(66) Lunar Mansions 13 - 15

Lunar Mansion 13: (Ruler: Aries): This person has a passion for expressing himself, and with no motive other than the joy of doing so. This person loves his powerful feelings, and loves giving voice to them. At his best he manifests his potential with no thought of reward for it. Without arrogance and egotism, the person senses his own beauty and has a strong impulse to share it with others. Through projecting this beautiful harmony out into the world he can heal others of their emotional problems.

If, though, he refuses to expand out into the world he will be denying his true energy, which has the immediate and outward impulsiveness of Aries. This passionate energy will then get stuck inside him and go bad, making him tend toward morbid veins of thought as he takes ideas apart, in an attempt to analyze each sensation. This isolating himself from the world is just what he needs to avoid. It's very positive for him to be always seeking connections with the outside world as a field for his own expansion.

If he blocks his own self expression the frustration of doing so could cause him to become totally involved in sensation, possibly taking the form of indulgence in sensual stimulation. He might even manipulate others as a means of feeding his appetites which are addictive and never-satisfied.

This person does not tend to get good feedback from his environment, and so to compensate for this he has to be very truthful with himself. He needs to focus on the ongoing challenge of defining his problems to himself.

Lunar Mansion 14: (Rules: Taurus): This person can come across low key and yet emanate a potent power. Often the person is not aware of the impact he is making on others. At his best he is himself always and in every aspect of his involvement with the world. Effortlessly and without self-consciousness he places his personal stamp on everything he does, and this can leave a deep impression on the world. This manifests the energy of Taurus – the sign that has the greatest amount of ch aracter and unique personality.

Many people can become enamored of this person and do things for him, even taking on his responsibilities. Unimpressed by this the person of this Lunar Mansion continues to follow his own star and act on its dictates. Because he is so true to himself others try to emulate him by being more in touch with their own deeper desires. Whatever this person does will tend to have a universal appeal, so that even if it is intimate and personal it will reflect cosmic truths.

If, though, this person gets into trying to improve the world because he feels that this is what expected of him, he can then feel as if extreme demands are being placed on him and therefore cannot accomplish anything without tremendous effort. When he tries to help others he can be too enthusiastic and go too far, thereby rendering the help ineffective. Or maybe he just gives up trying to help because doing so seems as if its beyond his powers. Then he may retreat and make excuses for himself as he tries to get people to have sympathy for his problems.

At his worst he feels he cannot trust himself and that he's afraid of many people. He could get back in harmony with himself if he would realize that he is actually separate from what goes on around him and therefore doesn't have to feel tied down by it, overwhelmed by it, or beholden to it. He does the most for people by being himself and staying in tune with his emotional core. Doing this will then expand outwardly from him, creating harmony.

Taurus' verb is “I have,” and so this Lunar Mansion it is not what the person does, or how hard he strives, but the natural and untimately undefinable resource he IS in all his naturally beautiful essence without trying to be anything else.

Lunar Mansion 15: (Ruler: Saturn): At the very beginning of phase 15 is the moment of the full Moon when it has achieved maximum distance from the Sun – has reached the LIMIT of its distance (LIMIT=Saturn). The challenge of this phase is to unify inner and outer experience – to find a point of balance between what IS, outwardly, and his vision of WHAT COULD BE. This person has the ability to experience live as a whole, as a complete flow. He sees the difference between what IS and what he WANTS and is always working to reconcile these two different realities. There can, at its highest, be a wonderful balance here.

At worst, if he loses his inner focus, he becomes too attuned to the outer world, and it then seems to be nothing but a mass of fragments that don't fit together. If he fails to see and accept his limitations he then fragments himself into pettiness and lots of little meaningless activities that accumulate into nothing but a mountain of frustrations which make him feel cut off from the flow of life. If he allows himself to sink beneath the surface of things into deeper experiences, he will recapture meaning and then be reconnected with his spiritual self.


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