Giving the Gift of Light



I am moving to a new home in 8 days.  I have lived in my present residence for 45 years, and have become deeply ensconced here, so the idea of moving feels both strange and exciting.  I and my partner are downsizing from a two-story house to a one-bedroom apartment, and because the house we currently live in is so filled with stuff, there are mountains we need to get rid of. 

In one respect doing this feels great, because so much of it is things we don’t need, which makes it feel like a massive unburdening is happening.  On the other hand it’s often been difficult to make decisions about what to let go of and what to hold on to, as well as dealing with the fear that keeps coming up that there will be regrets in the future about what we’ve thrown overboard.

                One of the things I owned until just several days ago is a copy of the Zohar, purchased for $400 from the Kabbalah Center in New York City.  The Zohar consists of 22 hardback volumes with a 23rd volume that it an index for the whole thing.  It’s said that owning this book purifies and protects the atmosphere where you live, and so I was dubious about letting go of it.  But after thinking it over for a few days I decided that releasing it to a used bookstore where it could purify someone else’s house could be a fine act of charity.  I also could feel my own guides telling me that I could own a vibrational edition of the book, by asking that an invisible, etheric copy of it be installed in my new abode once I moved.  How convenient so many things can become when you embrace mysticism!

                Each one of the 22 volumes of the Zohar corresponds to one of the 22 cards of the Major Arcana of the Tarot, and so reading the Zohar is a great way of tuning into Tarot energy, and of learning more about the cards on a wonderfully high and exalted plane.  Also, the Zohar was originally written in Aramaic, and the copy that I owned has the complete Aramaic text in it, each passage of Aramaic followed by an English translation.

                What you can do with this Aramaic text is run your eyes across the lines of it as if you are reading it.  The lines go from the top of the page to bottom, and are read from right to left.  Kabbalists refer to this activity as scanning, and say that doing it allows you to tune in to the vibration of the text on a subliminal level, so it’s a fine way of feeding yourself spiritually.

                One time when I was going through a period of financial hardship I sought the advice of a Kabbalah counsellor, who told me I could do some healing work on my money situation by buying someone a copy of the Zohar.  I told him that I couldn’t afford spending the $400 it would cost at that time, but he urged me to go ahead and do it anyway, even though it would create even another financial hardship for me.  So I went ahead and did it, and soon after that I had a great rush of business, made back the $400, and a great deal more.  It was a wonderful lesson in faith for me.

                I don’t think you necessarily need to buy a Zohar for someone every time you need financial help, but I do think it’s a powerful act to, for instance, give money to street people, who are really in need of it.  Always remember that even such a simple gesture as passing out smiles can be a far more potent spiritual therapy than most people realize – I’m reminding you of this because at this time of history we are living in such a materialistic society, and are compelled by the way the social structure is set up toward always making money our primary focus. 

Here's a wonderful thing to remember:  every time you engage in any act of kindness, no matter how seemingly small, you’re investing in your spiritual future, and raising the vibrations of planet Earth.




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