My Virgo Mars

If you study astrology and occasionally feel like you don't really understand a sign or planet or house this is a positive thing, for it means that you haven't closed your mind off to alternative and/or deeper interpretations of that element.

I have been an astrology for 44 years and as I sit here writing I am feeling like I don't quite understand Virgo. I could at this moment deliver an hour lecture on Virgo -- I literally have that much information in my mind about it. But beyond all this information I'm wondering what it really MEANS.

Virgo is about solving problems. What Virgo most wants is to engage in meaningful work. The keyword for Virgo is ASSIMILATION. This keyword helps to explain the Virgoan desire for purity, for what we assimilate determines our level of purity. If we assimilate clean air, water, and food, we are more pure. If we assimilate toxins, then we become impure and the body has to work to rid itself of them.

Nothing in the body works alone -- everything works together. Work carried out in total isolation is fruitless. And so Virgo loves to work with others. If we place Virgo in the first house then we see that the sign that falls on the sixth house is Aquarius, the sign of group support. This signifies that Aquarius is kind of a super-Virgo, that ideally Aquarius should manifest as all people working together to solve any and all sorts of problems.

I think one of the reasons I sometimes feel I don't completely understand Virgo is because the one planet I have there -- Mars -- is in the first degree of Virgo. The first degree of any sign has a fresh, innovative and simple quality. So even though I know a great deal intellectually speaking, about astrology, for instance, when I go to actually DO (Mars) someone's chart I just jump in in highly direct fashion, with that first degree quality of feeling like I know nothing and am seeing it all for the first time. I would say it is an ability to always take a fresh approach (first degree) when it comes to analyzing (Virgo). But it is also this "oh I just got here now what's going on?" quality of of the first degree that can make me feel like I am always at the beginning of everything, no matter how much knowledge or how many facts I have assimilated. You see Mars is always the question of what to DO, and with me all I can do is just jump in directly and start working (Virgo).


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