(82) The Sun/Mercury Pluspoint

Mercury by itself can be potentially quite unstable, and fickle. It shifts its focus readily, for its purpose is to connect things, any and all sorts of things, and so it is forever flouid and flexible. When combined with the energy of the sun it achieves focus and purposefulness, for the Sun helps it to prioritize.

The Sun/Mercury combination signifies conscious thinking – thinking to achieve a goal and that has a purpose in mind. It signifies one's own ideas about things, rather than any ideas of other people that one may encounter. Negatively the Sun/Mercury combination can mean egotistical thinking, or a tendency to overestimate the value and importance of ones own ideas. Positively it is thinking and communicating that has value and substance, that is worthwhile and balanced.

Since the Sun is a prioritizer, the Sun/Mercury combination has the power to discern which ideas are of lesser value or importance and which ones are of greater importance and therefore central to whatever one is trying to achieve

Moon: One has an emotional need to figure out which ideas are the most important to oneself. The ability to organize ideas comes and goes and is dependent on one's emotional state. Feeling vulnerability when it comes to expressing one's own ideas. The gaining of a sense of security through prioritizing ones ideas.

Venus: A love of organizing thoughts in terms of ranking them as to importance. The enjoyment of expressing insights. An appreciation of important ideas and a desire to point those out to other people. Ones ideas are expressed in a smooth, diplomatic, and/or beautiful and easy manner. The ability to be compelling with the use of words.

Mars: One takes action based on what one thinks will be most beneficial in future terms. An assertive or even aggressive expression of one's own thoughts. Ability to change or modify one's course of action if need be so as to reach one's goals. To find one's own way of doing things.

Jupiter: To be enthusiastic about the importance of one's own thoughts. To have one's own ideas and opinions about a wide variety of issues, as well as having the ability to coordinate a lot of ideas together into a whole. Ones own ideas are expressed expansively. The ability to encourage oneself, and therefore experienced a reduced need for outer encouragement. A possible tendency to be overly objective in one's thinking and thereby not giving enough attention to instinctive and intuitive impulses.

Saturn: Uncertainty as to one's personal thoughts, especially in reference to their worth. The tendency to think things through slowly and/or carefully, and to question one's own ideas at every step. Eventually coming to a complete and unshakable certainty about one's opinion or belief. Becoming more strong-minded later in life.

Uranus: One's thinking is independent and original. What what thinks is important may be very different from what the world accepts as being important. A contrary mental attitude. A refusal to go along with traditional or accepted beliefs about things. A sudden shift in ones opinion about something or way of looking at the world.

Neptune: Subtlety and refinement of ones own thoughts. A lack of clarity when it comes to knowing what what thinks is important. One's own ideas are imaginative, and/or highminded, often involving ways of bettering or uplifting society.

Pluto: Long – range thoughts pertaining to how great changes can be made. A powerful even overbearing notion of the extreme importance of one's own ideas. An intense, overwhelming need to communicate one's thoughts to others. One's personal ideas tends to always be connected with the greater themes of human evolution and world change.

North Node: A need to share one's most important thoughts with others and to have those acknowledged and seen as valuable. The pull between old and new ideas and the need to beware of falling into certain habits of thought just because they are comfortable. Other people influence one's thoughts, and either help one to evolve or hold one back.

Ascendant: Playing the role of the person who is the objective thinker, or one who can assess the relative importance of ideas. The person comes across as confident about his ideas, but needs to beware of turning people off by an egotistical self-expression. One's self-worth is based on thinking that ones ideas and opinions are important.

Midheaven: A need to share ones personal thoughts and opinions with the world. A career involving objective thinking and/or future projections. To have one's own ideas about society and the nature of the world at large. The possibility of becoming an authority figure in one's career. One's calling in life has to do with bring important ideas to light.


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