. Rather than viewing life through the lens of generalities it sees the structure of each being as individual and unique. It hence has the ability to awaken others to their own uniqueness, their specialness, and, we might say, to their own individual and unique wounding -- the karmic trauma that has caused them to be who they are, as defined, especially, by their limitations.

This is scary to most people, and so the 26th Lunar Mansion often learns to soften its impact through the use of humor.

I think a good name for this Lunar Mansion would be "The Awakener," for this is what these people do. At their worst they may dislike themselves, due to the negative reactions they often elicit. For awakening others is not a socially acceptable process. Society as it is in the world today is based primarily on keeping dysfunctions going and working around them, as well as playing like they don't exist. The 26th Lunar Mansion is naturally confrontative, often without even knowing that its being this way. Awakening is often not pleasant.

When a person of this Moon Phase is able to find within themselves love and compassion, then their powers are greatly enhanced, for this tremendous insight they have to offer is then softened.

Their ability to listen to others, to empathize and deeply connect is truly amazing and profoundly healing. Attention is a tremendously healing force, and they have the capacity to give to others a clear and light-filled crystalline attention that moves all of us closer to our source.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Seed Aspects

A little explored area of astrology is reading conjunctions as a means of explaining all aspects.

The conjunction is the beginning of a cycle, and any aspect, no matter what it is, grew out of the last conjunction that occurred between those two planets.

Here is an example: I have Mars at 0 degrees 24 minutes Virgo and Neptune at 10 degrees 30 minutes Libra. So they are just about 40 degrees apart -- a novile aspect. Noviles are aspects of the future, that is, the interaction of the two planets is something we are developing in this lifetime, something we are growing into, moving toward.

When I check in the ephemeris to see when Mars and Neptune were last in conjunction, what I do is go back to the last time that Mars was in Libra. When I do this I find that at that time Neptune was in about 7 Libra, and in fact it was in that degree -- 7 Libra -- that Mars and Neptune conjoined. The Chandra and Omega symbols for 7 Libra are, on the surface, very different from each other. the Chandra symbol is "A group of old ladies gossiping excitedly," and the Omega symbol is "The Great Wall of China making a huge shadow." I favor the Omega symbol, since the Chandra symbol seems trivial. But whenever a symbol seems trivial its important to look more deeply into it to see its cosmic implications.

The old women of the Chandra symbol are finding stimulation through imaginatively entering into the lives of other people. It feels to me that the way they bounce information and ideas off each other needs focus. Otherwise this activity could be just random and negative. At best, though, it can become a meditation on human nature and life, an activity of speculation that leads to insight and a deeper awareness of the workings of desire.

In the Omega symbol the Great Wall must be being seen at dawn or sunset, when the sun would be low in the sky and hence casting a huge shadow. To me the Great wall is a tremendous symbol of trying to shut something out, and of seeking protection. At night the shadow grows bigger and bigger. At dawn it starts to grow smaller and as the Sun rises it shrinks more and more.

There is something in this symbol about limits that is very important. The old ladies can't really know all that is happening surrounding those people and events about whom they're gossiping. Their knowledge is limited, but can be filled in by speculation. The greater a limitation the more potential it has of creating darkness.

The reason I chose this Mars/Neptune aspect in my chart is that I am currently experiencing transiting Neptune opposing my natal Mars. With these extremely slow moving transits involving the outer planets it can be very helpful to go back to the natal chart and study the original relationship between the two planets, for this will help you to see what the person is learning from the transit.

I very much feel, now, that my own personal and psychological limits are looming large in my mind -- larger than every before. And like the old ladies, I'm thinking and thinking and doing much speculating. We might say the old ladies are "chewing" on information. That is what I feel like I'm doing. And there is this huge wall in front of me, which represents my biggest psychological blocks, and I am seeing how those blocks have overshadowed me for a very long time.

