Uranus and bridge building

Wherever Uranus is in a natal chart is a place where that person has a unique and original approach to life. Of course this may or may not be something that the person has cultivated. It is to be found, though, that the area of life signified by the house which Uranus is in can become an area of isolation, due to the fact that Uranus cares not for what is accepted, time honored, or taken for granted in society, and so especially does not fit in with conservative or traditional notions.

The negative karma of this can be alienation, and the way to prevent this from causing discord in one's life is to work to build bridges between the Uranus energy and the rest of one's world, without repressing any of Uranus desire to innovate or create.

For instance, if Uranus is in one's 6th house natally one has a unique approach to problems and how to solve them, meaning special insights into pathologies, for instance, and unique approaches to healing methodologies that might be used. But one needs to realize as well that others have their approaches and solutions, and so the challenge becomes how can one integrate one's own creativity in this department into the lives of others in such a way that it will be accepted.


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