(13) South Node: The Same Old Thing

Because the South Node signifies what we have brought with us into this lifetime, it is a place of piled up memories and automatic responses that we have built up in our past. In short, we often experience the circumstances of the South Node by its house and sign placement as "the same old thing." For instance, a person with South Node in 7th house may find it difficult to relate to the world around him or her in a fresh way, a way unclouded by the baggage of the past. In interacting with another person they may think, "oh, I know where this is going," or "oh, I know what they're going to say before they even say it, " or "nobody really understands me and this person won't either." They think this because that's how they're used to it being in the past. Even if they don't remember the specific events of the past that caused this, they still carry this bias of how thing are in their emotional body.

Taking another example, I have South Node in third house. One of the meanins of house 3 is that in shows how we go about doing things. I often make life difficult for myself by doing things in the same old way, when another way would be easier. Sometimes I have difficulty communicating with people (communication being another meaning for the 3rd house) , and it's often because when they don't understand me, I just keep reiterating my thoughts in the same old way, rather then trying to approach the communication from a different standpoint. I can get stuck on certain thoughts which I can't seem to let go off, thinking "the same old things." Many people see me as having an innovative mind, and as loving new ideas. This is true about me, but when it comes to certain thoughts, I can most definitely get stuck in "the same old thing."

One potential difficulty is that a person often doesn't know they are stuck in this way. When they approach their career in the "same old way" (South Node in 10th house) they take for granted that this is the only way, and this erroneous assumption creates unnecessry limitations.

The key healing our South Node is to become increasingly aware of how the storehouse of memories it holds is trapping us,and to always try to experience the house and sign of the South Node with fresh eyes, as if we've never experienced it before. This then frees us up to actualize our North Node, whieh is what we came here to do.
Posted by John Sandbach


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