(105) Omega/Chandra Symbols: Taurus 16 - 20

Phase 10. Looks Can Kill: Protection from the Evil Eye (Aleph Lamed Daled)

Angel. ALADIAH (a-la-dee-YAH) Divine Grace

Taurus 16. At the bottom of a gorge, a river turbulent with rapids. (Omega Symbol)

(Degree Angel: Ariel (AH-ree-EL) Absolute Certainty, Perceiver and Revealer)

You are deep into your own way of flowing, your emotions strong, their turbulence keeping them fresh and vibrant. You're don't offer easy accessibility to others, which can be a blessing in that people who aren't willing to work at relating to you are more likely to leave you alone to go your own way. People that make the effort to connect to you are usually delighted by your aliveness, and the way you have of refreshing them by always moving joyfully on through any and all situations.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A young girl and boy explore a perfume counter.” Energies combine in all sorts of ways to create new blends. This degree is fascinated by this process, especially as it impacts the emotional body and imagination. Both a girl and a boy explore the perfume counter because it is both the conscious and unconscious self – the whole being – that is exploring this process of energy blending, which stirs up and stimulates the being, so that it becomes like the river turbulent with rapids in the Omega Symbol. The self learns of its own nature by experiencing what it is drawn to – by tuning in to its reactions to everything it experiences.

This degree is powerfully imaginative and so very alive that it ultimately is unwilling to let anything block or limit its exploration of other planes and greater realities.

Pleiadian Symbol: A novice mispronouncing many words in a sacred text.

Azoth Symbol: Warmth and love spreading both ways from a handshake.

Seed degree: Libra 2. A vast tract of windmills. (Omega Symbol). Finding life-supporting ways of connecting with the world around you, you're able to find a track that feels right to you and follow it.

An apprentice medicine man allowing himself to be bitten by a snake. (Chandra Symbol). Directly confronting fears and dangers allows you to connect with your subconscious self and explore with it the whole realm of energies and their interactions.

Fulfillment degree: Capricorn 4. As a cliff erodes, a temple is in danger of collapsing. (Omega Symbol). Your vibrant, spontaneous on-flowing allows you to accept the processes of change, and to perceive how and where outer forms need renewal.

Footprints in the snow. (Chandra Symbol). As you explore the realm of energies and how they interact, you tune into the traces from other lifetimes that you've left and which are unfinished karmas you now are revisiting for the sake of releasing.


We descended the narrow path that wound through cliffs, hearing louder and louder the roar as we neared the rushing river. Everywhere water and rocks talked to each other, not in orderly fashion, but by constantly speaking at the same time, while barely seeming to listen to what the other was saying. And, of course, the water as usual was speaking in thousands of voices, inventing them as needed. The rocks, though, seemed to take all these in stoically, deaf and polite as an empty sky.

Taurus 17. A book patiently waiting to spill forth its vast and profound knowledge. (Omega Symbol) Manifesting/Sensitive

(Degree Angel: Asaliah (a-SA-lee-YAH) Global Transformation, Contemplation)

You have accumulated much wisdom in past lives, and continue to do so in this one. There is so much in you of value to others, even though they may not fully realize this. You desire to share, but may often have to wait for the right time and place to do so. The more you accept rather than doubt your worth, the more clearly you will be able to pursue your own special path.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A Pomegranate broken open.” This degree has an inability to hold anything back for long, and is always wanting to break open situations so they may be freed from their restrictions and allow in new possibilities. What is contained in the book of the Omega Symbol is here brought forth.

This degree has a massive fecundity and potential, but possibly suffers from the frustration of being unsure of what to do with all this largess. Another source of frustration could be that it finds others lacking in appreciation of the great value of what it brings forth from itself.

The greatest need here is to be what one is, to accept the self's abundance and seek inner guidance as to how to develop and use it, and also, at the same time, to place one's consciousness beyond any attachment to the reactions of others.

Pleiadian Symbol:Light and mirrors dancing with each other.

Azoth Symbol: An ancient culture is transporting gigantic stones.

