Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Planets activating the Jupiter/Pluto midpoint

Principle: A tremendous desire to learn and to grow, and to acquire power, be it of the more intangible, mental sort, or worldly in nature. Driving, unstoppable enthusiasm. A relentless urge toward excess. The ability to transform how things are organized. To have big ideas and far-reaching aims. Going to great extremes. The persistent urge to do whatever is needed to overcome problems. Grandiosity. Religious fanaticism.

Process: The building up of energy, enthusiasm and motivation to create changes. The transformation of one's life through intense positivity and willingness to grow

Sun: A person with a huge ego. The desire to be a high profile individual. To become a master of great powers. One who has extremely big goals.

Moon: The emotional desire for some form of grandiosity. One who has extremely strong emotions and who desires to see change happen in the world. To be impressionable to big ideas.

Mercury: To study things very deeply. To have an obsessive mind. To think big. To try to figure out a way to change things fundamentally and profoundly. To be highly impressed by philosophical ideas.

Venus: To be tremendously enthusiastic when in love and when relating to others. To desire relationships that are expansive and which grow and can be enriched. The tendency to be very free or even wasteful with money. The desire for a great amount of money. One is attracted to things that are big, overpowering, and grandiose.

Mars: You place high expectations of your own actions, are very enthusiastic about what you are doing, and expect to get a lot done. To go way too far in overdoing something. A person who will not be stopped.

Saturn: A desire to accomplish big things, but difficulty in doing so. A battle between the desire for excess and the desire to control oneself. One's growth is slowed down or retarded. The need to stop being obsessive about outer expansion and to turn toward deep soul-searching.

Chiron: Your vibration stimulates other people to be more enthusiastic and to take what they are doing far enough that they experience a breakthrough or transformation. You can also heal them of obsessive excesses by inducing them to see what it is that they really want. You can also intensity and transform their understanding of life.
Uranus: Having inspirations about how one can use a situation for personal expansion, or as a learning experience, or as a way of furthering evolution. A genius for knowing how to make something grow or evolve. The possibility that one's experiments will be wildly successful.

Neptune: To have grandiose imaginative visions. A tremendous willingness to do whatever one needs to do to help others. To motivate others and evoke great enthusiasm in them for the purpose of deceiving, using, or duping them.

Node: To be a big motivator of groups. To come together with others for the purpose of transformative expansion. One is needing in this lifetime to harness one's enthusiasm so that it can power one's evolution.

Ascendant: A person with a big personality. One relates to the world with a tremendous amoung of enthusiasm. To be willing to change when one needs to, and to overcome the limits of one's identity.

Midheaven: To have a great desire to achieve mastery. To be willing to put tremendous amounts of energy into one's work. The desire to be promoted and/or to progress in one's work. To experience great luck in one's work.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Planets activating the Jupiter/Neptune midpoint

Principle: Richness of imagination. Copious idealism. To help others abundantly and generously. To be unworried and/or unconcerned about material things, and hence the possibility of being wasteful. A person who is easily duped or taken advantage of. An excess of dreaming or fantasizing causes trouble. Enthusiasm over possibilities.

Process: The growth of one's ability to be sympathetic and caring toward other people. The refining of one's understanding.

Sun: Fantasies and imaginings give one a lot of energy and bring meaning to one's life. Much envisioned about the future, but a great deal of it may be unrealistic and/or unattainable. A wealth of intuitive insights brought to light.

Moon: Much richness of feeling. One who is very nurturing and sympathetic. Dreams and imaginings bring one security. A person who gets into moods of cosmic exaltation. One who can be easily taken advantage of when their emotions are brought into play.

Mercury: A very imaginative way of communicating. One who delights in envisioning potentials. A sympathetic and understanding way of communicating. A mind that is excessively idealistic.

Venus: One takes great pleasure in dreaming and speculating. An appreciation of richly imaginative art. A relationship in which the two people stimulate each others' imagination, but which may be impractical.

Mars: To do things based on one's imaginings rather than on practical reality. One asserts oneself based on an enthusiasm for ideals.

Saturn: To be excessively idealistic and then to be let down. Fear that one's ideals will not be realized. The need to be patient, careful and circumspect if one is to attain one's ideals.

Chiron: Your vibration innately stimulates others to open up and explore their imagination. You also have the ability to assist in harmonizing the subtle energies of other people, and of evoking in them enthusiasm for their ideals.

Uranus: To suddenly wake up from false hopes. The need to free oneself from the the unrealistic and impractical side of idealistic imaginings. To have a highly unusual imagination. To have clear insights into the exact kind of help or support that someone needs.

Pluto: Impracticality has drastic results. The need to look deeply into one's imaginings to find out their inner meaning. Intense and/or persistent dreams and imaginings which are there to help one transform one's life.

Node: One may have unrealistic and/or impractical expectations about any individuals or groups one connects with. To associate with people who encourage one's imaginings. A need to find a grounded way to express one imagination. A possible tendency to fall back on wishful thinking.

Ascendant: One comes across as a soft and caring person. To have unrealistic imaginings about who one is. To be a sympathetic person who wishes to help and uplift others.

Midheaven: To bring a richness of idealism and imagination to one's work. One's spiritual path involves uplifting others and encouraging optimism and hope in them.

Planets activating the Jupiter/Uranus midpoint

Principle: Unbridled enthusiasm. One's own unique (and often inspired) understanding. Sudden and unexpected good luck. To be excessively rebellious, sometimes just for the sake of being opposed to something. To be independently enthusiastic about one's own unique interests. To blow something completely out of proportion or to have an extreme reaction to something. Encouraging others to be more free.

Process: The freeing up of one's ability to learn and to grow. The ability to learn on one's own. The expansion of one's own independence. Learning from accidents.

Sun: To have an enthusiasm for pursuing one's own independent goals. Egotism expressed through a rebelliousness of spirit.

Moon: Sudden displays of extreme emotion. To have a distorted impression of what is going on due to allowing one's emotions and subjectivity to completely take one over.

Mercury: Communicating with an unbridled enthusiasm. Sudden bouts of excessive talking or thinking. A person who thinks independently and who has many ideas about many things. A love of free-ranging thinking and speculating.

Venus: To fall in love very suddenly or quickly, but possibly to fall out of it just as swiftly. A love of anything speculative and/or experimental. To be drawn to people who are extremely independent. To love anything or anyone who has about them an exuberant freedom.

Mars: One's own unique interests motivate one to action. Aggressive rebelliousness. To have confidence in your ability to find your own unique way of doing something. To be enthusiastically uninhibited in the display of one's hostility.

Saturn: A desire to be freely enthusiastic about something, but holding back from doing so, possibly because one is unsure of how one's actions with be construed. A fear of going too far.

Chiron: Your vibration spontaneously helps others to experience uninhibited liveliness and enthusiasm – the joy of release. It also encourages people to cultivate and explore their own individual uniqueness.

Neptune: To over-react to something that is imagined rather than real. To have an exuberantly creative imagination.

Pluto: To have an extreme need to be free and to express the self openly. Personal transformation comes through trusting the inspirations that one receives.

Node: The desire to connect with people in an experimental and/or uninhibited fashion. A need to form connections with people and/or groups who allow one a lot of freedom.

Ascendant: The need to relate to others in an open and uninhibited way, and to have relationships “with no strings attached.”

Midheaven: A person who encourages all people to be free and to value their individuality. One who helps others to accept their own uniqueness.

Planets activating the Jupiter/Saturn midpoint

Principle: Morality, meaning not only what one feels is generally good and bad, but your ideas about what is specifically good for you to do and what is bad for you. This pair rules assessments and judgments about how one should live one's life. The pair also rules controlled growth, organized expansion, and discipline. Jupiter/Saturn signifies a need to proceed relatively slowly, and in a grounded fashion, so that progress is steady and as free of setbacks as possible. If Saturn exceeds Jupiter in energy then one may feel that progress is too slow, or too limited or frustrating, or that one's enthusiasm is dampened. If Jupiter exceeds Saturn one may feel a lack of organization and/or stability on one's progress.

Process: The integration of moral principles into one's life. The finding of an harmonious and successful way to discipline oneself. The development of the ability to be discerning and critical and yet open, forgiving and accepting at the same time.

Sun: The ability to work at one's goals steadily and with discipline. One who can be very persistent in taking into consideration the long-range picture and who has the vitality to keep at what is being done.

Moon: To blow moral issues out of proporation – that is, to feel strongly like one should or should not do something, but to imbue the issue with such emotional energy that needless guilt is the result. To feel bad about not disciplining the self enough. One feels secure when working steadily and persistently on a project.

Mercury: A balanced way of communicating that blends support and criticism. A very persistent and patient mind that will delve into something until it obtains what it is looking for.

Venus: One is patient and persistent in the realm of love and is willing to allow it to develop and unfold gradually.

Mars: One's assertiveness has much staying power. One will not give up until one accomplishes what one set out to do.

Chiron: Your energy helps others to make their moral and ethical values more personally supportive to them, and less based around guilt and fear.

Uranus: You need to come to one's own decisions about what is right and wrong for you. A genius for seeing what kind of discipline is needed and for justifying why.

Neptune: One needs to be intuitive when it comes to deciding what one should do. A confusion about what one should do. One with persistent idealism.

Pluto: To have extremely strong and intense feelings about right and wrong. To be obsessively persistent in one's determination. The transforming of a situation through long, hard work.

Node: One is needing more of the right kind of discipline in this lifetime. Seeing out groups of people who help one to figure out what is right and wrong for you to do. The strong determination to stick with those groups or people you have bonded with and to attempt to better them.

