Friday, December 31, 2010

Planets activating the Chiron/Midheaven midpoint

Principle: The need to be receptive to messages coming in from the universe. One’s career needs to involved giving unconditional love to others. Any career in which one is not contributing to positively changing the world will tend to bring one misery and frustration. The need to not be attached to ones reputation in the world, to not be concerned if it is negative, and to not be too intent on trying to keep it positive.

The need to recognize oneself as a spiritual authority, and to use that authority positively by helping others to grow in consciousness.

Process: The giving up of all defenses that prevent one's connection to the spiritual realms. The giving and receiving of parenting that is deeply healing. The ability to allow oneself to be parented by spiritual forces.

Sun: One's sense of self-importance is based on one's career and place in the world. When this is expressed with selfishness and pettiness suffering is the result. When one sees one's career ultimately as a healer and sharer of spiritual energies (no matter what the actual worldly career may be) one fulfills one's purpose in life and is a bringer of light.

Moon: The emotional need to play a part in healing the world and fostering the entrance of spiritual energy into physical reality. The ability to make others feel that they are a necessary and important part in the world and that they have a limitless potential to change it.

Mercury: To communicate with a spiritual authority that can express much deep wisdom and sincerity. This serves to empower other people and to connect them more completely to spiritual forces.

Venus: In love relationships one helps the other person to attain to greater and truer self-respect. Love that channels spiritual forces.

Mars: Action that may carry much spiritual authority. The ability to act on the direction of spiritual messages.

Jupiter: The ability to expand and encourage everyone's being connected to spiritual forces and to follow their true path in life.

Saturn: You feel that you can't find your right and true place in the world. A need to let go of fears, limitations and biases that frustrate one's connecting to spiritual realities.

Uranus: The ability to bring new awareness and perspectives to the world. Flashes of insight into the higher meaning of things. Original insights into how the world order needs to be changed and into the specific type of parenting each individual needs.

Neptune: Intuitive insights into the life purpose of both oneself and others. An idealism that looks to heal the negative parental and authoritarian images that have plagued the world.

Pluto: One feels a tremendous inner pressure to find and fulfill one's life purpose, but will not be able to alleviate this pressure until one allows oneself to become completely receptive to spiritual energies.

Node: Through one's connections with others one discovers at deeper and deeper levels what one's life purpose is. Negatively one seeks out connections with others who reinforce one's negative image of parent and authority figures, which serves to disempower rather than empower one.

Ascendant: One may clearly receive spiritual messages when one believes one is capable of doing so, and when one let's go of the negative and limiting aspects of their identity.

Planets activating the Chiron/Ascendant midpoint

Principle: The need to realize that one is able to connect with spirit guides, nature spirits and angels, and to be a freely mutating and transforming agent of healing. The compelling urge to allow one’s self-confidence to spontaneously arise from one’s spiritual self rather than be rooted in materialistic, passing or ephemeral things. The need to let go of the limiting projections and definitions that others impose on oneself.

Process: The ability to realize the power of the moment, to unite with it, and to channel spiritual energies into the now.

Sun: The realization of the importance of the need for healing one's identity. Also, letting go of agendas so that the healing potential of the moment can be realized. The ego is healed by strengthening one's identity with spiritual forces.

Moon: The emotional need to clear negative elements from one's identity. The need to open oneself to those forces that can elevate, refine and spiritualize one's identity.

Mercury: A way of communicating that carries a healing aura, no matter what is said. The ability to couch things in terms that will most foster spiritual openings.

Venus: One's love relationships are harmed or blocked by negative elements in one's identity, and, by the same token can be healed when one identifies more and more strongly with spiritual forces.

Mars: One's ability to be effective in one's actions is inhibited by the limtations one places on one's identity and self-concept. Conversely one's actions can become powerfully fruitful when one aligns one's identity with spiritual forces.

Jupiter: Eagerness and enthusiasm to spiritualize one's identity, and to encourage other to see themselves in more cosmic and eternal terms.

Saturn: To feel cut off from spiritual forces, and/or unable to identify with them. The need to overcome the fear of losing one's identity, so that it may expand into alignment with spiritual realities.

Uranus: An experimental approach to allowing spiritual forces to work through one's identity. This may manifest as role playing, acting, and the putting on and taking off of identities at will. A highly independent and even inspired way of expressing spiritual realities.

Neptune: As one's intuition becomes more and more attuned to the spiritual realms one's personality becomes cleared and healed, so that it is a transparent vehicle through which cosmic forces may work.

Pluto: The tendency to hold on obsessively hard to one's identity, and yet to feel a deep need to let go of it's limits so that spiritual realities can be experienced.

Node: One connects to others for the purpose of mutually cleansing and clearing and spiritualizing identities. Negatively one seeks out connections that continue to reinforce one's identity limits, until such time as that becomes so frustrating and painful that it has to change.

Midheaven: One's life purpose is to continue to let go of the limits of one's identity until it is perfectly spiritualized. One may be unhappy and unfilled in one's career until one is able to give up old and restrictive ways of seeing oneself.

Planets activating the Chiron/Node midpoint

Principle: A compelling need to connect to positive energy and to spirit guides. An urgent need to clear past karmas and to resolve issues of the past so that one can more forward. A need to understand one’s attachments to the past and how those attachments are fear-based. Needing to seek out people who are willing to grow and evolve with oneself. A need to connect with people who will accept the love one has to give. Tension between oneself and others caused by others unwillingness to grow or change.

Often the source of this tension is hidden. Sometimes one has great problems with others that are hard to define. The only way to solve these problems is to trust in one’s instincts and to be receptive to answers coming from deep inside oneself or from spirit guides.

Process: The finding of ways to evolve, often ways one does not expect and which turn out to be short-cuts that speed the process of the growth of consciousness.

Sun: One's life is given meaning and purpose by connecting spiritually with others. To be aware of and vitalized by one's spiritual connections to the whole of reality.

Moon: An emotional need to overcome the past and to seek out those experiences which will enhance one's evolution. To instinctively feel what areas and aspects of one's past need healing.

Mercury: One is able to communicate ideas that come directly from spiritual sources. Through communicating one's helps others to connect more to spiritual forces. Thinking and communicating that help to heal the past.

Venus: A love and appreciation of spiritual connectedness. One has an appreciation of where one has come from and where one is going and of how spiritual forces may be enlisted to enhance the process of evolution.

Mars: To build spiritual connections and to carry out actions in a spiritually connected way. The striving to connect with spiritual forces. Engaging in conflicts that have a spiritual healing effect on one and which advance one's evolution.

Jupiter: One is able to connect with spiritual forces in a full and rich way, on many levels. An understanding of spiritual connections and an ability to enhance and further them.

Saturn: To feel cut off from one's spiritual connections, or unable to make or find them. The frustration concerning this nags at one until the connections are formed. Difficulty in connecting with healing forces, and a need for patience, persistence and focus in doing so. Connecting to healing forces that operate gradually or slowly in one's life.

Uranus: One experiences spiritual connections in many unexpected and/or surprising ways. A freedom and openness in the experiencing of spiritual connectedness and the ability to help others to find their own individual way of doing this and of coming to their own unique realization of their spiritual connectedness.

Neptune: One may have visions of how everything is spiritually connected. Subtle awareness of the way in which the force of evolution is working. The inability to let go of the past creates confusion and delusion in one's life.

Pluto: An intense desire to let go of the past and to experience spiritual connectedness. The seeking of outer power to serve the ego because one is unable to let go of the past and take in those new experiences which would feed the soul.

Ascendant: Suffering due to one's personality causing one to be cut off from spiritual forces, or joy due to one's personality being open and unattached enough to allow one to experience spiritual connectedness.

Midheaven: One's life purpose involves fostering spiritual connectedness between people. Healing one's attachment to the past is a key to being able to fulfill one's life purpose.

Planets activating the Chiron/Pluto midpoint

Principle: A strong compulsion to overcoming egotism and to see it for what it is – fear-based. Feeling strongly urged, even pushed, by forces beyond oneself to grow by transcending one’s limitations. The process of learning how to let through messages from beyond, as well as to accept them and act on them. Strong, persistent impulses that one must eventually follow.

Chiron/Pluto heals the striving to acquire power for selfish reasons, and helps one to use power to encourage, guide, and assist others in their spiritual growth.

Process: An intense desire to evolve creates situations that cause deep changes to occur. One feels the pressure of spiritual forces attempting to bring light and harmony to situations, and needs to not resist them.

Sun: One is highly aware of persistent healing forces which are always looking for a way to manifest. The pressure to let go of agendas and give in to the force of evolution. The relentless search for what is truly important.

Moon: To experience feelings of great intensity, which, if given into, can lead to profound healing.

Mercury: Mental obsessiveness which, if intently focused on can lead to communication breakthroughs and a profound connectedness to the Spiritual Light.

Venus: To be intensely and compulsively drawn to certain things which you need to embrace, for doing so will help you to connect to those energies which will optimize your evolution. Love expressed as a potent and transforming therapeutic force.

Mars: Action which has a deeply healing and transformative effect. Extremely intense impulses are felt, and need to be acted on, or else great stress might be the result. Spiritual forces are pushing hard at one to take the initiative to further evolution.

Jupiter: An enthusiasm so tremendous that it can create profound transformations. Being obsessively excessive eventually has the effect of spiritually transmuting one's being.

