The Three of Swords


This card signifies the refining (3=Neptune) of the physical realm.  This means such things as physical detoxing and any sort of purifying that cleans the material world.  It can signify the need to quit smoking, alcohol consumption, and drug use.  Eating pure food and drinking pure water, and imbuing the food and water that we eat and drink with thoughtforms of nourishment, love and joy means that these are the energies we will be taking in when we consume it.

    The number of this card is 67, whose digits add up to 13, the number of Aries, which is the energy of renewal, and in the Sepher Yetzirah system signifies water, a cleansing element.

    This card can easily signify frustration, for the physical world can be dark and dense, and can hold us down and back.  The earth realm can create illusions which can hide spiritual energies.  The more perceptive we become of subtleties the more we can see into the physical world, and see through the illusions that it creates, and see that it is our friend and teacher rather than our oppressor.

    This card is asking for the ideal and the real to come together, which can be a slow process, and which is most likely to happen when we have dedication and devotion to the tasks and chores of the physical world.  It can also mean that we can have intuitions about the physical world and its inner workings, which can help us to live more harmoniously in it.  These intuitions can connect us with the gnomes, who are the elementals of the physical plane.

    This card tells us that when we do all our work with love and joy it can have a profound and positive effect on the physical world, and hence on our health.  So this card has much to do with energy healing, especially those techniques which work on the physical self and physical level, such as cranio-sacral therapy and Flower Essence Therapy.

    This card in a reading may be saying, “it is your illusions and fantasies which are blocking your way forward.”  It can also be saying, “it’s time to take risks which will lead you toward the fulfilling of your dreams.” 

    It may also be telling you that you have been blocking your psychic energies and need to get more in touch with them, though such activities as automatic writing, or observing more closely how you are feeling and what is going through your mind, or observing more clearly your reactions to your environment, or psychically purifying your environment so that it becomes a more supportive and comfortable place for you to be.

    Many people repress their intuition because they are afraid of becoming confused, or uncertain.  If you can learn to become accepting of not knowing, accepting of confusion and uncertainty, you are more likely to be able to enter more fully Neptune’s realm, and if you focus on your intent to grow spiritually this confusion will gradually transmute into clarity and certainty.    



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