Ascendant: One who stands up for one's values, and who tries to do what is right.

Midheaven: To be patient and persistent in working to attain one's goals. The slow and careful establishment of security.

Planets activating the Mars/Midheaven midpoint

Principle: To align one's actions with one's Higher Self and spiritual principles. To take action based on the dictated of Spirit. To work hard at one's career, and to create security for oneself. Conflicts with one's employer and with authority figures.

Process: Active union with guiding spiritual forces. To assert oneself in the world. To build one's authority. To engage in active and assertive parenting.

Sun: One is vitalized by actively living up to one's life purpose. To make others aware of the need to receive active and positive parenting.

Moon: Conflicts with authority figures cause feelings of insecurity. The emotional need to act on the dictates of Spirit. One feels secure when working on something that feels like it will benefit the world, or fulfill one's spiritual mission.

Mercury: One's ideas may be inconflict with authorities. One's ideas challenge accepted ways of thinking about things. To be outspoken about ethics, morals, and what one feels is right.

Venus: One expresses love by acting in an ethical, moral, and spiritual manner. One finds value in attempting to align one's actions with high-minded principles. It is easy for one to work hard at one's career.

Jupiter: Someone who is successful and effective at taking charge of things and being the person to manage or organize something. An enthusiasm for directing other people and working in a position of authority.

Saturn: To be uncertain or insecure about acting on the dictates of one's higher consciousness. A need to take charge of things but a resistance to doing so.

Chiron: Your energy helps others to actively and assertively align themselves with higher truths, which has the effect of spiritualizing their ability to confront difficulties and problems, and to assert themselves. You also help them, when necessary, to come into conflict with authorities and the part of them that is telling them what to do.

Uranus: One need to allow one's uniqueness to manifest, and to find ways of assisting and supporting it. One has a very individual and even usual contribution to make to the world.

Neptune: To allow one's intuition to guide one's actions so that spiritual forces are channeled through one into physical reality. To feel an obligation to do things to change the world. To be ineffective at asserting oneself in the world.

Pluto: An intense desire to develop one's powers and abilities, and possibly to be an authority. An extreme urge to climb socially or spiritually so that one can use one's position, hopefully for the benefit of the world.

Node: In this lifetime one is developing skills with which to serve the world. Connecting with others who help one to develop one's effectiveness in action.

Ascendant: One identifies with doing what is right, which could possibly cause conflict with authority figures. To relate to others through encouraging them to act on what is right.

Planets activating the Mars/Ascendant midpoint

Principle: An assertive personality. To create an identity for oneself. To identify with being one who acts, builds, constructs, or destroys. A strong sexual identity. To destroy one's identity. To strongly identify with what one does and what one produces.

Process: The realization of both the constructive and destructive powers of one's personality. The active acceptance and denial of elements which form and affect one's identity.

Sun: One feels that it is important to strongly and assertively project who one is. One's goals are positively affected by coming across assertively, but if this is too extreme the goals can be negatively affected. One feels self-confident about his ability to do things. One's self-esteem is strongly based on what one accomplishes.

Moon: To do something immediate to gratify one's emotional needs, or to overcoming insecurity. One is vulnerable to the reactions that others have to what one does.

Mercury: One's communications have an aggressive personality, that can come across as stimulating and exciting, but sometimes as hostile or intimidating.

Venus: One is at ease when asserting oneself. One expresses one's values and one's love assertively.

Jupiter: Enthusiasm expressed with assertiveness. Confidence in one's ability to get things done.

Saturn: A fear of coming across as aggressive, and so a carefulness in asserting the self. One come's across as being serious about what one does.

Chiron: Your energy helps others to take charge of their identity more, so that they are induced to identify with positive constructiveness, as well as realizing and changing those aspects of their identity which are self-destructive and non life-supporting.

Uranus: A person who will not be stopped or confined. To express oneself in an extreme way, and possibly suddenly or surprisingly. One asserts oneself in unexpected ways in relationships.

Neptune: To be ready to fight for one's ideals. Conflicts within the personality which are hidden and/or confusing. The need to tap into one's personality conflicts on an intuitive level so that their subtleties may be perceived.

Pluto: A tremendous need to affirm who one is and to assert the self. A relentless self-destructiveness. One is being challenged in this lifetime to be a more positively assertive person, and to work on one's own identity.

Node: The need to develop more effective ways of asserting the self, and to find connections with others wherein one can be productive.

Midheaven: The need to spiritualize one's personal assertiveness, that is, to always assert oneself in such a way that it allows a higher purpose to flow through.

Planets activating the Mars/Node midpoint

Principle: To do things with other people and/or with group. Forming connections with people with whom one ends up having conflicts. To evolve in this lifetime a greater effectiveness in doing things, as well as releasing anger and hostility so that one is freer to act. To need to find new ways of doing things and to overcome old, worn-out and ultimately inefficient ways of doing things.

Process: The taking of initiative to bring needed changes into one's life, and to evolve. The active breaking of ties with the past as well as the active seeking of new experiences and the forming of new connections.

Sun: To know that it is important to work together with other people. To help those with whom one is connected to see the meaning and purpose behind their conflicts. One's goals are furthered and supported by taking the initative to form contacts with others.

Moon: The emotional need to have constructive interaction with groups or individuals. To feel vulnerable about the reactions one gets when asserting oneself with individuals or groups. To overreact to the conflicts that happen with the people or groups with whom one is connected.

Mercury: To desire one's ideas and communicating to have a positive effect on groups and individuals. What one says can cause conflict , but this can be a good thing. One is developing in this lifetime the ability to say what one thinks.

Venus: The ability to interact with groups in a fashion that is dynamic yet smooth and diplomatic.

Jupiter: An enthusiasm for giving to and getting stimulation from those with whom one is connected. Generosity in putting one's energy into group projects.

Saturn: To hold back on asserting oneself with groups. One finds it difficult either to be more assertive, or to find different more effective ways of asserting oneself.

Chiron: Your vibration can help other people to reach out and connect with those individuals and groups with whom they need to connect, as well as to find new and more effective ways of asserting themselves. You also help them sometimes to realize that some of their old ways of asserting themselves are no longer effective. You also have the innate power to heal conflict in groups so that they can get more accomplished and be more dynamic.

Uranus: To suddenly come together with others for the purpose of doing something. A unique ability to get things done with other people or with groups.

Neptune: One's action in groups is misconstrued or misunderstood. To be able to subtly influence groups and those with whom one is connected.

Pluto: The need to overcome or resolve one's conflicts with other people. A driving urge to have one's connections with other be positive and productive, but to achieve this one needs to resolve differences and clear the air of hostilities and resentments.

Ascendant: One learns about who one is through interacting with groups. The need to not let one's personality or self concept stand in the way of accomplishing things with other people and with groups.

Midheaven: One's highest spiritual attainment is to come together with others for the purpose of constructively working together and resolving problems.

Planets activating the Mars/Pluto midpoint

Principle: Intense aggression that may even be overpowering, or obsessive. The ability to get an extreme amount of work accomplished. Doing things that affect the whole world, or at least a great number of people. The desire to work toward a breakthrough. Domination of others, or running over them in an uncaring fashion. Extreme violence or brutality.

Process: The intensification of one's actions so that one may perceive both their constructive and destructive aspects. The realization of one's power to effect deep and profound changes.

Sun: One who will work hard and relentlessly toward goals. Hard work has a destructive effect on one's vitality and health. To be obsessive about one's agendas may cause a breakthrough, but may also cause an intervention by Spirit as a means of realigning one's goals in a manner that will better support one's evolution.

Moon: One's insecurities are compensated for through hard and/or obsessive work. To express emotions with extreme aggression or passion.

Mercury: To say things that are extremely aggressive, which can sometimes cause a needed breakthrough. Overwork agitates and deteriorates the nervous system. The ability to go to anything lengths to get one's ideas across.

Venus: Love expressed with an extreme of assertiveness and excitement. The loved one may try to dominate you, or you may try to dominate the loved one. Power struggles in love. To enjoy working hard. To like art that carries an intense passion.

Jupiter: To work extremely hard to grow or to advance oneself. To have tremendously passionate enthusiasm. Success that comes through relentless work.

Saturn: The ability to work hard in a patient, careful and/or controlled manner. One will not give up when trying to overcome difficulties or solve problems.

Chiron: Your vibration can help others to intensify their actions to the point that they experience breakthroughs and transformations. You also induce people to turn their anger into positive, constructive action, as well as to know what it is they need to destroy in their life, and then to destroy it.

Uranus: To work extremely hard at experimenting, or at something which is very unique and original. To be very aggressive about obtaining and maintaining one's independence.

Neptune: The ability to dominate others in a subtle or hidden way. Hard work saps one's energy. To be willing to do anything to fulfill one's ideals.

Node: To work hard with others or with groups. One is learning in this lifetime how to intensify one's efforts, and how to guide one's energy more effectively into constructive channels.

Ascendant: The ability to change or perform an makeover on oneself. One comes across as an overbearing or intimidating person.

Midheaven: To be aggressive and challenging toward authority figures. The need to allow Spirit to dictate one's actions, even if what one needs to do is difficult or dangerous to perform. Advancement in one's career through exceptionally hard work.

Planets activating the Mars/Neptune midpoint

Principle: To act out of a sense of spiritual obligation. Taking the initiative to help others. The refinement of one's ability to act. The ability to assert oneself in subtle ways. Psychic warfare. Engaging in magic practices. To psychically tune in to conflicts. Actions that are confused or impractical. To refine and uplift sexual energy. The excitement of the imagination, and its use in both constructive and destructive ways.

