Therapeutic Cycles of Planets and Signs



I want to show you a list I’ve developed.  It reveals how every planet and sign has one other planet or sign which it has a healing effect on.  If you want more information about this, you can find it in my book Soul Journey through the Tarot.  Here’s the list:


Therapeutic Cycles of Planets and Signs

(There are three of these cycles as listed below.  Note how each one begins with an outer planet and ends with an element).




Arcanum X:  Uranus heals Virgo

Arcanum II:  Virgo heals Saturn

Arcanum XV:  Saturn heals Sagittarius

Arcanum VII:  Sagittarius heals Gemini

Arcanum XVII:  Gemini heals Venus

Arcanum VI:  Venus heals Taurus

Arcanum XIV:  Taurus heals Scorpio

Arcanum IV:  Scorpio heals Mars

Arcanum XVI:  Mars heals Capricorn

Arcanum VIII:  Capricorn heals Cancer

Arcanum XVIII:  Cancer heals Aquarius

Arcanum IX:  Aquarius heals Leo

Arcanum XIX:  Leo heals Pisces

Arcanum XII:  Pisces heals Libra

Arcanum III:  Libra heals Jupiter

Arcanum V:  Jupiter heals Aries

Arcanum XIII:  Aries heals water




Arcanum XI:  Neptune heals Sun

Arcanum XXI:  Sun heals fire




Arcanum XXII:  Pluto heals Moon

Arcanum XX:  Moon heals Mercury

Arcanum I:  Mercury heals air


This list has to do with the sign and planetary rulerships of the Major Arcana as they are given in the Sepher Yetzirah, (I call these the basic rulerships) versus the sign and planetary rulerships of them given in the work of C. C. Zain (which I call the the therapeutic rulerships). 

The C. C. Zain rulerships are the first planet or sign on each line, and the Serpher Yetzirah rulerships are the last one on the line. 

Note how the last term of each line becomes the first term of the next line, and when you follow this cycle, it results in three sets of links, each one ending with one of the three elements ascribed to the cards in the Sepher Yetzirah  -- water, fire and air.

These three sets of Major Arcana rulerships show how all the planets and signs are linked together.  There are three sets of these links, the first one, of 17 lines, being the longest.  The second set, which is the shortest, consists of only of two lines and three terms:  Neptune, Sun, and fire, and the third set is made up of only three lines and four terms:  Pluto, Moon, Mercury, and air.

There are many things I want to say about this list, and I shall be exploring it in detail in future blogs.  For right now, I would like you to check into it intuitively and see what you get from it. 

For instance, how does it feel when you contemplate the idea of Neptune healing the Sun?  To me, for example, the Sun is the planet of purpose, while Neptune signifies idealism, and certainly when we have a strong sense of idealism it can bring much healing and spiritual fire to our purpose in life.  Also, Neptune signifies one’s intuition, and intuition can help us to see what goals (Sun ruling goals) we need to devote ourselves to.  And actually, the Sun is also our conscious perception, which can be elevated and refined by our psychic sense (Neptune). 

There are many other ways of perceiving this Neptune/Sun connection, so see what you come up with.  In the meantime I’ll be exploring more of these connections in future posts.



Later I realized that there is an obvious way to link these three sets together:  if we take Pluto as another manifestation of fire, Uranus as another manifestation of air, and Neptune as another manifestation of water, then these three sets link together in the order of:  Set 3, Set 1, and set 2.  If you have a difficult time understanding this all you have to do is read the three sets in this way:  for Uranus read Uranus/air, for air read air/Uranus, for Pluto read Pluto/fire, for fire read fire/Pluto, for Neptune read Neptune/water, and for water read water/Neptune.

I could have re-written these three sets as one list with the corrections I have just explained, but decided to leave them in the first form I came up with, so that you could see the evolution of my thinking about these things.    




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