Saturn: A fear of letting in messages from beyond, and of acting on them. A feeling that one is inadequate to do this, or does not know how to do it. But a sense that one MUST do it, and through patience and focus one WILL eventually do it.

Uranus: One is guided by spiritual forces that push one to break away from old forms, be experimental, and tune into one's inner genius. Inspiration that has a profoundly transforming effect.

Neptune: One's imaginings are so intense that they can transform one's life. One's imaginative life contains a cosmic power that can be profoundly healing. Extreme confusion, which, if accepted and transcended, can lead eventually to great intuitive clarity.

Node: To be drawn to connections with others with whom profound and intense healing may be experienced. To deeply and fully come to terms so completely with the past that one is freed to evolve.

Ascendant: A personality that emanates an extremely healing energy, which may be overt or covert. One is pushed in this lifetime to let go of the strongest and deepest attachments that have formed one's identity.

Midheaven: An intense need to fulfill one's life purpose and to be open to spiritual guidance, though one often finds that any pursuit of this may seem to get nowhere. The key here is to learn to harmonize one's will with the will of the Spiritual Light and then to let everything flow.

Planets activating the Chiron/Neptune midpoint

Principle: A subtle sensing of the presence of helping intelligences, and ability to tap into them for guidance. Seeing beyond others’ negativity, shortcomings and weaknesses into the perfection of their soul, and through doing so increasing its ability to manifest. Ability to transmit love to others in a subtle, hidden, or indirect way. Helping other to recognize other realms of reality. Being a refining and uplifting influence wherever one goes. Tuning others into magic and beauty.

Chiron/Neptune will create life situations that help one to overcome unrealistic idealism, addictions, and fantasies that may be retarding one’s spiritual growth. It can help one to use one’s imagination as an instrument for healing.

Process: The clearing of the imagination of fears and the aligning of it with spiritual forces. The growth of one's ability to accept and trust spiritual messages, and to be able to receive them by attentive attunement to their wavelength.

Sun: To be highly aware of the healing potentials of the imagination, together with the desire to use them in a meaningful way. The ability to bring to light those subtleties that are the ones that will most heal a situation.

Moon: A tremendous refinement of feeling that has the potential of healing others at subtle, hidden levels. To be able to nurture others in a delicate, subtle manner.

Mercury: A mind capale of communicating deeply healing subtleties. Communicating that can heal confusion.

Venus: Love expressed with an intuitive subtlety that can be deeply healing. Relating in a way that uplifts the other person and creates a deeper connection to ideals.

Mars: To act in intuitive ways that bring in those energies needed to balance and harmonize a situation. Assertiveness carried out with an inspired subtlety.

Jupiter: An enthusiasm guided by subtle influences. The ability to understand things in a deeply subtle manner.

Saturn: To be sensitive to subtle influences and to possibly feel afraid of and/or oppressed by them, until one realizes that following the guidance of one's intuition is a key to one's spiritual growth

Uranus: To freely follow one's intuitive impulses brings profound healing. A genius for working therapeutically with subtle influences.

Pluto: To have intense intuitions that will not go away until they are listened to and acted on.

Node: The ability to be aware of the subtle influences at work in all your connections. When you allow them to guide you, healing is the result.

Ascendant: A personality that emanates a subtle healing force. The ability to induce others to have a deeper awareness of their own identity.

Midheaven: Healing visions shared with the world. One brings a therapeutically imaginative energy to one's career. One's mission in life is to clear away confusion and bring light to that which is hidden, as well as to listen to and follow the messages received from one's intuition.

Planets activating the Chiron/Uranus midpoint

Principle: The ability to be open-minded and because of this to see things in a new way by freeing oneself from limiting biases. Sudden messages coming from beyond, often manifesting in an unexpected or surprising form. The ability to recognize and interpret omens, signs, and portents. The ability to heal feelings of being alienated, isolated, or cut off. Helping others to bring out their unique gifts and talents and to accept and value their own uniqueness.

Process: The progressive giving up of all biases, judgments and taken-for-granted notions of how spiritual forces may manifest. The ability to spontaneously and by inspiration create shocks and surprises, often of a subtle nature, for the purpose of awakening others to the spiritual dimensions of life.

Sun: To find meaning and purpose everywhere in life, in strange and surprising places and ways. Life's meaning is experienced as ever changing and shifting in the way it opens up new and unexpected vistas of meaning.

Moon: One is aware of the uniqueness of ever different emotion that arises, and even though one may seem to experience the same feelings over and over their subtleties and contexts make them forever new and distinctive. Healing manifests through allowing oneself to be emotionally free and uninhibited.

Mercury: A mind capable of forever finding new, striking, unique and vivid ways of expressing ideas, and of healing others through such communicating.

Venus: An appreciation and love of the uniqueness of each individual, and even each situation that arises in life, and to see that healing may arise out of this uniqueness in infinite and ever-changing ways. Knowing the value of letting go of expectations and appreciating all the surprises and unforseen events that cross one's path.

Mars: To be willing to experiment and to change one's direction and plan of action on inspiration.

Jupiter: An enthusiasm and joyous reaching out that may take others by surprise and help them to be more free and uninhibited.

Saturn: One may find it difficult to be free and open but feels the persistent need to do so. You are caught off guard by unexpected happenings and this can help you to free yourself of needless restrictions and limitations.

Neptune: Insights into the ways that anything and everything can be used for healing purposes. An intuition that receives messages from beyond that can come in many forms, such as portents and synchronistic occurrences.

Pluto: You feel an intense internal pressure to be free and open. The compulsion to overcome expectations, limiting beliefs and agendas so that one may experience the uniqueness of each moment.

Node: Seeking out connections with others who help you explore and affirm your own individual uniqueness and its gifts. A need in this lifetime to let go of the fear of being different and/or alienated.

Ascendant: One has a personality that helps others to open up and be freer.

Midheaven: The need to take a highly individualistic approach to one's career. One's life purpose involves taking a free, open, experimental and independent approach to one's work.

Planets activating the Saturn/Chiron midpoint

Principle: Disengaging from involvements which inhibit or frustrate one’s personal growth (even though this may take a long time, or be a long, slow process). Understanding fears more deeply, which assists in the process of letting go of them. Learning to heal fears by drawing on the powers of beings beyond the physical plane.

Having a clearer and clearer perception of the blocks that people place in front of themselves for the purpose of retarding their spiritual growth, and potentially coming to a deep understanding of why they do this.

Entering into the Silence so that one can contact angels, ascended masters and other spirit guides. Learning how to not react to negativity, and therefore being able to avoid the karma resulting from doing so. Awareness of the truth that all problems encountered are for the purpose of furthering one’s spiritual evolution, and unless the lessons offered by them are fully learned, the same problems or variations of them are likely to reoccur.

All of the above indications for Chiron/Saturn tend to become stronger and more possible as ones grows older.

Process: The deep and profound sensing of form and pattern in all life, and hence the power to therapeutically transform patterns so as to maximize the process of evolution. Healing by assisting others in experiencing the clarity and simplicity of life.

Sun: An awareness of the spiritual reasons for why all of the limitations around us are present, and what we have to learn from them.

Moon: To be able to instinctively feel the limitations, fears and restrictions of other people. One's awareness of these has an automatically healing effect.

Mercury: To be able to communicate in a limited, careful way that is simple and profoundly targets exactly what needs to be said for the purpose of healing.

Venus: To help others to heal their fears and overcoming their limitations so they may experience love, beauty and fulfillment more completely.

Mars: Action that is careful and focused in so exact and profound a way that healing is the result.

Jupiter: An enthusiasm for understanding the spiritual reasons behind the limitations one experiences, and the desire to find ways to capitalize on and work with them as a means of learning and growing. The ability to make much out of little.

Uranus: A genius for having insights into the reasons and spiritual purposes behind all the restrictions and limitations one experiences. A unique gift for organizing things in a profoundly spiritual way, or a way that brings forth the deeper meaning of things

Neptune: Intuitive insight into how to overcoming limits and heal fears, as well as the ability to intuit the meaning and purpose behind all the restrictions that one experiences.

Pluto: To be obsessed with a desire to understand why one has to endure limitations and restrictions. One's life is transformed by coming into a profound understanding of one's fears, which allows one to finally release them.

Node: Seeking out connections with others who help you to be more aware of your limitations, fears and restrictions so that they can be healed.

Ascendant: One's emanates a deep, wise, profound aura that can help others to be more focused and clear. One's personality exerts an organizing and stabilizing influence on all around one.

Midheaven: Your mission in life is to realize how your life is organized, to perceive its patterns at a deep level, and to understand the meaning and purpose of all hardships and restrictions in your life. The ability to bring a healing and spiritualizing sense of order to one's career work.

Planets activating the Jupiter/Chiron midpoint

Principle: Instinctively knowing how to uplift others and how to dispel depression. Encouraging people to proceed along their spiritual path even through difficult situations and disheartening conditions. Intuitively knowing how to give someone just the sort of encouragement that they need. Ability to instinctively synthesize and harmonize ideas and to perceive the hidden connections between different events, energies, etc. Ability to make others feel included and cared for, so that no one is left out or left behind. Ability to help others find prosperity and to tap in to the abundance of the universe.

The healing power of excess -- taking something to its ultimate extreme is a means of bringing it into a higher awareness and finer balance. James Joyce had Chiron conjunct Jupiter.

