The 30th Degree

The 30th degree of each sign is a place of completeness. There is a feeling here of stillness, of having arrived at the end of the journey. The 30th degree can be extremely supportive, can become anything that a current situation demands. Here is often found great sympathy and an ability to relate in a full, rich manner.

Richard Wagner had Venus in 30 Taurus. His "Ring Cycle" is a complete essay (30th degree)on possession (Taurus). The ring is what everyone wants to HAVE (Taurus). The having of it turns out to be a curse, and so in the end it is returned to the river from whence it came (completion of the circle=30th degree). Wagner's aesthetic (Venus)is about completeness. Also, rather than the opera being divided into arias, the hundreds of little themes he uses to symbolize each different character and situation are used to weave the whole work into a a single, immense fabric, just as in the last degree of a sign the immense fabric of the sign is reflected and summed up. The Omega symbol for the 30th degree is "Beings from many dimensions attracted to an immense white flame." I am curiously reminded of that group of wealthy aesthetes whose hobby is to go all over the world to view each and every production of the ring, beings from all over the world attracted to the immense white flame of Wagner! I am reminded too, how at the end of the last opera of the ring cycle Vahalla, the home of the Gods, is immolated in the flames of transformation.

This 30th degree of Taurus in which Wagner's Venus is located is conjunct his Sun, which is in the first degree of Gemini, and so this aesthetic is amalgamated with a potently primitive and direct power (Sun) of communication (Gemini), which gives the operas a simple (first degree) vividness (Gemini) even in the midst of their amazing complexity. And to intensify it all this Sun/Venus conjunction is in his 12th house, where it may most potently touch the deepest layers of the psyche!


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