(61) Lunar Mansions 4 - 6

Lunar Mansion 4 (Ruler: Scorpio): This person can see into other people – not by analyzing them, or by drawing intellectual conclusions from observing the details of their behavior, but by directly seeing into them. He’s full of a practical wisdom that’s just there inside him and that wants to come out in a direct way. It’s very important that he avoids separating himself from his instincts. He knows what he knows and needs to stick to that rather than trying to embrace conventional ideas that are outside himself. His way of expressing what he knows is unique and original, and he need not feel that just because it isn’t rooted in convention or tradition it is less.

This person can find it hard to trust him/herself – since his insights are just his opinions which he can’t intellectually validate. If he gets too far into this distrustful attitude then self-deprecation results, and he ends up denying and repressing his talent.

He is at his best when dealing with one situation at a time, because that way experience can be more hands on and direct for him, and have to do less with remote considerations or generalities. Because of this he needs to beware of taking on too much. Its like a man who owns and runs a wonderful restaurant, but who could easily fail if he tried to franchise it, because the franchises would lack his personal touch.

He should enjoy being the childlike person that he is, and let go of the need to grow up. The desire to be an adult is just an outpicturing of his frustration with having difficulty fitting in to the world, which he can do beautifully if he can find in himself the courage to be himself.

Lunar Mansion 5 (Ruler: Jupiter): This person knows how to make anything better than it is. He needs to voice these insights to attract the attention of other people who can then help to improve the situation. In this way he can expand and harmonize any existing state of affairs, helping it to grow and evolve. When others take up and enact his suggestions he learns from this, and finds that he then has more suggestions to offer.

As long as he has adventures to engage in he can be fulfilled. If he separates himself from life though, and just thinks– without putting his thoughts out there for the world to experience, he will stagnate and end up caught in his own limiting mental world.

At best he brings new energy and new experiences to the world around him.

The bottom line here is that yes, things are not exactly as they should be, but he needs to just accept this and keep working with them, rather than withdrawing and isolating himself because things are not to his liking or not working out exactly as he wanted them to.

At worst he thinks he knows how things are – but he really doesn’t know, or at least doesn’t know as much as he’s inclined to think that he knows. And so he needs to keep returning to direct experience as a means of learning – to find out how things are, rather than assuming that he knows how things are.

In this phase basic assumptions are often invented and biases are adopted because the person is afraid of not knowing what is going on. He will, though, be able to know what’s going on as long as he keeps in tune with his instincts and is open and non-judgmental about that they are telling him.

Lunar Mansion 6 (ruler: Venus): This person has the ability to get people to cooperate with each other and to help them to communicate more clearly as well as understand each other better. Through communicating his perceptions about how things are, people around him are able to assimilate new experiences better and to understand the value of them. In this way he makes lucid and vivid sense out of what is going on, and this has a soothing effect on others. He is very adept at casual socializing that is healing and communicative rather than superficial. Through his easy connecting with others he can spread a lot of peace and harmony.

He can help others to find for themselves a meaningful place in the world.

At worst he may fear not being in control and so try to play the role of being an authority on whatever he is involved in. If this happens he then becomes intent on convincing people of his own ideas, and tries to get others to believe in them, because, if they do, then he feels like he can believe in them as well.

Even if he compels others to believe in him it will never make him happy, because he will still suffer from a feeling of not being in control. If he tries too hard he will fail. If he stays on the wavelength of gentleness, smoothness and appreciation of life, he will be living true to himself.


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