Process: The healing of all schisms and boundaries in the process of creating complete harmony and synthesis of energies. The ability to create enthusiasm and positivity in others through assisting in their reconnection to spirit.

Sun: One's vitality and sense of meaning and purpose in life is powered by an optimism based on attunement to one's spiritual self.

Moon: An emotional makeup whose openness and generosity has a deeply healing effect on the world around it.

Mercury: One's communicating and ideas have a healing and uplifting effect on others and is positively motivating in a deeply spiritual way.

Venus: An appreciation of spiritual understanding and through relating this outwardly bringing optimism and hope to others.

Mars: To assert oneself in a way that uplifts others and brings out their enthusiasm and feelings of hope.

Saturn: To have a profound and deep spiritual understanding, and the need to learn to trust it, act on it, and not fear expressing it.

Uranus: A truly unique approach to spiritual understanding that can help others to see the deep connectedness between all aspects of the world around them. To have sudden and/or inspired insights into spiritual understanding.

Neptune: A subtle and intuitive ability to understand things deeply from a spiritual perspective.

Pluto: One's life can be transformed by opening up to deep spiritual understandings, and may experience great stress and pressure which are the result of these understandings trying to break through.

Node: One's connection with other promotes spiritual understanding.

Ascendant: One emanates an aura of generosity and understanding which can be deeply healing to the world around one.

Midheaven: One's career involves the expression of deep spiritual understanding. One's mission in life is to promote profound optimism and hope, which ultimately heals sorrow and depression.

Planets activating the Mars/Chiron midpoint

Principle: Assertively reaching out to those who need help and healing, often doing this in subtle, indirect ways that can be quite effective. Working to build a new world order. Ability to transform destructive energies into constructive ones, as well as to apply destructive energies where they are most needed to clear the way for something higher.

Ability to get to the heart of a conflict and hence resolve it or direct it along positive lines, rather than arguing in circles. Having the confidence to not hold back when one senses what one needs to do. Ability to act on impulse without having to have a mental or logical justification to do so.

Process: The growth of one's ability to engage in conflict in the most life-supporting way possible. The power of seeing into the roots of conflict so that it can be healed deeply and profoundly at its root level. To be able to take initiative based on the guidance of spiritual forces.

Sun: One is inspired by the Spiritual Light to act, and needs to not repress those impulses when felt. The ability to bring to light the real and true nature of conflicts and what they have to teach us.

Moon: Feelings that are acted on and/or expressed directly and purely, resulting in a healing of self and situations.

Mercury: The ability to communicate in an assertive and even confrontative way that can serve ultimately to clear away destructive energies and ultimately resolve conflicts. To be clever and pointed when speaking, but in a way that is healing.

Venus: One sees the deeper meaning and purpose of conflicts in relationships, and is able to bring healing to them. An appreciation of how conflicts serve to advance us spiritually.

Jupiter: An enthusiasm for being assertive in such a way that healing results. Excesses cause conflicts and a contacting of inner destructive energy that can then be healed.

Saturn: The need to heal conflicts but potential difficulty in doing so, due to fear. The need to heal one's fear of being assertive so that one can then create clear and effective boundaries.

Uranus: A unique and inspired way of taking spiritual action. One need to be free and independent in carrying out the actions dictated by one's High Self.

Neptune: Working subtly, secretly or covertly to help others. One who is intuitively able to get to the source of a conflict and bring healing energy to it.

Pluto: One feels a great internal pressure to act on the urges of one's spiritual inspiration. One's life is transformed by taking the initiative to do what one knows one needs to do.

Node: The need to tune in to one's personal spiritual guidance so that one will know what one needs to do to overcome one's limiting ties to the past and assertively move forward.

Ascendant: One emanates an active, stimulating aura that can help others to be more assertive and deal with life in a more constructive manner.

Midheaven: One's mission in this life is simply to do what needs to be done, and to base this on deeply listening to one's spiritual self and then acting on its guidance.

Planets activating the Venus/Chiron midpoint

Principle: The ability to appreciate how all situations – even ones we would usually think of as negative -- can further ones spiritual growth. Seeing beauty in people, things and situations that others might not recognize as beautiful, and helping others to enjoy that beauty.

Being a soothing presence to all those around one, a kind of healing balm, even when one may not be trying to do so. Helping others to be at peace and to enjoy life, as well as to see their own personal beauty and worth.

Chiron aspecting Venus helps to heal selfishness by coming to a deep understanding of its root cause, which is fear.

Alignment of aesthetics with the highest aspect of spirituality. William Blake had a Chiron/Venus conjunction.

Process: Attunement to all forms of beauty and through this bringing the energy of beauty into the world to soothe, uplift and calm others. The channeling of spiritual love into physical reality.

Sun: One's presence has a centering and calming effect on others. One brings to light hidden values which were possibly unsuspected by others, as well as the deeper values of everything. The overall effect of this is to promote the realization that we live in a rich universe of endless treasures.

Moon: The ability to feel love everywhere and in everything and to contact an underlying sense of peace and fulfillment even in the midst of the most difficult of emotions.

Mercury: The ability to communicate in a way that promotes peace and love and helps others to understand the value of all ideas. Communicating about the spiritual aspects of art. The communication of spiritual love.

Mars: Helping others to work together and to directly confront contacts while yet deeply realizing that different desires and outlooks are all of worth, and that conflict, if seen in its clearest aspect, is always constructive and valuable.

Jupiter: An enthusiasm and expansiveness that is generous and loving toward all and which promotes an awareness of the deepest and most meaningful values inherent in everything.

Saturn: Difficulties encountered in love, as well as lack of gratification in life and lack of prosperity encourage one to recognize the deeper value of all one's experiences, and eventually to come to see that one is truly rich.

Uranus: One has an inspired, creative, and unique way of being able to tune others into love and help them to see the beauty and richness of everything around them.

Neptune: To intuitively perceive the hidden beauty that is everywhere around one, and to be healed by this perception, as well as being able to potentially use it to foster the healing of others.

Pluto: A burning desire to find true love. The beauty of the universe calls persistently to one

Node: To connect with others in a profoundly loving way, which helps them to attain greater peace and a deeper appreciation of the beauty of the universe. Connections with others that transcend all selfishness.

Ascendant: One's personality exudes a loving and peaceful aura which creates an atmosphere of harmony and accord around one.

Midheaven: Helping others to see the true value of all that is around them is central to one's life mission. The ability to be receptive to the love that is everywhere around one.

Planets activating the Mercury/Chiron midpoint

Principle: Leaving behind ideas that hold one in a rut while embracing and assimilating ideas that assist one to evolve. Communication with Angels and other beings beyond the physical realm, whether one realizes this is happening or not, the communicating often happening in ways that one does not expect. Having a sense of the right thing to say that will heal a situation and bring others together. Having the right ideas at the right time come to one due to one’s ability to listen to messages coming from beyond.

Process: Allowing spiritual forces to take over the mind and guide it so that communication eventually becomes full, open, and clear.

Sun: One is capable of bringing to light ideas that can have a potentially healing effect. An awareness of ways to open up new lines of communication and heal mental distortions.

Moon: One is instinctively able to say just the right words or communicate just the right ideas that people need to hear for their own growth and healing. Feelings communicated to others in a way that may help them to heal at a deep level.

Venus: The ability to appreciate how communication happens in many different ways, and on many different levels. The ability to intuitively find subtle ways of communicating love. One's peace and calmness creates an atmosphere in which healing communication can happen.

Mars: The building of new lines of communication as well as the repairing of old ones. The ability to guide any and all conflicts toward something more meaningful and productive.

Jupiter: The ability to expand the limits of healing communication. One's enthusiasm builds lines of healing communication with others.

Saturn: Frustrations and limitations overcome by connecting to spiritual sources which provide one with the exact information and ideas needed and hence further one's evolution. The ability to focus with depth and clarity on those thoughts and ideas which will heal a situation.

Uranus: One is inspired to take just the right approach to heal communicating problems.

Neptune: One possesses an imagination which communicates much healing energy. The ability to subtly, covertly and/or intuitively foster deeper levels of communication and to heal communication rifts.

Pluto: A driving need and urge to heal all breaks in communication and to be understood and understand on deeper and deeper levels. Transformation which happens through the various aspects of oneself coming into deeper communication with each other.

Node: One is automatically drawn to connecting with others with whom one can have healing communications, and who will help one to overcome the limits that one has placed on one's thinking.

Ascendant: One's personality communicates healing energy to others. One's essential sense of being has a way of making others realize how deeply connected they are to everything.

Midheaven: One's place in the world is as a healer of communicating, meaning that you help others to make new and needed connections with the world around them, as well as with themselves.

Planets activating the Moon/Chiron midpoint

Principle: Allowing oneself to be guided by instinct, or, when one does not do this, suffering due to ones inability to act on ones instincts. Transcending the dramas of family and learning to love family without being controlled or negatively influenced by them. The quest for and finding of the spiritual family. Letting go of the past. Seeing the past in a spiritual light, which helps to release regrets.

Because one has difficulty in finding security in outer and material things, one is guided toward finding security in identification with the greater self and the protection coming from higher forces.

The ability to move through emotions, especially those that have become stagnant and fixated. The Chiron/Moon combination can mean the clearing of the emotional body, and the exorcising of the ghosts of the past. Learning to find security in fluidity rather than ridigity.

Process: The cleansing of emotions through allowing feelings to flow freely.