Seed degree: Libra 14. A storm raging in Antarctica. (Omega Symbol). The conflicts of old and deeply held karmas eventually draw to themselves the exact knowledge needed to heal them.

A chariot pulled by four elephants. (Chandra Symbol). The slow steady traversing of the evolutionary path yields a surprising richness and fecundity.

Fulfillment degree: Aquarius 4. After a long journey the source of a sacred river is found. (Omega Symbol). The book's knowledge is eventually spilled, and becomes a river which we follow to its source.

Many fireflies at dusk. (Chandra Symbol). Each seed of knowledge is revealed as its own gentle little light, all the lights calling to each other across the gulf of night.


Waking in the night I heard a sigh, and though it was so faint as to be almost inaudible, I knew at once that it had come from a book which I had never read. The book was actually quite small, and seemed to have grown somewhat smaller over time, I suppose from the wisdom having dessicated somewhat.

Do not suppose that wisdom is ageless – for even though in one aspect it is, in our realm wisdom does,in fact age, and experiences over time a kind of settling, a giving in to gravity, which often produces a sound quite similar to a sigh.

Taurus 18. Gently, a man caresses a thorn tree. (Omega Symbol) Manifesting/Receptive

(Degree Angel: Mihael (MIH-a-EL) Unity, Fertility, Fruitfulness)

You have a delicacy of approach to life that helps you to deal with difficult and/or sensitive situations. This is a real gift. You are a peacemaker who understands instinctively the innate needs of people and situations. Your energy can encourage people to let down their defenses so that they are able to share more fully.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A woman with hundreds of breasts.” It would seem that there is an extreme divergence between this Chandra symbol and its accompanying Omega Symbol, but the fact is that breasts are for nurturing, and thorns are for defense, and the sign Cancer is about both nurturing and defense.

This degree has faith in the abundance of the universe, and knows that all needs can and will be met as soon as the belief in the illusion of poverty and lack are let go of. And even when the self chooses to experience lack, it is to induce itself to find what is needed within, and hence a means of coming to a realization of personal power and completeness.

Pleiadian Symbol: A white butterfly enters a dark room through a window and flutters about momentarily before leaving.

Azoth Symbol: Space aliens inviting some humans to come and see their world.

Seed degree: Libra 26. Down the side of a mountain, a stream cascading for hundreds of feet. (Omega Symbol). Taking in the gifts of energy pouring down from spiritual heights, we are become careful and respectful when dealing with any dangerous and/or resistive situations.

A gypsy cart with a campfire near by. (Chandra Symbol). A simple, intimate communing with nature and with those close to us tunes us in to the vast and abundant food which nature has to offer us.

Fulfillment degree: Pisces 4. Rustic folk gather many types of wildflowers for a celebration. (Omega Symbol). Being careful and gentle when dealing with the sensitivities of others provides a basis for joining with them to commune with nature.

Mushrooms springing up everywhere. (Chandra Symbol). Tapping in to the fullness of the nurturing energies of the divine mother allows us to let our creativity flow forth from us spontaneously and abundantly.


It might be that none of the thorns on this tree will ever hurt anything. Molecules of air and photons of light enjoy playing around the sharp tips, and the points seem to create a coolness and alertness in the air, and at dusk a faint glow.

A man has stopped to feel with his thumb and forefinger the shaft of a thorn. It's smooth, and faintly red, but in the dusk mostly black. As he slides his fingers down the shaft of the thorn he feels, all over his body the tree caressing him back, with the same gentle smoothness.

Taurus 19. A bottle of gold dust gathered from many places over many years. (Omega Symbol)Manifesting /Responsible

(Degree Angel: Vehuel (Vay-hoo-EL) Happiness, Elevation, Grandeur)

You understand the value of little things, and of how even the seemingly most insignificant thing can reflect cosmic truth. This causes you to be able to learn from almost anything. Your powers of observation are very great, for something in you knows how to seek out and find what is most valuable in a situation. All you need to do is continue on with this, and in time it can lead you to great success.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A crown turns into goat horns.” The crown is a socially conferred symbol of power, whereas the goat horns are power that is innate – growing out of the head rather than something that is placed on the head. And so this degree wants to attain to “the real thing,” which is its spiritual self. It can be very resistive of guidance as well as suspicious of the approval of others and might at times actually reject outer support, for it is intent on seeking its own true power in its own way – its inner gold, found gradually, over time.