What to do? What I feel is that the wall needs to be respected. Its there for a reason. And, ah yes, it now comes to me, I'm trying to invade new and unknown territory within myself. I am needing to climb the wall and explore what's on the other side. And to do this requires a refining (Neptune) of my ability to assert myself (Mars). Neptune always forces us to access our intuition. And so when I act (Mars) I am being forced to not just think endlessly about the rightness and/or wrongness about what I'm doing -- not get caught up in all the inner gossip, but am needing to let that pure, inner Neptune voice guide me over the wall and into these new lands.

This is an instance of how the degree symbols can and will unfold if you allow yourself to be with them, allow them to sink into you and work their magic in your psyche.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Cancer/Capricorn axis

Am looking at a chart with three planets in Cancer and three in Capricorn, forming three neat oppositions. So 60% of this person's planets are involved in this Cancer/Capricorn axis.

Cancer is the most teachable of the signs because it is the one most willing to learn, as well as the most spiritual. The question is, through what authority and/or system is this learning to occur? Capricorn rules authorities. This individual thirsts to learn (Cancer) but from whom or through whom (Capricorn), and to what end?

This individual needs contact with the RIGHT AUTHORITIES, meaning ones that will guide him in the right way, a way that will encourage his eventual autonomy and ability to make choices for himself. An EMPOWERING AUTHORITY, and not just a DICTATOR. An authority who encourages FREEDOM OF CHOICE and responsibility to oneself rather than blind devotion to the authority.

One of the biggest dangers in this person's life is the potential of aligning with the wrong authorities, the wrong agendas and policies which will lead to a false sense of security, and then defensively clinging (Cancer) to these seemingly practical but ultimately limiting and retarding belief systems. For that is, on one level what Capricorn is -- a set of rules and guidlines used to map out our way forward.

Cancer is the sign of the crab, which has an exo-skeleton. Capricorn rules the whole skeletal structure of the human, which is an endo-skeleton. Cancer is all about growth and expansion, whereas Capricorn is about essentializing and distilling. Cancer seeks security (and finds it through an outer skeleton or shell), and Capricorn seeks what will work, that is, a way of living and being that is viable, and, in its own terms, practical.

Cancer is the most feminine of the signs, Capricorn the most masculine. Cancer is the archetypal mother, Capricorn the archetypal father. This person is seeking a grand synthesis of those energies. And finding it will spell, for him, empowerment.

Saturn in Capricorn

Capricorn may be the most polarized of all the signs, for it rules practicality, which is one of the most loaded words in our language.

Loaded because since we are here to evolve our consciousness, then what is most practical is anything that will support us in that process. The problem is, if the Capricorn individual lacks spiritual awareness, then what seems to be most practical will be such things as amassing as much wealth as possible, meeting the expectations of others so that one may fit in to current social standards and hence use them to further one's materialistic ends, and in general to engage in any activity which both serves the ego and keeps fear at bay.

Capricorn is the sign most aware of what works and what doesn't, as well as the relative degree to which any technique will yield desired results. In short, Capricorn is the sign of manipulation. This is a difficult word for many people because they read negative overtones into it. The fact is that manipulation needn't be sociopathic. It is possibly to manipulate for positive reasons.

When a person has Saturn in Capricorn (one of the signs which it rules)in their natal chart, he or she is highly sensitized to how the world works, the ins and outs of social mores, and what behaviors are considered acceptable and unacceptable in various social groups and sub-cultures. All of these "rules of the game" are experienced as limitations and restrictions that may be oppressive, on the one hand, but on the other creatively worked with for the purpose of getting to wherever one is going.

Aye, there's the rub -- just exactly where is this person going? It all depends on their level of evolution and awareness of the true nature of reality. If their goal is solely to maneuver the labyrinth of the physical world in an attempt to create comfort for themselves while avoiding pain and suffering they may over time become highly adept at this. But there is never going to be true fulfillment for them until they awaken to the true goal of life.