Process: To become increasingly aware of what you're doing, so that you're less and less confused and more and more clearly intuitive when you assert yourself.

Sun: Psychic drains sap one's vitality. One feels it is important to help other people. The ability to intuit the best and/or right thing to do. A weak constitution that can be greatly improved by subtle methodologies, such as energy healing, homeopathy, etc., as well as eating lightly and eating foods of high vibration such as fruits and vegetables.

Moon: Insecurities leading to confused or ineffective actions. To be vulnerable to psychic attack. Negative moods manifest as agitating confusion.

Mercury: To be capable of a subtle pointedness or intensity when communicating. Psychic disturbances and attacks agitate the nervous system. To be clever and resourceful in figuring out ways to help people.

Venus: To sense psychic conflict going on in one's relationships. To be passionately idealistic about love. To love art that portrays the subtle interactions of energies. To show love in subtle, delicate ways. Confused or impractical actions come about due to laziness.

Jupiter: An eagerness and enthusiasm to engage in passionate idealism. The ability to understand subtle conflicts that are going on. To have good luck with knowing intuitively what to do.

Saturn: To feel unable or afraid of acting on one's intuition. To be afraid of psychic warfare and attacks happening on subtle and energetic planes. Confused or chaotic action that happens over and over and that one is likely to overcome only slowly.

Chiron: Your vibration naturally helps others to align their desire for action with their own intuition, so that their actions become not only more refined and subtle, but more effective. You also help them to deal assertively with the psychic forces at work around them, so that they can align themselves with the positive ones as well as overcome the draining and confusing effects of the negative ones.

Uranus: To be suddenly inspired to act intuitively. One has a gift for picking up on subtle energies and the conflicts they may be creating, and then finding ways of liberating oneself from them. To be able to help others in unique or unsuspected ways.

Pluto: Confused or chaotic actions that wreak havoc. An extreme impulse to act out of one's idealism and/or intuition. The driving need to transmute negative or destructive psychic energy into a something positive. Acting out of a sense of spiritual obligation can create profound and far-reaching changes in one's life.

Node: To seek out people one can psychically dominate, or who psychically dominate you. To want connections with others with whom one can work toward an ideal. One is learning in this lifetime how to refine one's ability to act, and how to actively and constructively work with psychic energy.

Ascendant: Confused and chaotic conflicts in the personality. One who come's across as a subtly aggressive or assertive person.

Midheaven: Acting on the dictates of spirit. The need to actively express one's ideals to the world, or in a public way. To have a body of beliefs that makes it difficult for you to get things done practically, and so a need to work to bring one's ideals down into physical, practical reality.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Planets activating the Mars/Uranus midpoint

Principle: Sudden and unexpected actions. To find one's own independent and unique way of doing things. To be assertively rebellious. Accidents, which are a manifestation of pent-up energy that need to be released. To be impulsive in one's actions, and/or to act erratically. Inspired action.

Process: Active experimentation. The breaking out of old forms and patterns and the creating of new one's that offer more freedom and which more clearly reflect the true self.

Sun: One need to pursue one's goals in one's own independent way. It is important to one to be able to experiment in life.

Moon: Feelings that arise suddenly, and which impel one to take action. The need to freely and openly let feelings out. If one allows oneself to act on one's instincts it can let forth a flood of creativity. Insecurity about finding one's own way to do things.

Mercury: One's communicating can be excitingly refreshing, and imbued with an unusual passion. To surprise others with one's unique and lively way of saying things. Sudden overstimulation agitates the nervous system.

Venus: One's love expressed in an assertively uninhibited fashion, which can possibly intimidate the loved one. One love's doing unusual things, or common things in unusual ways. A love of experimentation. One is assertively independent about one's values.

Jupiter: Sudden periods of expansion or growth. To be excessively uninhibited in one's actions, which might cause one to go too far. To have the confidence to do things in one's own way.

Saturn: To wish to be uninhibited in one's actions, but to be shy about it or afraid of doing so. To act in an independent or uninhibited fashion, but to do so with caution and circumspection.

Chiron: Your vibration encourages others to find they own way of doing things, and to assert themselves more individually and indpendently. You intuitively induce them to act on inspiration, and through doing so often surprise themselves.

Neptune: Sudden actions that are confusion or misconstrued. If one is clearly in tune with one's intuition, one may engage in sudden, inspired actions that even display genius or brilliance.

Pluto: A driving need to be independent and open in one's actions. The relentless urge to do things in one's own way, and to experiment with how one does things. To assertively affirm one's independence can induce big transformations in one's life.

Node: To seek out people that one can dynamically interact with in a free, open, and/or experimental way. To make connections with people or groups suddenly. One is learning in this lifetime how to be truly free in one's actions, and how to base one's actions on what one feels inside, rather than trying to do things the way other people do them.

Ascendant: A person full of surprises. One comes across as unpredictable, and others may find this exciting and/or threatening.

Midheaven: To rebel against authority figures. To act freely and openly based on the dictates of the higher self. One needs an employer who will allow one to act out of one's own creative and/or independent urges, and so dislikes an employer who is overly controlling. One derives much security from being able to do one's own thing.

Planets activating the Mars/Saturn midpoint

Principle: To be careful and organized when one acts. The desire to be right and successful in one's actions, which could potentially inhibit one's ability to act. Repressing anger leads to much pent-up energy and frustration which can potentially drain one. Feeling inadequate about one's sexual abilities. The desire for certainty and always knowing the outcome of things, which, at worst, can have a debilitating effect on one's creativity and ability to be open to what the universe has to offer. On the positive side, this combination can manifest great technical skill and the ability to accomplish something based on careful and planned-out agendas.

Process: To assertively make boundaries, and to actively organize experience. To concentrate and focus one's efforts and to maintain patience and persistence when working through blockages and difficulties.

Sun: Ones long-term goals are reached by focusing one's energy in a practical and organized fashion. A lack of self-confidence which creates a fear of asserting oneself.

Moon: The emotional need to know what the outcome of one's actions will be. When you feel insecure you limit your field of action. To be overly sensitive to criticism or negative reactions coming from other people.

Mercury: One communicates in an assertively logical fashion. To speak with a concentrated aggressiveness. The fear of acting creates nervousness.

Venus: To fear arguing with others, and with one's lover in particular. To hold on to resentments toward one's partner, or toward anyone with whom one is relating. To be attracted to people who are sincere in their actions.

Jupiter: To be enthusiastic about planning out things in advance. To over-plan what one is doing. The attempt to think of all the possible problems that could crop up in a situation and to have a back-up system for dealing with each and every one of them.

Chiron: Your vibrations spontaneously help others to see their own pent-up energy, as well as the need to find a positive way of releasing it. You help others to realize where they have repressed themselves, and why. You then instinctively assist them in focusing their energy in a meaningful way, so that it has the greatest life-supporting effect.

Uranus: To be very protective of one's independence. To be highly sensitive to any criticism received concerning one's uniqueness. To suddenly become mean or cruel. One may have a genius for organizing how something is to be done, or for finding the most energy-saving way of doing something.

Neptune: Pent up hostility or frustration has a draining influence on one. To be touch and senstive about one's ideals. The urge to do something practical to actualize one's ideals.

Pluto: Pent up energy can create drastic pressure within oneself, with a consequent need for it to find release. To discipline one's energy can create massive transformation.

Node: One is learning in this lifetime how to focus one's energy without repressing it, and to overcome one's fears of acting. The tendency to connect with others who either frustrate or inhibit one's actions or who help one become more focused and organized in what what does.

Ascendant: One comes across to others as a carefully assertive person. One may be touchy and overly self-conscious about one's identity, as, for instance, how one appears to others.

Midheaven: One is growing in this lifetime toward a stronger, more careful and sincere expression of spiritual truth, and toward keeping one's efforts in focused alignment with one's High Self. Slow, focused, gradual and/or careful action taken to fulfill career goals. The tendency to be uncertain of how to proceed in one's work. The possibility of being frustrated with or by employers and/or authority figures. At worst, one plays the role of an aggressive authoritarian.

Planets activating the Mars/Jupiter midpoint

Principle: Enthusiastic action, which often imbues what one does with the possibility of success. To be confident in one's ability to effectively assert oneself – which could be because one really does have competence in what one is trying to do, or which could result in failure due to over-estimation of one's energy and abilities, or mis-estimation of circumstances. To over-do something. To go too far. To engage in destructive excess. A fine ability for negotiating.

Process: To actively and assertively reach out to others in generous and exuberant fashion. To continue to enlarge one's viewpoint and understanding as a means of learning from conflicts and overcoming one's own destructive impulses.

Sun: One has great enthusiasm in pursuing one's goals, and confidence that one can reach them. An overcompensating ego that does too much, or goes too far.

Moon: Emotions are expressed in a warm, generous way. One is always able to reach out to others. One's ability to act with confidence depends on one's moods. To go too far or do to much in nurturing other people.

Mercury: One says too much when one speaks. The ability to successfully argue with people, often in a way that causes both people to learn and to feel good about the exchange. Too many conficting ideas in one's mind. One who is assertive about getting the information one needs.

Venus: Love expressed through doing things for others, and maybe doing too much or going too far. A love of doing many things. People are attracted to you because you are passionately positive. The joy of having a good time. In a careless way to go ahead and do things without considering the ramifications of one's actions.

Saturn: One want's to act but is held back by insecurities or fears. To do too much or go too far because of one's fears and/or feelings of inadequacy. The slow development of confidence in one's ability to act.

