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(49) Elements and Modalities

Most charts have one of the four elements -- fire, earth, air, or water -- predominating. The way to figure out which one is the most emphasized is to see how many planets are in each element. In doing this some astrologers also include the Ascendant and Midheaven. I, like Marc Jones, do not.

For an element to be predominating there needs to be at least four planets in that element. Five planets in an element is a much stronger indication, and any number beyond five is rare.

If FIRE is the predominating element the person has the ability to put the past behind them and always start afresh. There is a tendency to see everything as it relates to the self, to be creative, original, and to be one's own person. The person tends to have a lot of energy and vivacity. They can be solipsistic, but are much less likely to suffer from depression than are the other elements.

If EARTH is the predominating element the person is pragmatic, interested in what is and how to work within the limitations of the REAL. This individual is at their best dealing with tangibles rather than the vagaries of speculation. There temperment favors organization and structure.

If AIR is the predominating element the person is communicative and very interested in ideas. They need and love feedback. They like to look at multiple side of experience, and sometimes might have difficulty making up their mind or deciding something for certain. They may tend to seem more unstable than they really are.

If WATER is the predominating element the person is emotional, intuitive, can have a well-developed psychic sense and sees life in terms of universal principles. They can be presumptuous, assuming that others think or feel as they do. They are very responsive to love. They may not be so good at logical or rational thinking.

The water predominant individual feels a kinship with the whole of life, like a great ocean -- connected to all other oceans and into which all water eventually empties, its expanse touching every shore with its waves.


Elements can also become important by their absence, and so if there is a complete lack of planets in the FIRE element the person can be, at best, unselfish and unconcerned with placing his or her unique stamp on whatever he/she touches. At worst this person may seem uncreative, and may need to make an extra effort to manifest their creativity. It is not that they aren't creative, it is that the creative fires need extra stoking and support to fire them up.

The lack of focus on ego that is characteristic of the missing fire element is like an artist, for instance, who places the whole focus of his or her consciousness on their work, rather than on receive personal accolades for it or wanting personal attention because of it.

Symbolically a lack of fire might signify the person who upholds a tradition as it has always been done, to the letter of the law, because they do not feel a need to modify it by placing their personal, egoistic stamp on it.

If the person has an absence of EARTH signs they lack practicality, but on the positive side will not allow practical or real considerations get in the way of their flights of fancy or conceptualizations. This can enhance originality (fire) emotional involvement and intuitive sensitivity(water) as well as an ability to communicate, without having to place definite boundaries (earth) on what they do, or do the dirty work to bring their visions into physical reality (earth).

As an intuitive compensation for their lack of earth they may become picky, or over-organized in an attempt to get a firmer grasp on physical existence. These overcompensations can occur with any lack of element, no matter what the element, and technically the psychological urge to do this is known as a reaction formation.

An absence of planets in AIR signs can mean that the person is beyond the pale of the rational mind, and therefore not in need to justifications or reasons for his or her thoughts. The absence of air planets in a chart might enhance intuitive ability. This person tends not to be stopped or hampered by communication or the lack of it. Emotions (water), physical reality (earth), and the flow and change of energies (fire) are more important to them.

An absence of planets in WATER signs in a chart signifies a person who is not held down in any way by emotions. Do not think this means they have no feeling, it simply means that when needed they can overcome feelings -- put them aside if need be to perform the task at hand. This might be a person, for instance who, even though they fall in love with someone, will not sacrifice their existence for that individual if the situation appears to be dysfunctional, destructive or in some major way detrimental to their well-being.

The beginning studen often comes to the idea of missing elements with the bias that anything missing is a lack, is something that should be there. This is not alwlays the case. Lack of an element can be freedom from that element and can be used, potentially by the person whose chart has that lack as a source of great power.


The essential modality of a chart, that is, determining whether the person is most strongly expressing cardinal, fixed, or mutable energy, is determined by looking at all of the oppositions between planets in the chart, as was detailed in blog 9.

Once this has been accomplished you can next look to see how many planets are in cardinal, fixed, and mutable. When you do this, the modality with the most number of planets will often be the same one as the modality determined by the oppositions. If it is not, this means that the determination by opposition is backed up or supported by a second modality as determined by a preponderance of planets in another modalitiy. In other words, when it comes to modality, OPPOSITIONS ALWAYS TAKES PRECEDENCE OVER PREPONDERANCE, preponderance being the technical term for the largest number of planets in an element or modality.

For instance, if the opposition(s) in a chart is in mutable signs, it shows a friendly, flexible person who focuses on people as individuals, but if the preponderance in the chart is in cardinal signs, this focus is expressed in a way that initiates experience and which tends to deal directly with conflicts, as the cardinal signs do. If the oppositions in a chart are in mutable signs, but the preponderance of planets are in fixed signs, the persons friendliness and flexibility are guided by an idealism, with a focus on right/wrong and good/evil dichotomies as expressed by the fixed signs.


A lack of cardinal planets in a chart can signify a person who can easily get beyond conflict, as well as look beyond the sometimes obscuring nature of crises so they may see what is really going on. They can seem to have an immunity to confrontation.

A lack of planets in fixed signs will tend to not worry about the future and who is freed from ties to abstractions or idealizations. At worst they may lack moral fiber, and/or be swayed by any an all ideas because they have no core beliefs of their own strong enough to hang on to.

A lack of planets in mutable signs may feel no inner need to adjust to circumstances, or to be concerned with the unique and individual personalities of other people. they may also be relative free of worry, or of any need to modify their behavior to please others.

(48) Jupiter/Saturn Aspects: The Department of Motivation

The Jupiter/Saturn pair of planets is referred to by Marc Jones as the department of motivation. Jupiter signifies enthusiasm, or positive motivation, and Saturn signifies sensitiveness, or that which causes us to have caution or a sense of reservation when engaging in any activity. Jupiter is expansive, always wanting to spread out, take on more, and ultimately to include everything. Saturn on the other hand is contractive, and economical, spare, desirous of paring down, holding back, using less, and conserving.

I sometimes refer to this pair as the department of morality, for Jupiter has to do with whatever we think is good for us to do or to believe, whereas Saturn signifies those things which we have decided are bad for us, things which we ought to avoid or at least minimize.

Jupiter/Saturn conjunction: This person needs to decide for themselves what it is they need – what is beneficial for them, and what is not. They will not be happy adopting ready-made guidelines for living. They do not readily take in advice or encouragement from others, for they are meant in this lifetime to be self-supporting and self-affirming, rather than dependent on the opinions or moral guidelines of others. The Jupiterian desire to expand is slowed down by the influence of Saturn, and the Saturnian desire for organization and gradual, stable process is encouraged by Jupiter. Hence the person's progress may be slow, but it will also tend to be steady. This individual is either patient and persevering, or life will present him/her with situations and circumstances which will compel him/her to be so. Of course the house this conjunction falls in becomes all important as the area of life where this slow steady progress will unfold.

Jupiter/Saturn sextile: This person can assist others in being more motivated and disciplined, and needs this same assistance from others. If given the right reinforcement the person can accomplish much. One problem with this aspect, though, is that the person may align themself with people who reinforce their negative traits and beliefs, in which case these might be followed just as strongly. And so picking ones associates carefully is a major need of this aspect.

Jupiter/Saturn square: This individual readily gets into moral conflicts and situations in which it may be difficult to stand up for what they believe in. At worst they may experience a lot of guilt for not doing what they think they should do. They need to beware of being too critical and exacting of themselves, and of turning too many situations into moral dilemmas. At times they may see both sides of an issue as being right, or both as wrong, and then have a difficult time deciding the relative value of each side, and therefore difficulty in making a decision as to how to act. They are being challenged in this lifetime to learn patience, as well as to accept the imperfections of their judgement, knowing that as they grow in consciousness this will improve.

Jupiter/Saturn trine: This person can see anyone's and everyone's point of view, and so tends to go along, at least on the surface with anyone who they happen to be around. This can make them seem superficial or insincere, when in actuality they simply do not care to confront moral or ethical issues or turn them into a source of conflict. Often the person with this aspect holds deeply entrenched ideas about right and wrong, but may not voice these to others because of wanting to avoid being challenged. It can be a problem when these staunchly held values are negative, or based on traumas of the past that have produced neurosis. Bringing these negative beliefs to the surface and uprooting them can be a major life challenge.

Jupiter/Saturn opposition: There tends to be a schism in this person between the beliefs held and the actions based on them. Sometimes the person is very idealistic, and though they voice their ideals they don't really base their life on them. After a time, though (in might even take half a life or more) the individual turns a corner and starts to practice what they preach and to being the process of moving more toward becoming the person they always felt they should be.

No aspect between Jupiter and Saturn: This person is not so concerned with right and wrong in a way that causes any difficulty for them – in other words it can be easy for them to avoid moaral and ethical issues. For this reason they may have a hard time disciplining themselves, and they may tend to allow other people to dominate them too much and to determine what they do with their time and energy. They need to stand up more for what they believe, and to practice patience and perseverence in the pursuit of those ideals which their soul tells them are of the greatest importance. My own chart has no aspect between Jupiter and Saturn.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

(46) The Theory of Astrological Cures

One of the greatest criticisms I can level against Western Astrology is its emphasis on fatalism. This is something that needs to be remedied. The highest purpose of astrology is not just as a viewing tool which allows us to observe cosmic processes, but as a guideline for how we can become more in tune with those processes. In other words, the primary question should not be what a transit is going to bring us, but what are we going to positively do with that energy?

In India there is a school of thought that I feel is decadent in that it has falling into ignorance. It treats astrological cures in a superstitous manner, for instance, telling a person that under a certain transit they should feed three round crackers to a black dog, or some such ritual action meant to placate planetary energies and by doing so keep them from attack.