Once they see that evolution is the key to a meaningful physical embodiment then they can access their true power, for Saturn in Capricorn is a potential master of spiritual technologies, of the ability to find and employ techniques that can profoundly further spiritual growth.

Its all about getting on with what is really and truly, in hard core terms, practical.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Degree Frequencies 12 - 20

12th Degree
Kabbalistic ruler: Libra
Therapeutic ruler: Pisces

There is a tendency for the most desperate, the most despairing, the most anguish ridden and angst oriented states to come from the 12th degree frequency.

If I can just surrender my fears and have faith I can experience a great turnaround in my life. Letting go can completely change my world.

I exemplify the truth that what you resist you become. Whatever I try to get away from is what I'll be faced with.

My great challenge is to learn to never say never.

13th Degree
Kabbalistic ruler: the element water
Therapeutic ruler: Aries

I have a rampant exuberance that is often camouflaged and contained, hidden, or held back. I may have infinite capacity that I don't tap, or don't tap fully or openly.

With me there is nothing anywhere except personal soul discovering, exploring, unfolding, developing, working, and moving with. I always have to learn the most basic things. I always already now the most advanced things. I essentially live by my wits. Everybody consistently overestimates me.

Some part of me won't let me enter upon and enjoy the fabulous gifts I am heir to. That part says I don't deserve it and that part seems to dominate a whole corner of my soul. It takes a long time for the gifts and the magic to overflow.

Everyone has their eyes on me even when I'm not doing or saying anything. Other people feel inspired, enhanced, quickened, and challenged by me. I am at my best when I'm very expressive, engaged and committed to progress.

14th Degree
Kabbalistic ruler: Scorpio
Therapeutic ruler: Taurus

I am intent on maximizing my strength, which is stamina and incredible perseverance. I have a willingness to clear myself of any and all falsehood and restriction. I am overwhelmingly consecrated and given over to the objective task. I'll do what needs doing. I am dedicated to the task of finding out what's wrong.

It's too easy for me to feel discouraged, disempowered and disillusioned.

Cleaning people's houses is a perfect 14 task. I create channels through which things can happen, and often I don't even know I'm doing that.

14 is the battleground between "I can't do it," and "Of course I will anyway."

15th Degree
Kabbalistic ruler: Sagittarius
Therapeutic ruler: Saturn

I am the world's worst at perpetuating old models. When I am inspired, I am totally alive. I am very wholistic and all-encompassing.

It is necessary for me to have a light, broad, open style. In my true mode I listen, tune in to, and open myself to any and all directions as the impulse and the message arises.

I am able to open all my subtle senses and be finely tuned and exceedingly alive to the complex weave that arises when fairy and cosmic beings, the dead, and every variety of unknown intelligence are here with us. I was specifically made for a different world. When I am on my way to that new =world, I feel alive, engaged, free and joyous. The 15 frequency vibrates with Chiron.

16th Degree
Kabbalistic ruler: Capricorn
Therapeutic ruler: Mars

I need to boost the spirits of all I meet. I am pouring a healing balm into everyone, with something restorative in it. I am lively and easy to be with. I am subject to and almost at the mercy of moods, moon tides, follies and notions which pass but which can take a bite out of me. Life feels like an emergency to me. There is nothing I can depend on, no stability, just the meeting of what is in the moment and attempting to harmonize it with my deep inner self. I am always up against the need to crack through a shell, a structure that feels so thick and customary that it takes everything I've got not to feel intimidated, not to be coerced. I feel on the defensive.

I need to learn to give my all to the situation at hand. I need to put myself on the life. I need to discover a deep enough place in myself that can commit itself forcefully enough and totally enough to a new way of life.

17th Degree
Kabbalistic ruler: Venus
Therapeutic ruler: Gemini

There is not one anything in the 17 world. The 17 is seeking to annihilate what is false in it.l It knows it's i a false world and a false self, and can't bear it -- and won't bear it. It needs to undermine and sabotage its own disguises, its own agenda, its own trip.