Sun: The goal of one's life is dependent on one's ability to allow emotions to flow openly and freely so that the emotional body may be cleansed, vitalized and purified. The ego is healed by deep attunement to and acceptance of one's feelings as well as the feelings of others.

Mercury: Thinking and communicating that are infused with healing emotional energy and which can nurture others at deep levels in profound transformational ways.

Venus: One relates to others in an emotionally healing way. When one relates emotions flow in cleansing fashion.

Mars: Taking action to clear emotions by allowing them to flow more freely. One instinctively knows what to do to foster healing energy.

Jupiter: An enthusiasm and optimism that nurtures others in a profoundly healing way. A generous way of nurturing others that helps them to overcome emotional blocks and encourages them to be more aligned with their instincts.

Saturn: A fear of clearing the emotional body, but one knows at a very deep level that this must be done. Many of the limitations and difficulties in one's life can be cleared by allowing one's emotions to flow and by knowing that one is ultimately safe and therefore need not hold on to or store feelings that need to be let go of.

Uranus: When you allow your originality and uniqueness as an individual to shine forth it has an emotionally cleansing and clearing effect on others, which helps them to receive the nurturing from the universe that they need.

Neptune: One intuitive senses how to cause emotional clearing as well as how to nurture others at a very deep level. The products of one's imagination can have a profoundly healing effect on the feeling bodies of other people.

Pluto: The ability to create profound transformations through allowing emotional energy to flow freely.

Node: When connecting with others one naturally helps them to get in touch with their feelings and to allow them to flow in a cleansing, healing manner.

Ascendant: The ability to heal and cleanse negative feelings about the self, and to let go of identifying with one's insecurities by attuning to a very deep level of spiritual security.

Midheaven: One's path in this lifetime has to do with bringing the warmth of nurturing and love to others in a very pure form, and creating a sense of security wherever one goes.

Planets acivating the Sun/Chiron midpoint

Principle: Letting go of all things of lesser importance and focusing on what is most important in spiritual terms. Ability to clearly differentiate between what is truly important to oneself in terms of ones personal evolution and what the world/culture/social milieu deems important. The process of ceasing to base one’s self worth on outer or superficial criteria and to perceive ones importance as a being assisting in world change and the spiritual process of others. Allowing the deeper meanings of things to emerge by not placing the projections of one’s ego on them. One has the ability to assist others in the discovery of their life’s meaning and purpose. Bringing to light those ideas and energies which are exactly what is needed to heal those around one, and often doing this without consciously knowing it.

Process: The opening up to deeper and more expanded realizations of the meaning and purpose of everything one encounters.

Moon: An instinct for knowing what is truly important, and the ability to find a way to reveal it. The ability to nurture others in exactly the ways that they need. To feel insecure when not is following their true spiritual purpose.

Mercury: One's communications are imbued with true spiritual meaning, often without one knowing it. The ability to solve problems in such a way that spiritual prupose is revealed in enhanced.

Venus: Healing the ego through love. To be able to appreciate the true spiritual purpose behind all things. To bring new and deeper meaning to relationships.

Mars: To be able to clear anger by seeing the meaning and purpose behind it. To intuitively assert oneself in a way that fulfills spiritual purpose. One actions reveals things one did not expect, and which usually take the form of new depths of meaning and purpose to life.

Jupiter: One's enthusiasm has the effect of helping others to experience greater self-confidence and meaning in life.

Saturn: To feel a deep frustration when one tries to understand the meaning of life. To be afraid to release one's ego problems. One's spiritual path is furthered and enhanced by the development of deep self-confidence based on an alignment with one's Higher Self.

Uranus: To have insights into the spiritual purpose of life, and which usually come suddenly and unexpectedly. To be able to see that the spiritual purpose of life is constantly mutating, taking new forms, and being expressed in

Neptune: Subtle insights into the purpose of life. One's idealism is fulfilled as one let's go of the limitations imposed by one's ego.

Pluto: Relentless ego problems that push one to evolve into deeper identification with one's spiritual self.

Node: To seek out people that get one more deeply in touch with one's purpose in life. One is learning in this lifetime to find the hidden meanings that are everywhere around one.

Ascendant: To be able to identify and focus on the spiritual meaning of the present moment. One's simple presence emanates an aura of spiritual meaning and purpose.

Midheaven: One's purpose in life has to do with the continual seeking of deeper and deeper layers of meaning in existence. One's personal security is based on the ability to become attuned to the multifaceted meanings of life, and to allow one's ego to lose its limits by becoming absorbed in the pervasive harmony of the universe.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Planets activating the Node/Midheaven midpoint

Principle: Old ways of relating to and being in the world vs. new ways of doing so. The evolution of one's link to spiritual energies. Connecting to one's spiritual self. Negatively this combination may represent the tendency to fall back on limited notions about spirituality, and, out of fear, to seek limited and superficial security rather than growth.

Process: The letting go of old worn-out forms of security and the adopting of new ones. The growth of one's positive and supportive relationship to authorities and authority figures, and the letting go of biases and limited concepts one no longer needs.

Sun: One perceives the importance of growing spiritually in terms of how one relates to the world. Fear can trigger egotism that causes one to cling to old ways of relating to the world. One feels empowered when connected to one's spiritual path.

Moon: Emotional insecurities cause one to cling to old ways of relating to the world, or, one finally realizes that one's true emotional needs are to grow into a more expanded and spiritual way of relating to it.

Mercury: One's thinking and communication are infused with a connectedness to spiritual realities. Negatively, cleverness and rationalizations are used to keep one attached to old ways of relating to the world. A mind limited by its attachment to its insecurities.

Venus: Love causes one to grow in terms of how one relates to the world. A desire for comfort and superficial gratification causes one to hold on to old ways of looking at the world.

Mars: Working hard to advance one's position in the world. To be conflicted about clinging to old ways of being in the world versus new more progressive and evolutionary ways.

Jupiter: To be enthusiastic about connecting to the world. Success in evolving toward a stronger connection to one's spiritual path. A rich, full manner of connecting to all of reality.

Saturn: Frustration concerning progress in one's career and one's relationship to the world. The needs for a focused and steady approach to connecting to the world in a more spiritual manner.

Chiron: One's vibration helps others to be more connected to spiritual energies, and to find true security, as well as let go of old sources of security that no longer serve personal growth.

Uranus: The ability to connect to the world in a highly unusual, individualistic, unique, or strange manner. One's path of growth toward greater spirituality is possibly surprising and certainly not of the norm. The need to liberate oneself from conservative notions.

Neptune: Confusion as to how to progress in one's work or one's spiritual path, and possibility to have unrealistic or impractical notions about these things.

Pluto: One feels an intense inner compulsion to grow in terms of one's relationship to the world, and/or to make progress in one's career and/or spiritual work. To feel an obsessive need to hold on to old sources of security.

Ascendant: One's identity is based on holding on to old sources of security. Being able to identify oneself as one who progresses along one's spiritual path is extremely fulfilling, though means that one will have to let go of more and more as one evolves.

Planets activating the Ascendant/Midheaven midpoint

Principle: The ability to integrate greater and greater amounts of wisdom and knowledge into one's personality. The ways in which one's personality either serves and fosters one's evolution or limits it. The pressure which the Spiritual Light exerts on the personality to induce its growth. The growth of the understanding of the meaning and purpose of all one's relationships. At worst this combination may manifest as a schism between the real self and the idealized self, rendering progress very difficult. At best the idealized self gradually seeps into the real self, transforming, enlarging and uplifting it. Identification with one's career.

Process: The increasing ability to allow one's identity to be determined, conditioned and guided by spiritual forces. Allowing one's identity more and more to exemplify and express one's spiritual self.

Sun: The ability to be conscious and objective about one's own evolution. The need for one's major goals in life to be one's that further one's development rather than just safely and easily reachable ones. Egotism standing in the way of personal progress.

Moon: Staying in tune with one's emotions and maintaining awareness of what is going on in one's inner life enhances positive personality changes and promotes personal growth.

Mercury: How one thinks about things and the ideas that one adopts either serve to enhance or frustrate personal growth. Enhancement happens when one is willing to let go of ideas that no longer serve one, and remain flexible in one's thinking. Otherwise this combination might degenerate into a mere cleverness at avoiding personal growth.

Venus: The continual enlarging and refining of one's ability to love and to appreciate life furthers soul growth. Negatively, one may retard one's personal progress through laziness or an over attachment to comfort and what is easy. Superficial pleasures and loves may be in danger of retarding one's evolution.

Mars: Working to evolve. Either one finds effective ways of constructively evolving, or one does too much or works too hard or is impatient and impulsive in such a way that spiritual progress is frustrated or slowed. One needs to not over-identify with the fruits of one's efforts, or with one's failures.

Jupiter: An overcompensating personality frustrates spiritual growth. One is enthusiastic to evolve, but if one engages in excessive effort along these lines then evolution may be retarded. One is given many chances in this lifetime to grow, and needs to make use of them rather than waste them, but must also beware of spreading oneself too thinly and of becoming involved in too many things. Excess here frustrates progress.

Saturn: A feeling that there is an unbridgable rift between who one is versus who one wants to be and could be. Spiritual progress wants to be slow, steady, and grounded. Identifying with negativity cuts one off from spiritual progress.

Chiron: One's vibration helps others to subtly align their identity more closely to their spiritual self. Chiron heals on this midpoint by helping others (to the extent they are ready and can) see beyond the limits of their own identity into the greater spiritual realities beyond.

