(65) Lunar Mansions 10 - 12

Lunar Mansion 10: (Ruler: Uranus): This person has unique abilities and a desire to throw off all restraint. At his best he helps society to overcome old, outworn attitudes and methods, and replaces them with meaningful and innovative alternatives. It is best for him, though, to not focus on society or the outer world, but to get in touch with what he finds beautiful and meaningful inwardly and then allow that to flow forth from him. He needs to beware of becoming involved in passing social movements or anything that is currently popular. He needs to always give precedence to his own creative impulses, and although he is tuned in to social currents, he must work to be clear about what are his own true feelings and what are simply outer stimuli.

Outwardly he can come across with a lot of restraint – Yeats refers to this phase as “the Great Stone Face.” When he is not in harmony with himself he may agitate everyone around him by projecting his frustrations onto them.

It is to be remembered that this “Great Stone Face,” is merely a mask, and that inwardly this person is very complex and has a lot of ambition. His primary need is to be able to stay in tune with his emotions and find a meaningful outlet for them. He also needs to realize that there is no authority outside himself.

Lunar Mansion 11: (Ruler: Neptune): This person is seeking a new expression of truth. He assimilates but then needs to reject tradition, for he is looking to express ideas in a new way. If he can get in touch with his intensity of feeling he will find truth there, and can then externalize it through creative activity. He needs to align himself with his own creative vision, and let go of anything that stands in the way of his self expression, be it a relationship with another person, an organization, a religious institution, or whatever.

If he lacks confidence in himself he will pass into disharmony, and might align himself with the social norm – because doing so is easier and more comfortable, and ultimately feels safer to him. If he avoids expressing his creativity he might find a niche for himself somewhere – a role to play that is accepted – a role that might be traditional or progressive – but only a role nevertheless. If he succumbs to this avoidance of his burning, passionate creativity he will generate great inner stress – though he may deny it by trying to tell himself he is actually happy. The creative fires, though, will not die down but, being confined, will generate much frustration.

His emotions are cosmic and ecstatic and he and needs to let them pour forth freely from himself. Even if doing this means being in disharmony with society or having to suffer some personal loss, in the long run the greater fulfillment he will find will make up for this.

Lunar Mansion 12: (Ruler: Pisces): This person can express themselves with great lucidity and uniqueness. At best he speaks with authority because he is speaking from the depths of his heart, and through this speaking me makes things simple that over rides all confusion, obscurity and complexity. It is not that life is inherently simple, it is that his powerful focus on his own spirit comes forth with this beautiful simplicity.

If he taps in, too much, to people observing him, then he can feel as if he is playing a role, and start blending this purity of expression with the desire to be accepted. He then observes with people seem to want him to do or be, and then tries to do it, thereby getting thrown off from the direct expression of his essence.

The big negative hook for him here is the desire for praise, which can lure him into being untrue to himself.


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