(1) Rooting for you, Aquarius!

This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius....” A song of hope, an ode to a future full of potential, when brotherhood and understanding will bloom. Yeah? Well here we are in it. How does it look? Did we forget about the negative side of Aquarius? I don’t remember anyone mentioning that racism, sexism, and elitism are Aquarian, but they certainly are. Aquarius is all about groups and group dynamics, and not just positive ones, for Aquarius can also be a gigantic forest of misguided notions.
The whole question with Aquarius is, are we going to realize and live the truth that we are a spiritual group that is made up of all humans, all animals, in fact all life forms, even ones we haven’t encountered yet? Or are we just going to be fragmented into an endless array of special interest groups, each only concerned with what can further its own ends. Aquarius is the tension between openmindedness and all-inclusiveness on the one hand, and rigid opinions and misguided visions of reality that further the cause of the few only.
The Nazis were Aquarian – let’s not forget it. The sign Aquarius is highly capable of living by twisted notions and self-aggrandizing myths.
Ever heard of the Earth Point? It’s the point exactly opposite the Sun – the shadow that the earth casts on the zodiac when the sun shines on it. The earth point signifies karma that needs to be cleared, shadows that are actually the stuck places that need illumination. When the Sun is in Aquarius, the earth’s shadow is cast in Leo. The astrologer Ellias Lonsdale says that each sign tends to fall prey to the disfunctionalities of its opposite sign. And so Aquarius is tending to be brought down, de-spiritualized by the negative energy of Leo. The Nazis had their leo-esque figurehead: Adolph Hitler. Most politicians are the Leo tools of the dark side of Aquarius.
We cannot come into the highest and most positive energy of Aquarius until we have overcome the little self, the isolated limited ego, which is the worst aspect of Leo. If you bring your pride and arrogance to Aquarius, you stifle its energy. The only way that Aquarius can come into its full potential is if Leo is willing to surrender its ego, becoming a mirror filled only with the light of spirit.
Aquarius is the Water Bearer, and as such should be the energy that distributes life-giving and life-fulfilling energy to ALL people, slaking the thirst for union with spirit. Water is the element of emotion, and at worst in the sign Aquarius, the emotions can be repressed and frozen – remember that the middle of Aquarius is the middle of winter. If we put Aquarius on the ascendant, Cancer falls into the sixth house, so it is the Cancer energy, the emotional energy, that needs healing, in terms of Aquarius. Emotions stagnate when they are repressed.
I am dismayed by astrologers who have thrown out the traditional ruler of Aquarius – Saturn – in favor of Uranus. To me Saturn is the ruler of Aquarius, and Uranus a sub-ruler. Aquarius can be pulled between these two energies – the Saturnine desire to play it safe, be cautious, and stick to the old methods, and the Uranian desire to be free and innovative. The problem with Aquarian biases and fears – in other word its Saturn side – is that Aquarius tends to always think that it’s being open and reasonable, and always has a justification for its rigidity.
May we please now get on with the business of creating the glorious Garden of the True Aquarius on earth? Even Rush Limbaugh is invited – if he can learn to behave himself.


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