There is a fine line here, sometimes. One traditional Indian cure is to have a person go for a walk in a graveyard as a means of attuning to Saturn energy. This could be helpful, but only if it is done as a means of nourishing and harmonizing the being of the person doing it. If a cure is done solely as a superstitous payoff to astrological forces, then it seems to me nothing is really learned. The attitude one has when engaging in an astrological cure needs to be one of openness to personal growth and the raising of consciousness, rather than just some formula one uses to try to escape bad karma for a little while longer.

And one of the astrological cures that bothers me the most is flying to a particular place on the earth to experience one's solar return. As if I'm going to be a better person and have a more wonderful year if I spend my birthday in Dubrovnik. And of course, if I spend my birtheday in Dubrovnik, there's no way to prove that it would have been better or worse to spend it in Kansas City. Always remember: the planets are there to help you. Their every placement and action is meant to help you. They are not crime bosses that are looking for such payoffs as three crackers to a dog.

I want to make this as simple as possible, because I want everyone at all interested in astrology to get it and keep it in their mind always. What I'm going to tell you is a basic Kabbalistic idea: When any area of your chart is activated, the best way to prevent anything negative from occurring is to engage in positive, proactive activity associated with the nature of the activation.

For instance: If Saturn crosses your Mars, it is a good time to DO SOMETHING -- that is, to exert yourself (Mars), and to do it in a way that is organized and careful (Saturn). It's also a good time to be careful (Saturn) about what you're doing (Mars). Since Saturn rules difficulty, this is a good time to do things you maybe don't want to do but know that you should do. And as Saturn is the most spiritual of the seven traditional planets, Saturn crossing Mars is an ideal time to DO something ON THE INNER PLANE, that is, Meditate, or engage in healing visualizations. The reason that Saturn often stops or blocks outer expression is that it is trying to induce the individual to work and act on the inner planes.

Astrological timing is always in line with soul evolution, that is, every transiting aspect, or aspect occurring in the secondary progressions or solar arc directions or any other system of forecasting is exactly what needs to be happening at the time it happens. and the more we attune to it the more we are in tune with ourselves and the universe. It is also the case that the more fully and harmoniously we attune to the energies happening in the present, the better equipped we'll be to deal with them when they recur -- as all astological energies are cyclic.

As we look at transiting aspects of any kind, we need to continually ask ourselves, "what is the highest and best that could come of this, and what can I do to manifest this energy in the most positive way?" This is the key to astrological cures.

Monday, December 28, 2009

(44) Mars/Venus aspects: The Department of Efficiency

This is a continuation of the description of the four planetary departments that started with the Sun/Moon pair in blog 37.

The Venus/Mars pair of planets is called, in Marc Jones system, the department of efficiency. It charts the manner in which anything is accomplished. Mars signifies the initiation of any activity, the impulse to do anything. Venus, as its counter opposite signifies the completion of anything. Mars in a sense signifies dissatisfaction, for we do anything because we WANT something, and we WANT something because we find what we have INADEQUATE. Mars never rests – it’s not its job to rest. Mars is, in fact, so restless that if it can’t find something positive and constructive to engage in, it will find something negative and destructive to do. The repression of this destructive tendency is one of the hallmarks of mental and emotional health. When it runs wild, criminal activity can be the result.

Venus is the planet of satisfaction – the coming to a point of being able to APPRECIATE what is, or at least a part of it. We all need to have a certain APPRECIATION of and SATISFACTION in life to keep going. If, though, Venus is too strong, and negatively manifesting, we might be lazy, and not expect much of ourselves in terms of excellence.

I have often jokingly told people that after my death I wish to be remembered for “Sandbach’s Principle.” This is a simple magic formula that has the ability to make one happy with each and every aspect of life, and to rid one of any and all problems. It is so simple that it can be stated in three words: LOWER YOUR STANDARDS. This is actually a Venus joke – it’s what the lazy Venus does when it wishes not to have to put forth Martian effort.

As I did with the Sun/Moon pair, known as the department of vitality, we shall cover the conjunct, sextile, square, trine, and opposition, as well as the lack of aspect between Venus and Mars.

Venus/Mars conjunction: Since there is no space between the planets in a conunction – other than the orb of its inexactness, the conjunction has a feeling of instantaneousness – of everything happening at once, on the spur of the moment, without development, springing forth whole. And so Venus and Mars in conjunction carry the feeling of wanting to plunge in to experience in a totally direct way, without considered what the consequences will be. This can be very exciting, it can be fun, it can be adventurous, but it can also be dangerous, can create messes, can be scary. Marc Jones uses the term “dangerously unrestrained” to describe. I remember once I was at an astrology conference and we were at lunch sitting around a table. A young man was there with long wild blond hair, black leather pants, a tank top and high black boots. He happened to mention that he had a Venus/Mars conjunction. I told him that Jones said it could be “dangerously unrestrained.” “Dangerously unrestrained!” he repeated, and laughing loudly, gave me a wild, devilish look. “I can dig that!” I’ve always carried that picture in my mind of of the Venus/Mars conjunction. I sometimes also refer to it as the Lucille Ball aspect, and frankly, I’ve never checked her chart to see if she has it.

Venus/Mars sextile: These people need assistance (keyword for the sextile) to be efficient. I have a Venus/Mars sextile, so I can speak from experience here. If I don’t surround myself with the right supportive influences, I have a really hard time getting things done. On the other hand, when the supportive influences are there, I can get a great deal done. For instance, right now writing this blog my friend Sandra is the supportive influence keeping it going. She reads it every day. She points out errors to me. She comments on the quality. She tells me what she likes most and suggests when I might write about. I DO NOT WORK WELL IN A VACUUM, and it is she that keeps this activity from happening in a vacuum. Another support is the 6 FOLLOWERS this blog has, so far. Another support is the hope that these writings will be used as teaching tools for astrology.

As a side not I will say that actually I have, between Venus and Mars, a septile aspect. The exact septile is 51 degrees and 26 minutes. The distance between my Venus a d Mars is actually 52 degrees and 49 minutes – 1 degrees and 23 minutes off of being exact. The orb for all the major aspects – conjunction, sextile, square, trine, and opposition – is 10 degrees, unless the Sun as involved, at which time the orb is upped to 17 degrees, or the moon, at which time the orb is upped to 12 degrees and 30 minutes. So we might say that even though I do have a sextile between Venus and mars, MORE SPECIFICALLY the aspect is a septile. This signifies a strong intuitive urge, a nearly compulsive need (septile) at times to accomplish particular things. It in no way negates the sextiles showing that I need SUPPORT for accomplishment, it simply enhances and amplifies it.

Venus/Mars square: This person is capable of accomplishing much, but it may not be easy, for they may offend whoever they have to work with. They may be very demanding in the process of accomplishing something. They may jam the gears of efficiency by their attitude. Sometimes if they push to hard to accomplish something it will actually slow down the process rather than speed it up. As an astrologer, I feel that if I simply tell this to the person, and if they then take it to heart, and work extra diligently to be more diplomatic and to adopt a more flexible attitude, they can become much more adept at accomplishing whatever it is they set out to do.

Venus/Mars trine: The trine’s keyword is MOMENTUM – this is the word that Marc Jones gave to it. He was so very good at keywords. I think many astrology students miss the point of this particular one, though. A BODY IN MOTION TENDS TO STAY IN MOTION, AND A BODY AT REST TENDS TO STAY AT REST. This is the significance of momentum. We could also give the words INERTIA as the keyword for the trine. (The above statement which I place in caps is actually the definition of inertia). In the unenlightened astrology, trines were always thought of as good. This is not right. Trines can have a terrible effect, potentially, for if they manifest in negative or discordant ways, there will be a MOMENTUM to this as well.

The Venus/Mars trine signifies a person who likes things to be accomplished in an orderly fashion. They prefer progress to be slower, because they feel like its safer, steadier, and more to be depended on. They don’t much like a change of direction, especially if it can be justified, isn’t, to their mind needed, or is uncalled for. In essence they are conservative. If you can show them a compelling reason for doing something, they are much more likely to go along with you, and to be supportive of the activity. They like things done on a regular basis, preferably in a formulaic way. Their stability helps to balance out the unpredictable and experimentative ways of the Venus/Mars conjunction.

Venus/Mars opposition: The opposition is where the two planets in question have gotten as far away as possible from each other. They are, in essence, trying to encompass the whole chart. So the Venus/Mars opposition tries to be complete in its efficiency – to account for everything. They can sometimes be nosy, for their efficiency can extend into your life. They need to learn when to quit. Also, since the opposition always signifies the process of RELATIONSHIP, the Venus/Mars opposition needs to be always negotiating its efficiency with others. Letting others know what it is doing, what it is thinking, modifying its acts in such a way to make for greater harmony between itself and others.

Venus and Mars in no aspect: This just simply means a person for which efficiency is not a burning issue. At worst, they are inefficient because they don’t think enough about efficiency, at best, they have the ability to try different ways of being efficient – they aren’t psychologically bound to one method.

I still have to cover the departments of Motivation (Jupiter/Saturn) and Significance (Uranus/Neptune) and then we can look at these four departments as a whole and gain yet more interpretative knowledge from them as we compare and synthesize them.

So now I shall sign off. Have an Efficiently great day!

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Some Notes on Postings

I've just numbered all my postings by a number in parenthesis at the front of the post's title, and from now on all of them will be numbered. This is so that with a beginning student or beginning class I can say, for instance "go to post 42 and study that first," or, "there's information on that in post 112," or ""check out the analysis of Gertrude Stein's chart in post 2,126."

I'm also thinking of adding more information to some of these posts, and when I do I'll inform everyone which ones I've expanded. This is because I often have further thoughts about a subject after I've written a post, and rather than writing another post, it seems more reasonable to just add to the one I've already written.

Posts that are solely about what I'm doing on the blog and not about astrology per se will bear no numbers.

I'm really enjoying doing this! Soon I'm going to do a lot more beginning astrology posts and eventually I'll have a list of the numbers of those posts so that beginining students know which ones are for them.

Blessings to you all, and have a great New Year!