Chiron: Your vibration helps others to experience the most exalted and spiritual aspect of the beauty of everything around them. You also have the ability to help them appreciate the foundation of their life, that is, all that creates security for them, as well as to recognize and be at peace with whatever their heart's desire is.

Uranus: Doing too much or going to far creates upset and causes unexpected results. To be uninhibited in asserting oneself. Others may be intimidated by what they see as your excessive aggressiveness.

Neptune: An enthusiastic assertiveness when it comes to one's ideals. When one goes too far or does too much it can create chaos and confusion. A willingness to go a long way to fulfill one's obligations to others as well as what one feels to be one's spiritual obligations.

Pluto: Difficulty in stopping oneself when one is going too far or doing too much. The compulsion to engage in destructive excess. Through one's ability to keep working and to maintain a positive attitude as to the outcome of one's actions one can experience breakthroughs and transformations leading to a higher state of consciousness.

Node: One may possibility need to overcome patterns of destructive excess in this lifetime. The ability to bring new life and motivation to groups and individuals. The need to connect with others who will allow and support one in asserting oneself and working for the mutual good.

Ascendant: One come's across as an energetic and enthusiastic person. One's needs to be careful not to overwhelm others, or to go too far in trying to relate to them.

Midheaven: One is capable of playing the role of an authority figure who encourages others to act, but negatively may come across as excessively dominating if one's fears and insecurities have not been released.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Planets activating the Venus/Midheaven midpoint

Principle: To spread love and beauty to the world, and to help others to appreciate the spiritual aspects of life. A career in the arts. To have a harmonious relationship with one's employer. To play the role of a loving and soothing parent. Negatively, to be a selfish parent.

Process: To experience love as a guiding force, and to be open to the love which comes from higher forces, angels, and the universe at large.

Sun: To desire attention for one's value, which could be anything from wanting others to admire one's appearance to wanting others to appreciate what one does in one's career. To feel that it is important to play the role of loving parent to other people.

Moon: The emotional need to have a parent figure who values one, or to play the role of a parent who teaches the appreciation of life and values.

Mercury: To communicate in a polished authoritative manner, and/or in a way that causes one to get along with employers. One's mind is always thinking in terms of the highest values attainable.

Mars: Taking the initiative to spread love and beauty in the world. One asserts oneself based on a respect for the highest values. Working to disseminate that which is of beauty and value to the world.

Jupiter: To be eager to be a channel of God's love. An enthusiastic appreciation of that which one feels to be of the highest value. To be enthusiastic about giving something of value to the world. To grow in terms of your appreciation of what you have to give to the world.

Saturn: The spiritualization of one's love nature feels like an arduous and difficult task. To fear making one's love public. To be uncertain of the worth and value of various authority figures and their opinions.

Chiron: Your vibration helps others to experience the most exalted and spiritual aspect of the beauty of everything around them. You also have the ability to help them appreciate the foundation of their life, that is, all that creates security for them, as well as to recognize and be at peace with whatever their heart's desire is.
Uranus: A unique way of expressing love. A highly individualized appreciation of spiritual values, meaning that one is able to see them from one's own unique standpoint and point out unsuspected aspects of them.

Neptune: To love authorities in an idealized fashion. To need someone or some thing to worship. An idealistic love nature.

Pluto: An obsessive clinging to values, which can prevent one from growing, or which can enhance growth if one truly pursues them. The ability to transform and be transformed through spiritual love.

Node: To seek out groups and individuals that will help one open up to love and grow in one's ability to give and receive it. In this lifetime one is learning how to appreciate spirituality more.

Ascendant: A personality full of high-minded love. To play the role of a loving parent.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Planets activating the Venus/Ascendant midpoint

Principle: A person with a loving, easy-going personality. The ability to share with others and to put them at ease. Contentment with oneself – which negatively might express as laziness and selfishness.

Process: Learning to love oneself and to project that love into the world.

Sun: One feels it is important to get along with others, be a peacemaker, and project a loving disposition. Egotism expressing as selfishness.

Moon: The emotional need to have peace and harmony between oneself and others. To nurture others by soothing them and showing them love.

Mercury: To communicate in a smooth, easy-going fashion. To speak artfully and persuasively. Cleverness when it comes to diplomacy.

Mars: To assert oneself in a smooth, non-confrontative manner that takes into account the needs of others. To take the initiative to share with others.

Jupiter: To be generous in the display of affections. An eagerness to put others at ease and to cause them to like you.

Saturn: To be inhibited and/or fearful about expressing one's love. To feel that one is not attractive or is unapprecited. Having difficulty in letting go of a relationship. To be constant, deep, and profound in the expression of one's affection.

Chiron: Everything you do is with a loving and beautiful style that puts others at ease and opens them to divine love. Your appreciation of the relationships all around you helps others to experience more deeply the value of everything they contact.

Uranus: To have an unusual or distinctive attractiveness. A genius for putting others at ease or compelling them to be attracted to you. The desire to be free and open in expressing one's loving personality.

Neptune: To feel that the expression of love is a spiritual obligation. To be uncertain as to whether or not others value and appreciate you. One is able to love others in a subtle, delicate manner, which many people may not be consciously aware of, but will receive the love all the same.

Pluto: To compel other people to admire and/or be attracted to you, and to feel a sense of power coming from that. The driving need to transmute selfish self love into healthy self love.

Node: One is learning in this lifetime how to love the self in a spiritual sense, and then to be able to project that love to others. To seek out connections with individuals or groups who will love and appreciate you.

Midheaven: If one allows spiritual energy into one's consciousness, it will manifest through the personality as lovingness and an ability to share oneself with other people in an affectionate manner. One is working in this lifetime toward making the outer expression of one's love mirror as perfectly as possible one's true inner feeling of love.

Planets activating the Venus/Node midpoint

Principle: To progress in one's ability to love and to appreciate life, as well as to relax and enjoy one's existence. Loving connections with other people. To seek out groups or individuals that share with one a common appreciation of life. Negatively, laziness and desire for comfort hold one back from progress.

Process: Realizing the limitations of one's love and seeking to love more fully and deeply. Learning to love new things, as well as deepening one's ability to love what one already loves. The evolution of one's ability to rest, be calm, and be at peace.

Sun: One is vitalized by loving connections and associating with people who bring one a greater appreciation of life. One's goals are dependent on one's learning to love and share more deeply.

Moon: The emotional need to connect with others in a loving way. To feel vulnerable about expressing one's love, values and appreciation to groups or individuals. One 's ability to connect lovingly is cyclic and depends on moods.

Mercury: To communicate in a way that is both loving and connected. To think in terms of how to bring greater peace, harmony, and joy to those with whom one is connected. A mind wanting to share its insights with others and to have them be appreciated.

Mars: To assert oneself with an appreciation of how one's actions will affect other people. To take t initiative to form loving connections with others, or to increase the harmony of a group.

Jupiter: To encourage and support love and appreciation between oneself and others. An enthusiasm for being kind and friendly when connecting with others.

Saturn: Fear or shyness about sharing one's love and values with others. Difficulty in feeling relaxed and at ease when connecting with others. To find it hard to let go of old value and adopt new ones.

Chiron: Your vibration helps others to appreciate the way they are connected to everything, and also to connect in a more loving and relaxed way. You help them to appreciate the value of their past connections, as well as to appreciate what they most need for their own personal growth.

Uranus: To be free and uninhibited in sharing one's love with others. A unique gift for being at ease when connecting. A love connection that manifests suddenly

Neptune: To fantasize about a love connection. Uncertainty, confusion, or misunderstanding in one's love connections. To feel a subtle love connection with others.

Pluto: A intense attraction to certain people or groups that one intuitive knows will help one to evolve. Personal transformation that comes about through allowing oneself to experience the depth of love, and to allow that love to bring growth to one's consciousness.

Ascendant: A person with a willingness to connect lovingly with others and to share in mutual appreciation. One's identity is enhanced and supported by sharing love with others and by allowing love to grow one.

Midheaven: The highest that one can attain to is to connect with others in a loving way. The channeling of Divine Love to all people.

Planets activating the Venus/Pluto midpoint

Principle: One person having power over the other in a love relationship. Power struggles in love relationships. To feel love with extreme intensity. To experience a compelling attraction. Decisions that are difficult to make. Irresistible temptations.

Process: To give in so totally to the power of love that it transforms one's consciousness and further one's evolution. To delve deeply into one's attractions so that one may experience their pure essence and by doing so come into a profound self-understanding.

Sun: Whatever one holds to be important in life one loves with a deep passion. One may derive much vitality from intensely loving. One may be profoundly in love with one's own goals.

Moon: To be strongly impressionable to intense beauty. The emotional need for intense relationships, connections, and romances. To fall easily under the sway of the charms and allurements of another person.

Mercury: To communicate with a compelling seductiveness. A mind which inevitably falls madly in love with certain subjects.

Mars: Intense love expressed with great passion. To feel an overwhelming urge to act. One is impelled to take initiative based on an intense love.

Jupiter: To be excessive in the expression of an intense attraction. One who reaches out to others in an intensely loving way. A willingness to allow love to raise one into a higher consciousness.

Saturn: A fear of intense passion. A tendency to shy away from anything or anyone one feels extremely attracted to. Hard lessons learned through power struggles in love relationships.

Chiron: Your vibration helps others to attune to the tremendous power of love, and to let go of their fear of it. You help them to recognize what it is that they most deeply want and are attracted to.

Uranus: A desire to be free of extreme attractions, and a tendency to sometimes delve into them, and at other times isolate oneself from them. Others may be extremely attracted to one's uniqueness. Freedom through allowing love to evolve into a higher plane.

