(11) Neptune at 25 Aquarius

Last night I when to the first session of a class I am taking in cranial-sacral therapy. It was wonderful. I have long desired to study this extremely subtle form of therapy.

Right now Neptune is squaring my Midheaven, and I know that the starting of this blog, as well as the cranial-sacral class are reflections of this event. Neptune signifies spiritual obligation – a quality which I feel has been understated in astrological literature, because most people are so busy trying to cope with the Neptune confusion that they never arrive at a point of considering what their spiritual obligations are.

Always remember with Neptune: Any confusion it seems to be causing is confusion you have yourself generated. Kabbalah teaches us that there are no victims. Usually we create a Neptunian fog because it is a way of hiding something we don’t want to deal with. Or sometimes it,s caused by looking at a new situation through the grimy glasses of old biases. The antidote to confusion is attunement to spirit. The Higher Self is ever vigiloant, ever watching us, and ready to impart to us its crystalline clarity.

As I write this blog Nepune is transiting through the 25th degree of Aquarius. Ellias Lonsdale ways that the 25th degree of all the signs carries an extremely cosmic, otherworldly vibration. The Omega Symbol for Aquarius 25 is “The muscles of a dancer’s legs quivering in his sleep as he remembers dances.” This reminds us that the whole of our past is recorded in our being, and any stress it has accrued is seeking release. Which is what cranial-sacral therapy is al about!

The Chandra symbol for the same degree is “A Moustache.” Lonsdale says that it signifies the ability to tailor and custom-fit personal behavior and expression so that the greater good is served absolutely. I hope the energy of this is taken in by law makers as they fulfill their sobial obligation (Neptune) in creating a health care bill for all of us.


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