(5) The Septile Aspect

The septile aspect is 51 degrees and 26 minutes – or one seventh of a circle.
Seven is the number of transcendence and overcoming, a rising above problems so that we may seem them in the bigger picture.
In speaking of septiles anything I say can also be applied to the bi-septile -- 102 degrees and 52 minutes -- and the tri-septile -- 154 degrees and 18 minutes. The orb on any of these should be no more than two degrees, with one degree being preferable. Of course, if you have several of them in your chart, you can always know which one will be the strongest by looking at the one with the closest orb.
All three of these septile frequencies have to do with destiny – something bigger and more far reaching than the conscious self. The best way to handle them is to go with your impulses where they are concerned – follow your guidance, and do what you feel an urge to do. Don’t let a need for justification stand in your way. the universe is trying to tell you something, and all you have to do is sharpen your ears and allow yourself to flow with the energy.
The septile can also make us feel that we need to do something in a particular way, and even if another way may seem more practical or accepted, we need to follow the way that feels right to us.
Here is an example: I have Venus and Mars in a septile aspect. The Venus/Mars pair of planet signifies EFFICIENCY, according to Marc Edmund Jones, in other words, how we get anything done. Venus and Mars is the urge to take action toward completing something. Mars is always how we begin anything, and Venus is how we end it. And it is true that I often get the urge to do something, RIGHT NOW, and I may not have any reason why. But I’ve found that if I go ahead and get it done it feels very good. By the same token if I fail to follow through on one of these urges, it can create inner psychic turmoil, cause discord and disharmony. The septile is asking us to allow ourselves to sympathetically vibrate with incoming cosmic energy, and if we just let go of our questionings and inhibitions and go for it, we get led to someplace we need to go. The septile is an energy we need to submit to, and to be taken over by.
My friend Sandra has Uranus and Neptune in a septile aspect. That pair has to do with spiritual obligation – taking on a responsibility for the good of humanity. She has hosted a Shaman from Brazil who comes and stays at her house, and who does healings on people. She is very drawn to the poets Shelly and Byron, who wre a unique (Uranus) idealists (Neptune), and an inspired (Uranus) visionaries (Neptune). She has the impulse, I’m sure, to be like them. The Uranus/Neptune pair is cosmic – it looks beyond mundane limitations, its vision piercing the veil of materiality and searching out the hidden realms. Give in to it, Sandra.
Another friend, Linda, has a Moon/Saturn septile which means that when she has a persistent (Saturn) feeling that keeps coming up, she needs to give it attention, check it out, see where it takes her. Also that unexplainable difficult or negative emotions can arise in her that are trying to lead her to some new realization or awareness.
Its also good to check out septiles in your progressed chart, for they can show periods when you can receive new guidance to meet particular challenges.


  1. Hello John, Totally gobsmacked at the clarity of your blog posts. And I find we see the aspects in the same way, in that they are "asking us" to do something. You make difficult concepts easy to grasp. I have Mercury Septile Jupiter. This is the second closest septile I have but it's very important to me. I also have some tri-septiles. Cheers, Jucy

  2. This is by far one of the best descriptions for the Septile that I've been able to find.
    My birth path number is 7 and I also have Sun/Venus Septile Mars. I am constantly feeling as though there is something I NEED to do. Right now. My Sun and Venus are BiSeptile Ceres, and My Mars is Quadranovile Saturn.

    But with my Sun/Venus Septile Mars, my Sun/Venus are also widely square my Vertex and it often seems that no matter what I always end up encountering very unfortunate relationships and events in my life. With this Septile/7 energy I already understand it by nature, but then others try to counsel me and explain that it's something I'm not doing right and that feels completely off.

    I'm an INFJ MBTI type born under the Waning Crescent and I have never felt more alone in any other life I can rememeber.

  3. Hi John.
    I love this description. I have exact Pluto Mars conjunct in 9th septile Saturn and another septiling Pluto Mars to vertex. Jupiter and chiron. Sun and Neptune/part fortune exact conjuction. Neptune and north node septile.
    I cannot find anything on septile with vertex or chiron or north nodes what do these mean?
    I have several quintiles and 6 planet stellium in both libra and 9th house. (Planets not asteroids)
    The chart is a hot mess and I need to find how to use this energy. Hope you can help with some of the obscure septile. Eager to find my destiny since awakening.


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