Neptune: Imaginings and fantasies of intense love. Intense sharings with other people can drain one's energy. The ability to psychically perceive the intense attractions that other people feel. A selfless giving in to being overpowered by a lover, which may ultimately be destructive.

Node: In this life one is learning how to transmute obsessive attractions into the higher reality of divine and unconditional love.

Ascendant: To be a person who crave love, or who crave a lover with whom one can have power struggles. One emanates a compelling attractiveness.

Midheaven: One's highest attainment in this life has to do with transmuting the lesser manifestations of love into higher ones. One may be intensely loved by the public or by people at large. Career decisions that are difficult to make.

Planets activating the Venus/Neptune midpoint

Principle: Idealized love. Self-sacrifice in love. A refined expression of love. To engage in imagining beautiful illusions and fantasies to which one can potentially become addicted. Attraction to that which is refined and/or exalted. Confusion in love and in relationships. Impracticality where both love and money are concerned but also the ability to use one's intuition to make money and to know what the loved one needs. The ability to intuit the true worth of things.

Process: The purifying and refining of one's ability to love. Developing the ability to see through illusions into the eternal value and beauty underlying everything.

Sun: Idealized values are highly important to one, and give one the energy to fulfill goals. One feels vitalized by giving to the loved one, and by the exaltations of love.

Mercury: Speaking with a subtle persuasiveness. A mind given over to fantasizing about love. Thinking based on an idealized value system.

Mars: To assert oneself with a smooth or polished subtlety. A passionate expression of idealized love.
One willing to take the initiative to make sacrifices for the purpose of love.

Jupiter: To exuberantly give of oneself in a relationship, possibly excessively. The tendency to be overly idealistic about love. To go too far in one's idealization of the loved one.

Saturn: To take seriously one's exalted feelings of love. To be afraid of being deceived in love. Confusion in relationships causes frustration and maybe a tendency to withdraw. To feel sad or
sorrowful about unrequited love. The need to overcome love addiction. Slowly over time learning how to deal with one's romantic idealism and sensitivity in all relatioships.

Chiron: Your vibration helps others to contact the more refined and spiritualized aspects of their love nature, and to tap intuitively into the true nature of love. You also assist them in seeing through the illusions of romantic love into the higher purer realms of Divine Love.

Uranus: To freely and openly expressing one's romantic idealism and exalted love. One has a unique ability to intuit just how to love someone and then do it. Romantic fantasies that are inspiring and original. The need to free oneself from love addiction.

Pluto: Relentless and intense love fantasies. The need to come to a deep understanding of why one has the impulse to be self-sacrificing in love. Exalted, ecstatic or cosmic love which can change one's life. The driving urge to get to the bottom of confusion in relationships.

Node: One grows in this lifetime through refining one's love instinct, and through learning to intuit the deeper value of everything. One needs to engage in self-sacrifice in love in such a way that it grows one spiritually.

Ascendant: One projects the quality of having a subtle, otherworldly beauty. Others see one as having much spiritual love. One identifies with romantic fantasies. The ability to share with others on subtle, deep, and intuitive levels.

Midheaven: One's ultimate goal in life is to uplift the love nature of others through revealing finer levels of beauty in the world around them as well as in other people. One's mission is to channel siritual love to other people, often in gentle, covert or even subliminal ways.

Planets activating the Venus/Uranus midpoint

Principle: An unusual or eccentric aesthetic. The need for freedom love. The love of unusual things or people. The need to show love in an uninhibited fashion. A love of surprises. One who is unpredictable in relationships. Love connections may arise suddenly and may disappear just as quickly.

Process: The freeing up of one's ability to love and to appreciate all of life.
The ability to see the value inherent in seeming accidents, mistakes, and unforseen occurrences. To love, value and be at ease with all surprises, oddities and everything else outside the limits of one's expectations.

Sun: One feels it is important to relate to others in a free and open way. One long-range objectives are based on one's own individual values, which may be quite different from mainstream ones.

Moon: Feelings of love and attraction that may suddenly arise and also disappear quickly. The emotional need to pursue one's own values freely and independently. To be impressionable to unusual beauty. The emotional need to be able to share freely and openly in a relationship.

Mercury: One communicates in a beautifully unusual fashion. A love of experimenting with ideas. An unusual charm expressed when speaking.

Mars: One is passionate in expressing one's love in an open, uninhibited fashion. One suddenly acts on feelings of love. To be aggressive or even militant about expressing one's own independent values.

Jupiter: An enthusiasm for that which is unusual or eccentric. To encourage others to be open. If one is too exuberant about freely expressing love it may intimidate other people. To be excessively erratic in relating and displaying affection.

Saturn: Shyness about expressing one's own individual values. A fear of being open when relating to people. To love the unusual, but to fear being criticized or looked down on for it. Having to know someone a long time before one becomes open in relating.

Chiron: Your vibration helps people to love and appreciate their own uniqueness, to be less judgmental and agenda-oriented about relationships, and to give love and receive love more freely.

Neptune: A refined sense of what is unusual or eccentric. To see the unusual and the beautiful in the everyday world. One holds the ideal of giving and receiving love freely and openly, and being non judgmental.

Pluto: An obsessive attraction to the unusual, strange, or bizarre. To feel compelled to be totally open in the display of affection. One need to avoid using one's own unique or strange attractiveness to gain power over others.

Node: The need to evolve by appreciating more fully one's own individual uniqueness and the special gifts one has. To be able to be uninhibited in the expression of love supports one's spiritual evolution. Seeking out groups in which can be valued as a special person.

Ascendant: To identify with that which is strange and beautiful. An unusually compelling personality. The ability to find unique ways of sharing with others, or unexpected points in common. To freely express love toward other people.

Midheaven: Spriritually one is manifesting the ability to love all things for their beautiful uniqueness, and to find beauty in the most strange and unexpected places. One's career may involve artistic experimentation.

Planets activating the Venus/Saturn midpoint

Principle: Spiritual love. Love hard-won. A lack of love in one's life which at worst can make one cold-hearted. To seek love that is deep and enduring. Simple, classic, and/or conservative tastes. To appreciate things in a profound way. A dislike of clutter. The flowering of love in maturity. To be attracted to older people. A love union that is of a practical nature. Feeling that one cannot connect may lead to a desire for solitude.

Process: The appreciation of the value of limitations and the growth and awareness which they may bring. A continual deepening of one ability to love, and especially to be able to value the challenges and restrictions of life. The ability to perceive the spiritual value inherent in all life.

Sun: One feels it is important to be sincere in one's values, and is looking for meaningful and enduring love. To be aware of hardships and problems in all relationships, including romantic ones.

Moon: The emotional yearning for spiritual love, and/or for a deep romantic relationship. To sometimes exaggerate the difficulties that arise in relating. One's emotional security is based on having spiritual and profound relationships with others.

Mercury: To communicate in a beautifully simple way. A mind that appreciates profound ideas. To think about the problems of relating and romance.

Mars: To be angry about the difficulties and limitations encountered in relationships. To act out of a profound love.

Jupiter: One takes a positive attitude toward the limitations encountered in life, and in general can be happy with simplicity and austerity. The desire to expand the depth of one's relationships

Chiron: Your very vibration helps others to contact the deepest and most profound aspects of love, and to realize the ways they have cut themselves off from love, as well as the fears that caused them to do this. You also help others to realize the beauty of their problems and limitations, and to appreciate how these difficulties are there to help them grow.

Uranus: The desire to be freed from the limitations found in love and other relationships. Strange or unusual problems encountered when interacting with others. A sudden encountering of someone who one feels a deep love for. Embracing spiritual love is one's path to personal freedom and discovering one's unique individuality.

Neptune: The problems encountered in relationships are of a confused or uncertain nature. To be able to perceive what the difficulties in relationships are but to not be able to find a way to solve them. Hidden negative influences encountered in relationships. To fantasize about deep and spiritual relationships.

Pluto: One feels greatly pressurized by a lack of love, money, or other things. A driving need to understand one's relationships more deeply, and to perceive their spiritual dimensions.

Node: In this lifetime one is growing in terms of recognizing what is most valuable to the self and holding steadily to that value. Difficulty in relating to groups, sometimes because one feels undervalued in them.

Ascendant: Difficulty in loving oneself. To feel that one is not a lovable person. A need to appreciate one's own depth. One finds superficiality highly unfulfilling. The need to spiritually relate to everyone and everything.

Midheaven: The desire to share spiritual love with the world. Difficulties in love grow one spiritually. A career combining practicality with beauty. One receives a lack of appreciation for one's career work, or that appreciation comes later in life. A deep and enduring love is what brings security to one's life.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Planets activating the Venus/Jupiter midpoint

Principle: Enthusiastic appreciation. Generosity in love. A generous display of feeling. To encourage and support the loved one. Luxury and lavishness, too much good food, too much spending. Money wasted. Many things of value come to you easily. One can become popular easily, but negatively other people may resent you or feel jealous because of your beauty, attractiveness, or because they think everything comes easily to you. To reach out too much to the loved one, creating a situation where one takes on more than one's share of responsibility in the relationship.

Process: The expansion of one's ability to love. The realization of the truth that the universe can provide endless abundance.

Sun: One feels it is important to be generous and loving. One's self-esteem is based on enthusiastically loving others, or negatively on one's superficial beauty, having a lot of money, amassing treasures, etc.

Moon: Emotion expressed freely, easily, and generously. A lavishly affectionate disposition. Emotional insecurity causes one to be self-indulgent.