Uranus: One evolves through allowing oneself to be one's own unique self and to be free. Evolution may happen suddenly and/or erratically and through the vehicle of inspiration. One may have an unusual relationship to spiritual realities, and this can help others to see life and reality in a new and fresh way.

Neptune: Tuning in to subtle energies and developing one's psychic sensing can greatly further the spiritualizing of one's personality. As one sees subtler and subtler aspects of one's identity one is able to let go of limiting self-notions and rise above the restrictions of one's personality. Identifying more and more with cosmic realities serves to further the spiritual work one is engaging in in this lifetime.

Pluto: One has extremely strong personality traits which can cause one to resist spiritual growth, if one is fearful, but which can help one to grow if one is willing to delve into the depths of one's obsessions to understand and release them at a very deep level.

Node: One is growing into being able to be more and more deeply aware of the limits of one's personality and the way in which it allows in or shuts out spiritual energy. The need to let go of old and worn-out self concepts and how they cause one to relate to the world and let a new identity continuously form, an identity determined by one's current spiritual needs.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Planets activating the Node/Ascendant midpoint

Principle: The ability to let go of one's ties and attachments with the past and to then allow the identity to re-form in a way more in alignment with one's true, spiritual self. This combination is an index of the extent to which one's connections with others affect one's sense of who one is.

Process: The letting go of past identities and the forming of a new one which will serve one's current process of spiritual evolution. The seeking of connections with people who will support one's identity, either in a healthy, evolutionary way, or in a way that serves to retard the growth of one's identity.

Sun: To be aware of and objective about how one's connections to others affect one's identity. At worst one chooses connections that build one's ego and sense of self-importance and which reinforce one's ties to the past.

Moon: The emotional need to seek out connections with others that reinforce one's identity. The problem is that you may be attracted toward those who actually encourage you to be more tied to the past so that your growth is inhibited, and you may do this because the connection feels nurturing when in fact it ultimately isn't.

Mercury: A mind strongly influenced by identifying with the past on the one hand, but which which is, on the other, aware of the need for growth and progress.
A mind limited and restricted by clinging to old and worn-out concepts about the self, but which can become clear, powerful when it opens to the possibilities of growth and change of one's self-concept.

Venus: Relationships that encourage one to grow, or which may encourage one to betray oneself by avoiding evolution. The latter type will always eventually feel more and more unfulfilling, which will encourage one to seek the former. The ability to appreciate how one's identity has been formed by one's past, as well as perceiving the need to allow one's identity to grow. True love enlarges the identity.

Mars: The need to take chances when one acts and to let go of limited and/or restricted beliefs about what one is or isn't capable of. Striving either to hold on to old aspects of one's identity, or to build a new identity for oneself.

Jupiter: Enthusiasm for allowing one's personality and self-concept to grow. Negatively to overcompensate for problems which arise in one's life by trying to hold on more and more tightly to old ways of seeing and defining oneself.

Saturn: To be afraid of letting go of parts of one's identity that need to change. Frustration and/or sorrow about one's identity being attached to the past. Slow, careful and gradual growth of the personality.

Chiron: One's vibration spontaneously helps others to relate to their own past in a more healing manner and to identify more strongly with those energies which will most help them to evolve.

Uranus: Allowing oneself to be free, open, and uninhibited helps one to let go of the past and to see oneself in new and life-supporting ways. An intense desire to free oneself from the past, but often rebellion only attaches one to it more closely. Sudden and surprising changes in the growth of one's personality, and the more one allows these to happen the greater the benefit one will receive from them.

Neptune: The ability to see the subtleties of how one's identity has been formed by one's past, as well as to perceive the hidden and/or concealed energies that have formed one's sense of self. The development of one's intuition tends to help one to see oneself in a new, more expanded and more spiritual way.

Pluto: To feel an intense identification with the past, and the need to look deeply at that attachment so that you may come to a true understanding of it. The past does not allow you to overlook or avoid it -- it must be dealt with before you can more on, and you have an obsessive, overpowering need to move on. To be potently impacted by how others see you, either for better or worse.

Midheaven: Spiritual development is either enhanced or impeded by how one see's oneself. Allowing one's personality to continually die to what it no longer needs and to re-form in a way that is increasingly attuned to spiritual realities is one's path in this lifetime.

Planets activating the Pluto/Midheaven midpoint

Principle: To be transformed and empowered by being open and receptive to spiritual forces. An intense and relentless pursuit of one's spiritual path, or to pursue worldly success with the same intensity. Power struggles with employers and/or those in authority. To be obsessed with the need for security, and ultimately to find true security in spiritual realities.

Process: The craving to find a truly meaningful place in the world. The desire to wield social power, either for selfish and egotistical reasons, or for the purpose of positively transforming the world.

Sun: To realize the importance of pursuing one's spiritual path at all costs. One's ego may be caught up in an obsessive desire to achieve worldly success. One's goal and purpose is to transform the world.

Moon: To feel vulnerable to powerful authority figures. An emotional yearning to align oneself with the Spiritual Light. To alternate between moods of security and insecurity concerning one's place in the world and what one is needing to achieve in this lifetime.

Mercury: Thinking that seeks ultimate values and realities. To communicate in a powerfully authoritative manner. To be clever in dealing with power struggles with authorities. A mind that has an obsessive need to get to the bottom of things.

Venus: To be attracted to those in authority or people who wield much power. In love relationships one feels an extreme need to be respected and looked up to. Love relationships can make you feel intensely or obsessively insecure, and/or shake your foundations of security.

Mars: Working hard to create security in one's life and/or to build a reputation and career. To be very active and assertive concerning finding one's spiritual path and advancing spiritually.

Jupiter: An enthusiasm for and optimism about changing the world. The desire to either expand one's worldly power or spiritual power.

Saturn: A fear of power struggles with authority figures. Frustration concerning the difficulties one encounters when trying to align oneself with one's spiritual path. The ability to effect changes in the world through being cautious and focused.

Chiron: One's vibration helps others to see the true source of their security and hence to let go of their insecurities. The ability to heal through helping others to become more attuned to spiritual realities.

Uranus: An unexpected and maybe surprising opening up to spiritual realities. Sudden episodes of extreme insecurity. Unique and/or strange experiences that completely alter the basis of one's security and maybe change how one views the world. A gift for being able to attune to spiritual realities.

Neptune: Fantasies about changing the world. The need to tune in to one's inner intuitive voice as a means of contacting spiritual realities. Obsessive insecurities that may be caused by disruptive psychic forces and also which may have no basis in actual physical reality.

Node: To be drawn people who can help one find one's spiritual path, possibly through the stress and pressure they generate in one's life. A strong need to shift one's focus from seeking worldly power to a quest for spiritual power that can be used to help others.

Ascendant: One has a strong need to be respected and/or to be seen as a powerful person. A personality fraught with intense insecurities. One's limited sense of who one is may stand in the way of being able to allow spiritual forces in to one's life. The need to let go of basic assumptions about the self that are restrictive and hence prevent one's following one's spiritual path.

Planets activating the Pluto/Ascendant midpoint

Principle: When you identify with something you do so intensely and obsessively. You may come across as a powerful person, either overtly or in a subtle manner. The need to allow one's personality to evolve, but the tendency to cling to particular ways of defining the self and to have immense difficulties in letting go of or changing them. Struggling with one's self concept, which can create power struggles in relationships.

Process: The intensification of the personality to the point of creating mutations within it. The realization of both extremes of power and weakness within one's identity.

Sun: To be able to come across intensely and powerfully to to others, but to do so in a purposeful way and with a strong sense of meaningful direction. Egotism manifesting as an intimidating and/or overpowering personality.

Moon: The emotional need for intense connections with other people. To feel extremely vulnerable about all you dislike about yourself. One goes through cycles of very intense and possibly stressful interactions with others.

Mercury: The ability to put one's ideas across to others with a lot of personal intensity. The way you speak, write, and communicate in general has about it the aura of being one with a strong and distinctive personality.

Venus: A love of coming across with a lot of intensity, and of people who also do this. To appreciate pressures in one's own and others' personalities, as well as appreciating the process of one's personality transforming.

Mars: Whatever one does carries a strong aura of personal uniqueness and power, though it may intimidate other people. Anger over your own personality and forces in it which you can't seem to get away from or change. To work hard to change oneself.

Jupiter: Enthusiasm which can manifest in an overpowering and/or intimidating way. To be eager and optimistic about the positive outcome of intense encounters with others, and about the potential of positively changing oneself.

Saturn: To fear and repress one's own personal power, and/or to feel oppressed by it. To feel unable to change oneself and/or to let go of worn out or no longer needed elements of one's identity. To feel very serious about intense interactions with others.

Chiron: One's energy spontaneously brings out intensity in others, and can help them to see themselves in a new way and to let go of no longer needed personality traits.

Uranus: One's unique characteristics manifest in a highly intense manner. Strange and unexpected transformations in one's personality. An intense identification with something of an unusual or bizarre nature. A genius for coming across to others in a vivid, powerful or potent manner.

Neptune: Intense and even obsessive identification with one's ideals and/or imaginings. Subtle transformations occurring in one's personality.

Node: The need to let go of over-identifying with the past and to be open to spiritual forces transforming one's identity. One connects to people and situations that have an intense impact on one's sense of selfhood.