It is dead set on something it doesn't know how to reach. It will get there but it has no idea how or when or what its going to take, but it will. It has a good built-in instinct for how to not go crazy. It just nows that you can't take anything too seriously or too much to heart because if you do, you will collapse into a heap. It knows that it must be ironic.

I do not have any idea what is going on with me in a certain sense. I have no patterns, no reference points for most of the stuff I find myself dealing with. I have got to make something out of what I meet in this world, and it really get to me.

I have got to get my insides to somehow come outside and be part of things, and it's such a struggle. I get accustomed to hiding out. The 17 is always coming out of a place where it knows all about things and then discovers it knows nothing.

18th Degree
Kabbalistic ruler: Aquarius
Therapeutic ruler: Cancer

There is no neutral space in the 18. The 18 is ultimately about witnessing what it's like to fall, and what it's like to rise. It chooses ultimately to rise, but honors ever stage of the process. It can be very temptable and susceptible. It is the most vulnerable of souls.

18's sometimes have a dreaded fascination with the dark side. When they get on their spiritual path, though, they are shining representatives of the bright spirit.

19th Degree
Kabbalistic ruler: Pisces
Therapeutic ruler: Leo

I am challenged, I am provoked, I am compelled to push my limits, to find where I really am. I make sure to keep the pressure on. I make sure to make it tense and dangerous in how it will turn out. I can push myself way too far.

I don't know how to be simply here with what is happening and just let it flow.
this wild part of me always wants to jump off that cliff to see what happens -- but when I'm not doing that the world is for me purely an excuse to be sleep, to be gone, to be somebody else. I can't seem to keep myself awake in the midst of life unless I resort to my youthful impetuosity.

I can be the perpetual adolescent. I can follow the adventure all the way and I do. I am essentially unable to keep myself away from pushing too hard and feeling where it takes me.

I run in impulse, improvisation. I am an outlaw, a renegade, a follower of myself. I am so incorrigible that each time I do curb myself, it barely holds for awhile.

I have a shadow self that doubts and fears the outcome of my audacity and spirit of adventure, and who draws to me people and situations to thwart me, block me, and stope me. As I eventually mature (which might not be until my 50's or 60's) I develop maybe just a little bit of tameness and ability to observe myself. This helps me greatly to overcome my impulsiveness and be far more fulfilled. The reason it take me so long to get to the point is because all this adventure and excitement feels so vital I don't want to give up even a little bit of it.

If, on the other hand I give in to the world and give up my maverick ways I can end up living in grief. Not a passive grief, but a burning grief and longing. This grief of mine is unused life force, untapped talent and genius.

The 19 is totally magical. There is something in it that understands that everything is rigged in our favor, if we're willing to learn from it. If you're innocent enough, you can just put yourself at the center of the 19 frequency, radiate conviction and all will form around you.

20th Degree
Kabbalistic ruler: Mercury
Therapeutic ruler: Moon

My destiny won't let me join any of the multitudes of worlds I could join, because I am a connector, I stand at the crossroads. I am the wider link and I can't swallow myself up in life's particulars in any way. My own priority is to be the scribe, be the witness, the onlooker, be the one who lets all the others know that this is happening here, and that it matters.

I am being asked to sweat it out. I have to work with my personal subjective self and all its opacities, illusions, densities and incredible stubbornness.

The main thing happening in this frequency is that it is being pursued by the Absolute. It breathes right down your neck ad you can't create any distance from it. It smiles on you in the shadows. It enjoys your falls and says, "here, here's a hand. Come. I'll pick up up." The 20 has a tendency to look at things from a state of almost bliss. They don't spend their whole tie there or anything, but it's amazing when they get it. There can be a huge kind of fanaticism in the 20, a self-righteousness -- where one tries everything in one's power to make the world wrong and oneself right.

The 20 is seeking to be a graceful and skill reflector of an infinite reality.