(91) The Sun/Jupiter Pluspoint

With this combination we find enthusiasm (Jupiter) for fulfilling a purpose, and possibly the successful pursuit of goals. This combination wants often to expand the goals, and needs to beware of taking on more in this context than it can handle. At worst there can be an excess (Jupiter) of self confidence (Sun), but at best the person's self-confidence leads them to success.

This combination is also conducive to fame, and in general to getting positive attention from other people. The Jupiter desire for expansion is carried out in a meaningful and purposeful way, which is likely to receive support from the outer world.

At times the person with this combination may come across so confident that he evokes jealousy and/or resentment in others, so to avoid this negative effect it is good to advise the person to maybe be a little more humble than usual, or at least aware and respectful of the feelings of others.

The combination can also signify success in teaching, as well as the ability to encourage other people and to make them more aware of philosophical principles. The tendency is for fortune to result from this combination with the greatest problems being a magnification of any tendency to over-estimate the self, or the possibility of overlooking or wasting the valuable opportunities presented here.

This combination activated by transit signifies a good time to work on one's health on all levels.

Sun Jupiter pluspoint in combination with

Moon: The emotional need to gain the recognition and esteem of others and to achieve success. Feeling vulnerable about the issue of one's own personal success. One's self confidence comes and goes and is dependent on ones emotional state. Success through work that involves nurturing or taking care of others, or through activities that all people can relate too, such as eating, providing people with a place to stay, etc., or any career that engages the emotions of other people.

Mercury: Achieving recognition for one's ideas, communicating, or writing. The ability to communicate with certainty and confidence and to coordinate and organize one's ideas into an overall picture. The mind thinks in big, pictures geared toward the fulfillment of a specific goal or purpose. Thinking or communicating about health.

Venus: A person who is charming and at ease when in the limelight – who may love attention and recognition. Attraction to successful people and possible love relationships with them. Success comes through involvement in the arts. The need to have a relationship that is geared toward the fulfillment of mutual goals.

Mars: Aggressively achieving success through industry and/or the taking of initiative to reach one's goals. The ability to take action in a self-assured way. The ability to avoid becoming diverted when working toward goals. Confidence in one's ability to be successful in one's actions.

Saturn: Feeling an inability to achieve goals, or a negative attitude toward the possibility of realizing them. The feeling that one is unable to achieve success. A fear of success. Success achieved through patience and perseverance, and often late in life or after a lot of hard work. Shyness concerning being in the limelight.

Uranus: The sudden achievement of success, possibly in unexpected ways. Success is achieved through original and/or unique ideas – certainly not in the usual manner. A person who is known for their eccentricity and/or their unusual or distinctive approach to their career.

Neptune: A deepening of one's understanding of what success means to one personally. The expansion of confidence in one's intuitive abilities. One's health depends on psychic influences and on the refining of one's diet, as well as staying away from negative or discordant people and situations. Success in humanitarian work, or work that spiritually uplifts other people.

Pluto: An obsessive, relentless pursuit of success. A possible tendency to expect too much of oneself and/or to push oneself too hard. The achievement of a very great success that may have a transformative effect on one. One is never completely happy with success that is only material or outward and will not feel truly fulfilled until success is achieved in the spiritual realm.

North Node: Achieving success jointly with others, or through a common effort. Bringing success to one's community or chosen group of people. Connections with successful or famous people. How one has defined success in the past needs to evolve into a new definition of it to meet one's current evolutionary needs.

Ascendant: An outer show of confidence. The ability to look good and to come across as capable and assured, even if one doesn't really feel this way. Finding a way to approach others that will induce them to support one in achieving one's goals.

Midheaven: Success in one's chosen career. Approaching one's profession with confidence Success in promoting a positive public image for oneself. The ability to be aware of one's purpose in life and success in pursuing one's spiritual goals.


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