(114) Chandra/Omega Symbols: Cancer 1 - 5

Phase 19. Dialing God (Lamed Vav Vav)

Angel: LEUVIAH (LOO-vee-YAH) Expansive Intelligence/Fruition

Cancer 1. Rainbows slowly moving across a white wall. (Omega Symbol) Manifesting/Experimental

(Degree Angel: LEUVIAH (LOO-vee-YAH) Dialing God, Expansive Intelligence/Fruition)

You have the ability to block out everything you don’t want to look at, and then project onto your reality your own conceptions. When these conceptions are spiritually inspired, you are able to shift reality into a higher vibration. You need to beware, though, of being too much in denial of the challenges and discords of life.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A potter at work.” The white wall is the perfect background on which to clearly see the colors of the rainbows, and likewise the potter is creating vessels which can hold whatever needs to be saved, contained, or protected. This degree seeks to apply itself to tasks that require concentration and focus and also to create environments which can hold and nurture whatever it finds to be of ultimate value. The contrast between the etherial qualtiy of the colors on the wall versus the tangible and highly physical forming of clay signifies the meeting of both spiritual and physical in this degree's impulse to protect and support.

Pleiadian Symbol: On a passing boat a flag continually changing its colors and patterns.

Azoth Symbol: Words seen for an instant on a leaf that suddenly blows away.

Seed degree: 4 Aries. A man destroying a wall as he attempts to eradicate black mold from a house. (Omega Symbol). Breaking down barriers and clearing away the detritus of the past leaves the consciousness free to experience imaginative possibilities.

A cup overflowing with clear water. (Chandra Symbol). Experiencing the gushing of feeling, we seek to form vessels to give it form and store it.

Fulfillment degree: Libra 8. A rare type of honey imbued with magical healing powers. (Omega Symbol). To be receptive to all the colors of the spiritul light is to find a food that can restore harmony.

A vast junkyard. (Chandra Symbol). To fashion vessels to hold what is valuable leaves us with what is left over – life's trash – which we seek to collect together so that it is out of our way.


The smoothness of a white wall invites illusion. Unmarred, it holds shadows up, so that we may see them more clearly, and allow them to live out their lives as they wax, wane, and change shape in the changing light. Or rainbows may appear and slowly stretch out, as they move over the white, becoming long, like the tails of comets. The light gives us time to take in its colors, to see the seamless, imperceptible way they are born of each other, each one a fire, whose delight is to travel, searching for eyes.

Cancer 2. A man with no navel. (Omega Symbol) Manifesting/Sensitive

(Degree Angel: PAHALIAH (pa-HA-lee-YAH) Victory Over Addictions, Redemption)

You are able to place your consciousness beyond the usual conditioning of the world and to stay intensely focused on whatever goals you adopt. Other may sometimes see you as without feeling and disconnected, when if fact, you are super connected, but not necessarily to the expectations of others.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A bunch of iron keys.” The independence of the man with no navel is similar to the bunch of iron keys, which provide a way to go beyond any barred doors one may find. This degree is always capable of finding a way through – “no navel” signifies a self-reliance that can always find within itself a way to overcome any obstacle. The degree feels a persistent urge to reach some particular goal, and will always be able to find a way to do so through tremendous patience and resourcefulness.

Pleiadian Symbol: A man standing on the top of an invisible mountain.

Azoth Symbol: Before crossing the desert a man is buying camels.

Seed degree: Aries 16. To rejuvenate himself, a man is partially buried in the earth. (Omega Symbol). Returning to the womb of the earth mother, our connectedness becomes total, rather than concentrated into a singularity.

Three sculptured birds: one black marble, one white marble, one solid gold. (Chandra Symbol). To find freedom on all levels leads to the opening of many possibilities.

Fulfillment degree: Scorpio 8. A woman in a hot bath. Outside snow is falling. (Omega Symbol). Becoming completely empowered to nurture ourselves, we find emotional warmth even in the midst of outer coldness.

