(112) Omega/Chandra Symbols: Gemini 21 - 25

Phase 17. Great Escape (Lamed Aleph Vav)

Angel: LAVIAH (LAH-vee-YAH) Revelation

Gemini 21. A healer breaks up adhesions beneath an old wound. (Omega Symbol) Interacting/Experimental

(Degree Angel: HAZIEL (HA-zee-EL) Angelic Influences, Divine Mercy and Forgiveness)

You have an instinct for finding just the right stimuli you need to break out of old restrictive patterns. You sense stuck places both in yourself and others, and are naturally drawn to affecting them by your words and actions. This can be wonderfully healing. The problem is that people may resist your input, because it can be painful. If this is the case, you need to move on to those who are receptive to your energy.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Wine casks retrieved from an ancient shipwreck.” In both symbols we are dealing with something from the past. In the Omega Symbol that which has been restricted, tight and obstructed is being intensively worked so that it becomes open and new energy is allowed in. In the Chandra Symbol that which has been temporarily lost and has been waiting to be used for a long time is found again, and hopefully the time elapsed has helped to bring it to perfection. This degree is about going back and correcting what went wrong, and rediscovering what was lost.

Pleiadian Symbol: Magically the trolls make the stones weightless as the build the castle.

Azoth Symbol: A dog gone for many months returns.

Seed degree: Sagittarius 3. No one is sure the journey has ended. (Omega Symbol). Becoming open to the possibilities of farther traveling, deeper exploring and more complete healing, we delve into restricted areas to free them up.

Clouds overhead seen in a reflecting pool. (Chandra Symbol). Experiencing spiritual forces at work deep in our emotional self, we come into an awareness of what was lost and are able to find it again.

Fulfillment degree: Sagittarius 7. A mirror covered with a shroud. (Omega Symbol). As we continue to be more and more in touch with our true inner essence because of having released those tight, restrictive places inside ourselves, we increasingly let go of any attachment to surface appearances.

Rats with ruby eyes. (Chandra Symbol). As we become more attuned to our inner essence our perception is sharpened and we are able to see more and more deeply into all dark, shadowy, hidden places.

Gemini 22. A painting that, once it is seen, cannot be remembered. (Omega Symbol) Interacting/Sensitive

(Degree Angel: ALADIAH (a-LA-dee-YAH) Looks Can Kill: Protection from the Evil Eye, Divine Grace)

You’re always ready to start over again, if you have to. You are able to overcome the preconditioning of the past and to look at situations once again with a fresh and unclouded vision. Other people as well as the world itself are continually attempting to compel other people how to be and act. It is your challenge to not allow these projections to subdue the expression of who you really are.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A young girl is sold to a sultan.” This is one of the most obviously negative of all the symbols. This does not mean that this degree is any more positive or negative in its potential than any of the others. Whenever we come across one of these negative images it represents a caution, and means that the person with this degree in their chart is aware of the brand of negativity depicted by the symbol – in this case the potential for people to be supremely selfish in their attempt to dominate others and treat them like objects.

This degree is very aware of the coercive and dehumanizing elements in society, and the way that other people often take these elements for granted and as an accepted way of life. It seeks to overcome this tendency, as well as help other people to overcome it too. And, like the painting that can't be remembered in the Omega Symbol, we need to continually be returning to and looking again at this situation and keep reminding ourselves that it exists and what it looks like if we are ever to change it.

Pleiadian Symbol: Humans and many types of animals carrying out an elaborate dance.

Azoth Symbol: In a darkened room people wait silently and expectantly for a medium to speak.

Seed degree: Sagittarius 15. Prized possessions are disappearing, one by one. (Omega Symbol). Letting go of and losing whatever we have helps us to continually see everything in a new way.

A tidal wave approaching.(Chandra Symbol). Experiencing profound inner changes that sweep away the structures by which we have always lived help us to see more clearly the needs of other people and to overcome our own selfishness.

Fulfillment degree: Capricorn 7. A guidebook to an ancient city. (Omega Symbol). In an attempt to understand more deeply that which we have trouble taking in, we are led to explore the past in a more clear, detailed and profound manner.

A satyr gazing at his reflection in a pond. (Chandra Symbol). To comprehend and overcome the selfish aspects of ourselves and the power struggles we find ourselves in, we look more deeply into our own animal nature, so that it may be recognized for what it is and integrated more harmoniously into our being.

Gemini 23. A man attuning to the vibrations of a myriad of different flowers. (Omega Symbol) Interacting/Receptive

(Degree Angel: LAUVIAH (LO-vee-YAH) Banishying the Remnants of Evil, Victory)

There are so many energies in the world which you might perceive and experience. The question is, which ones do you need, and can you focus on them without being distracted. At worst, you may hide from yourself by becoming a mere observer of life. At best you can feel what it is you need and are willing to fearlessly move toward it.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A tunnel created by trees.” The tunnel is leading us from one place to another, and the trees are the forces of nature protecting us as we make this journey. Nature is always ready to assist us in evolving, and the vibrations of all the different flowers can help us to support those aspects of ourselves that need healing and/or empowerment. This degree is about finding a way forward through opening to what the spirits of nature have to offer, and even if it doesn't consciously ask these forces for help, they are there working on a subliminal level with the person who has this degree.