Mercury: To be alluring, seductive or flirtative when communicating. To give high praise to something. Ideas of beauty and value come to one easily.

Mars: To assert oneself in a way that charms other people and puts them at ease. To have a passion for indulging in luxuries.

Saturn: To be suspicious about people who reach out to you. To desire luxuries but to hold oneself back from obtaining them. It may take one a long time to open up to others, but when one finally does, there can be a warm, generous sharing.

Chiron: You intuitively help others to access the love which is there all around them and always ready to be taken in. You communicate a subtle feeling that abundance is to be found everywhere, and have an expansive and enriching effect on all relationships.

Uranus: To gain praise, acceptance, adulation and approval for one's uniqueness and special talents. To be unpredictably impulsive about the obtaining of luxuries. One is uninhibited in the lavish display of one's affections and attractions.

Neptune: One fantasizes about luxuries and grandiosity. A lush, rich imagination that revels in the warmth of love. To radiate an ethereal beauty. To be impractical where luxuries are concerned. Overindulgence leads to a dissipation of one's energies.

Pluto: To exude an intense magnetic quality that others find exceedingly attractive. To grow and evolve through the process of being generous. An obsessive compulsion to be wasteful.

Node: The need to enlarge one's ability to love and to appreciate life in this lifetime. Seeking out connections with people who are as enthusiastic about their values as you are. To connect to others in a loving, generous manner.

Ascendant: One loves to look good and to get the attention and approval of others. The desire to wear beautiful clothes and jewelry and to be associated with finery. A warmly affectionate disposition.

Midheaven: To grow spiritually through generously loving others and enthusiastically sharing one's appreciation for life. Often one is blessed with a fortunate, prosperous career.

Planets activating the Venus/Mars midpoint

Principle: Efficiency (Marc Edmund Jones). The ability to get things done. A love of asserting oneself. To be aggressive and assertive in romance. A warm and passionate love nature.

Process: Learning how to more and more effectively show love and align all of one's actions with its energy. Finding increasingly easier and smoother ways to get things accomplished without having to in any way slight or limit the fulfillment of one's goals.

Sun: The potential of being a master of efficiency. Goals reached through gradual and daily accomplishment. One feels that romance is important and feels vitalized by it. One's ego and self esteem are dependent on one's ability to get things accomplished.

Moon: A strong emotional need to experience love. To feel vulnerable where one's passions are concerned. One's ability to get things done is highly dependent on one's moods and emotional state.

Mercury: Highly efficient thinking, meaning the ability to figure things out and come to workable, practical conclusions. A flirting way of communicating. The ability to be seductive or to tease with words.

Jupiter: The ability to get many things done at once. The tendency to be inefficient due to taking on too many things. Feeling confident that one can get things accomplished. To be enthusiastic about romance.

Saturn: Efficiency carried out slowly and carefully or gradually. To feel a lack of romance in one's life. To desire serious romance. A great ability to focus and to shut others things out when accomplishing something. A feeling that one is unattractive.

Chiron: To have a deep intuition concerning what is not working, in terms of people getting their spiritual needs met, and also to know what will work. Hence healing others through helping the to get unstuck and to become more smooth in their forward movement.

Uranus: Sudden and abrupt expression of passion, which can cause the love one to feel intimidated or withdraw. A unique and highly individualistic way of expression passion, which might delight the loved one, or seem strange or even bizarre to a less open-minded person. One gifted with the ability to find inspired and unsuspected ways of accomplishing things.

Neptune: Subtlety and refinement in the expression of passion. An imaginative, gothic, or romantic love nature. Lack of efficiency due to confusion, or, when one develops one's psychic sense, the ability to enlist one's intuition in the successful accomplishment of tasks.

Pluto: Extremely strong or even obsessive passions. The desire to get projects of great scope accomplished, often ones that will benefit humanity. A person who is exceptionally seductive or flirtative.

Node: The desire to connect with people who will help one get things done, and/or to bring efficiency to groups. One needs to direct one's ability to be efficient toward spiritually evolving rather than only maintaining the status quo.

Ascendant: A person with a lot of verve. One who is attractive and/or seductive. Being efficient gives one a sense of identity. A person who plays the role of a facilitator

Midheaven: The desire to find efficient ways of bringing spiritual energy into the earth plane. The ability to accomplish much in one's career. To set up clearly defined tasks in one's profession and then to get them done.

Planets activating the Mercury/Midheaven midpoint

Principle: The attaining of greater powers and abilities of commuication. Spiritualized thinking. Communication with authorities and authority figures. Making public one's ideas. How one's ideas and thinking interact with one's career. The need to ultimately figure out things for oneself rather than listening solely to the ideas of other people, no matter how authoritative they are.

Process: Allowing one's mind to become increasingly infused with and guided by spiritual forces. Communicating with authority figures and receiving the impress of their ideas.

Sun: To develop a command or mastery of communicating in your career, or of communicating spiritual ideas. The success of one's goals depend on one's ability to be flexible and open to the reception of spiritual ideas.

Moon: Being vulnerable to the ideas and thinking of authority figures. The emotional need to find basic ideas that will provide one security.

Venus: To appreciate the ideas of experts, or those with authority. An appreciation of ideas that carry spiritual authority. A love of thinking about worldly things. To appreciate the complexity of ideas..

Mars: The desire to find out the ideas that are most right and true. The desire to base one's actions of spiritual ideas. The tendency to justify what one does by pointing out the rightness of one's ideas.

Jupiter: To have copious thoughts about many things. To be enthusiastic about exploring ideas in all their complexity and interconnectedness. Success through publicizing one's ideas and or through using one's cleverness in one's career.

Saturn: Uncertainty about what one thinks. Coming to conclusions slowly and gradually, oftentimes with much suffering of doubt. The need to be alone to figure out on one's own what one thinks. A fear or shyness concerning sharing one's ideas with the world. The feeling that one has a lack of authority figures to guide one's mind and give one needed information.

Chiron: Your energy naturally spiritualizes all communication, raising ideas into higher vibrations and allowing all exchanging of information to become more in alignment with cosmic realities. You instinctively assist others in connecting to their higher self.

Uranus: The need to take an independent course in developing one's ideas. To have spiritual ideas come to one suddenly, or in an unexpected form. To rebel against conservative thinking and the ideas of those general accepted as authorities.

Neptune: To be able to subtly perceive the spiritual communications coming to one. An imagination that has great cleverness and complexity. The potential of one's ideas being misapprehended by the world.

Pluto: To be obsessed with certain ideas and the wish to fulfill them. To have intense and/or transforming communications with those in authority, or with the spiritual realms directly.

Node: To connect with people in the search for ultimate truth. To need connections with others who will respect and look up to one's ideas. In this lifetime one is growing in terms of developing one's mental powers and the ability to think clearly and spiritually.

Ascendant: To identify with being a high-minded person. To play the role of an authoritative thinker. The desire and need to project spiritual ideas through one's personality.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Planets activating the Mercury/Ascendant midpoint

Principle: A love of sharing ideas with others. Truly caring about with other people think. Others' ideas help one to refine one's own, and to be more clear about what one thinks. The search for ideas that will help one evolve.

Process: The selecting of ideas to form one's identity. The sharing of ideas with others as a means receiving feedback so that one may define one's self concept.

Sun: One feels it is important to exchange ideas with people. The goal and purpose of one's life is connecting one's ideas with people who will benefit from them.

Moon: To have strong feelings about the conflict between new and old ideas. A need for intimacy expressed through communicating with others.

Venus: Seeking out people who will appreciate one's ideas. The artist who is searching for a community of fellow artists. To seek a lover who will introduce one to new ideas, and who will push one to develop greater communication skills. To appreciate art that connects lots of ideas together.

Mars: Sharing ideas with others impels one to take action. A desire to work with other people and to get their feedback about what one is doing.

Jupiter: Sharing ideas with others leads to success, in that one gives and gets lots of good support. Too much sharing of ideas with other people, possibly because one does it instead of taking action. Also, the tendency to share lots of random ideas with others that may lead nowhere, and so a need to select out valuable ideas that are exchanged with others rather than allowing them to get lost in a sea of information.

Saturn: Shyness in sharing ideas with others. Feeling limited or inadequate when one attempts to share thoughts. Sharing ideas of a depressing, sorrowful or otherwise negative nature.

Chiron: One's way of saying things has a healing effect. One helps others to overcome identifying with negative ideas, and to identify more with the thoughts that will most grow one.

Uranus: Originality when it comes to connecting ideas together. The need to share ideas with others in a context where one can be one's own unique self and be free.

Neptune: To perceive subtle connections between ideas. To feel a spiritual obligation to share one's ideas with others.

Pluto: One is strongly impacted by sharing ideas with others, and such experiences can be transforming in the extreme. One may put ideas together in a way that hold one back, and need to “rewire” them in a way that supports one's personal evolution.

Ascendant: One's identity is strongly affected by sharing ideas with others, so one needs to avoid such contexts that negatively reinforce one's self image, and seek out contexts where one gets healthy and nurturing feedback for ones ideas, as well as support for communicating.

Midheaven: One has the ability to see the spiritual implications of all ideas, and to put them together in such a way that their spiritual basis is revealled and enhanced.

Planets activating the Mercury/Node midpoint

Principle: A love of sharing ideas with others. Truly caring about with other people think. Others' ideas help one to refine one's own, and to be more clear about what one thinks. The search for ideas that will help one evolve.

Process: The pull between thinking which accommodates a static and seemingly safe connection to the past, and thinking which allows for change and supports one's evolution.

