The 28th Degree

I put off talking about this degree, because it is not an easy one. 28 is a perfect number, meaning that all the numbers which divide into it -- 1, 2, 4, 7, and 14 -- add up to 28. Just to show you how infrequent perfect numbers are, there are only three between one and one thousand.

Jupiter, the most important planet in my chart is in the 28th degree of Sagittarius. 28 demands perfection, meaning that with this degree you are always aware of what is lacking, what needs to be done, always getting thrown off the track and having to get back on it. There are no shortcuts with the 28. One has to be thorough, and if one does a slopply or mediocre job with the 28 you will be miserable and guilt-ridden until you go back and fix it. The 28 demands that you keep being better, that you improve, that you work toward a higher state of evolution. The 28 wears me out, but I need such a task master.

Since the 28 craves perfection it can become strongly attached to laws and rules and concepts of what is right. This can then turn into self-righteousness. To overcome this it needs to keep asking itself, "does this attitude or behavior truly serve my purpose?" Coming back to purpose is a key need for the 28th degree.

It is refined and perfected by having to deal with the limitations that life presents it with, for ultimately limitations push it toward attunement to the sacred.


  1. I have my Saturn at 28o 32' in Aquarius. This is the best description I have every come across. I find however that I bounce between your description of the 29th degree and the 28th degree.


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