(28) Juno (2)

I'm seeing the energy of the asteroid Juno everywhere. I went last night to see the movie "Avatar."

In it, humans are portrayed as having rigid notions of how things should be -- this is one quite realistic aspect of the movie.

Humans have come to a new planet with this money-making agenda with which they are bulldozing, literally, the denizens of another planet. Humans have decided that the people of the planet are less developed than they, and so they conclude from this that they must be lesser beings

The rigidity of mind that is the energy of Juno is the generator of racism. Its force, manifesting through the American people, made a concerted effort to destroy the Native Peoples of North America, which remind me of the Na'vi, the race of creatures portrayed in the movie.

It is mentioned offhandedly in the movie that humans have rendered their own planet uninhabitable. Now they are working on doing the same to another planet.

The antidote to Juno is openmindedness -- the ability to allow new ideas and concepts in, the ability to listen to the universe, which is always speaking to you, if you willing to hear it.

Many people think they are being openminded, in fact I would say that most people see themselves as being so. The problem is, they are openminded, so long as every incoming idea conforms to their pre-conceived notions of reality. It's these preconceived notions that are the very thing that create the illusion of a closed mind being an open mind.

The movie has a lot to do with the difference between science and rationality on the one hand, and intuition on the other. To be intuitive one has to be open. Juno rejects openness because it is threatening to Juno's primary urge: the control of everything.

Another way of expressing the antidote to Juno is that it is simply letting everything flow, seeing what arises out of the sea of one's consciousness, and out of the ever-changing circumstances of outer reality as they unfold through time. Go with the energy of the moment, keep tracking it, cease applying your stale mechanical formulae to it, take off your mind filters, SEE EVERYTHING AS NEW ALL THE TIME EVERY MOMENT. THAT IS THE WAY TO OVERCOME THE NIGHTMARE OF JUNO. (And check out the Bach Flower Remedy called Rock Water, which, vibrationally is a healer of the Juno energy).

That place they went to in the movie where all the rocks were hanging -- it went through my mind that those rocks were asteroids, but now, instead of moving in an orbital path, they had come to rest, hanging there, motionless, in the sky.

Ellias Lonsdale says the asteroids represent stumbling blocks. The Na'vi, those blue creatures in the movie, had, through their alignment with their spiritual selves, overcome the stumbling blocks to their spiritual development, hence the asteroids had become de-activated, transmuted into floating mountains.

It's what we're all in the process of doing.


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