(42) Memorizing Signs, Planets, and Aspects

Here is a really great method for learning the signs in order together with their planetary rulerships plus which ones are in sextile, square, trine and opposition to each other. I learned this memory technique from a book I found when I was in grade school, and it has stuck with me for many years. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is.

First of all, we’re going to create file, and its going to be based on two things: (1) a file you already have in your mind, which is simply the numbers one through twelve, and (2) rhymes. Here is a list of the numbers together with specific words that rhyme with each one:

1 is RUN
2 is ZOO
3 is TREE
4 is DOOR
5 is HIVE
6 is STICK
8 is GATE
9 is WINE
10 is DEN
11 is LEAVEN
12 is SHELF


Memorize these words and their corresponding numbers. It's easy because the words rhyme with the numbers. The only confusion you might have is between seven and eleven, which already rhyme with each other. The way around this difficulty is to remember that the word going with eleven, LEAVEN, is almost identical to the sound of the number itself. (Leaven is a noun and means a substance, typically yeast, that is added to dough to make it ferment and rise).

Practice these numbers. Have someone name numbers at random between one and twelve and see if you can think of the word which corresponds. If you can, you’re ready to go on to step two.


In this step you’re going to invent a personal picture – one to go with each one of the twelve numbers. It is very important to make this picture vivid and as specific as possible. I’m going to relate to you my own personal pictures. You can use them, if you’d like, or you can make up your own. The purpose of this step is to learn the signs in order.

The first sign of the zodiac is Aries, and as you see from the list, the word for the number 1 is RUN. In my picture, I am at the University of Kansas City outdoor track, which is right by the gym. I am furiously RUNNING around the track because I’m being chased by a RAM (Aries). This ram is trying to butt me! He has his head down, and big curly horns, and I can barely keep ahead of him.

If you use this image, imagine your own place where it is happening, somewhere you are familiar with. It may be in a park where you like to go, or the woods in back of your house, etc. The point is, you're RUNNING and your being chased by a RAM.

The number two goes with the word ZOO. The second sign of the zodiac is Taurus. I see myself at the Kansas City ZOO, and there in a cage, in the big cat house is a BULL (Taurus). Why in the cat house? Who knows? I put the bull here in my imagination because the more strange and inexplicable you make these pictures in your mind the more vivid they are to you, and hence the easier to remember.

I hope the bull isn't here in the cat house becuase they are going to feed him to a tiger or other cat! There he is, just chewing his cud. Spend enough time making the picture vivid enough in your mind that you remember it, and when you feel it's strong enough that you won't forget it, go on to the next one.

The number three goes with TREE. I see a big oak tree and there, on the lowest branch are two monkey’s. They look identical! They must be TWINS (Gemini). They are chattering at me and jumping up and down. They’re afraid I might climb the TREE. They're very territorial. "This is our TREE" they seem to be saying.

The number four goes with DOOR. I see myself late at night lying in bed. The curtain is open and I see a full moon. I hear a strange noise -- it sounds like something is scraping the door. I get up, my heart is going fast. What could it be? I listen. The noise doesn’t stop. Finally I get up the courage to open the door and...look!...there is a giant CRAB (Cancer) that’s been scratching at the door. Is it really a crab, or a space alien? Is it the product of some genetic experiment gone awry? My little dog is barking furiously at it.

The number five goes with HIVE. Sitting under a tree I see a bee hive. I know I’m in Africa. Here comes a hungry LION (Leo). He is starving. He looks so thin. He can smell the honey in the HIVE. He puts his paw in it and all the bees come swarming out. He runs away, a swarm of bees chasing after him.

The number six goes with STICK. I see a magician with a wand. The wand is very simple. It looks like the branch of a tree. It is beautiful, though, for it has on it several blossoms that never fade. He says, “I have something to show you. Watch carefully!” He then intones a magical incantation and waves the STICK (wand), and there in a beautiful cloud of light an image of the VIRGIN (Virgo) Mary appears. She is making the sign of benediction toward me. She then disappears. I feel wonderful! “Thank you” I say to the magician. (By the way, if you don’t like combining Christian imagery with something as pagan as a magician, you can use the goddess Athena, if you can remember that she was supposed to be a virgin).

For the number seven I see a long flight of steps going up into the clouds – into HEAVEN. I ascend them, climbing and climbing until I see in the distance a gigantic angel standing there. It's St. Peter. He’s holding in his right hand an immense BALANCE SCALES (Libra). As I approach I see that in the left hand pan of the BALANCE SCALE are all the bad deeds I’ve done in my life, and in the right hand pan are all my good deeds. Luckily, I see, the right hand pan is heavier (of course!), and so I know I’m going to heaven! “Welcome,” says St. Peter.

For the number eight I see I’m standing in front of a beautiful garden gate. It is made of wrought iron and ornamented with depictions of all sorts of birds and flowers. I open the gate, it squeaks loudly, and just as I’m about to step into the beautiful garden I happen to look down and see there right in front of me on the ground a huge black SCORPION (Scorpio). It is black, just like the gate. Carefully I walk around it as it lifts and flexes the stinger on its tail, warning me to stay away.

For the number 9 I imagine that as I am walking through the forest I come upon a staggering CENTAUR (Sagittarius). “Are you all right?” I ask. “Yeah,” he slurs, “Just a little tipsy. Think I had a little too much WINE (wine=nine). “Can I help you?” I ask. “No,” he says, “ I’m just on the way home. Say, you don’t happen to have a breath mint on you, do you? Uh, I promised the missus I’d lay off the hootch...but Chiron just brewed a new batch – couldn’t resist.” Reaching into my pocket I hand him a box of tic tacs.

For the number 10 I imagine that I see a den of hungry panthers. It’s in a cave. For a few days they’ve had no luck hunting, and they’re famished. As they lay there resting a stray GOAT (Capricorn) wanders into their midst. They all jump up at once, ready to pounce, but rear back in surprise – because the goat smells SO BAD. I mean, goats are usually stinky, but this goat just REEKS. Seeing that he has wandered into a den of panthers, the goat bolts out of the DEN (den=ten).

Are you still with me? We have only two more to go! For the number 11 I see a medieval bakery in Paris. Its all made of stone. The baker is a jolly fat man. He wants to make more bread but he’s out of water. He’s waiting for the water carrier (AQUARIUS) to deliver some. The water bearer knocks at the door and comes in carrying a large ceramic urn full of water. This guy is notoriously clumsy, and soon after he’s entered the bakery he stumbles and drops the jug on a table. It smashes into a large jar which holds all the bakers LEAVEN (eleven) and gets it all wet. “You big lummox!” Shouts the baker, “Now you’ve RUINED all my LEAVEN!” (leaven=eleven).

And now the last one. I seen myself coming into my kitchen, and I notice this awful smell. What could it be? There are no dirty dishes, and I just cleaned out the refrigerator. Is it the trash that smells so bad? I look under the sink. Nope. I just emptied it yesterday. I start searching. Standing on a chair I open a cupboard and look on the top SHELF (twelve), which is high up close to the ceiling. There is a plate. I take it down and what do I find on it? TWO FISH (Pisces) that are rotting. How in the world did they get there? Oh yes, now I remember. Gracie, the cleaning lady who is very lazy doesn’t like to do dishes. We had these trout two weeks ago for dinner, and she must have hid them on the top shelf so she wouldn’t have to wash the dish. I decide that this is it, I’m definitely going to have to fire Gracie.

You have now completed Step Two. Test yourself by having someone name numbers at random between one and twelve. Can you name the sign corresponding to it? If not, then either you have gone through the list in step two too fast, or have not made the pictures vivid enough in your mind. Go back over them again and have your friend test you again. Make sure you cover all the numbers, and if you miss any this time, jot the missed ones down and go back and find a way of making the picture corresponding to them even more vivid.

Once you have completed Step two successfully, you can say the signs in order both forward and backward.

And now for step three. To figure out which signs are opposite each other, all you have to do is add or subtract 6 from any number in question. For instance, if you want to know what is the opposite of 3=TREE=TWINS=GEMINI all you have to do is add 6 to it and you get 3 plus 6 equals 9=WINE=SAGITTARIUS. If you want to know the sign opposite SCORPIO=GATE=EIGHT all you have to do is subtract 6 from it and you get 8 minus 6 equals 2=ZOO=TAURUS.

To know which signs are in square to each other, you just need to add three to any given number to get one of the squares, and then subtract three from it to get the other square, since each sign has two other signs which are in square to it. If the number in question is less than three, just add a full circle to it, which is 12. For instance the square to TAURUS=TWO=ZOO is found by adding 12 to 2, obtaining 14. (We had to add the 12 because we can't subtract three from two). Now that we have the 14 we can subtract three from it and we get 14 minus 3 equals 11=LEAVEN=AQUARIUS. If the sum you obtain after adding 3 to any number is over 12, then just take 12 away from it to arrive at the answer. For instance, if you want to know the square to CAPRICORN=DEN=TEN, add 3 to the 10 to obtain 13, then subtract 12 from it, obtaining 1=RUN=ARIES.

Sextiles are both plus and minus two, since there are two of them also. Trines are plus and minus 4. If you want to be a really good astrologer, keep practicing these until you get to the point you just know them and don’t have to do the adding and subtracting.

And now for Step 4. Let’s go back to your original list and we’re going to add something.

Remember that picture of you running from the RAM (Aries) that’s chasing you? Well, you know, you’re getting very tired of running, in fact, your running out of energy, and you’re feeling hungry. Look down into your hand, and there you see a MARS candy bar. (Mars rules Aries).

In the Picture of you at the zoo (=2)where you see the BULL (TAURUS) you see a beautiful woman enter the cage. She is radiant – she must be a goddess! She is! She’s VENUS, and she’s laying a garland of flowers around the Bull’s neck. It's to protect him from the big cats.

