(85) The Sun/Mars Pluspoint

Mars desires here to enact the will to the Sun, to engage in purposeful activity. This combination is about asserting what is important and attempting to advance it through action. As both of these planets are capable of harshness, the combination can especially be harsh, which can come out as a tendency to be dictatorial, pushy, and dominating. These qualities arise because this combination has such a strong desire to accomplish something meaningful, and can become so passionate about reaching goals that it fails to acknowledge the need for quite reflectiveness (Moon, which is the opposite energy of the Sun) as well as rest and some relaxation (Venus, which is the opposite energy of Mars).

This is a very HOT combination, and so requires some coolness in the chart to balance it out. At worst this combination frustrates the reaching of goals by trying too hard, or by creating problems along the way by being too harsh with those whom it must work with. At best it has strong leadership abilities because it is always ready to find a way to get close to the goal envisioned.

If this combination is strong in the chart the individual tends to go on their own steam, and can get by with little encouragement. It often signifies the self-taught individual. At worst it can injure he self through driving its physical, mental and emotional bodies too hard.

Patience and greater flexibility will help to balance its extremely masculine energy, and enhance its ability to achieve success.

The Sun/Mars pluspoint aspected by:

Moon: One feels secure when one is working toward a goal. The emotional need to be doing something important. The emotional need to have ones efforts be acknowl edged. Working toward goals is highly influenced by one's moods and so experiences period highs and lows of activity.

Mercury: Clever and resourceful in finding a ways around problems encountered when one is trying to reach goals. In communicating one sticks to the most important issues and is forceful in what one has to say. A tendency toward curt, hasty, or harsh speech. A dismissive attitude that focuses strongly on what it has to say, and therefore has difficulty listening to the opinions of others.

Venus: One relates to other people by working with them on commonly held goals. A love of uncovering conflicts. An attraction to people who are hard workers. A person who works hard to make their own money. An attraction to art which protrays conflicts and makes one more aware of why and how they occur.

Jupiter: A tendency to work too hard or maybe to be over disciplined. A person who tends to take on more and more work, and who may do this as a compensation for feeling a lack in other areas of their life. One who expresses their philosophy of life and beliefs forcefully and assertively. A person who puts a lot of enthusiasm into any work they find meaningful. The attitude that any problem can be tackled and solved.

Saturn: A serious, patient and persistent working toward goals. Frustration concerning efforts to reach goals. One who is sensitive about how their efforts are viewed and who wants acknowledgment for the work they do. A person who feels uncertain about the value of their efforts. Later in life the person has more confidence about their work, and who at that time may play the role of a leader.

Uranus: Finding a unique way to work toward goals. A person who is independent in the pursuit of what is most important to them. Efforts made to reach goals may be erratic, and tend to want to be engaged in only when the person feels the inspiration to do so.

Neptune: A person who may be unrealistic or unclear about how they are going to work toward goals. The tendency to work toward goals by following the intuition. The tendency to be idealistic about working toward goals. One may work selflessly toward goals that benefit other people.

North Node: Actively working towards goals with other people. A need to have connections with others that foster the actualization of one's purpose in life. The conflict between old inborn ways of asserting ones will versus finding new more effective and workable ways of doing so. Disruptions in one's relationships with other through being too overbearing, harsh, or dominating.

Ascendant: Someone whose outward manner is purposeful and assertive, though at worst may be abrasive and/or overbearing. A person who plays the part of a leader in life. The tendency to expect much from oneself. One's identity is bound to one performance in working toward goals.

Midheaven: A career in which one employs leadership abilities. Hard work to fulfill one's highest spiritual purpose. Hard work to better society and and world at large. Through one's own efforts one rises to positions of importance.


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