Midheaven: Either to allow spiritual forces to strengthen and clarify one's identity, or to fall prey to obsessive identification with worldly success.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Plants activating the Pluto/Node midpoint

Principle: An intensely strong pull toward the past and its situations. The need to overcome this so that one may make progress. A tremendous tug-o-war between the past and the future. Connecting with others who have a huge impact on you and with whom yo may experience power struggles.

Process: The intensifying of one's connections with others for the purpose of breaking through limitations and restrictions and furthering evolution. The remaking of the past through the changing of one's attitude toward it. Giving in to the compulsion to evolve.

Sun: One feels it is meaningful and important to connect with people who have much power, and/or to have intense connections with others. The need to not allow the past to get in the way of one's fulfilling one's goals.

Moon: To feel vulnerable to the power of other people. To feel the past as being on the one hand oppressive and yet to be extremely drawn to remaining connected to it. The need to be very careful about who one forms connections with, and to try to seek out others who will truly meet one's needs to be nurtured in a way that encourages one's personal growth rather than the development of dependency.

Mercury: The ability to make intense and highly vivid connections when one communicates. A mind that is trying to synthesize the past with the future.

Venus: A love of connecting intensely with other people. To have a love relationship with someone who tries to dominate you, or whom you try to dominate.

Mars: Aggressively and assertively trying to undo the past so that you are freed to grow. Conflicts with people who are trying to dominate you or who you are trying to dominate.

Jupiter: To be enthusiastic about having intense connections with people but possibly to go too far in this, causing stress and possibly damaging the connection. One is learning in this lifetime how to use power in a new way.

Saturn: A fear of powerful connections with other people, and a tendency to feel oppressed or restricted by them. The feeling that there is no way to avoid the changes that need to be made in one's life, and the tendency to feel great stress and pressure until those change are under way.

Chiron: One helps others to get go of the past and to embrace the future, often in ways and to an extent that they never thought they could. The ability to spontaneously evoke in others memories of the past that need to be released.

Uranus: A genius for having an intense and/or extreme impact on those with whom one connects. The need to be liberated from power struggles with other people and to break one's inhibiting and limiting ties with the past.

Neptune: To have vivid sometimes overwhelming imaginings about one's past, and potentially about the traumatic situations one has been through. One is intuitively aware of pressures and intensities going on between themselves and those with whom they connect. To feel confused about the power struggles that go on between you and other people. The possibility of obsessively idealizing the past. Your intuition can guide you toward making far-reaching changes that will help you to grow.

Ascendant: The need to give in to the changes that one's personality needs to go through, but the tendency to obsessively hold on to old ways of being and of defining the self due to a fear of self loss. When you allow yourself to let go of identifying with things that no longer serve your evolution you become tremendously empowered.

Midheaven: What you are needing to work toward in this lifetime is the making of connections with life in general and other people specifically that are intense and transformational and which serve to further your evolution. The spiritual light pressures you to connect with it, which creates stress until you give in to it and are then empowered by it.

Planets activating the Neptune/Midheaven midpoint

Principle: The need to allow one's intuition to guide one's progress. The need to listen to the subtle messages coming from the spiritual realms. Unformed, chaotic or confusing energies affecting one's career, which can be resolved the more one listens to and follows one's intuition. A career involving idealism and/or the use of one's imagination, or possibly one involving humanitarian work.

Process: The dedication of oneself to the bettering and uplifting of society. The sharing of one's vision with the world. The free gift of sympathy to all.

Sun: The need to perceive the meaning inherent in the overall patterns in one's life. One feels it is highly meaningful and important to be idealistic about one's career, and to select a career that will benefit and uplift others in some way.

Moon: The emotional need to have a career you can really feel dedicated to. Your ability to intuit how to spiritually advance yourself comes and goes, and you need to be sensitive to these cycles, so that you know that even though you sometimes feel not so spiritually connected you will experience a deeper connection soon. When you feel emotionally down you may get into negative imaginings about your career.

Mercury: To communicate in a spiritually high-minded way. The ability to align your mind and communication with subtle messages coming from the spiritual realms.

Venus: An appreciation of high-mindedness and of spiritual idealism. A love of presenting an idealized version of yourself to the world. The need for a love relationship that reinforces one's spiritual ideals.

Mars: Anger over not being able to manifest one's ideals in the world. Working hard on idealistic projects. One's actions rendered ineffective by an unrealistic approach to one's work.

Jupiter: Enthusiasm that is ineffective because it is based on an unrealistic and/or ungrounded approach to one's career work. Success through humanitarian work. The ability to trust one's intuitions about how to proceed in one's work.

Saturn: To be cautious and careful about not being too unrealistic and idealistic about one's career goals. The need to take seriously the intuitions one's has about one's work and one's own spiritual development. To suffer restrictions or letdowns concerning one's career ideals.

Chiron: Your energy naturally and spontaneously helps others to be more intuitive about what they need for their own spiritual development, and to perceive at subtler levels their spiritual place in the world.

Uranus: A genius for take an intuitive and subtle approach to one's career. Unexpected confusion arising in one's work. The ability to be very creative and ingenious about manifesting one's ideals through one's work.

Pluto: A tremendous idealism about one's career. The potential of sharing one's powerful visions with the world. One's life is transformed by being open and receptive to spiritual messages that come to one.

Node: The need to connect with people who share your same career ideals and aspirations. Working for others who are working for humanity.

Ascendant: One identifies strongly with one's career ideals. One may identify with unrealistic and/or impractical career ideals.

Planets activating the Neptune/Ascendant midpoint

Principle: To identify with one's ideals. To have a subtle, profound, deep or mysterious personality. Confusion concerning who one is. To be misconstrued by other people, or idealized by them. The ability to experiences many different layers within the self. Uncertainty, confusion, deception or other forms of unreality in one's relationships.

Process: The intuitive perception of deeper layers beneath one's identity. The exalting of one's identity so that it carries a high, spiritual energy. Relating to others at increasingly deeper and subtler levels.

Sun: Identifying with one's ideals is a great source of vitality and meaning in one's life. Egotism manifesting as self-idealization.

Moon: To experience temporary states of confusion and moodiness. The emotional need to identify with one's ideals, because they give one a deep feeling of security. To be vulnerable to others idealizing or otherwise misreading oneself. To feel secure when being self-sacrificing toward others.

Mercury: The way one expresses ideas is subtle and imaginative, although it may not be perceived by people who are not sensitive to it.

Venus: To be idealized by the other person in a love relationship. To enjoy fantasizing about the self and/or playing roles. Love expressed with subtlety.

Mars: The ability to be subtly aggressive and to actively deceive others. To be indirect, covert or subtle in the expression of anger. To do things in a delicate or subtle way.

Jupiter: To enthusiastically identify with one's ideals and to eagerly share them with others. To be overly self-sacrificing. Success through taking a delicate, subtle approach to situations.

Saturn: Frustration due to others misunderstanding you. A fear of being confused and/or uncertain of who one is. A fear of chaos, deception and/or misunderstanding in relationships.

Chiron: To help others to heal by intuitively making them aware of other and deeper levels of their personality, so that their identity is not so tightly or narrowly focused.

Uranus: Perceiving many layers to one's identity give one a sense of creativity. One is able to use the subtleties and depths of one's identity in a creative and/or experimental way.

Pluto: To feel pressured by being confused about who one is. The need to see one's own higher and more ideal aspects. To be uplifted by identifying with one's spiritual self can profoundly change one's life.

Node: One encounters connections with others that cause one to either feel confused or uncertain about who one is, or which help one to tap into the deeper levels of oneself, and to ultimately see that one is very much more than any limiting thing with which one identifies.

Midheaven: One's spiritual path in this lifetime has to do with coming into a complete identification with one's spiritual self, a letting go of all illusions and unreal notions about who one is, and allowing spiritual forces to work through one's personality.

Planets activating the Neptune/Node midpoint

Principle: Subtle and/or subliminal connections with people. An intuitive link with others. The need to use one's imagination in the service of one's evolution. Confusion resulting from one's connections with others. The need to heal confusion by tuning in to one's inner spiritual guidance and allowing its clarifying influence to affect one's life.

Process: The progressive development of one's intuitive abilities. The realization of deeper forces at work in one's connections to other people. Deep intuitive insights into one's past help one to overcome it. The allowing of one's intuition to guide one toward those connections and experiences that one most needs.

Sun: One is aware of subtle and hidden connections, and is prone to them influencing one's vitality. This will manifest as either becoming drained of energy or energized by positive spiritual connections.

Moon: The emotional need to connect to people with whom one feels a psychic affinity. To feel vulnerable to subtle influences coming from one's connections. The desire to find nurturing through sharing ideals with others.

Mercury: A mind which makes subtle connections and which can see hidden correlations between phenomena. A need to let go of confused, impractical and/or unrealistic patterns of thinking and to allow one's mind to be directed by one's inner and intuitive spiritual guidance.

Venus: A love of experiencing the subtlest levels of one's connections to others. An appreciation of the delicate or fragile nature of connections. Laziness here may express itself as falling into daydreaming, idle fantasy and/or wishful thinking, though love may inspire one to evolve one's sensitivity and idealism.

Mars: Action hampered by confusing or muddled connections with others. Anger caused by misunderstandings and/or unrealistic expectations manifesting in one's connection to to others. A need to increasingly allow one's actions to be guided by one's intuition, which will automatically cause one to evolve.