In the picture of the twin monkeys in the TREE (=3) as you stand there gazing up at them you feel a tap on your shoulder. Turning around you see it is the god MERCURY (Ruling planet of Gemini). He’s wearing a helmet with wings on it, and looking down, you see that he also has wings on the back of his feet. He says “I have a message for you. Here!” and he hands you an envelope. You open it – I don’t know what’s in it – that’s up to you!

In the picture of the DOOR (=4) with the large CRAB scratching on it, remember how bright that MOONlight was coming through the open curtain (Cancer is ruled by the Moon). Maybe it was that Full Moon that called up that CRAB from the depths of some Stygian cave.

In the picture of the HIVE (=5) Imagine that the time of day is noon, and the SUN (Ruling planet of LEO) is blazing high in the sky.

In the picture of the STICK (=6)-- the blossoming wand that conjures up a picture of the VIRGIN -- imagine that after he has conjured her up he then re=energizes his wand by dipping it in a bowl of liquid MERCURY (Mercury rules Virgo).

In the picture of the steps going up to HEAVEN (=7) imagine that the time of this event as early evening, and there in the sky hanging over the shoulder of St. Peter is the EVENING STAR, which is VENUS (ruling planet of Libra, the balance scales).

In the picture of the garden GATE (=8), you may think to yourself, you know, I really wanted to enjoy this beautiful garden. It’s the loveliest one I’ve ever seen, but that big ugly Scorpion MARS the whole experience! (Mars rules Scorpio).

In the picture of the WINE (=9) which got the Centaur drunk, watch the Centaur as he leaves you to find his way home. Oops! He got lost – he’s drunker than he thought, but the king of the gods, JUPITER, appears to him to show him the way.

In the picture of the DEN (=10) see the goat bolting out of the panthers’ den and running home to a little thatched hut in the forest. There lives an old man with a long gray beard carrying a Scythe. He’s the god Saturn, and Cappy (that’s the goats name, is his favorite goat. How glad Saturn is that Cappy's returned safe and sound!

In the picture of the LEAVEN (=11) the baker is so upset by the loss of his LEAVEN, when the water bearer spill his whole jug of water on it, that after the water bearer leaves he pour himself a nice big glass of SAUTURNE wine to calm himself down (Saturn rules Aquarius).

In the picture of the SHELF (=12) imagine you are scraping the two stinky trout into the garbage disposal, and as you do you uncover the picture of the king of the gods JUPITER(ruler of the sign Pisces) on the plate. He’s wearing a crown and carrying a sceptre. You truly hope he will not send a curse to you for allowing his image to be defiled by two dead fish. Just in case, you light candles to him, say a prayer, and make an offering of fruit and flowers.

So now, if you’ve installed these pictures vividly enough in your mind, you not only know the signs in order, both forward and backward, but also which are in opposition, square, sexile and trine to each other, and also the planetary rulers of each. Not bad for a day's work!

Here’s the trick: Once you’ve learned these, you need to go over them at least once a day for awhile, then you can do every other day, then every three days, then once a week for awhile. That’s how to make them stick. I hope you enjoyed this memory game! Talk to you again soon!

Friday, December 25, 2009

(41) The Natal Chart of Henry James

The author’s birth data is April 15th 1843 at 2:00 pm in New York City.

The space ruler of James’ chart is Moon in the 12th degree of Scorpio in the Third House. He had an emotional need to communicate, and his communicated was very subjective (Moon) as well as seductive, indirect, and implacatory as well as covertly intense – all Scorpio traits. The Omega symbol for 12 Scorpio is “A woman with a collection of rocks shaped like hearts.” The heart signifies what we hold dearest – our emotional center. Rocks are dense and hard. James focuses so often on problems of the heart. The woman who is collecting these rocks in the form of hearts is obviously looking for them, looking for a particular shape, a shape that will reflect what is important, significant, dear to one’s heart. This is what James was doing in his writing – searching for meaning and significance in the densities and obstructions (rocks) of human consciousness

His closest square is between Sun and Saturn. Sun is purpose, and Saturn questions it. This is seen, for instance in his story “The Turn of the Screw,” where the governess wonders what the real purpose is in her being hired to take care of the children, and then wonders who the ghosts are, and why there are there. James causes us to wonder if she in fact is even sane, or hallucinating the whole thing. James will never settle for a superficial purpose to things – he’s always looking for the deeper purpose.

Pluto in his chart sits on the Sun/Mercury midpoint so he was obsessive and intense (Pluto) in what he perceived as being important (Sun) to communicate (Mercury). The Sun/Mercury combination is about ones own ideas and own way of thinking, and he certainly manifested great power (Pluto) in this realm.

Jupiter and Neptune are conjunct in the same degree – 22 Aquarius, whose Omega Symbol is “A master healer is gradually restructuring someone’s body.” First of all, he’s doing this subtly (Neptune) and with such an enthusiasm (Jupiter) that he is willing to go to great lengths (Jupiter rules anything big, or long, or in any other way immense) to make this happen. He is a master of showing gradual changes coming about in human consciousness. For instance, in his novel “Wings of the Dove,” he portrays the gradual disintegration of a romance. This is brought about through one person’s indirect goading of the other person to act in ways they consider immoral. The moral issue in question – the marrying of a dying rich woman for the purpose of obtaining her money, when in fact she wishes to give her money to the one marrying her – is confusing and vague with unclear boundaries (Neptune).

The Chandra Symbol for 22 Aquarius is “A woman making lace.” This aptly portrays James extremely delicate description of every little nuance of human thought and the intricate workings
of human communication. It has to go also with his extreme refinement of sensibility.

The Hyperion Symbol for 22 Aquarius is “Stars in a distant galaxy imploding.” This strikes me as particularly apt in describing James’ art, for stars imploding in a distant galaxy would be from earth almost imperceptable, nothing more than a subtle detail of the sky. James deals with these sorts of subtleties all the time – things that have gigantic psychological implications – as the stars are gigantic – but which are, in the context of his story seemingly tiny and insignificant.

The Omega Symbol for his 14 Pisces Venus is, “Unconcerned with how he is going to escape, a man explores an infinite library.” James’ aesthetic (Venus rules aesthetics) has a labyrinthine quality, a feeling of being able to go on forever. Within the finite context of any individual story there is almost always an illusion of vastness of depth created.

The Omega Symbol for James’ North Node is “a photographer hand-coloring a landscape.” The North Node signifies the direction of growth in a person’s life – what they most need to further their evolution. It could be tricky interpretating this symbol in this context, for the symbol could be seen as having a trivial quality. We must try to think of what it could symbolize in the context of soul evolution.

The photographer has produced a realistic replica of something tangible, but is now modifying and beautifying it, adding to it to create another picture, one that combines reality with illusion. This is, of course, exactly what James did in his writing.

(38) Mercury Retrograde

On December 27th -- in two days -- Mercury will go retrograde in the 22nd degree of Capricorn. Mercury retrograde is a time when there's a need to rethink things, maybe to revise our thoughts or the way we are communicating.

An important tool for understanding any particular retrograde period is to look at the degree in which the planet in question goes retrograde. The Omega Symbol for 22 Capricorn is "Sugar falling through a giant hour glass."

I had to get beyond my negative image of sugar to clearly see the meaning of this degree. Sugar is sweetness, and even though we eat too much sugar in this society, the reason we do it is because we are all desperately seeking the sweetness of life. We have thought we could find it through having more and more things, but have found that consumerism is just an addiction, and like all addictions, causes us to want to accumulate more and more, but without ever feeling truly fulfilled, no matter how much we acquire.

Sugar, in and of itself, is just food, nourishment. So in this symbol we see that at every moment (the particular grain of sugar falling through the hour glass) there is nourishment to be had, sweetness to be tasted. I remember reading in a book that one Kabbalist said that our job is to think of each moment as a cup which we are filling with good things -- love, happiness, appreciation for life, joy, etc., and that if we do this, we will find, at the end or our life, when we look back, a life beautifully lived, that will determine the quality of the future after death. And so Mercury retrograding in the 22nd degree of Capricorn is a time of considering whether or not we are focused in the present, on the moment, to find the sweetness of it. Or are our thoughts too much focused on the past and the future.

Capricorn is the sign of practicality. What the Kabbalist suggested we need to do in living life is ultimately the most practical way of being I can think of. The 22nd degree of any sign always has to do of righting our course, and of making a leap toward where we know we should be.

The degree that Mercury goes back to in its retrograde motion, where it again stops before going direct signifies the goal of the retrogradation -- what we were looking for. Mercury will again go direct again on January 16th, 2010 in the 6th degree of Capricorn. The Omega symbol for this degree is, "A woman inventing magical perfumes." To me this signifies a recombining of energies in a harmonious way to positively affect the world. As perfume fills space invisibly, this degree suggests changing the atmosphere, the basic tenor, or attitude, of things.

If you have a planet that either the Stationary retrograde or Stationary direct Mercury conjuncts or opposes, it will have a significant effect on you, and means that you are needing to rethink how you are using the energy of the planet in question.

(37) Sun/Moon Aspects: The Department of Vitality

The Sun/Moon pair is the first of four planetary "departments," as described in the work of Marc Jones. The aspect between the Sun and Moon is of great significance in the chart, for it set the tone for how the individual's energy is used in the world. In Jones' system, there are six possibilities of aspect: conjunct, sextile, square, trine, opposition, and no aspect. When it comes to looking at planetary departments, no aspect between the two planets has a definite significance, which I will speak of in each of these four essays on the departments.

Sun/Moon conjunction: This has an all or nothing feel to it. The person plunges into experience with the whole of his being, focusing on the moment rather than thinking much about how his or her acts will affect the future. The individual tends to feel vitally connected to activity, or rather completely disconnected.

What is needed to fulfill the potential of this aspect is for the individual to become aware of his/her own energy flow, then to go with it, working when the mood strikes him/her, or waiting for the right time when his/her energy is down or out of sync.

The extremes of this aspect can manifest as extreme mood swings. These can be minimized if the person will not try to push themself, not try to go against their own energy. Joy of being comes to the person when they wholeheartedly go with their own energy surges, and when their energy is at a low, allow themselves to rest or float free until the next wave of energy comes to them.

