(81) The Sun/Moon Pluspoint

The Sun/Moon combination signifies a person's vitality – their basic life energy. It can also be seen as a sense of purpose (Sun) powered by feeling (Moon). This combination only becomes negative if the life energy is either (1) poured forth chaotically with no direction, or (2) used for selfish, harmful or destructive purposes. As these planets are polar opposites of each other, their energy needs to be balanced, without either one repressing the other. If the Sun overbalances the Moon, the result is a strong ego but either a detachment from one's emotions or a repression of them. If the Moon overbalances the Sun then one is likely to be too impressionable, vulnerable, running to extremes, and/or lacking in self confidence. Whether one of these planets is overbalancing the other or not is not something that can be deduced from astrological factors – for the balance between these two depends on a person's level of evolution – which the chart never shows.

Sun/Moon pluspoint aspected by

Mercury: Energetic, wholehearted communication. The whole self poured into ideas and the expression of them. The person's life depends on and revolves around the ideas he has come to adopt as his own. Negative: the vitality sapped by nervous disorders or obsessive thinking. Vitality wasted by being too fickle, changeable, or by a continual shifting of focus.

Venus: The person's whole life revolves around the appreciation and enjoyment of beauty. When in contact with beauty the person feels vitalized. The pouring of heart and soul into relationships and/or romance. Aesthetics affect every area of the person's life. When beauty is experienced as deep and spiritual, the being is energized. Misuse of vitality through seeking after beauty which is superficial or is only sought after to gratify selfishness.

Mars: Vitality stimulated by tasks and challenges which are completely involving. The person is here to act, to build, to accomplish. They can be fueled by conflict, but need to beware of anger and destructiveness harming their vitality. There may be a tendency to overidentify with work. Symbolically or literally, the athlete.

Jupiter: a whole-hearted enthusiasm that desires to continually enlarge and expand its frame of reference. Vitalized by learning, encountering of new stimuli, and the widening of horizons. An ability to encourage others, and the feeling of being energized by doing so. Negatively, the vitality can be harmed by excesses and going overboard in many different possible ways.

Saturn: Vitalized by order and structure, by peace and quiet, and/or spiritual pursuits. A slow, steady vitality, possibly with much staying power. The person's vitality may be lessened by limits or restrictions and so need to be careful in the expenditure of their energy. Often the vitality will be stronger and steadier later in life.

Uranus: A zest for experimentation. The person's vitality manifests erratically, spasmodically, suddenly, or surprisingly. The are vitalized by freedom, and by being able to be themselves with restrictions.

Neptune: A sensitive, delicate vitality – possibly prone to psychic drains. Highly affected by subtle influences: vibrational remedies, massage, psychic healing, etc. The vitality is potentially harmed by drugs, poisons, and toxic substances. Heart and soul poured into an ideal and/or a sense of spiritual obligation.

Pluto: The person desires to lead an intense life and to have a big impact on the world. Vitality stimulated and motivated by the idea of obtaining power, be it spiritual or material in nature. A need to beware of throwing themselves so completely into anything that self-destructiveness is the result. Positively, the ability to immerse the whole of one's being in the process of evolutionary transformation.

Node: Relationships and connections with others mean everything to this person. A need for connections that further spiritual progress, as well as a need to stay away from people who encourage one to stay the same and not move ahead. Being vitalized by helping other people grow, but negatively the vitality may be sapped by involvements with people who reinforce one's own dysfunctionality.

Ascendant: An outer personality that has a tremendous amount of vitality. This person is very concerned with their appearance and outer presentation of self to the world, and at best wants these things to be a tool to reflect their spiritual core. Negatively, a tendency to devote oneself to appearances only and to ultimately sap one's vitality by playing a role which does not further one's spiritual evolution.

Midheaven: A desire to connect with the whole world at large, and to do something beneficial for society. The whole of the self poured into the role of playing a parent, teacher, instructor, or authority of some sort. The person may be dedicated body and soul to world betterment, but at worst may focus too much on the attempt to gain public approval.


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