(93) The Sun/Uranus Pluspoint

The focus here is on one's own unique goals, as well as the ability to take a creative and inspirational approach to fulfilling one's life purpose. This means that one has the fortitude to change direction in life when it is called for, and this often happens suddenly.

As Uranus is unpredictable, the combination can also signify sudden failures and setbacks. The twists and turns in life can be unpredictable, and what seems like a success can be a failure and vice versa. The point is the person places a lot of importance on experimentation, and so even though there is a lot to lose when taking big risks, there is also a lot to gain.

The person with this combination strongly in evidence in their chart does not take to criticism or advice readily, especially of the conservative sort. They derive a lot of energy from being free, and from being able to play with energy to see what happens. They need elbow room in which to move, for ultimately they see life and the world as their laboratory in which to invent.

This person sees where reforms are needed, and can certainly be one who bucks the system.

Sun/Uranus pluspoint aspected by

Moon: The emotional need to be open about one's differences and uniqueness, but a tendency to feel vulnerable about them, and maybe too open to the reactions of others to them.. Security is derived from living in a free way, with a minimum of restriction and responsibility. One feels most at ease when one can pursue one's goals independently and/or privately Sudden changes in one's relationship to one's family.

Mercury: To bring unusual or unexpected things to light in one's communicating as well as the ability to explain the meaning and significance of them.. The communicating of sudden, unique and/or original insights. A tendency to catch others off guard when communicating – abrupt or unexpected turns in communicating. .

Venus: One's romantic involvements follow a strange or unusual course – they may begin or end suddenly or in surprising ways. A love of art that brings new or unusual things to light. To appreciate anything that is unique. The need in relationships to have as little restraint and restriction as possible place on the self.

Mars: One takes action abruptly, and moves towards goals erratically, sometimes suddenly dropping goals and just as suddenly taking on others. To be assertive about one's independence. One acts according to one's own purposes and to fulfill one's own independent goals. The tendency to become angry about sudden setbacks

Jupiter: A sudden change in one's plans that proves to be fortunate or successful. The ability to capitalize on unforeseen changes in circumstances. An increase in one's ability to take an independent approach to goals. The ability to make the most of unusual original or inspired ideas. Success in the pursuit of one's own independent angendas.

Saturn: Sudden changes that are unfortunate or to which one reacts negatively, and a need to look deeply into this so as to understand what one needs to learn from them. The need to make a change, but the tendency sometimes to avoid it until one is forced by circumstances to make it. A lack of ability to work independently, but a need to develop the ability to do so. Later in life one becomes more confident about one's uniqueness as a person.

Neptune: Sudden changes that produce confusion or chaos, but which, positively speaking open up new potentials.. To intuitively comprehend the value and purpose of one's own unique gifts and abilities, and to use them for the benefit and upliftment of other people. One's own unique gifts and talents may be of a subtle nature, and hence not readily recognized by other people.

Pluto: A change in one's life and circumstances that has a deeply transforming effect. To make radical changes in one's direction in life. An obsessive need for freedom in pursuing one's own way in life. To engage in radical or extreme actions as a means of reaching one's goals.

North Node: The need to be connected to people who allow one to be oneself. Sudden changes in the nature of one's relationship to others, or in how one relates to them. Making connections with others that cause a marked improvement in one's living conditions.

Ascendant: One receives attention for being a distinctive, unique, or original person. To feel that it is important to stand out from the crowd. The need to be in an environment that is supportive to one's individuality and freedom.

Midheaven: To have a unique, strange or extraordinary career,. Sudden, unexpected improvements or setbacks in the career. To become aware (or more aware) of one's own unique purpose in life. The making of an important and/or distiinct contribution to the world. The tendency to feel better when self-employed.


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