Uranus in 12th house

Symbolically Uranus is freedom and the 12th house rules prisons, so Uranus in 12th is a very polarized combination that can yield dynamic results.

It has to do with finding unforseen and surprising ways out of situations that are limiting and restricting. The 12th house signifying confinement means that Uranus here can see all situations of confinement in new and unique ways, and it is upon the basis of these insights that it generates its original exit strategies. Of course all of this is likely to be carried out intuitively and instinctually, and can arise to the conscious mind suddenly, through the vehicle of inspiration.

Other people may experience the individual with Uranus in 12th house as subtly and/or indefinably upsetting, as being an undermining influence. Of course this undermining may be exactly what is needed, even though in scares people who cling to old and stagnant structures.


  1. indeed surprising exit from suffocating situations is common in that case; as well as big time undermining influence, though works behind the scenes, individual is not really concious of this reality.

  2. I am one of those people born with the Pluto/Uranus conjunction in Virgo. I also have Venus conjunct my ascendant. My Venus also sextiles the Pluto/Uranus conjunction. The outer planets are my personal planets. I am more aware/conscious of the outer planets; they pervade my life. Subtle is the last thing I would call it. I also have a Sun/Neptune/Eros conjunction in Scorpio. This conjunction also trines that same Pluto/Uranus conjunction. This probably amps the outer planet influences. I am aware of the effect that I have on people. It is sad and funny at the same time.
    Too many astrologers dismiss the outer planets influences; they many be generational but they also can be persoal.

  3. To kec2003 -- The outer planets are always personal, but their energy is often ignored by people so that it manifests in subliminal, indirect, or strange ways sometimes. A good way to tap into the more personal effects of the outer planets is to consider the degree symbols occupied by them in each individual chart. Another way is to consider their 9th harmonic position as this shows the direction their energy is taking in one's life.


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