Jupiter: An enthusiasm for sharing one's ideals with others. To understand and be able to learn from one's subtle and hidden connections with others and with the world. Confusion or deception occurring in one's connections with others, and which tend to proliferate and get out of hand.

Saturn: To feel oppressed by others but to not know why. This is probably due to an over-sensitivity and an extreme of psychic receptiveness when one connects to others, and can cause seemingly irrational fears to arise from one's connections. The need to listen to the guidance of one's inner voice, but potential difficulty or uncertainty in doing so.

Uranus: Curious and/or surprising effects resulting from one's psychic sensitivity when connecting with others. A unique ability to intuitive tap in to others and to sense the hidden bonds between you and them.

Pluto: An intense imagination that is in danger of falling into stagnating patterns, or in other ways getting one into trouble. One's life may be transformed by finding life supporting and positive ways of using one's imagination.

Ascendant: Unrealistic imaginings and/or fantasies about the self. Idealizing oneself frustrates one's personal growth. The need to intuitively understand one's identity and what has formed it, and to grow toward an ever deeper identification with one's spiritual self.

Midheaven: To be duped by authority figures, or to idealize them in a way that retards one's personal growth. In one's career one makes subtle, intuitive connections with others. One's spiritual path in this life involves the development of one's intuition.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Planets activating the Neptune/Pluto midpoint

Principle: To tap into or be affected by extreme subtleties. The process of refining and transforming energy. Tremendous often overpowering imaginings. Obsessive imaginings and visions. Hallucinations. Profoundly deep idealism. Supernatural occurrences. To be transformed and evolved by one's visions.

Process: Pressure that forces outside the physical realm exert on one for the purpose of furthering one's evolution. The intensification of confusion which impels one eventually toward clarity.

Sun: A person who is highly aware of and conscious of extremely subtle energies, which can potentially have a debilitating effect on their energy, or, when harnessed and directed, an uplifting, harmonizing and vitalizing effect. A person who is intensely idealistic about their goals.

Moon: One who is extremely emotionally sensitive and extremely impressionable to subtle energies, which could cause strange health problems, asthma and allergic reactions being among them. A person who derives security from extreme or profound fantasies, or who feels emotionally attached to intense ideals.

Mercury: One who communicates with great subtlety, which, of course, may be lost on other people. The communication of intense and powerful fantasies. Thinking which is extremely confused.

Venus: A person who is extremely sensitive when in love, and who may be relentlessly unrealistic about romance. An attraction to powerfully imaginative art. To appreciate the deepest subtleties.

Mars: The ability to assert oneself with extreme subtlety, possibly in a hidden or covert way. To act oj the basis of an extreme idealism. The potential of being subtly destructive.

Jupiter: The ability to understand things at an extremely subtle level. The eagerness to explore imaginings with the hope that one can use them for one's own personal evolution.

Saturn: To be afraid of psychic energy and supernatural occurrences. Fears and phobias that are based in intense imaginings. Problems of a subtle nature that can only be discovered by intuitive means and deeply searching into the psyche.

Chiron: A person who's energy helps others to experience subtler levels of reality, and open their consciousness to other planes of being. They also help others to rekindle their ideals and to uplift their minds and hearts to higher levels.

Uranus: Originality manifesting through a powerful imagination that could even have the ability to transform the lives of other people. The carrying out of subtle experiments. The appearance of sudden states of confusion and/or disorientation, or possibly the sudden occurrence of potent visions which may transform one's life.

Node: To connect with others with whom one feels a profound psychic connection. Subtle and hidden energies at work when one connects with people. To seek out those who hold one's same intense ideals as oneself. One is learning in this lifetime to overcome the negative effects of subtle psychic energies, and to relate to those energies in a life supporting and positive way, so that they serve to uplift both the self and all those with whom you come in contact.

Ascendant: One's personality is laden with extreme subtlety. The tendency to not be who one appears to be. To be intensely idealistic about one's identity, and possibly to have extreme imaginings about the self.

Midheaven: The tendency to idealize parent figures and people in authority, and consequently the possibility of being profoundly let down by doing so. Extreme dedication to one's career. To approach one's career work with tremendous imaginativeness and/or subtlety.

Planets activating the Uranus/Midheaven midpoint

Principle: To find one's own unique path in life, and/or to approach it experimentally and/or on one's own. To have unique or unusual gifts to give to the world. Upsets or unexpected occurrences in one's career. To rebel against authority figures and/or the status quo. One's career work is carried out in an independent, unique and/or innovative manner.

Process: Opening oneself up to messages and other impulses coming from the spiritual realms. The freeing oneself from social restrictions and negative dependence on authorities and authority figures.

Sun: One feels it is important to have freedom in one's career, and ultimately to be one's own authority.
A desire to be looked up to for the distinctiveness and originality of one's work.

Moon: To over-exaggerate any career upsets. To feel vulnerable about the world's reactions to your being different or unusual. The emotional need to be respected for being one's own unique self.

Mercury: To want to share one's own original or unique ideas with the world. A mind that has its own independent connection to spiritual truth.

Venus: In love relationships you want others to respect your freedom, independence, and uniqueness. To appreciate any new and/or innovative ways of expressing spiritual energy. Art that challenges authority.

Mars: To assertively challenge authority. One who is in conflict with the status quo. One who is aggressive and assertive about finding their own path in life.

Jupiter: Success through taking an original approach to one's career. An enthusiasm for fomenting social change. To feel confident about one's own highly individualistic approach to life.

Saturn: A fear of allowing the world to see one's individuality and uniqueness. The tendency to repress urges to rebel against authority. After much soul searching one gradually finds one's own individual path in life.

Chiron: Your vibration helps others to find their own unique path to God, and to be more uninhibited about opening up to spiritual messages. You also have the inate ability to heal feelings of social alienation, and to help others see the value of their own personal uniqueness to the world

Neptune: To have visions about innovations that need to be carried out in the world. A refined way of expressing one's creativity, individuality and uniqueness to the world. To feel uncertain about pursuing one's own individual and independent way in life.

Pluto: A driving urge to be free and open in a highly overt fashion. One is intensely compelled to set up one's own rules, and arrive at one's own ethics and philosophy of life. The potential of drastic rebellion against authority figures and the status quo.

Node: To connect with people who will appreciate and respect one's individuality and independence. In this lifetime one is learning how to be one's own authority.

Ascendant: To present oneself to the world in an independent and dignified manner. The need to share one's original insights with others.

Planets activating the Uranus/Ascendant midpoint

Principle: An unusual and/or unpredictable personality. To have fast and/or surprising reactions to stimuli. To be seen by other people as unique, original, and/or highly distinctive. One does not easily fit into accepted categories, and, in fact, may rebel against them. One who changes or experiments with one's outer appearance.

Process: To free oneself of the limitations of one's own identity. To try on different roles and images. To overcome the projections that other people place on oneself.

Sun: Unusual and/or unique means of going about the fulfilling of one's goals. A person who feels it is important to be themselves and to live under as few restraints as possible.

Moon: The emotional need to be free and open in relating to others, and to not have to fit into accepted patterns of behavior. To feel vulnerable about one's own uniqueness. Security derived from being independent.

Mercury: Thoughts are expressed in a highly original manner which carries one's own unique personal stamp. A person who has a unique or striking way of saying things. The ability to see each idea and situation as new and unique. Cleverness in labeling things, or inventing names for them.

Venus: One is admired or found attractive due to one's unique or unusual personality. A love of relationships that are unusual, different, or full of surprises. One finds beauty in anything that is unusual or experimental. A love of relating in an unpredictable manner.

Mars: One asserts oneself in a highly independent manner that might shock, surprise, or intimidate other people. A person who is intent on doing things in his own way, and who rebels against being told what to do or how to do it.

Jupiter: To express one's enthusiasm in an uninhibited, erratic and/or impulsive fashion. One who is self taught, and/or has one's own way of learning. To be excessive as a means of asserting one's independence.

Saturn: The guarding of one's independence. To be sensitive or touchy about maintaining one's freedom. To be shy or bashful about being different and unique. The older one gets the more one is overt about one's own uniqueness.

Neptune: One has intuitions about the real nature of things that is hidden behind their outer appearances. A refined way of presenting oneself as a unique and distinctively different individual. To be confused by sudden occurrences in relationships.

Pluto: To catch people off guard and surprise others as a means of asserting or gaining power over them. To be intensely strange in one's outer appearance or demeanor.

Node: To seek out groups or individuals who will allow one to be oneself and to be open and uninhibited. A need in this lifetime to free oneself from labels and to allow one's own identity to develop on its own, rather than be overly conditioned or restricted by the expectations of other people.

Midheaven: One's spiritual path involves overcoming the restrictions of labels, and creatively and experimentally playing with identities. One career involves a unique or distinctive way of doing things.

Planets activating the Uranus/Node midpoint

Principle: To connect with others freely. Sudden contacts, or sudden changes in one's connections. The growth of one's individuality through become more deeply aware of and in tune with one's own unique nature. To free oneself of the past. The ability to perceive with ever increasing clarity one's own individual needs.

Process: The testing of the limits of one's connections, and the bringing of greater freedom and openness to them. The forming and dissolving of connections at will, or as needed.

Sun: You feel it is important that you are able to connect with other people in a free and open manner. Placing importance on relationships that are as free from restrictions and limitations as possible.