Sun: One feels it is important to share ideas with people. The goal and purpose of one's life is actualized through sharing one's ideas with people who will benefit from them.

Moon: To have strong feelings about the conflict between new and old ideas. A need for intimacy expressed through communicating with others.

Venus: Seeking out people who will appreciate one's ideas. The artist who is searching for a community of fellow artists. To seek a lover who will introduce one to new ideas, and who will push one to develop greater communication skills. To appreciate art that connects lots of ideas together.

Mars: Sharing ideas with others impels one to take action. A desire to work with other people and to get their feedback about what one is doing.

Jupiter: Sharing ideas with others leads to success, in that one gives and gets lots of good support. Too much sharing of ideas with other people, possibly because one does it instead of taking action. Also, the tendency to share lots of random ideas with others that may lead nowhere, and so a need to select out valuable ideas that are exchanged with others rather than allowing them to get lost in a sea of information.

Saturn: Shyness in sharing ideas with others. Feeling limited or inadequate when one attempts to share thoughts. Sharing ideas of a depressing, sorrowful or otherwise negative nature.

Chiron: One helps others to perceive the ideas they need to move away from the the one's they need to move toward. One helps others to find a new way of looking at things. Sharing one's ideas with groups and/or individuals can have a profoundly healing effect.

Uranus: Originality when it comes to connecting ideas together. The need to share ideas with others in a context where one can be one's own unique self and be free.

Neptune: To perceive subtle connections between ideas. To feel a spiritual obligation to share one's ideas with others.

Pluto: One is strongly impacted by sharing ideas with others, and such experiences can be transforming in the extreme. One may put ideas together in a way that hold one back, and and hence need to “rewire” them in a way that supports one's personal evolution.

Ascendant: One's identity is strongly affected by sharing ideas with others, so one needs to avoid such contexts that negatively reinforce one's self image, and seek out contexts where one gets healthy and nurturing feedback for ones ideas, as well as support for communicating.

Midheaven: One has the ability to see the spiritual implications of all ideas, and to put them together in such a way that their spiritual basis is revealled and enhanced.

Planets activating the Mercury/Pluto midpoint

Principle: Mental obsessiveness. The tendency to be extremely opinionated. The need to transform the mind by clearing negative thinking. The ability to communicate in a powerful manner. Communication that is so intense it destroys itself, causing miscommunication or no communication. One tends to hold extreme ideas which could be transformative in a positive way, or destructive.

Process: The evolution of one's mental powers through the breaking down of limiting ideas and ways of looking at things so that new ideas and perspectives may form that are increasingly closer to the true nature of reality. The waging of war between the desire to communicate with oneself and the fear of doing so, and the externalizing of this into outer communication.

Sun: One who communicates powerfully and in an organized manner that holds fast to what is important. Egotism expressed through the communication of extreme ideas or opinions.

Moon: Insecurities manifesting as mental obsessiveness. Intensity of communication stemming from one's imbuing one's words with tremendous feeling. An emotional need to communicate deeply.

Venus: One appreciates extreme ideas. Intense communications with the loved one. Intense verbal expressions of love.

Mars: The ability to always be clever and resourceful when any challenge comes up, or when something arises that threatens to obstruct or inhibit what one is trying to do.

Jupiter: enthusiasm for convincing other people. A teacher who can be highly compelling when presenting ideas. Success through impressing other people with one's ideas, though if the person lacks a moral sense this might imply one who has a great ability to dupe others.

Saturn: A need to be sensitive to the ideas of others rather than solely focused on one's own. Negative reactions encountered when one tries to impress one's ideas on others.

Chiron: To help others to overcome ideas and thinking that are oppressing them, and to transform their thinking. To build new channels and ways of thinking and communication. To foster a deep connectedness.

Uranus: A genius for expressing ideas with intensity, and for influencing others. Intense communications with other people that happen suddenly and/or are unpredictable.

Neptune: To be extremely receptive to the ideas of others. To be mentally obsessive about one's ideals. Nagging and relentless thoughts sap one's energy.

Node: A need to guide one's intense thoughts toward supporting one's evolution rather than allowing obsessive thinking to hold one in old, stagnant patterns.

Ascendant: A person who projects a lot of power, often in a low-key manner. The attempt to dominate others with one's ideas frustrates and weakens relationships rather than supporting them. The need to allow intense communication to grow both oneself and others when connecting.

Midheaven: Creating deeper and truer communication should be a major part of one's life's work. Mental battles with employers. A need to allow one's mind to be mentally receptive to spiritual energy rather than shutting it out due to rigidly and relentlessly held attitudes and ideas.

Planets activating the Mercury/Neptune midpoint.

Principle: The imagination. The ability to communicate in a subtle way and to imply much with one's words. Confused thinking, and the possibility of being misunderstood, either because one is vague, or because others lack the sensitivity to pick up on what one is saying. Clairvoyance. Messages from beyond. Channeling.

Process: To dissolve the boundaries that limit communication. To develop a finer and finer sensitivity to picking up messages from the spiritual realms and from one's own intuition. The ability to see beyond any and all vehicles of communication into the deepest essence of what is really being communicated.

Sun: To have imaginative and visionary ideas pertaining to one's goals. One's physical self and health are affected by one's mental sensitivity. To maintain vitality you need to focus on uplifting thoughts and stay away from situations and people that are mentally draining. One is potentially a master of imaginative commmunication.

Moon: A receptiveness to subtle communcations. The emotional need to fantasize, and ideally to share one's fantasies with others. A person highly impressionable to idealistic ideas.

Venus: Beautiful and/or romantic imaginings. Laziness manifesting as a tendency to fantasize or to have ungrounded thoughts that either cannot or one will not realize in physical reality. A love of subtle communications.

Mars: Taking action to realize one's vision. Actions that are ineffective due to wavering, lack of focus, or confusion. To act with subtlety, and/or the ability act gently or quietly, with a lightness of touch.

Jupiter: One who has an abundant and varied imagination. A great enthusiasm for idealistic concepts. Success through being guided by spiritual forces and spirit guides.

Saturn: A dark, dreary or pessimistic imagination. Being frustrated by confused communications. A fear of falling prey to demonic or other negative forces that might drain one's energy.

Chiron: To help others to become more expansive and open in their thinking, and especially more open to the wisdom and knowledge that is everywhere around them and always ready to be accessed. To help others to overcome their mental confusion by transmuting it into clear intuition.

Uranus: One's imagination is highly unusual and experimental. A unique ability to see the subtlety of ideas.

Pluto: One is relentlessly pursued by thoughts coming from the spiritual realms, and which need to be listened to and heeded – or if they are not, stress will be the result. A tremendous ability to read between the lines when one hears what others have to say. An exceptionally psychic person.

Node: The need to share ideals in a group setting. Overcoming negative psychic links with others and developing positive ones.

Ascendant: A tendency to psychically take on the energy of other people. One may need to overcome imaginings concerning the self, and idealizations concerning one's identity. The ability to relate to others in a subtle manner.

Midheaven: The urge to share uplifting ideas with the world. Enhancing and developing one's positive psychic connection with others is one's life's work.

Planets activating the Mercury/Uranus midpoint

Principle: Independent thinking. Strange ideas. A progressive mind. Thinking outside the box and experimenting with ideas. Sudden communication that can catch people off guard. The ability to say things in an unique or unusual way. A spasmodic scattering of energies that can create upset and/or cause failure due to not putting enough energy into any one thing.

Process: The liberating of one's thoughts from unnecessarily limiting biases. Allowing one's mind to find its own individualized way of thinking and communicating. To explore new modes of sharing information and to free the mind so that it can perceive ideas in new ways and in new relationships to each other.

Sun: To become suddenly aware of something important. An erratic mind can throw one off balance. The ability to communicate in an inspired manner about important matters, or the goal at hand. Independent thinking about the meaning of things, and of life in general.

Moon: An emotional need for open communication. Quickly and/or abruptly changing moods.

Venus: A love of free-ranging talk, and of people who can communicate openly. An appreciation of art that communicates something original and/or surprising. A need for a love involvement with an independent thinker who will stimulate one's mind. Thinking outside the box generates valuable ideas.

Mars: To act with inspired cleverness. To have one's own way of doing things. To find it difficult to fit in with the agendas of others, or to be told what to do. Swift assessment of a situation plus the ability to take quick action. Anger can upset the nervous system.

Jupiter: Success through independent thinking. Generosity expressed as freely sharing one's ideas with others. A willingness to always be open to new ideas.

Saturn: One may have unusual, strange, or bizarre ideas, but is careful in assessing them, and tries to be practical when acting on them. Holding back from free communication. Saying the wrong thing at the wrong time creates a difficulty. The need to overcome the fear of saying what is on one's mind and receiving negative reactions from others.

Chiron: To open up the mind of others through communicating. To help others transcend the limits of their own thinking, as well as to realize their own unique thoughts. To free others from the thought patterns of the mass consciousness.

Neptune: The ability to think subtly and/or intuitively. The receiving of visions and revelations. The ability to open up the minds of other people. Inspirations that are of a subtle nature, which could be confusing until one learns how to be attentive and receptive to them.

Pluto: To be very intent on particular ideas which often involve research or experimentation. Mental intensity which could potentially result in nervous difficulties.

Node: The need to be able to share ideas freely with others. Progressive thinking shared in a group context. The need to develop one's ideas.

Ascendant: The desire to be in an interesting and stimulating environment. Fast thinking may create difficulties in relating to others.

Midheaven: An ability to effectively perceive complex relationships and connections. The desire to share innovative ideas with the world. To have a reputation for having unusual ideas or for taking an original approach to one's career.

