(97) The Sun/Neptune Pluspoint

The Sun sheds light on anything which it touches, and here, combined with Neptune it illuminates the intuition, and can potentially reveal what was hidden as well as clarify what was nebulous. At its highest, Neptune signifies one's spiritual calling and is profoundly idealistic. The Sun brings out this side of Neptune strongly for it can cause one to feel great self-confidence about one's ideals and spiritual mission. The person with this combination figuring prominently in their chart is often a visionary, one who sees the possibility of bring ideals into physical manifestation. This combination also sees the deeper, subtler meaning of things, and the hidden purpose in all its subtlety and complexity at work behind all the outer manifestations of life.

It does best with a refined diet, a raw food one would be very good. The physical vitality can be very delicate and sensitive and so exposure to coarse, abrasive, discordant energies can be very upsetting and draining. The person with this combination strongly in evidence in their chart is very senstivie to drugs and chemicals, which can sap the vitality and harm the health.

This person is a natural journeyer in the psychic and soul realms and can bring back from those places much that is very valuable and uplifting to other people.

Negatively speaking, this combination can mean confusion concerning one's goals, or maybe a tendency to be unrealistic about goals – which could lead to eventual disappointments. The ego (Sun) may be weak and so the person could be easily exploited by other people.

What this person does with their imagination is extremely important, for negative imaginings can drastically affect the energy and act like a vampire on the spirit. Positive imaging on the other hand can generate great vitality and can be used to heal.

Sun/Neptune Pluspoint aspected by:

Moon: The person needs a home that has strong, positive psychic energy surrounding it. The person's emotions are greatly supported and nurtured by exposure to ideas that are high-minded imaginative and beautiful. Such things help greatly to foster their emotional security.

Mercury: When communicating the person is capable of implying much and of getting their point across with great subtlety. They are aware of the complexities in any situation and can be good at explaining them. The nervous system may be especially sensitive to the effects of drugs and toxins such as heavy metals.

Venus: In relationships the person needs for what is hidden to be brought out into the open. They tend to have a subtle and refined sense of beauty. The love to hold high-minded goals in common with others, especially their mate.

Mars: Acting from a sense of high-minded purpose. Psychic drains inhibit or limit the ability to act. The person feels energized by sexual activity as long as it has a delicate, refined, subtle and/or uplifting quality. Failures caused by actions committed without a clear-cut sense of purpose. To take the initiative to do what is most spiritually important to oneself.

Jupiter: Great enthusiasm to realize goals, but one's enthusiasm may eclipse practical considerations, thereby making goals difficult to attain. Enthusiasm for one's vision of the future, or for what one sees as the spiritual purpose of life.

Saturn: Illness caused by depression due to disappointments or by a feeling that one's ideals are unobtainable. A person who has a visionary nature but who is unsure of what their intuition tells them. A slow, careful and patient working to fulfill one's goals.

Uranus: A genius for perceiving subtleties in any situation. The consciousness of hidden forces at work in life, together with insights as to their meaning and purpose. Finding the freedom to pursue one's own individual and unique goals. Sudden confusions of consciousness.

Pluto: An obsessive focus on idealistic goals, even in the face of great physical or practical obstacles. The relentless urge to follow a spiritual purpose. Extreme events or occurrences which expand the range of one's consciousness.

North Node: The need to find other people with which to share idealistic or spiritual goals. Other people may have a draining or energizing effect on one's vitality, and may contribute to or detract from one's life purpose, and as one focuses more and more on one's evolution, the positive and reinforcing effects of other people are more sought out.

Ascendant: Presenting oneself to the world in an idealized manner. One identifies with high-minded goals. Other people are possibly confused as to one's purpose. To be drained of energy by what one identifies with, or, conversely, to gain much energy from identifying with subtle energies of a high vibration.

Midheaven: The need to share one's ideals with the world. A career involving the use of the imagination or one's intuitive insights. An unclear or unrealistic approach to career concerns. The need to avoid career that sap one's energy, which will tend to be the case when the chosen career does not harmonize with one's dharma.


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