Moon: You have an emotional need to be able to freely connect with others. A feeling of safety and security when you are allowed to be open and uninhibited in your personal interactions. The tendency at times to run away from problems, especially when you feel vulnerable.

Mercury: A mind which is capable of making unusual connections that are often inspired and original. The desire to be able to share one's ideas with others openly. To have new insights into the past. A genius for coming up with new and original ideas of how to progress.

Venus: The need for freedom in your relationships. Love relationships in which the people involved connect in a free and open way. The ability to get others to appreciate the need for change. A love of art that is freed of the past and carries a new and/or experimental energy that is meaningful.

Mars: In whatever you do you feel a need now and then to experiment with and/or change your approach, so that you are constantly overcoming any tendency to just fall into a pattern or routine.

Jupiter: Success through freely connecting with other people and through bringing new ideas into the world.

Saturn: To be patient and persistent about bringing new ideas into the world and furthering human progress. To be cautious about being open in groups. To have difficulty being free and uninhibited when connecting with others.

Chiron: Your vibration helps others to free themselves from the past as well as to see the past in a new way. You also help others to be more open when they connect with others, and to seek connections that fulfill their own unique needs.

Neptune: One's imagination is characterized by the ability to make unusual, startling and/or vivid connections between things. Insights that can free one from the past and cause one to see it from a new perspective.

Pluto: A driving urge to free oneself from the past as well as to be able to connect in an uninhibited way with others. To achieve greater freedom has a deeply transformative effect on the self.

Ascendant: One has the ability to freely connect with others. The desire to be able to change the self and to let go of the limits you tend to place on your identity so that you may grow.

Midheaven: Your dharma in this lifetime is to help others to free themselves up to grow, to release themselves from limiting ties of the past, and to follow their own unique destiny.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Planets activating the Uranus/Pluto midpoint

Principle: An extreme desire for freedom and for change. A complete and potentially drastic revolution. To burn one's bridges behind oneself. Drastic situations that unleash pent-up energy. The growth and evolution of one's own unique gifts, talents, and abilities.

Process: The overthrowing of deeply entrenched restrictions and limitations. Giving in to one's deepest urges to change.

Sun: To have strange and/or highly unique goals. To know that change and innovation are important, and the readiness to confront whatever one has to to make change happen. Sudden and/or drastic turns of events that deeply affect and potentially change the way you pursue your goals, or even the goals themselves.

Moon: Feelings which sometimes come forth with extreme openness and freedom. The emotional need to be oneself, no matter what the cost, and to make change happen. An extreme need to overcome the impressions that others make on one.

Mercury: A highly unusual way of communicating, a genius for communicating in a way that makes people profoundly aware of the need for change. One who has extremely radical and/or original ideas.

Venus: To find beauty in that which is extremely unusual, strange, and/or radically experimental. One's love relationships may go through extreme changes. One is attracted to eccentric or intensely unique people.

Mars: To assert oneself in extremely uninhibited fashion. To engage in extreme rebellion that is potentially highly destructive. Working hard to effect radical changes.

Jupiter: Enthusiasm expressed with a nearly total lack of inhibition, and which may come upon one very suddenly and erratically.. To go to great extremes with much exuberance. A fearless expression of extreme uniqueness.

Saturn: To have an intense desire for change, innovation and even revolution, but to either be afraid of this, and/or careful, cautious, and patient about engaging in it.

Chiron: One's vibration helps others to open up and to be more free, and even eventually to instigate profound changes in one's life.

Neptune: To be able to effect a profound revolution in a subtle, hidden, and/or unseen way. To harbor extremely strange ideals and imaginings. Extreme changes which create chaos and/or confusion.

Node: The need in this lifetime to be more uninhibited and to allow vast and even extreme changes into one's life. To connect with others who will allow one to be one's own unique self, and who will support the power inherent in that.

Ascendant: One has an inherent way of surprising other people, and/or of catching them off guard. A person who cannot be categorized, and who is unpredictable, often in the extreme. One identifies with the role of being a bringer of radical change and/or innovation.

Midheaven: The overthrow of old and worn out ideas. One who can become a radical reformer in the world. Experimental and/or innovative breakthroughs in one's career.

Planets activating the Uranus/Neptune midpont

Principle: The originality and uniqueness of one's imagination. The freeing up of one's imagination and intuitive perception, which can induce visions and revelations. Upsets which cause confusion and derangement, the purpose of these being to open the consciousness to higher realities. The refinement of one's own special gifts and talents. The way one relates to the mass consciousness.

Process: The liberation of one's inner vision from the repressions imposed by the conscious mind, so that spiritual realities can be more clearly seen. The receiving of deep insights into one's own personal evolution and destiny.

Sun: The ability to bring hidden truths and realities to light. One's goal is to find one's own unique way to further the evolution of humanity.

Moon: One feels many things, including the emotions of other people as well as the emotions of humanity as a whole. A richness and subtlety of feeling that is wonderfully cosmic.

Mercury: A mind steeped in cosmic realities. To think in highly subtle and expanded terms. One's communication is visionary, even ecstatic. A mind fraught with strange confusions.

Venus: An expanded and visionary love nature. Reveling in romance. A love of all that is other worldly. A love of art which is cosmic, unusual, and and/or which expresses the energies of the mass consciousness of humanity.

Mars: A cosmic passion. One who is willing to work hard to fulfill a personal vision, and/or to help humanity. One's action may be ineffective due to being erratic, vague, too diffused, and/or ungrounded.

Jupiter: An enthusiasm for contributing to the evolution of the whole world. A willingness to explore the hidden realms and to work with subtle energies, as well as a strong potential for success in this. At worst one may be overly grandiose, to the point of being unable to focus one's energies.

Saturn: To be afraid of exploring other realms, and yet one has a deep inner calling to do so. The need to take other planes of existence as well as one's intuitive insights seriously. One delves into all of these things, but tends to do so gradually and slowly, often with much questioning of them, and of oneself.

Chiron: One's vibration brings a subtle cosmic element to everything one touches and every person one meets. Healing others through making them aware that they are much greater, more powerful, and wiser than any and all of their problems.

Pluto: A driving urge to delve into cosmic realities and to see and know what is beyond physical reality. To be extremely impacted by the energies of the mass consciousness. Subtle forces, beings from other dimensions, and all sorts of other hidden energies intrude on one's reality, and if one resists these they become all the more insistent. Hence a need to give in to the process of liberating one's inner vision.

Node: In this lifetime one need to explore one's visionary nature and to allow inspirations and intuitive insights to come forth.

Ascendant: One's personality has an ineffably cosmic quality that may manifest as charisma. One identifies strongly with helping humanity to evolve and to be uplifted into a higher and more expanded spiritual plane.

Midheaven: One's career involves helping humanity. The need to seek security in spiritual terms, and to help the world to see beyond the illusion of physical reality.

Planets activating the Uranus/Neptune midpont

Principle: The originality and uniqueness of one's imagination. The freeing up of one's imagination and intuitive perception, which can induce visions and revelations. Upsets which cause confusion and derangement, the purpose of these being to open the consciousness to higher realities. The refinement of one's own special gifts and talents. The way one relates to the mass consciousness and all of its beliefs and biases.

Process: The opening of oneself to other realities. The expansion of consciousness. The freeing up of one's powers of intuition.

Sun: The ability to bring hidden truths and realities to light. One's goal is to find one's own unique way to further the evolution of humanity.

Moon: One feels many things, including the emotions of other people as well as the emotions of humanity as a whole. A richness and subtlety of feeling that is wonderfully cosmic.

Mercury: A mind steeped in cosmic realities. To think in highly subtle and expanded terms. One's communication is visionary, even ecstatic. A mind fraught with strange confusions.

Venus: An expanded and visionary love nature. Reveling in romance. A love of all that is other worldly. A love of art which is cosmic, unusual, and and/or which expresses the energies of the mass consciousness of humanity.

Mars: A cosmic passion. One who is willing to work hard to fulfill a personal vision, and/or to help humanity. One's action may be ineffective due to being erratic, vague, too diffused, and/or ungrounded.

Jupiter: An enthusiasm for contributing to the evolution of the whole world. A willingness to explore the hidden realms and to work with subtle energies, as well as a strong potential for success in this. At worst one may be overly grandiose, to the point of being unable to focus one's energies.

Saturn: To be afraid of exploring other realms, and yet one has a deep inner calling to do so. The need to take other planes of existence as well as one's intuitive insights seriously. One delves into all of these things, but tends to do so gradually and slowly, often with much questioning of them, and of oneself.

Chiron: One's vibration brings a subtle cosmic element to everything one touches and every person one meets. Healing others through making them aware that they are much greater, more powerful, and wiser than any and all of their problems.

Pluto: A driving urge to delve into cosmic realities and to see and know what is beyond physical reality. To be extremely impacted by the energies of the mass consciousness. Subtle forces, beings from other dimensions, and all sorts of other hidden energies intrude on one's reality, and if one resists these they become all the more insistent. Hence a need to give in to the process of liberating one's inner vision.

Node: In this lifetime one need to explore one's visionary nature and to allow inspirations and intuitive insights to come forth.

Ascendant: One's personality has an ineffably cosmic quality that may manifest as charisma. One identifies strongly with helping humanity to evolve and to be uplifted into a higher and more expanded spiritual plane.

Midheaven: One's career involves helping humanity. The need to seek security in spiritual terms, and to help the world to see beyond the illusion of physical reality.