(83) The Sun/Venus Pluspoint

Venus signifies whatever one appreciates, finds of value, or finds beautiful. This may be anything – from trivial things – the minor amenities of life – to the eternal and enduring truths of existence. When Venus is combined with the Sun, the Sun's process of prioritizing and of finding what is most important and making it central to one's life is applied to all that Venus appreciates.

At its most negative this combination blends the potential selfishness of Venus with the egotism which is the misguided manifestation of the Sun, resulting in self love and a desire to put the self first in all things, which, of course perpetuates negative karma while generating more.

At this combination's best, the objectivity and positive willfulness of the Sun brings true, real and enduring values to light, and holds to those with great constancy. That side of Venus which can wallow in the subjectivity and drunkeness of passionate romance is replaced by objective love – a love which seeks out what is best for both self and the loved one in the long-range future, rather than immersing itself in the allurements of immediate gratification.

With this combination the values one most wishes to share in relationships are those that last and which reflect the core meaning and purpose of the self.

The Sun/Venus combination in aspect to:

Moon: In relationships a needs to be seen as important by the other person. Security derived from relationships which have a future and in which there can be openness as well as an objective dealing with problems. Sometimes one confidently expresses one's values, at other times one may feel vulnerable about doing so, or even uncertain about what one holds most dear.

Mercury: A smooth persuasive way of communicating that is poised and emphasizes the most important points being talked about. A need to talk about or otherwise express what one holds most dear. One is always thinking about those values which endure. Artistic problems are solved cleverly and resourcefully. Using artistic means as a form of communication.

Mars: The persons actions are highly directed and attempt to fulfill those values which he holds most dear. In acting, an avoidance of anything that throws one off track, as well as anything petty or which does not contribute to one major goals. The ability to accomplish things with ease and discipline.

Jupiter: A desire to teach others about what is most valuable and important. Enthusiasm for what what finds beautiful and meaningful in life. An increase in ones capacity to feel confident, satisfied and at ease with oneself and certain about what one holds most dear.

Saturn: Reserve or uncertainty in expressing that which is most important to oneself. A lack of commonly held values in relationships, or a feeling that the partner does not acknowledge one's importance. It may take a lot of time, pondering and inner work to come to recognize what it is that is most important to oneself.

Uranus: A sudden shifting of what one feels is most important, usually this shifting is experimentsal in nature, and/or is toward those values which more fully express the uniqueness of self. Originality in the realm of the arts. A need to try out various values as a way of figuring out what one holds to be most important.

Neptune: Refined and imaginative in the artistic realm – an aesthetic of subtlety that may be misunderstood by the world at large. The artist who works come from the intuition. One is very idealistic about those values held most dear. One's core values may be difficult to attain due to being impractical and/or too idealistic. One may be unsure about what one finds most valuable in life, or delude the self about these matters.

Pluto: The desire to change the world through following, acting out, or espousing what one values most. Obsessiveness concerning one's values, and potential egotism concerning same. Pressure concerning what one hold's most dear – possibly because one feels he nagging urge to always live up more fully to one's values.

North Node: A need to find people who share one's most enduring values. One comes to a sense of what is most important in life through contact with other people. A conflict between old values and new values, and a need to cleave toward those which will most support the soul's evolution.

Midheaven: One's career may involved negotiating with others. A career in the arts, or the tendency to approach any career in an artful manner. The need to express what one holds as being most important to the world at large. One's highest values are inspired and exalted. The possibility of coming to be seen as an authority on taste, or on what is most important or significant in any field.


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