Some Notes on Postings

I've just numbered all my postings by a number in parenthesis at the front of the post's title, and from now on all of them will be numbered. This is so that with a beginning student or beginning class I can say, for instance "go to post 42 and study that first," or, "there's information on that in post 112," or ""check out the analysis of Gertrude Stein's chart in post 2,126."

I'm also thinking of adding more information to some of these posts, and when I do I'll inform everyone which ones I've expanded. This is because I often have further thoughts about a subject after I've written a post, and rather than writing another post, it seems more reasonable to just add to the one I've already written.

Posts that are solely about what I'm doing on the blog and not about astrology per se will bear no numbers.

I'm really enjoying doing this! Soon I'm going to do a lot more beginning astrology posts and eventually I'll have a list of the numbers of those posts so that beginining students know which ones are for them.

Blessings to you all, and have a great New Year!


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