(33) The Second House (2)

Mercury in Second house

This placement of Mercury seeks to assess the value of all ideas. Through all its communication it seeks to gain ideas of worth so that they might be shared with others who find them valuable, or used in such a way as to make them more valuable.

Mercury's highest attribute is clear communication, and resourcefulness in finding solutions to problems. Mercury in second has the ability to find unexpected uses for ideas, to place an idea in a context that will maximize its worth.

At worst the Second House can create a rigidity in Mercury, due to the desire to arrive at values that are unchanging and can be depended upon. This can cause Mercury to use its cleverness to find ways to uphold values that are selfish, dogmatic and/or deluded. This occurs when Mercury falls prey to fears.

Because it signifies communication, Mercury is a planet engaged in the process of connectedness, and so much value is created through meaningful connectedness. So Mercury here can be clever and resourceful in finding ways to make money and/or to invest it, as well as connecting ideas in new ways to discover new value in them, or even to present ideas in new ways that bring out unsuspected aspects of them.

Venus in Second House

This placement loves things, both tangible objects as well as concepts that it deems beautiful. It even loves to have time to itself, and loves having and feeling energy. At worst Venus here can be attracted to too many things, and so it may be hard to decide which of them will be focused on to the exclusion of the others.

Often with this placement one finds collectors of one thing or another. This position also stimulates connoisseurship and the cultivation of taste and aesthetics. At best it can find value and beauty in things which others may not see as beautiful or of worth.

This position can enhance selfishness if the soul is inclined toward that. The antidote to this is to emphasize more the value of giving, which, if Venus is spiritualized can be brought out as one of Venuses highest traits.


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