(19) Chiron in the Signs (I)

I’ve given several talks on Chiron at astrology conventions, and when I chose the topic I would think later, “why in the world did I chose that topic? I don’t know enough about that!” And then I would get up in front of that podium and start in and soon realize that the words were effortless rolling out of me, and that I was listening to myself and that someone else other than the conscious, rational me was talking. It was the energy of Chiron and the Chiron Beings speaking.

Chiron is a wonderful energy. All of us already know all there is to know about it. My purpose in writing this is to help you bring the information back to your conscious awareness.

In this section I’ll tell you about Chiron’s effect in the signs Aries through Virgo. In a later section we’ll look at Libra through Pisces.

Ellias Lonsdale calls the planet Chiron by the name Alpha Omega, as it signifies both a link to the past and the future. I prefer this name, but as most people are still referring to it as Chiron, I will too for convenience sake.

Lonsdale says that Chiron is a course corrector. When we are out of alignment with the force of evolution, the energy of Chiron can help us to once again attune ourselves to our spiritual path.

Chiron energy is the process of changing time. As all time is happening simultaneously, we have both the ability to change the past, and to draw energy from the future into the present. Our own past selves are still living in their past lives, and by sending them our love we can heal them, which karmically impacts our current self, and can induce deep healing. We can also tap into our future selves to draw on the wisdom they have gained from moving through the experiences that lay between them and us. In short, we are not limited in the present. All time is here and now.

I have a recurring vision of Chiron. It is of a being wandering through a maze and becoming confused and frustrated. She’s unable to find her way into the center of the maze or to exit it. Finally she stops her wandering and a miracle happens: she begins to levitate, and gradually rising above the maze looks down and is able to see the whole vast structure of it from on high.

The message of this vision is: the best way out is up. The maze is an illusion, a game in which we are caught. We wander through it, carrying with us the compelling belief that we are limited by it. The fact is, we are the maze, and we have the ability to raise our consciousness out of our lower self. Seeing through the limitations of the maze is the pure essence of Chiron energy.

Lonsale says that Chiron has three major facets: (1) The connecting with guiding beings on other planes of existence so that we may more fully receive their support, (2) an expanding awareness that increases our ability to love unconditionally, and (3) Expanding into our greater self so that we progressively become free of external conditionings and, as Ellias says, “know ourselves to be linked directly and indissoluably with our greater self beyond time.”


Chiron in Aries

In Aries Chiron heals by allowing one to see through all basic assumptions and biases, and to look beyond the shadows of the past. The accumulated burdens of karma can melt away if we are ready for the great adventure that waits for us. Chiron in Aries can have an innate instinct for knowing when and how to act to liberate self and others from whatever is holding us back.

The healing energy of this person carries the divine spark of renewal, and brings the vibration of adventure and discovery to all aspects of experience, even ones that most often might be considered trivial, lackluster, or routine. Chiron in Aries heals by attuning to the mysteries and openness of the present moment.

Chiron in Taurus

This placement brings visions of how all energies are integrated, and the deeper value of all experiences, even the worst ones. Chiron in Taurus signals subtly to others how what we so often have thought of as worthless or even a horrible burden is actually pure gold.

Chiron here has the ability to heal by synchronizing self to cosmic cycles and to feel into the interrelatedness of all, and to realize that this is the true source of enduring wealth. A deep respect for the individuality and uniquess of each and every person is communicated to everyone in a subliminal fashion that heals and supports at profound levels.

The joy of being ourself is a potent healer.

James Joyce's Chiron is in Taurus.

Chiron in Gemini

This energy encourages everyone to connect with their inner self and align to the eternal wisdom dwelling there. The doors of preception are subtly and continually cleansed so that communication becomes increasingly crystalline, vivid and deep. A person with Chiron in Gemini can help others to see whre they are in denial, and to communicate with those parts of themselves which have been lost, walled off, or rejected. Depression can be resolved by knowing that there is always another way forward, and that Hope ever waits for us to tune in to it.

Chiron here emanates the truth that all knowledge and information is at the center of ones being – and that each one of us is an infinitely deep well from which we may draw the waters of life and healing. As we become more in tune with the force of our evolution, what we need to know appears always, and at the perfect time it is needed.

Chiron in Cancer

This placement can inately know the needs of others, and can give just the sort of nurturing needed to heal the self. Chiron in Cancer can melt fears and attune others to the security that is the essense of attunement to source. The Chiron in Cancer person can instinctively sense the needs of other people, and just the right manner to approach them so that any feelings of being threatened are overcome.

This placement also emanates a vibration of family to all, so that others feel included and loved. Chiron in Cancer knows how to feed other people, and how to help all spiritual babies take the necessary developmental steps into spiritual adulthood.

Chiron in Leo

Chiron here can help others to tune in to the true and eternal self that has always existed beyond the illusions of identity. There is a natural ability to support the self-worth of others and to help everyone to cast off doubts. Every person has a distinct and individual spiritual power, which Chiron in Leo senses and naturally and fosters instinctively.

This placement or Chiron can emanate a beautiful nobility that is subtly dramatic, empowering the egos of others in a high minded and spiritual fashion, which eventually melts away all insecure egotism and tendencies to aggrandize self at the expense of others.

Chiron in Virgo

By healing the tendency to criticize and shifting the focus to continual purification, Chiron here can foster others working together in increasingly harmonious connection. They have an innate sense of what needs to be done, what the next step is, and a great willingness to proceed with the work at hand. All disempowering perfectionism melts away in the light of the truth of our spiritual perfection at core. The secret of Chiron in Virgo is that it gently, gradually and inexorably helps others to attune to this spiritual perfection, and through doing so detoxify body mind and spirit at all levels.

Chiron here can help others to find ways to work on themselves, and means of solving all sorts of personal problems. It also teaches the mystery of how abiding in pure being is the ultimate form of doing.


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