Sun/Moon sextile: This individual is highly affected by whatever they are exposed to, in terms of either positive or negative reinforcement, and so they need to find people who will bring out the best in them, and encourage them to rise to their highest potential. Without having this, it can be difficult for them to grow and unfold. They are natural assisters -- helping and benefiting the process of whoever they come in contact with.

My friend Sandra has a Sun/Moon sextile, and she has assisted me tremendously in being more focused and productive. I want to emphasize here that its not just what she says to me, or the way she encourages me, but the very energy she emanates that I pick up on that automatically motivates me. Our Sun/Moon aspect is a force we radiate, not just the acts we perform or words that we say.

Sun/Moon square: This person has a tremendous amount of energy that spills out of them. If they don't guide it, it manifests haphazardly, causing all sorts of problems. If this person is not in attunement with their spiritual core, they can be a trouble maker and a source of discord to the life around them. With some meaningful structure to follow, and just the right sort and amount of discipline, they can be real power houses, using their energy constructively and stimulating all those around them to higher accomplishment.

Sun/Moon trine: This individual easily falls into patterns, structures, and routines. They are a creature of habit. They can become so entrenched in the momentum of their everyday life that they fail to ever look deeper or go further. At worst, life for them can become merely a quest for comfort, a well-lubricated machine that, in the end, takes them nowhere.

Of course, the habits they adopt could be bad ones, and in that case they can also become quite comfortable with those, and have a great deal of difficulty ever overcoming them.

Sun/Moon trines need to get outside themselves. If they think of doing something, but it seems like a lot of trouble and inconvenience to do it, they need to overlook the hassle, and JUST DO IT! Jump in there and let your life become messy and chaotic for awhile -- it will do you good, it can teach you new ways of looking at things!

Whenever structure and regularity are needed -- say, in the setting up or maintaining of a business, for instance -- the Sun/Moon trine people are great at doing so. They just need to beware of becoming imprisoned by their own ruts.

Sun/Moon opposition: One of the most basic theories of astrology is that we want to GO WITH THE ENERGY in our chart, for through flowing with it we learn from it, and become increasingly more in harmony with the universe. The opposition is the greatest separation between two planets, so this person's job, if they are going to go with their chart, is to keep their Sun and Moon energy apart from each other.

What does this mean? It means: don't let the conscious and rational part of your self (your Sun) inhibit or repress your emotions. Let your enjoyment of the moment (your Moon) be free and full, rather than dampened by considerations about the future (your Sun). By the same token, when you are taking care of business (Sun), don't allow intrusions by your private life (Moon) or personal feelings (Moon) or distractions of the moment (Moon). In other words, when you are taking care of business, take care of business, and when you are indulging in pleasure, keep business out of the way.

Marc Jones' keyword for the opposition is AWARENESS. The Sun/Moon opposition is certainly aware of much, but YOU CAN ONLY DO ONE THING AT ONE TIME. IF YOU TRY TO DO EVERYTHING AT ONCE, YOU WON'T GET ANYTHING DONE, YOU WILL BECOME STUCK. So go ahead and be aware, but then go from thing to thing as needing, focusing on the activity at hand, rather than allowing yourself to be pulled apart by all the conflicting needs of life.

Sun/Moon no aspect: When one gives a 17 degree orb to the Sun, which one should do when employing this technique, there are actually more people with a Sun/Moon aspect than with no aspect. The Sun/Moon aspect is psychologically free to use their energy any way they want to. How they interact with the world is up for grabs -- they are a free agent. The problem is, are they going to just float around aimlessly and randomly, or are they going to anchor and focus themselves enough to be able to make a significant and viable contribution to life?

The Sun/Moon no aspect can make tremendous strides in life, accomplishing a tremendous amount, but first they have go get all their horses galloping in the same direction, rather than just being a roaming herd. And of course, even when they do coordinate their efforts, there is always the potential of reverting to a state of randomness.

I have Sun/Moon no aspect. People are often surprized about how much I get done, but can be equally surprised when suddenly my current effort stops and once again I'm floating free, or off to another thing.

In later postings we will look at the other three planetary "departments," and then I will tell you of the technique with which to synthesize them.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

(36) Omega Symbols: Taurus 16 - 30

16. At the bottom of a gorge, a river turbulent with rapids.

You have strong emotions when tend to go their own way and be unswayed by the influences of other people. You need to follow whatever evokes your passion, for this is what will fulfill and empower you. When the outer world disrupts you it is often best that you withdraw to pursue your own impulses.

17. A book patiently waiting to spill forth its vast and profound knowledge.

You have accumulated much wisdom in past lives, and continue to do so in this one. There is so much in you of value to others, even though they may not fully realize this. You desire to share, but may often have to wait for the right time and place to do so. The more you accept rather than doubt your worth, the more clearly you will be able to pursue your own special path.

18. Gently, a man caresses a thorn tree.

You have a delicacy of approach to life that helps you to deal with difficult and/or sensitive situations. This is a real gift. You are a peacemaker who understands instinctively the innate needs of people and situations. Your energy can encourage people to let down their defenses so that they are able to share more fully.

19. A bottle of gold dust gathered from many places over many years.

You understand the value of little things, and of how even the seemingly most insignificant thing can reflect cosmic truth. This causes you to be able to learn from almost anything. Your powers of observation are very great, for something in you knows how to look for what is most valuable in a situation. All you need to do is continue on with this, and in time it can lead you to great success.

20. A man performing a complicated weaving pattern from memory.

You can know just what to do as long as you can avoid getting in the way of yourself. Conscious and rational decision making often doesn’t work for you. When you turn off your mind and go with your impulses, your creativity can emerge beautifully and carry you through even the most difficult of situations.

21. Bending over and lowering her palms, a woman projects colors into the Earth.

Ahthough you may not be conscious of it, your energy is healing and soothing. You take a gentle approach to all that you do, and this imbues your actions with a positive and uplifting note. You don’t see any task as too difficult or too large, but are always willing to take on anything, and proceed as best you can.

22. A man drinking a tonic that causes rainbow colors to spread throughout his

You allow experiences to affect you deeply. This helps you to understand them, and through this to resolve or overcome challenges. The problem is, this process can take time, and before it’s complete can be confusing. You are not one to take the easy way out – and should never try to. You are always willing to move forward, even when you know the way could be difficult.

23. Inside a tornado, a spiral staircase.

In the midst of turbulence you are able to remain calm. You have a tremendous ability to stick with the most difficult of situations and to see them through. Though energies may be furiously whirling around you, you hold to your course, and are intent on your course no matter how arduous it may be to follow.

24. A man cataloging thousands of different types of microbes.

You have a desire to completely and thoroughly understand the world around you. You sense all sorts of helping as well as harmful influences at work in the world, and are desirous of comprehending their workings. You are at your best when you use this knowledge to help others, rather than getting entranced with knowledge purely for its own sake.

25. A holographic computer.

You have a way of making things clearer to other people. Your vividness of perception can assist others in understanding their dilemmas more fully. As they get a clearer idea of what they are dealing with they are much more likely to move forward in their lives. Yours is the gift of being able to make experience more real to others.

26. All over the city, words on scraps of paper flowing through the sewers.

You are aware of all the mind garbage that floats around in the world, and have a gift for being able to look beyond it into higher realms of purity and harmony. Your non-attachment to thought processes can cause you to be more directly in tune with the immediate energies at work in a situation, and to ground and focus others.

27. A greenhouse full of tropical plants set in a snowy landscape.

You hold to your way of being no matter what environment you're in. You have an instinct for being able to isolate yourself from whatever will be harmful or non-life supporting to you. You go your own way in a manner that many others find compelling, admirable, and worth of emulating. Yours can be a quite positive use of stubbornness.

28. A man channeling a set of degree symbols.

You intuitively understand how energy works, and perceive overall patterns in life in all their complexity. You may find it difficult, though, to enter directly into experience, for you often can’t decide where or how to jump in. You need to learn how to put aside thought and act spontaneously – even if it means at times stumbling or falling.

29. A man reaches out to touch a marble statue. He feels it smiling.

You can feel the aliveness of everything around you, whether animate or inanimate, on the physical plane, or on others. When connected to your core you are vitally in tune to your world, and through your caring you're able to awaken joy and positivity in whatever you touch. You can heal through unconditional positive rapport.

30. Beings from many dimensions attracted to an immense white flame.

You sense a pure, central force radiating through the whole universe, and though you may not conceive of it consciously in these cosmic terms, your attitude communicates the feeling that nothing is by itself important, that everything is important in its highest spiritual context, and that we are all truly one, travelling in the same direction toward the white flame of enlightenment.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

(35) Applying/Separating

In any astrological aspect, the applying planet is the one which, if moved forward in the zodiac, will make the aspect exact. The separating planet is the one, which, if moved forward will make the orb of the aspect greater.

I think of this as kind of like the roles of male and female in traditional society,where the male is supposed to be the one to ask the female for her phone number, or for a date. The male is supposed to PURSUE -- like the applying planet in an aspect, and the female ELUDES, like the separating planet, which stimulates the male's chasing. She RECEIVES his energy.

The energy in an aspect flows from the applying to the separating planet. That is, the applying planet is ACTING ON the separating one. The applying planet INITIATES the action. For instance, I have a Mercury/Uranus conjunction. Mercury is at 20 degrees Gemini and Uranus is at 25 degrees Gemini, so Mercury applies, and Uranus separates. I have a thought -- Mercury is thinking -- and this initiates the connection to Uranus. Then the thought LEADS TO something unexpected, a surprize, a discovery, something unique -- Uranus. In other words, the Mercury energy comes first, and then triggers Uranus.

Now if it was the other way around, Uranus at 20 Gemini, and Mercury at 25 Gemini, then Uranus would apply and Mercury separate. That would mean, say, that I have the urge for freedom (Uranus), and this would lead me to think about it, to analyze how I might get it, use my cleverness (Mercury) to obtain that freedom, or check out connections (Mercury rules connecting) that might bring me freedom.