Planets activating the Mercury/Saturn midpoint

Principle: The organization of ideas. Practical thinking. Difficulty communicating, which may be caused by one's own inability to effectively form and/or define one's ideas, or by the other person not wishing to hear what one has to say. Negative thinking. Saying little, and/or the ability to concentrate much meaning in few words. Being unable to hear what the other person has to say.

Process: The clearing of one's mind of extraneous, unnecessary and/or overly limiting thoughts. The development of mental clarity and simplicity. The growth of one's ability to focus one's mind.

Sun: One's ego is characterized by a rigid mindset. The ability to organize ideas in a meaningful manner. Negative thoughts pertaining to one's self-esteem. One places a lot of importance on practical thinking. Difficulty communicating undermines one's self-confidence.

Moon: Mental clarity makes one feel secure. One is vulnerable to the negative ides of others. One finds security in simple and clear thoughts.

Venus: A love of mentally organizing information. The beauty of clearly expressed thoughts. Laziness supported by negative thinking.

Mars: Anger arising from difficulties in communication. An aggressive expression of rigid ideas. Anger manifesting as careful, pointed speech. Uncertainty of thought inhibits action. After much deep thought, and/or soul searching, action is taken.

Jupiter: An enthusiasm which takes into account the drawbacks of any situation and which tries to work around them. Success in organizing thoughts. Taking a good attitude toward difficult work.

Chiron: An instinctive ability to communicate with a profound clarity. To be able to perceive the most important ideas., which leads to greater organization in thinking. A deep sensitivity to problems with communication, and an intuitive ability to heal them.

Uranus: A genius for organizing ideas in a original and/or unique manner. The desire to overcome communication difficulties. The sudden arising of problems in communication. Negative thoughts about how one is different from other people, and a need to overcome those.

Neptune: Negative thinking that dissipates one's energy. Negative thoughts frustrate one's idealism. Holding firmly to one's ideals. Communication problems that are hard to diagnose. To fantasize about having deep conversations with others.

Pluto: Relentless narrow-mindedness. An obsessive need to organize ideas. The need to continue to try to communicate until there is a breakthrough. An intense desire to figure something out.

Node: The desire to seek out people with whom one can have deep and/or profound communication. A need to get out of old patterns of thinking and to find new systems of thought.

Ascendant: A person who tends to keep their ideas to themselves, or who doesn't say much. A person who presents themselves as a serious thinker. The tendency to see oneself as not very intelligent. Uncertainty as to how one's ideas are being received.

Midheaven: The need to spiritualize all of one's thinking. One's work involves the organizing of ideas. The need to share one's ideas with the world, even though it may take others time to understand them and they may not be well-received at first.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Planets activating the Mercury/Jupiter midpoint

Principle: The ability to synthesize ideas. Enthusiastic communication. Excessive thinking. Enthusiasm for many ideas. Saying too much. Philosophical thinking. Having too much on one's mind makes one absent minded.

Process: The collection and coordination of information. The generous sharing of thoughts and ideas.

Sun: Objectivity in one's philosophical thinking. One's goal in life has to do with successful communication. One's objectives are furthered by making successful and supportive connections.

Moon: Security comes from expanded thinking and/or synthesizing ideas. Having a good instinct for how to encourage others through communication. Impressionable to many sorts of ideas.

Venus: A love of talking about a wide range of topics. A love of getting worked up in one's mind about something. A love of free and easy communication. One is attracted to anything which expands and enriches the mind.

Mars: Action based on having taking a lot of factors into account. Saying too much causes conflicts. Taking the initiative to bring up issues and try to work them out.

Saturn: One is burdened with too many ideas, which makes it difficult to make decisions. Being uncertain as to how to put ideas together. Philosophical thinking of great depth.

Chiron: To intuitively communicate in an uplifting expansive manner which imbues others with greater faith and optimism. This often happens in a hidden or subtle fashion. Healing through the synthesizing and harmonizing of ideas.

Uranus: A love of unusual ideas. An ability to put ideas together in one's own unique way. Sudden and unpredictable episodes of pouring forth ideas.

Neptune: Too much thinking can cause confusion. A clever and expansive imagination. One's idealism causes one to reach out to a wealth of ideas. One feels an obligation to be generous in the spreading of useful information.

Pluto: A mind which is always enlarging on ideas. Too much thinking can eventually exhaust the self, leading to a breakthrough.

Node: The desire to seek out contacts that will enrich the mind. Too much jumping around from thing to thing needs to be transmuted into mental harmony and the meaningful coordination of ideas.

Ascendant: One is potentially too flexible and willing to compromise in relationships. If the person says too much it can cause them to not be taken seriously, or cause people to not listen to them very carefully. Insecurity can cause the person to talk a lot.

Midheaven: A career involving the coordination of ideas, and/or encouraging others through communication. A professional teacher. A person good at research. Playing the role of an authority figure who is generous with his or her ideas.

Planets activating the Mercury/Mars midpoint

Principle: Passionate communication. Constructive and/or destructive communication. Arguing. Mental conflict. An agitated nervous system. The ability to be pointed and assertive when speaking. Sexual communication.

Process: The building and/or destroying of connections. Using communication in a combative and/or stimulating manner, either for good or ill.

Sun: To argue masterfully. To stick to what is most important when one is communicating, and to not be afraid to say what is on one's mind. An aggressively egotistical communicator.

Moon: The emotional need to be able to say what one things, and to let out anger verbally. The urge to argue or to speak passionately is arouses when one is feeling insecure, or very emotional.

Venus: To express ones love and values in a passionate manner. An appreciation of arguing, and the manner in which ideas conflict. Choosing a love with whom one can engage in verbal sparring, or mental stimulation.

Jupiter: A constructive mind which likes to enlarge on whatever is thinking. An enthusiasm for discussing issues and working out problems. To be generous in supporting and encouraging the ideas of others. A strong faith in the possibility of resolving conflicts.

Saturn: To express one's anger in a slow, careful manner. To fear arguments. Holding back from saying what one thinks. One needs to express one's spiritual truth directly and openly.

Chiron: To be guided spiritually when arguing, and because of this to use the conflict of ideas as a healing device. To say pointed things of a healing nature which carry a potent impact, often without knowing one is doing so.

Uranus: A genius for understanding and working with the conflict between ideas. An original, surprising or unique way of arguing. Nervous energy released through accidents.

Neptune: Arguing in a vague or unformed manner that confuses other people. A subtle and/or covert aggressiveness when speaking. One expresses one's idealism with forcefulness. Arguing about ideals.

Pluto: The relentless urge to communicate, and potential agitation when it isn't working. The need to find better ways of getting one's ideas across. Attempting to gain power over another through verbal hostility or abuse.

Node: Seeking out people that one can communicate with openly, and who aren't afraid to argue. Seeking out people who provide mental stimulation.

Ascendant: Cleverness at repartee when relating. The ability to fire up others when speaking, and/or to aggravate them by touching on whatever they are sensitive about. A person who appears to have a lot of nervous energy.

Midheaven: The ability to express one's ideas with forcefulness and authority. Arguing with those in charge. The need to share one's ideas with the world.

Planets activating the Mercury/Venus midpoint

Principle: An appreciation of aesthetics. The ability to communicate artfully, smoothly, and/or beautifully. A love of ideas, communication, speaking, etc. Communication in relationships.

Process: The ability to use language and communication in general as a peace-making device, and to help others exchange ideas in a harmonious, appreciative manner.

Sun: A potential master of beautiful communication. The ability to be very persuasive when one speaks or writes. Goals attained through the use of diplomacy and artful communication. An egotist in love with his or her own ideas.

Moon: The emotional need to communicate about what one loves. Feeling uncertain or vulnerable about the value of one's own ideas. Harmonious and peaceful communication gives one a feeling of security.

Mars: To forcefully or assertively communicate in an artful or smooth way. When one acts it tends to be with a smooth flexibility, meaning an ability to easily work around any problems or challenges that come up.

Jupiter: A wealth of artistic cleverness. The accumulation of beautiful or valuable ideas. A love of philosophical ideas artfully or beautifully expressed. An eagerness to share knowledge.

Saturn: Practicality manifesting through cleverness. An ability to organize thoughts in a beautiful, simple and/or profound manner. Difficulty in finding the right words to put an idea across diplomatically or persuasively,but an ability to do so in a clear, simple, focused way.

Chiron: The instinctive ability to imbue all communication with love, as well as an ability to have a soothing and relaxing effect on the nervous systems of others.

Uranus: A genius for beautiful, artful and/or persuasive communication. The ability to catch others off guard when communicating, often in a delightful, entertaining manner. Having one's own unique way of beautifully saying things.

Neptune: The ability to be very subtle when communicating, sometimes to the point that one's meaning eludes others. Fantasies and imaginings that are communicated beautifully. To delude oneself with superficial, lazy, and/or selfish thinking.

Pluto: An intensely powerful manner of artful communication. The ability to be seductive with words. Smooth and/or polished communication that has a deep impact on others. A profound involvement with the beauty of language.

Node: Connecting with others who appreciate one's ideas. One finds it easy to be flexible when connecting with others and through on's words to put them at ease. One is learning in this lifetime to communicate one's truest and deepest values rather than being content with merely superficial or easy ways of thinking and communicating.

Ascendant: One comes across as a smooth and flexible person. The ability to project oneself in an accomodating and diplomatic manner.

Midheaven: The communication of love is one's highest attainment in the lifetime. One's work involves the soothing of others, maybe through offering words or ideas of comfort and beauty.