(2) The Asteroid Juno

I was first introduced to Ellias Lonsdales work on asteroids through his book "Inside Planets," published in 1995 by North Atlantic Books. His interpretation of asteroids is different from most other astrologers -- not that it disagrees with what they have to say, but that it adds to, espands and enhances their work.

In Ellias Lonsdale's system, the asteroid Juno becomes a co-ruler of Aquarius. The negative energy of Juno represses all aspects of the mind except the rational, so that it can be in charge. This inevitably leads to negative thinking, cynicism, and closes us off from access to the realities which are intuition could potentiall tap into.

To cleanse Juno of negativity we must become aware of our biases, our taken-for-granted beliefs that we are limited, and erase, gradually the negative mindsets and frustration loops in which we are caught. These can be very subtle and elusive, but through mindfulness we can tune into these and melt them, thereby clearing and opening our true vision.

In your own natal chart, Juno will show where you have biases and limiting beliefs, where you tend to want everything to be neat and clear, problem-free, but where things could be messy, uncertain, difficult. If you will embrace this uncertainty let go of pre-conceptions, and allow your intuition to guide you, the area signified by Juno's house can thrive and bring fulfillment.

Another way to think of Juno is that it operates like a machine, applying itself to situations in a formulaic manner. For instance, Juno in 9th house might enforce an ideology or dogma, maybe, or adopt a neat, clean philosophy that ignores or avoids difficult moral questions, or which gives pat answers to them.

My own Juno is in seventh, and I will say that I have often been handicapped in my relating by having rigid notions of what a relationship should be. And, as Ellias points out in his book I have at times in the past suffered from loneliness due to not being able to get close to people because I feared doing so.

Fear is at the basis of Juno's worship of rationalism and denying of the psychic self. In fact, Ellias says that fear is the basis of all the asteroid energies, the key asteroid of them all being Pallas, which I'll speak of in another posting.


  1. What does it mean that my Juno is Sagittarius in my 12 house?


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