(70) Lunar Mansions 25 - 28

Lunar Mansion 25: (Ruler: Sagittarius/Libra/Jupiter): This person is a natural social reformer. He is looking for spiritual guidance, both for himself and for other people. At his best he is very in tune with what people need and can instill them with hope and faith. He wants to bring forth and foster the goodness in all people. He does not tend to limit himself to any one religion or philosophy, but is seeks pure truth, which is reflected to a greater or lesser extend in very many religions and philosophies.

At his worst he gets too focus on the ideas he's working with, and since he has not grounded them in physical reality, they can be quite unrealistic. He may affirm these unrealistic ideas in a very biased way, and be defensive when anyone points out their weaknesses. What is happening is that his ego is giving more importance to ideas than people, and if he pursues this he may attain wealth and social prestige but at the expense of sacrificing his love and sympathy for humanity.

At best he has a wonderful ability to to bring people together and to help them to know and do what is right. At worst he uses his power for personal advantage alone and spreads beliefs that ultimately divide humanity.

Lunar Mansion 26: (Ruler: Capricorn/Libra/Aries/Virgo): William Butler Yeats referred to this Lunar Mansion as “The Hunchback” phase. It is an apt label, though I often don't tell the person I'm reading for about it – I think it might have an unnecessarily negative impact on their self image. I sometimes refer to this Lunar Mansion as “The Catalyst.” or even “The Medusa.”

This individual is different and unusual, and rather than trying to hide this, he needs to accept it. In actually he is no more individualistic than anyone else, but his REALLY STICKS OUT, NO MATTER WHAT HE DOES OR HOW MUCH HE MAY TRY TO HIDE IT. HE IS SIMPLY STRIKINGLY UNIQUE. Just by being himself he can help others to get in touch with their own uniqueness, and can also reveal the strangeness and uniqueness of everything around him.

He is naturally eccentric and has the ability to perceive truth with great clarity. Everywhere he looks he sees the extraordinary within the seeming ordinary. This can scare and threaten other people. Rather than reacting negatively to this, he needs to learn how to take himself lightly and to realize that the unpleasant reactions often coming toward him from other people are simply manifestations of their own insecurities and ultimately have nothing to do with him.

If he takes to heart the negative energies other people direct at him he may grow to hate himself, as well as them for their unkindness. He desperately needs to let go of his touchiness, for if he doesn't he is likely to harbor and accumulate resentments, and even isolate himself from others as a means of coping with his pain.

He needs to realize that he is intense, and that his intensity is there to open others up. If he can mix joy and lightness with all aspects of his life, and can forgive others for being afraid of him, he can cushion himself from the psychic debris resulting from his startling and ultimately therapeutic impact on others.

Lunar Mansion 27: (Ruler: Aquarius/Libra): Just as Yeats referred to Lunar Mansion 26 as “The Hunchback,” he referred to this phase as “The Saint.” At his best this person focuses on humanity rather than on himself. When in tune with his spiritual essence he does not strive for anything, for he has nothing to strive for. He has the ability to help others because he can reflect back to them their own thoughts and feelings and by doing so help them to be more self-aware. He can have a healing and harmonizing impact on groups due to his selfless love of humanity in general.

Although he carries this energy of sainthood, it can't fully manifest until he reaches enlightenment. In the meantime he still has to contend with his ego.

If he allows his lesser self to get the upper hand he may become egotistical and pride himself on his way of thinking, his intelligence, or his spirituality. This may be accompanied by self-centeredness and an attitude of being more evolved than other people. Once he gets on this arrogant wavelength he can be very ambitious and then become angry if he doesn't advance as fast and as far as he thinks he's entitled to.

Knowing all along that this selfish, overcompensating self is not real, but only a manifestation of his pain and fear, he can grow to hate it. As soon as he realizes that his ego is exactly what is standing in the way of true fulfillment he will be able to let go of it and come back to his true self.

Lunar Mansion 28: (Ruler: Taurus/Virgo/Scorpio/Sagittarius/Uranus): This person is innate unambitious and without plans. He is at his best when living fully in the present and focusing all of his attention on the day at hand and how he can contribute to it. Ordinary physical activity can be a profound inspiration for him. He needs to feel the fullness of his connection to life and to do what he can to support and nourish it.

He sees everyone as equal because he focus on their spiritual aspect. The more he lets go of himself and is individual identity the more clearly he is attuned to his mission in life, which is to be a person who helps others to remain connected to spirit.

He can be very aware of what is wrong, what is inadequate, and what has been denied him in life. At his worst he reacts to this with anger, and can sometimes direct this anger toward people who he blames for having causing or contributing to the problems of the world. He may be oppressed by the traumas of past lives, and, if he doesn't remember them he may still suffer from their unreleased karma. In an attempt to cushion himself against these stressful energies he may seek out sensual indulgence, or try to increase his comfort and security in the world through the accumulation of money.

If he can deeply relax and accept life as it is, these old wounds will eventually clear, which will free him up to be the great light in the world which he has the potential of being.


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