(62) Lunar Mansions 7 - 9

Lunar Mansion 7 (Ruler: Sagittarius): This person, when being himself, is a highly unique individual – one who stands out as being different. Of course in this world when a person is unique he can receive many and varied responses to being so, many of them negative due to others feeling threatened.

If this person fears negative reactions he may try to be something other to himself, may try to invent a standardized personality for himself, and then attempt to hide behind that personality. He does this because he experiences his real self as too big, and hence as something he can’t control. Where did this unique self come from? It is not something he consciously conceived of, so if he doesn’t have the trust to inhabit it, he feels compelled to life in something smaller and lesser – a safe little mask. Anonimity may feel safe to him for awhile, but will never fulfill him.

He has a real need for adventure, and can turn many things which others would never think of as adventures into something exciting. He must not shy away from intense experiences, for they are what impels his evolution forward.

Lunar Mansion 8 (Ruler: Capricorn): This person experiences a powerful pull between courage and fear. He seeks validation from the outside world, but is also afraid that if he gets it he will fall into the trap of bowing to the world’s requirements and thereby lose his individuality. He needs to be continually aware of the conflict between his urge to adapt to the world and his urge to be free and original. As he works with these, knowing that sometimes he has to adapt just for the sake of practicality and energy conservation, but that ultimately he cannot forsake being who he really is, he fill find dynamic balance.

He has to confront conflict, for if he tries to insulate himself from it by involving himself in activities that don’t mean that much to him, or which are superficial and in which he can lose himself he will find that conflict will find him eventually no matter where he hides.

Sometimes he uses detachment and making light of conflict as a means of trying to avoid failure, which is his ultimate fear.

He needs to deeply assess what failure really is. If he does so he will see that all failure is a learning experience – something that he may assimilate, something that many nourish him and which he can then arise out of with a much greater possibility of success. If falling is what is needed, then he needs to give in to and accept falling. Through dealing with conflict he becomes aware of his great inner resources, which can help him to overcome anything and everything.

He needs to give in and allow life to be intense, and by doing so learn, finally, that this is the source of his power.

Lunar Mansion 9 (Ruler: Aquarius): This person is very aware of all of his passing moods, which tend to be very intense. He needs to just let them come and go, like weather, and not let them throw him out of balance.

At his best he is an emotional mirror for others – allowing others to see their own feelings more clearly. He can be very adept at giving feedback to others which can greatly heighten their self-awareness. As he does this he also becomes more self aware.

At worst, though, too much intensity coming from too many directions pulls him how one way and now another, and this can create a state of chronic confusion. This results in pain, and his reponse to the pain is most likely to be anger. He needs to find and focus on that place within his emotional being that lies underneath all the outer emotional turmoil, a place of steadiness, certainty, and knowing. This is his center, and if he loses contact with it, as soon as he realizes the loss he needs to immediately retrieve it.

It is his destiny to be a clairifier of emotions, both his own and the emotions of other people. His way of doing this is to allow himself to feel all the intensity of feelings, but to not hold on to them or allow them to pull him off center.


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