The aplying/separating designation offers another layer of subtlety in analyzing aspects. It's especially important when a planet in one chart aspects a planet in another. In this situation the person with the applying planet tends to be the one who needs to initiate the activity that is to occur between themself and another person. If the person with the separating planet tries to initiate the connection, it may not work, may not feel right, may not get anywhere.

This becomes especially acute when several of a person's planets have applying aspects to the planets of anothers chart, without the second person having any applying planets to the first person's chart. This can create a situation where the person with all the applying planets is holding all the cards, so to speak, and hence must be the one to initiate most of the activities between themself and the other person.

Remember that this designation of applying and separating can be applied to ALL ASTROLOGICAL ASPECTS, and the more you get used to using it, the easier it is to understand.

And by the way, I got this concept from Marc Edmund Jones' book "The Essentials of Astrological Analysis," a tome which I've often told people I might one day translate into English (that's a joke because the book is written in English -- just not the kind that most people speak!)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

(33) The Second House (2)

Mercury in Second house

This placement of Mercury seeks to assess the value of all ideas. Through all its communication it seeks to gain ideas of worth so that they might be shared with others who find them valuable, or used in such a way as to make them more valuable.

Mercury's highest attribute is clear communication, and resourcefulness in finding solutions to problems. Mercury in second has the ability to find unexpected uses for ideas, to place an idea in a context that will maximize its worth.

At worst the Second House can create a rigidity in Mercury, due to the desire to arrive at values that are unchanging and can be depended upon. This can cause Mercury to use its cleverness to find ways to uphold values that are selfish, dogmatic and/or deluded. This occurs when Mercury falls prey to fears.

Because it signifies communication, Mercury is a planet engaged in the process of connectedness, and so much value is created through meaningful connectedness. So Mercury here can be clever and resourceful in finding ways to make money and/or to invest it, as well as connecting ideas in new ways to discover new value in them, or even to present ideas in new ways that bring out unsuspected aspects of them.

Venus in Second House

This placement loves things, both tangible objects as well as concepts that it deems beautiful. It even loves to have time to itself, and loves having and feeling energy. At worst Venus here can be attracted to too many things, and so it may be hard to decide which of them will be focused on to the exclusion of the others.

Often with this placement one finds collectors of one thing or another. This position also stimulates connoisseurship and the cultivation of taste and aesthetics. At best it can find value and beauty in things which others may not see as beautiful or of worth.

This position can enhance selfishness if the soul is inclined toward that. The antidote to this is to emphasize more the value of giving, which, if Venus is spiritualized can be brought out as one of Venuses highest traits.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

(30) The Second House

The Second House signifies loss and gain. There has been a tremendous emphasis on the Second House as ruling money -- which is to be expected in a society dominated by consumerism. There are many Christians, Jews and Moslems in America, but the dominant religion of the USA is Money -- this is the God with the greatest number of devotees.

But the Second House is far more than just money -- it is our energy, and time, and most importantly, our values -- whatever ideas and concepts we are attracted to and so deem to have worth.

These ideas we find valuable may be practical, or not. They may be notions and/or involvements which we feel have value but which others may deem to be worthless. Loss, ruled by the second house, may be voluntary, as it is when one freely gives something away, or it may be forced upon us by fate and circumstances. By the same token gain may be something we work to obtain, or may be something that happens without effort, something just laid in our lap. No matter how loss and gain happen in our lives, they are always karmic -- we deserve what we get, or don't get. There are no victims, and there are no winners who don't deserve to win. This is the essence of Kabbalistic teaching.

In a sense, the Second House is the most Kabbalistic of them all, for Kabbalah means to receieve -- TO GAIN. The question Kabbalah raises is, WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO WITH WHAT WE RECEIVE? There are two choices -- keep it all, or at least as much of it as you can, for yourself. Or: Receive with the intent of sharing. It is this RECEIVING WITH THE INTENT OF SHARING that keeps the flow going -- insures our further receiving from the Great Source. It is the EGO, living the illusion of being separated from the light that wants to keep as much as it can.

It is the God Within that shares. Sharing leads to enlightment. Greed leads to suffering. It is on this basic structure of these truths that the fabulous intricacy of the Kabbalah is embroidered.

Let's start with Sun in Second House: What is most important in life to this person is to feel that they have something of value to give -- that what they have is important. The great beauty of Sun in Second House is that this person has an inate ability to bring worth to light -- to see the value in things which others may have overlooked.

The Sun always signifies the desire to set up hierarchies -- that is, the desire to have what is most important at the center, and then to rank everything else around that in a spectrum that goes from what is most valuable to what is least. So long as what is at the center of Sun in Second Houses's reality construct is positive, that is, spiritually viable, Sun in Second House will be a light to all around it, helping others to see their own value and worth, and the hidden gold all around them.

If Sun in Second House falls prey to the addiction of egotism, then their own selfishness becomes their center, and the whole goal of life becomes the attempt to convince everyone around them that they are better than everyone else, and that what they have is more important than anything else. This position can lead to arrogance about ones own values.

The big question here is, what is the nature of possession? Since we're going to die, it seems that everything we might call our own is really only being rented for awhile. STEWARDSHIP means TAKING CARE OF WHATEVER COMES UNDER OUR SWAY OR JURISDICTION. Stewardship is a reality, ownership is an illusion. But if Sun in second house becomes lost in the illusion of its own ego, the responsibility of stewardship is lost.

Really its like this: The Greek and Roman astrologers called Saturn the greater malefic. But the Sun, when manifesting negatively is what I would call the GREATEST MALEFIC. It’s just energy. A lot of energy. And as you know, energy can be used to express love, and it can also be used to destroy the world. And it can never be said enough that the astrological chart does not show the person's level of evolution. It can't -- for a cockroach and a human can have the same chart. So you, as an astrologer never know if a person is going to use their energy positively or negatively. You cannot tell from a chart how many past lives a person has had, and to what extent they have become wise from them.

Moon in Second house has, at its emotional center the need to be able to give and receive. The instability of the Moon creates, in this placement, a sense of fullness, at times, a feeling of abundance, and at other times a feeling of emptiness and/or loss, as well as potential fears of being abandoned by prosperity. The best way to handle Moon energy always is to let it flow, to stay open and connected. This person needs to share what they have, and they need to do so as they feel guided to. These cycles of emptiness and fullness that are felt need to be moved through easily and with relaxation, trusting always in the truth that whatever they need will come to them.

The Moon is always the energy in the chart where a person tends to be the most subjective, and hence have difficulty seeing objectively what is going on. Moon in Second may sometimes feel worthless, or at least underestimate what they have to give. Or they might overestimate their resources – all depending on their mood of the moment.

One thing you can be certain about with the Moon, though, is CYCLIC CHANGE. If this person is having financial problems, they could and probably will change rather soon. By the same token, when finances are going well, this also could soon change. With the Moon it is not easy to plan for the future, and so financial planning doesn’t come easily with this placement.

One of the finest things a person with Moon in second house can do is to use what they have to nurture other people.

In my next few postings I’ll talk about the rest of the planets in the second house.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

(29) William Blake

I've been looking at the chart of the English poet and mystic William Blake. For those of you who would like to check out this chart further, his birthday is November 28th, 1757, at 7:45 PM in London, England.

The planet with the largest amount of empty space around it is the Moon, in the Twelfth House, in Cancer. I refer to the planet in any chart with the most amount of space around it as the "space ruler," and consider it the most important planet in the chart.

Moon as space ruler signifies a great intensity of feeling, which Blake had, and in Cancer the strong desire to nourish and nurture. He tried his whole life to uplift humanity, to point out the myriad ways of wrong thinking and lies perpetrated by the church. This attempt to uncover the truth is Twelfth House in nature, which is the house of all that is hidden. It is also the house of the deep subconscious, and our intuitive connection to spiritual forces and guiding beings. Blake felt that much of his work was channeled.

The Moon is in the 13th degree of Cancer, the 13th degree of any and every sign always carrying the vibration of renewal and revival. He was trying to renew the human being's relationship to spirit.

The Omega symbol for the 13th degree of Cancer is, "Wind blowing through an old Pan's pipe." A spontaneous song, created by nature manifesting as the wind. This is certainly the mood (Moon) of Blake's poetry. The Chandra symbol for tht same degree is, "Many voices singing different songs at the same time." This mirrors the multileveled nature of his work.

Sun is in the 5th house of creative self-expression in the sign Sagittarius, and in the 7th degree, which in all signs is a Sagittarian degree. The fifth house is also the house of play, and Blake wrote much of joy and delight in play, and about the play of cosmic (Sagittarian) energies.

Mars conjunct Neptune in Leo means he was a warrior (Mars) who fought for his ideals (Neptune). This conjunction is in Leo, so he did this in a dramatic way.

The closest-to-exact square in his chart is between Uranus and Pluto, and I want to say something about that which I feel is very important for the astrology student. Normally if one sees a square between Uranus and Pluto one would not give it so much attention, for that square lasts for quite awhile -- months, maybe -- and so MILLIONS OF PEOPLE born during that time will have it in their chart. BUT: When that is the CLOSEST SQUARE IN THE CHART, THEN it becomes very important, for it is being allowed to assume the place of the greatest challenge in that chart.

Uranus/Pluto as a pair signifies revolution, complete transformation. Blake believed in expressing sexuality with total freedom. He was against many restrictions that the church placed on humanity. He believed in a coming Utopia, and was trying to help create that on earth. Also he is VERY (remember that Pluto has no energy of its own, but intensifies anything it comes in contact with) STRANGE (Uranus). There is no one like the poet William Blake. He had his own mythology, he made up his own gods with their own names. He was a radical innovator.

His Mercury was in Scorpio. Here is one of his poems:

Oh rose thou art sick
The invisible worm
That flies in the night
In the howling storm

Has found out they bed
Of crimson joy
And his dark secret love
Does thy life destroy

Is that Scorpionic enough for you?

