(92) The Sun/Saturn Pluspoint

Saturn tends to want to maintain the status quo of one's goals, to hold steady to them, as well as to pace oneself as one works gradually to fulfill them. Often this combination achieves success later in life, and tends, generally to have more self-confidence then as well.

Of course Saturn rules the sign that is opposite the one the Sun rules, so in one sense these two planets are at odds. The sun generally signifies health and Saturn can depress or inhibit the health, causing a decrease of physical vitality and energy and a sensitivity to negative influences on the health. The way to balance this is to be more disciplined about one's habits, especially one's diet.

Just as Sun/Jupiter likes to be in the limelight, Sun/Saturn may be shy, and may lack self-confidence. This lack is present because the person needs to learn to base their self confidence on what is real and enduring in terms of the spiritual self.

This combination signifies the willingness to suffer for the purpose of reaching a goal, and this suffering may come in the simple form of having to deny oneself something now because one knows that doing so will help on to achieve success later. The person may be unsure of one's goals, or of how to reach them. Saturn always denies any superficiality, and so a superficial goal will seem to the person with a strong sun/Saturn aspect as never fulfilling enough to pursue.

At best the combination signifies a depth of realization and a person who is crystal clear about why they are here and what their goals are.

Sun/Saturn pluspoint aspected by:

Moon: One feels emotionally secure when able to focus on one's own goals and go at one's own pace.
The feeling of not being important. Ill health that is primarily due to emotional problems and feelings of insecurity.

Mercury: To communicate with a clear purpose in mind. Difficulty in communicating due to the tendency to focus only on what one is saying and not enough on what the other person is saying. Difficulty in letting in the ideas of others. Thinking which is unhealthy and/or which drains the vitality.

Venus: A love of art that has spiritual meaning. A love relationship that doesn't support one's goals in life, but the need to have one that does. Getting involved in relationships that have a negative effect on one's self confidence, and/or which drain one of energy or which are unhealthy. The best relationships for one are those in which one can share a spiritual purpose with the other person.

Mars: A careful and controlled way of doing things. One is always able when one does anything to keep one's long-range goals and purposes in mind, but if this pluspoint indication is misused it can mean the tendency to act without a clear-cut goal or purpose in mind and hence to have ones actions be ineffective. A lack of self-confidence undermines one's efforts.

Jupiter: Success comes when one is able to pursue one's own goals without other distractions. Ill-health caused by over-eating or in general by having the energy body blocked or clogged. The need for more exercise. Learning that is confined to limited, narrow or particular areas of knowledge – the specialist.

Uranus: One has a lack of confidence when it comes to being oneself, being original, or experimenting. A need to be freed from a lack of self-confidence. A genius for understanding the limits, restrictions or demands of any situation. Health problems that arise suddenly, and which often are caused by the reprssion of energy.

Neptune: Insights into the spiritual purpose of life. A lack of energy caused by hypersensitivity, allergies, or an oversensitivity to negative psychic influences. The ability to surround oneself with spiritual protection. A deeper understanding of the spiritual purpose and meaning of anything and everything.

Pluto: An intense and persistent need to overcome ego problems by letting go of the little ego and focusing instead on the spiritual self. A tremendous ability to stick to goal. The need to overcome the opinions and agendas of others in the pursuit of one's spiritual purpose.

North Node: A need to connect with people with whom one can share a spiritual purpose, and/or who will help one to build one's self-confidence. A tendency to form connections with people that drain one's energy, undermine one self-confidence, or frustrate one's goals.

Ascendant: The ability to come across as a person with much determination and perseverance, and hence as a person on which others can depend. A lack of self-confidence in one's outer presentation. To be seen as a person who is firmly purposeful and constant.

Midheaven: A lack of self-confidence in pursuing one's career concerns. One is patient and steady in the pursuit of career goals. Career success later in life. To be constant in the attempt to fulfill one dharma.


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