This degree has its own strong agenda, and even though some may think it wrong or misguided, it must do what it must do, and in its own way.

Pleiadian Symbol: A magic mountain rises out of the waters.

Azoth Symbol: The portrait of a man grows younger and younger.

Seed degree: Scorpio 8. A woman in a hot bath. Outside, snow is falling. (Omega Symbol). Maintaining our insulation from the illusion of lack and poverty we are able to gather gold from any and all experiences.

A retarded man with white hair. He has an angelic countenance. (Chandra Symbol). Letting go of the illusions perpetrated by intellectuality we are able to manifest pure wisdom and be empowered by it.

Fulfillment degree: Aries 5. A woman harvesting rose petals to make perfume. (Omega Symbol). We find that the wisdom and truth we have accumulated from all our experiences is meant to be used to spread love to the world.

The statue of a God worn smooth by devotees' kissing. (Chandra Symbol). We realize that self-empowerment is solely for the purpose of devoting that power to manifesting the spiritual light in the physical world.


Each grain of gold still holds the aura of the place where it was gathered, and so the gold dust bears the mingled auras of many places, all come together in one small glass vial. We might melt it to make a ring, but the memories of these places held in the gold would still be there – they're indellible.

Or the melted gold might be beaten into a tissue thin sheet and given to the wind to blow away and to tear apart, turning it once again into dust.

And so, through the gold, places continue to be scattered and merged into other places.

Taurus 20. A man performing a complicated weaving pattern from memory. (Omega Symbol)Manifesting/Inspired

(DegreeAngel: Daniel (DA-nee-EL) Enough is Never Enough, Eloquence)

You can know just what to do as long as you can avoid getting in the way of yourself. Conscious and rational decision making often doesn’t work for you. When you turn off your mind and go with your impulses, your creativity can emerge beautifully and carry you through even the most difficult of situations.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A fork in the road with a blank sign post.” In the Omega Symbol we see a built-in, pre-ordained pattern, in the Chandra Symbol, the way is open, we don't know how to proceed, for we aren't being guided. The pre-ordained pattern will produce a known result, but it is mechanical, predictable, and if repeated too often, becomes dull and boring. The lack of a sign post in the Chandra Symbol can be frustrating, even scary, but it forces us to use our intuition, to explore, to exist outside the map, which is a pre-ordained pattern.

Pleiadian Symbol: The clouds hurry: they're late for an appointment.

Azoth Symbol: By intuition a healer chooses the proper remedy.

Seed degree: Scorpio 20. A man who carries large sacks of books with him wherever he goes. (Omega Symbol). We find many ways of putting to use the wisdom we have accumulated by harmoniously interacting with the tapestry of life.

A serpent wrapped around an immense egg. (Chandra Symbol). Knowing that our whole being actually embraces all we will ever need, we accept not knowing which way to go in life as a test presented to us for the purpose of opening us up more deeply to our intuition.

Fulfillment degree: Taurus 5. In a faint light, a map's coastlines are vague. (Omega Symbol). Learning to accept what we are certain of without having to be obsessively attached to it, provides us a basis for interacting with the uncertainties of life.

Tiny porcelain figures of people. (Chandra Symbol). Not being sure of which way to go, we are impelled to fantasize about and experiment with a variety of different identities which we might take on as needed, to further our own spiritual growth.


Each animal and plant is color coded, and may be woven to face in four different directions. Likewise with the geometries that grow out of his loom. The weaver sees the animals being born in his mind as he weaves them, sees as he weaves them the plants being born they feed on, and the geometries they coexist with in the rug's jungle/garden, the geometries there to remind the eye of the order at everything's center.

And sometimes he sees, as well, and feels, in his heart, the many feet that will touch this rug.


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