When looking at the chart of any artist it's very revealing to look at the placement of Venus, for Venus is the planet of aesthetics, what one LOVES. Blake's is in Capricorn, the sign governing economy. His poems often are striking for their economy of words, that is, with very few of them he creates extremely vivid pictures, as in:

My mother groaned! my father wept
Into the dangerous world I lept:
Helpless, naked, piping loud;
Like a fiend hid in a cloud.

The long visionary poems are similar in tone and feeling to the writing of the Old Testament. This is also a manifestation of Venus in Capricorn, as Capricorn has to do with anything old. And of course writing in this style gives the work an authoritative (Capricorn) feel. The Omega symbol for his Venus, which is in 20 Capricorn is "A host of angels in conference." The whole of his work is, in essence, a dialog of spiritual forces, as portrayed by this degree.

Having such radical ideas in 18th Century England one wonders why he didn't get put in prison. He has no planets in the 10th house, which rules one's public image, and people who may have authority and power over one. But if we look at the ruler of that house, which is Mars (Aries being on the Tenth House cusp), we see that Mars, as I stated before, is conjunct Neptune. I think what protected Blake from the authorities is that they were confused (Neptune) by him, didn't know what to make of him. His own visionary cloud provided him with a cloak of protection.

(28) Juno (2)

I'm seeing the energy of the asteroid Juno everywhere. I went last night to see the movie "Avatar."

In it, humans are portrayed as having rigid notions of how things should be -- this is one quite realistic aspect of the movie.

Humans have come to a new planet with this money-making agenda with which they are bulldozing, literally, the denizens of another planet. Humans have decided that the people of the planet are less developed than they, and so they conclude from this that they must be lesser beings

The rigidity of mind that is the energy of Juno is the generator of racism. Its force, manifesting through the American people, made a concerted effort to destroy the Native Peoples of North America, which remind me of the Na'vi, the race of creatures portrayed in the movie.

It is mentioned offhandedly in the movie that humans have rendered their own planet uninhabitable. Now they are working on doing the same to another planet.

The antidote to Juno is openmindedness -- the ability to allow new ideas and concepts in, the ability to listen to the universe, which is always speaking to you, if you willing to hear it.

Many people think they are being openminded, in fact I would say that most people see themselves as being so. The problem is, they are openminded, so long as every incoming idea conforms to their pre-conceived notions of reality. It's these preconceived notions that are the very thing that create the illusion of a closed mind being an open mind.

The movie has a lot to do with the difference between science and rationality on the one hand, and intuition on the other. To be intuitive one has to be open. Juno rejects openness because it is threatening to Juno's primary urge: the control of everything.

Another way of expressing the antidote to Juno is that it is simply letting everything flow, seeing what arises out of the sea of one's consciousness, and out of the ever-changing circumstances of outer reality as they unfold through time. Go with the energy of the moment, keep tracking it, cease applying your stale mechanical formulae to it, take off your mind filters, SEE EVERYTHING AS NEW ALL THE TIME EVERY MOMENT. THAT IS THE WAY TO OVERCOME THE NIGHTMARE OF JUNO. (And check out the Bach Flower Remedy called Rock Water, which, vibrationally is a healer of the Juno energy).

That place they went to in the movie where all the rocks were hanging -- it went through my mind that those rocks were asteroids, but now, instead of moving in an orbital path, they had come to rest, hanging there, motionless, in the sky.

Ellias Lonsdale says the asteroids represent stumbling blocks. The Na'vi, those blue creatures in the movie, had, through their alignment with their spiritual selves, overcome the stumbling blocks to their spiritual development, hence the asteroids had become de-activated, transmuted into floating mountains.

It's what we're all in the process of doing.

(27) The First House (2)

Sun in First House signifies a person who easily plays the role of authority and/or important person in life. This individual realizes the potential use of surfaces, that is, how the most superficial level of anything may serve them.

Surfaces may help to reveal what is within, or they may obscure what is deeper. The First House Sun has the ability to create surfaces which lead one into more profound levels of whatever they pertain to, and which are truly appropriate in a spiritual sense for whatever it is they cover. I speak here of the First House sun expressed positively.

Negatively, First House Sun is so egoically involved in outer appearances that they would just as soon have their own surface and the surface of whatever they create obscure what is within (whenever it serves their own selfish purpose, making their outer appearance and mannerisms serve as instruments for getting attention and feeding their own selfishness. This position can be a master of arrogance, and can sometimes come across as haughty even when they don't mean to be.

Think of the First House as a face -- for the first house does in fact rule the head. A positive First House Sun is like a face glowing with love, vitality, and radience, reflecting the spiritual being within. Or, negatively speaking, like a face on which makeup has been carefully applied to obscure all flaws, or a mask, whose purpose is to attract attention, sway one's opinion, and hide the true identity of the person behind it.

One way of symbolizing the first house is that it is like a label on a bottle, that tells what the contents are within. Uranus in First House is like a label that keeps falling off, or keeps changing, or is illegible. Who is this person, anyway? They are naturally full of surprises -- can change suddenly. Uranus in First House often rebels against being defined or categorized at all. No matter how conservatively this person might try to appear, there will always be an aura around him or her of strangeness or uniqueness. This means that others will tend to have a strong reaction to him or her. Some may feel fascinated by this individual, feel compelled to try to figure him or her out. Others may feel threatened, sometimes not even knowing why.

The message of Uranus in First House is, "you can be free and creative with your identity, like I am -- you don't have to be attached to it." This is the subliminal signal always coming from them. This person can be utterly refreshing, or just disturbing. The person can be unstable, or can be one who is continually shocking people, in both large and small ways, into greater awareness. The last thing they are likely to be is boring.

With Neptune in First House the personality loses its crisply defined edges. They can have a vague, uncertain quality. At their best they being a higher level of exaltation to whatever they contact, they uplift, soften, make gentle, and stimulate the imagination. They cannot help but seem myserious and otherworldly. Personally this is one of my favorite placements of Neptune. Diana Ross has Neptune here.

They can, though, be diffcult to pin down, and they are often misread. Because people often aren't sure who this Neptune in First House person really is, they will project onto them an identity, assume things about them which aren't true. Also, they may have a tendency to idealize themselves, that is, to identify with what is lofty, idealistic and exalted, but in doing so lose contact with practical reality. At their finest, this is a person who is willing to be whatever the force of evolution needs them to be, and is ready to consecrate their being to the upliftment of humanity.

So now I've given you some idea of the meaning of all ten planets in the First House. Later we'll move on to the other houses.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

(26) Scorpio Bumper Sticker

"God will get you, but I wish he'd let me do it."

(25) Thought for the Day

"Take things slowly, one step at a time, at least until you're ready for everything to happen at once."

(24) Neptune at 25 Aquarius (2)

Two more things that have happened to me as Neptune in this degree squares my Midheaven: Talking to my father for the first time in 35 years. (My mother kept me from him as a child -- we found each other again on facebook). And having a computer and printer stolen from my office. The Midheaven is one of the rulers for ones father. Neptune squaring this point can signify coming in to a deeper understanding of a situation.

Neptune, of course, can signify deception, in the case of the stolen computer.

(23) The First House

The first astrological house signifies IDENTITY -- this is the keyword that the famous astrologer Marc Edmund Jones gave to it.

What is the nature of identity? Seen in spiritual terms, it's an illusion -- our means of manifesting in the realm of phenomena. The difference between a healthy identity and a pathological identity is that when healthy our identity is flexible, that is, capable of change, and is an instrument and vehicle for the expression of the Light of Pure Consciousness, a lens focusing that light in the physical world. A pathological identity is something we cling to obsessively and addictively, needing desperately to convince ourselves and others that we are someone special as a compensation for deep feelings of worthlessness.

Identity is a mask, but one we have to wear as long as we are living in the realm of relativity. The question is, does our mask express the energy of our divine self, or are we so caught up in the illusion of it that it divides our consciousness from our core?

Any planet in the first house bears the stamp of our uniqueness. A person with Mercury in the first house, for instance, has their own unique way of expressing ideas. They identify themselves as communicators and thinkers, and also as a go-between or messenger -- a facilitator.

What we most need, when it comes to dealing with planets in the first house is not to become to attached to them, that is, over-identified with their functioning. I have Mars in the first house. My uniqueness comes out in what I do, and how I assert myself (Mars). But I need to be careful not to overidentify with what I do. I AM NOT WHAT I DO.

It is very important to realize that the first house signifies the most superficial aspect of our being, just as our current identity is only the outward manifestation we are currently wearing.

The first house is our surface. Many people reject it for this reason. "I am not a surface person," they think, "I am a deep and sincere person." The problem is that the surface is what others see of us, especially in their initial encounters with us, and so our surface/identity is really a means of communication. It can either reflect who we are inside, or it can hide our true self. What we ultimately need is to form our identity in such a way that it works for us as we navigate through live, rather than thwarting us in what we are trying to do.

Example: With my Mars in first house, I can come across to others as aggressive, sometimes provocative. I have had people say they were initially turned off by me because of that. Then when they got to know me, they saw that my aggressiveness was due to my having a passionate nature, and that I had many other qualities other than the surface aggressiveness that they initially saw.

So the first house is easily misread as being the whole of the person, when really its only a surface to which people readily stick labels. With Mercury in the first house a person may seem flexible, or maybe flighty or fickle. But this is an appearance, and not necessarily a reality.

One of the most difficult planets to have in the first house is the Moon, for the Moon is receptive and vulnerable. Moon in the first house tends to form their identity around who others want them to be -- they are very receptive to the needs of others and of adopting the identity that is expected of them. My advice to them: choose your companions, friends, and long-term partners carefully, for you are a mirror and they will shine their energies into you. Think of them as food you are taking in. Are they nourishing for you, or poisonous to you?

Also, the Moon is always where we tend to have perceptions that are distorted by feelings. Moon in first house may identify with something one day, and then the next day identify with something different, depending on their mood.