Pleiadian Symbol: A faint pink flame flickering at the top of an ancient oak tree.

Azoth Symbol: After having read a poem many times a man finally sees a deeper meaning in it.

Seed degree: Sagittarius 27. In the night, a man uncovers himself to feel the cool air. (Omega Symbol). When we allow ourselves to be vulnerable to subtle energies we are then able to experience their effects more fully and understand their nature.

Siamese twins talking to each other. (Chandra Symbol). Becoming more and more aware of our own dualistic nature, and allowing the two sides of ourselves to communicate openly, we find our evolution greatly facilitated by the forces of nature.

Fulfillment degree: Aquarius 7. Someone turns back and looks again: the mountain has disappeared. (Omega Symbol). As we become more sensitive to the forces of nature, we realize more and more clearly that the seeming substantiality of our world is ultimately an illusion.

A woman burning a book of black magic. (Chandra Symbol). To recognize the selfishness of the ego helps us to overcoming any an all blockages to our forward movement, and to tune in to those forces who are always ready and willing to assist in our evolution.

Gemini 24. A man who heals water, be it in lakes, rivers, the ocean, or a glass. (Omega Symbol) Interacting/Responsible

(Degree Angel: HAHAIAH (ha-HA-ee-YAH) Unconditional Love, Refuge, Shelter)

You have a wonderful way of always coming back to the basics and attuning to them, so that clarity is the result. You are aware of the vast number of energies that all forms of communicating carry, and are able to extract the impure and confusing from the mix so that meaning can gain in strength. You have a unique way of mirroring complexity in simplicity and simplicity in complexity.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A nude man with a tail.” The tail assists in balance, it also flows out of the body like a river, and so carries the vibration of water, which is of the astral plane – the realm of emotions. This person has the ability to improve, uplift, revivify and re-energize the feelings of environments as well as people. This happens in a very immediate, unselfconscious way. The effect is beautiful, refreshing and restorative. The approach of this degree is simple, but often proliferates into a marvelous complexity, just as water is clear and simple, and yet enters into, catalyzes and transmutes so many processes.

Pleiadian Symbol: A giant mandala being cut into the ice of a lake.

Azoth Symbol: An ancient enlightened one transformed into a young man comes down from the mountain.

Seed degree: Capricorn 9. A woman thinks of all the things that have died and rotted to make the soil. (Omega Symbol). Realizing the vastness and diversity of consciousness, we are empowered to overcoming limiting beliefs and to assist the processes of nature however we can.

A woman washes a man's feet and dries them with her hair. (Chandra Symbol). Clearing our understanding of any egotistical impulses to be detached, we come into love and forgiveness which profoundly grounds us and helps us to uplift, re-energize, and refresh our environment.

Fulfillment degree: Pisces 7. An open-air library, the books magically impervious to the elements. (Omega Symbol). As we continue to clear negativity and thereby promote a free flow of life-giving forces, we open up to the timeless and eternal knowledge of nature.

A candle burning. There is a ring of salt around it on the floor. (Chandra Symbol). Becoming grounded, balanced, and empowered, we are able to bring our light into the physical plane in a pure and protected manner.

Gemini 25. A healer who uses only smiles to perform all his healings. (Omega Symbol) Interacting/Inspired

(Degree Angel: YEZALEL (YAY-za-LEL) Heaven on Earth, Fidelity, Loyalty, and Allegiance)

Ones attitude is actually a seed from which grows the whole of one’s karma. Even at your most disattuned you are aware, no matter how faintly, of the light that is always trying to come through. Your bliss comes from being able to always give in to what is happening, thereby letting divine love do its work.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A cave in deep ocean waters.” The cave is a great abyss, dark and hidden, and maybe full of dangers. It is what we fear inside ourselves – the unknown. But the smile is the ultimate protector, the perfect guardian angel that keeps us from harm. The 25th degree of all signs is tremendously cosmic – the problem with these degrees is always how to bring down their fabulous energy into this material world. This is the sign of Gemini, the sign of communication, and here we find that the ultimate vehicle of communication is THE SMILE. The smile brings light into the depths, and through this light we illuminate and express the divine consciousness within.

Pleiadian Symbol: An old, twisted tree, leafless, on which flowers of many colors are blooming.

Azoth Symbol: The stars of a galaxy feeling the exhilaration of their combined movement.

Seed degree: Capricorn 21. As a woman moves down a passageway, many hands reach out to touch her. (Omega Symbol). When we move forward, we find so much reaching out to help us, and come eventually to realize that though the expressions of love are many and complex, they all grow from a single, simple root.

A stately old house in a ruined condition. (Chandra Symbol). Outer forms, as they gradually decay and pass away can potentially reveal the deep inner truths that have hidden within them.

Fulfillment degree: Aries 8. A man journeying far north to the mouth of a river. (Omega Symbol). To share more and more the energy of love takes us to our source.

A lizard dressed in blue satin and pointed shoes. (Chandra Symbol). Delving deeply into the cave in the ocean we find a primal creative energy that imparts to us an almost inexpressible understanding of the mysteries of life.


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