A retarded man with white hair. He has an angelic countenance. (Chandra Symbol). Moving through one door after another – one trial after another – we are released more and more from the limits of mind and logic, our thoughts become clear, and we find ourselves connected to the helping forces of the universe.


They called navels “the scar of history.” When he tried to remember his own history he followed it back into a grayness where it evaporated like mist disappearing in sunlight.

He wanted to feel connected, and feared that if he had come from nowhere he might also go nowhere, if he hadn't been born, might never die.

“Peace,” whispered the Great Mother, “I have only temporarily stolen your history, so that you might have time to grow strong enough in your individuality to have it back.”

Cancer 3. In a crowd, a man keeps seeing people he thinks he knows but can’t remember from where. (Omega Symbol) Manifesting/Receptive

(Degree Angel: NELCHAEL (NEL-ka-EL) Eradicate Plague, Ardent Desire to Learn)

You have a strong connection to the past, and you have to either delve into it, or let it go. If you allow its unresolved energies to haunt you, you will be continually weighed down by it. You need to continually look at the past in a new way that goes beyond your preconceptions of it. If you do this you will learn much, and be able to help others through sharing what you have learned.

The Chandra symbol for this degree is “A set of surgical instruments.” The message here is “cut it out.” What needs to be cut out are the burdens, baggage and attachments that one has grown beyond. The man in the Omega Symbol is accessing memories that need to be either embraced or let go of. This degree is about becoming more aware of what we don't need, overcoming whatever we are ready to let go of, and finding an effective way to do this that overcomes the problem once and for all.

Pleiadian Symbol: A seemingly endless journey through frozen tundra.

Azoth Symbol: High in the clouds the mirage of a crystalline lake.

Seed degree: Aries 28. An artist's studio. Many unfinished paintings everywhere. (Omega Symbol). Letting our imagination and creativity follow their own natural course, we find recurring themes, motives, and thought forms important to our soul growth keep arising before our minds.

A wreath of laurel placed on the head of an old man. (Chandra Symbol). Accepting the power of our own wisdom, we find that whatever we need to use it effectively in life tends to spontaneously come to us.

Fulfillment degree: Sagittarius 8. Experts arguing over the authenticity of a painting. (Omega Symbol). When we experience recurring patterns in our reality, we are let to try to figure out where they come from and what their validity is.

The harsh landscape of the moon with a black sky. The earth is not visible. (Chandra Symbol). Finding the tools with which to solve problems, we feel impelled to go seeking in hidden and secret places those stored karmas that need healing.


Each face belonged somewhere, in a landscape of history that included him. And the faces and their landscapes kept passing, and before he could look closely at any one of them, to remember the stories behind it, others were there before him, with their own occluded stories.

And then he realized the message of all these faces: Long he had struggled to free himself from his own curiosity. And the faces, which fed its fires, made him see, as his curiosity blazed up in him, that he could live with its brightness, enjoy the mysteries around him, and savor the unknown just for itself, with its strange, unidentifiable flavors.

Cancer 4. People watching fireworks in the distance. (Omega Symbol) Manifesting/Responsible

(Degree Angel: YEIAYEL (YAY-ah-YEL) Stop Fatal Attraction, Fame, Renown)

You have the ability to bring others together and to strengthen their bonds through reinforcing their shared ideals. Your challenge is to find the most productive and effective context in which to do work. You will find that sometimes you are tremendously effective in doing this, and at other times it may seem to get nowhere. Don’t let this bring you down. Your job is to be persistent in your attempts to unite people.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Weeping willows by a pond.” The fronds of the trees reach down toward the water. Knowledge (as symbolized by trees) seeks connection with the emotional and intuitive realms. At the other extreme – high in the sky – are the fireworks of the Omega Symbol, and unlike the closeness of the fronds to the water, they are at a distance. They signify spiritual glories, the fiery, free, and beautiful energies of the etherial realms. These are the two places where we need to focus our attention – deep inside ourselves (the pond) and far outside ourselves into the infinite. The more aware we become of these two realms the more we see they they are reflections of each other, and that ultimately they are the same – there is no inner or outer, only the oneness and unity of self.