You may also think of any planet in the first house as the role you will tend to play in life. I am SOMEONE WHO GETS THINGS DONE, AN ACTIVATOR (MARS). Venus in first house plays the role of PEACEMAKER, ARTISAN, OR EASY-GOING GUY -- OR MS. ALLUREMENT. Jupiter is THE ENTHUSIASTIC ONE -- ALWAYS UP, ALWAYS SEEMING TO BE FULL OF POSITIVE MOTIVATION. It can be a problem if a Jupiter in first house person becomes depressed, because their depression will have this seemingly optimistic overlay -- people may have a hard time believing they are really depressed.

Saturn in first house can come across as critical, cold, rigid, or overly serious, when maybe they really aren't this way, or at least are not meaning to appear to be this way. Saturn here can be frustrated about who they are, or how they look, or about any aspect of themself. They need to learn to be patient with themselves and to let go of negative attitudes about their appearance, as well as how others react to them. They need to become aware of the negative things they are identifying with, and work diligently to unhook themselves from those limiting and negative self-concepts which they have built.

Saturn simply will not stand for anything less than complete alignment with spirit. The Saturn in first house's road to true happiness is to stay at the center of the truth that they are a spiritual being, and that the life they are living is for the purpose of spiritual growth.

Pluto in first house can be difficult. The person cannot exist in a state of stasis -- there is always a feeling that they must be growing and transforming. Any identity they try to take on can feel limiting, restrictive, and unreal. They can become over-identified with whatever role they adopt in life, but will always feel compelled to untimately GO BEYOND any identity they take on. Also, others may place heavy expectations on them, for Pluto is PRESSURE, and although they may experience this pressure as coming from outside themselves, its true source is always FROM WITHIN.

So those are some thoughts on the first house for right now. May all your masks help you to joyfully play your role, and be easy to take off -- when the time comes.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

(22) Vincent's Chart

I was looking today with my student Mary at the chart of her grandson, Vincent. The child has a formation rarely seen: He has Sun in Leo, Mercury in Virgo, Venus in Libra, and Mars in Scorpio. In other words, four planets in their ruling signs. Some astrologers would say this is good. Certainly a planet in its ruling sign is made more powerful, in fact, Ptolemy, I think, said that it actually doubles the power of a planet.

So Vincent has these four powerful planets. This seems good on the surface, but the fact is, it could cause difficulty in focusing, for each of the four would want to assert their power over the others. The closest-to-exact square in Vincent's chart is between Mars and Uranus, so of the four planets in their ruling signs, Mars becomes the strongest. This is because the closest-to-exact square is very empowering to the two planets involved in it, and this, then, coupled with Mars being in its ruling sign gives mars tremendous energy.

Vincent already loves to build things, for Mars loves constructive activity. He also likes to engage in detailed drawings (Mercury in Virgo). Mary says that he often will abruptly change his focus of interest and suddenly quit doing something which he previously seemed to like to do. This is very indicative of a Mars/Uranus square, for Uranus is unpredictable and always full of surprises.

The desire of Mars to build and construct coupled with Uranian inspiration could strongly signify that Vincent would be inclined to express himself through the arts. Whether this is through something like painting and drawing, or something more like architecture or sculpture is, I think, not easily known from the chart, though a strong mars likes to use muscles and wield tools, such as one would in welding steel or building a wall out of stone.

Mars/Uranus combinations have often been associated with accidents. I feel strongly that when Mars/Uranus results in an accident it is because of repressed energy desperately trying to found an outlet. If a person with a strong Mars/Uranus square allows their creative impulses to come forth spontaneously and uninhibitedly, they will probably have fewer accidents than the averate person! The teacher Seth once pointed out that the repression of the urge to create could cause all sorts of problems, physical, emotioanl, and psychological. I believe this. Mars/Uranus must be encouraged to let out what's inside it, and to find fulfilling avenues for the manifestation of its creative energy.

The degree of Vincent's Mercury is Virgo 16, the Chandra Symbol being "A Jar of camphor crystals." In homeopathy, camphor is given to erase the vibrations of other homeopathic remedies, and of other energies in general. Camphor burns with a pure white light, and hence is used ofen in Hindu rituals to symbolize the pure light of spirit. Vincent's Mercury in this degree says to me that his mind is very intent on what it's doing, so intent that it can, like camphor, erase anything extraneous to it, and that the mind is shut (the closed jar that the crystals are in).

A closed mind is not a bad thing, if it is allowing the purity of mind to manifest strongly. I feel Vincent carries within him ideas what he will share with the world, and to do so he needs to focus on them to the exclusion of the imput of others, so that his own ideas can come forth with clarity and purity.

The Omega Symbol for this same degree is, "A woman cutting thorns off roses." Roses symbolize love, thorns defensiveness. And so if his mind (Mercury) can let go of defensiveness and focus on love (I'm thinking of this as loving what he is doing or what he is into) then it can manifest its full power and he will be being true to himself.

(21) Chiron, The Wounded Healer

I never quite understood why some astrologers refer to Chiron as "the wounded healer." Recently, though, a friend of mine, Tim, told me of a healing teachnique of which he had learned that he found most powerful. The technique is very simple: no matter what the problem is with the person being healed, the healer says to them: "I'm sorry! I love you."

It is a metaphysical truth that we all create our own reality. So if your mother, for instance, has a toothache, that toothache is a part of your reality, as is everything in the world. So if it is part of your reality, and you create your own reality, then at some level you must have created it. So tell the tooth you're sorry! And tell the tooth "I love you!"

To some of you this probably sounds crazy. My first reaction to it was, "hey, now you're going to say I created all suffering in the world? That its my fault? It's not my fault if your tooth hurts!"

But wait -- don't guilt trip yourself. And don't try to figure it out, or make sense of it. When you have a pain in your body, just tell it, over and over, "I'm sorry! I love you!" And try your best to mean it. I have found this to work many times, and when it didn't work I had the feeling that it was because I didnt'focus enough, do it enough, or that there was some other extenuating circumstance at work.

I think what saying these words does is acknowledge the fact that we're all in this together, that we all have shared responsibility for what is going on. We truly are all one. Every wound belongs to each and every one of us. This, I think, is the secret of the Wounded Healer. The message of Chiron is compassion, shared totally, completely, and without reserve.

Chiron in the Signs (II)

Chiron in Libra

The way we have held ourselves back from evolving is by relating to our reality in a narrow, repetitive way that ignores so many energies. Chiron in Libra is about opening up more fully and completely to relating, so that we learn to relate to a wider band of frequencies, and ultimately overcome the fear of relating to ourselves. Chiron here can help us to let go of fears, and to see ourselves in a new way that opens up new relationships to our universe.

It can also signify healing through beauty and through allowing any energy that has become stagnant or sluggish to get back in sync with the graceful dance of life.

Chiron in Scorpio

Chiron in Scorpio has a deep love of death, and an understanding of the healing possibilities and ecstatic releases possible through passing out of this life – and of dying to any situation in which one need release and transformation. Deeply and profoundly it communicates the truth that Change is OK, nothing to be afraid of, a glorious process, that nothing is ever lost, and that there is no situation that cannot be redeemed and transmuted.

Chiron in Scorpio also automatically and often subconsciously helps others to get more in tune with the person power, and to see how it can be used positively. It can also help people to see how they are using their power negatively and to realize that this stems from disattunement to ones true self.

Chiron in Sagittarius

Joy, spontaneity and free play bring to the grayness of our world a new brightness, with Chiron in Sagittarius. This placement heals by communicating the truth that suffering is a temporary state, and that lightness of being can be our realilty when we accept the truth of who we really are spiritually.

The lines through which we receive energy and sustenance from the light are strengthened by Chiron in Sagittarius. The person with Chiron here emanates a force which overcomes fragmentation and brings all missing and disjointed pieces into a vibrant wholeness. This is truly the rising out of the maze of illusion, so that we may see even our most traumatic and difficult challenges as steps toward enlightenment.

Chiron in Capricorn

Who are the true authorities? asks Chiron in Capricorn, who relentlessly pursues the answer, which always leads back to the self. We are the authority – the kingdom of heaven is within, and all outer gods are lesser gods. Chiron in Capricorn is capable of cutting through all confusion and complexity to find the deepest and most enduring truths.

All of us are being manipulated – by other people who set themselves up as the experts, by our fantasies about how things should be, by giving away our own power, and by the snares of our own karma. Chiron in Capricorn is about becoming increasingly aware of this manipulation and of its many sources, so that it can be overcome once and for all . With this position manipulation for the sake of the ego is washed away, so that we are fully liberated to pursue the positive manipulations of spiritual discipline.

Chiron in Aquarius

Chiron here is focused on overcoming the limited ruts pursued by the rational mind. Its energy melts all places of mental stuckness. A scientist once said, “if quantum mechanics makes sense to you, you don’t understand it.” Chiron in Aquarius knows that trying to always make sense is a useless endeavor whose only goal is a desperate attempt to hold back our ocean of fear.

We have nothing to fear. The universe is a safe place, and as we realize this, we come to the knowledge that the universe doesn’t “make sense,” IT IS SENSE – THE SENSE OF UNLIMITED CONSCIOUSNESS AND INFINITE JOY.”

This placement of Chiron transmutes fear into constant surprise at our own vastness, and a tearing down of any and all walls that have kept us from exploring it.

Chiron in Pisces

The limitions of time and space create sorrow, by seeming to divide us from what we love. Chiron in Pisces dwells beyond time and space, and so can bring to us a healing balm which soothes and can finally melt away all of the sufferings of our soul. Chiron was in Pisces during most of the 1960's, bringing at that time an enrichment of spirit by giving us a window into the timeless realms.

Chiron here heals through acceptance, and through giving in to the cleansing waters of the inner ocean. As we assimilate more and more completely the truth that we are infinite beings, we are able to relax and give up our obsessive focus on suffering and limited, confining illusions.