(27) The First House (2)

Sun in First House signifies a person who easily plays the role of authority and/or important person in life. This individual realizes the potential use of surfaces, that is, how the most superficial level of anything may serve them.

Surfaces may help to reveal what is within, or they may obscure what is deeper. The First House Sun has the ability to create surfaces which lead one into more profound levels of whatever they pertain to, and which are truly appropriate in a spiritual sense for whatever it is they cover. I speak here of the First House sun expressed positively.

Negatively, First House Sun is so egoically involved in outer appearances that they would just as soon have their own surface and the surface of whatever they create obscure what is within (whenever it serves their own selfish purpose, making their outer appearance and mannerisms serve as instruments for getting attention and feeding their own selfishness. This position can be a master of arrogance, and can sometimes come across as haughty even when they don't mean to be.

Think of the First House as a face -- for the first house does in fact rule the head. A positive First House Sun is like a face glowing with love, vitality, and radience, reflecting the spiritual being within. Or, negatively speaking, like a face on which makeup has been carefully applied to obscure all flaws, or a mask, whose purpose is to attract attention, sway one's opinion, and hide the true identity of the person behind it.

One way of symbolizing the first house is that it is like a label on a bottle, that tells what the contents are within. Uranus in First House is like a label that keeps falling off, or keeps changing, or is illegible. Who is this person, anyway? They are naturally full of surprises -- can change suddenly. Uranus in First House often rebels against being defined or categorized at all. No matter how conservatively this person might try to appear, there will always be an aura around him or her of strangeness or uniqueness. This means that others will tend to have a strong reaction to him or her. Some may feel fascinated by this individual, feel compelled to try to figure him or her out. Others may feel threatened, sometimes not even knowing why.

The message of Uranus in First House is, "you can be free and creative with your identity, like I am -- you don't have to be attached to it." This is the subliminal signal always coming from them. This person can be utterly refreshing, or just disturbing. The person can be unstable, or can be one who is continually shocking people, in both large and small ways, into greater awareness. The last thing they are likely to be is boring.

With Neptune in First House the personality loses its crisply defined edges. They can have a vague, uncertain quality. At their best they being a higher level of exaltation to whatever they contact, they uplift, soften, make gentle, and stimulate the imagination. They cannot help but seem myserious and otherworldly. Personally this is one of my favorite placements of Neptune. Diana Ross has Neptune here.

They can, though, be diffcult to pin down, and they are often misread. Because people often aren't sure who this Neptune in First House person really is, they will project onto them an identity, assume things about them which aren't true. Also, they may have a tendency to idealize themselves, that is, to identify with what is lofty, idealistic and exalted, but in doing so lose contact with practical reality. At their finest, this is a person who is willing to be whatever the force of evolution needs them to be, and is ready to consecrate their being to the upliftment of humanity.

So now I've given you some idea of the meaning of all ten planets in the First House. Later we'll move on to the other houses.


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