This degree needs to beware of getting stuck in beholding life from just one perspective – it needs to always let itself go farther, and to not be afraid of reaching out to embrace what calls to it.

Pleiadian Symbol: A dragon conferring its powers on a maiden.

Azoth Symbol: A child being schooled in the nature of the ego and how it creates suffering.

Seed degree: Taurus 10. A wondrous perfume that follows a man wherever he goes. (Omega Symbol). The indescribable individuality of a person is found to be an echo of higher spiritual realities, and as we tune into it we sense the beauty of those cosmic enegies.

A man exhaling clouds of iridescent smoke. (Chandra Symbol). Freely expressing our imagination we come into closer communion with our emotional self.

Fulfillment degree: Capricorn 8. A river passes through a deep, narrow canyon full of shadows. (Omega Symbol). The fireworks fade away and we realize that even though our life seems hemmed in by difficulties and full of uncertainties that time is carrying us forward into the realization of a greater reality – the one we glimpsed when we beheld the distant fireworks.

A snake charmer. (Chandra Symbol)


Faraway, tiny galaxies were exploding in the sky. He wondered if on each spark worlds full of histories and cultures were rising and fading in a manner of moments. It seemed to him that the nature of fire, ultimately, was to take the form of flowers – those vast pinwheel shapes floating through the universe, as well as these ephemeral fountains that bloomed into the night sky, one after the other, to mark the end of another festival.
Yes, he decided, the universe is a garden. Inhaling, he could smell its perfume.

Cancer 5. A statue of ice sitting in the desert. It doesn’t melt. (Omega Symbol) Manifesting/Inspired

(Degree Angel: MELAHEL (MAY-la-HEL) Sharing the Flame, Healing Capacity)

You are able to go your own way with such persistence that you completely ignore anything which is not supportive to your agendas. You don’t fit in, but this can be a tremendous blessing, offering to others a vision of new and freer ways of being. The problem is that sometimes you won’t let yourself feel things you’ve denied or are afraid of. You must in time come to terms with these.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A trap door under a rug.” A secret escape route – a need to hide sometimes, to get away from it all, to seek retreat in a place of privacy where the self can be the self and rest for a time from having to always resist the coercions of the world.

The statue of ice refuses to be dominated by the sun, refuses to meet the expectations of what it should do. A tremendous resistance in this degree, a tremendous desire and ability to be true to oneself and maintain one's integrity, either by out-and-out disobedience to seeming laws and inevitabilities, or by simply disappearing.

Pleiadian Symbol: Coming to a fork in the road a man has a surprising realization.

Azoth Symbol: Characters from various books are laughing and joking with each other.

Seed degree: Taurus 22. A man drinking a tonic that causes rainbow colors to spread throughout his body. (Omega Symbol). To drink in the gentle vibrations of the spiritual realm makes us impervious to the harsh vibrations of the physical plane.

A blindfolded woman who sees the future. (Chandra Symbol). When we can see how karma is playing itself out we open up to new potentials that were formerly hidden.

Fulfillment degree: Aquarius 8. A man experiences much pain and discomfort as wings sprout on his back. (Omega Symbol). Becoming stronger in our ability to deny the compulsions of our ego, we find we are suffering consciously, and for a purpose, and that it is leading to our freedom.

A book, the words in it keep changing. (Chandra Symbol). Realizing possibiities that were formerly hidden, we come to see that our whole story is capable of being rewritten at any time and in any manner we so desire.


People argued over whether the statue was actually carved of clear quartz, or was truly fashioned of ice. For if it were of ice, why did it not melt? But, said others, quartz is not continually moist to the touch as this statue is, quartz does not drip water as this statue does. And yet for all its dripping over the centuries the statue never melted, always seemed the same, and was cold to the touch.

Travellers crossing the desert all knew of it, and, weary of their journey would come to kiss and lick its surface and place their cheeks against it, to drink in a little of its moisture and be comforted by its coolness.


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