(6) Phase Work: An Astrological Frontier

“Astrology a Language of Life Volume II – Sabian Aspect Orbs” is a highly unique text on astrology by Robert P. Blaschke. The essential idea of the book is that every planet in a chart is in aspect to every other, and to read the nature of the unique aspect between any two planets, all you have to do is measure the angular distance between them and then refer the number of degrees to the Sabian Symbols. In measuring distances between any two points, you always measure from the slowest moving point tthe fastest moving one.

Here’s an example: My sun is in 28 degrees and 43 minutes of Taurus, and my moon is in 18 degrees and 24 minutes of Libra. The distance between these two points measuring rom the sun to the moon is 139 degrees and 41 minutes. And by the way, if your using the Kepler astrology program all you have to do after you call up a chart is go to the top under “listing” click on it, and then click on “angular distance between planets” to get all of them. Note, though, that in this listing there will be one for the distance from the Sun to the Moon, and also from the Moon to the Sun. You want to use the one that is measuring from the Sun to the Moon, because, as I said before, you always go from the slower moving planet through the zodiac to the faster one.

Next, you need to know the numberical value of the signs in terms of their placement in the zodiac. In other words, Aries is the first 30 degrees of the zodiac, Taurus is from the 30th to the 60th degree of the zodiac, etc. Here is a list of them:

Aries 0 – 30 degrees
Taurus 30 – 60 degrees
Gemini 60 – 90 degrees
Cancer 90 – 120 degrees
Leo 120 – 150 degrees
Virgo 150 – 180 degrees
Libra 180 – 210 degrees
Scorpio 210 – 240 degrees
Sagittarius 240 – 270 degrees
Capricorn 270 – 300 degrees
Aquarius 300 – 330 degrees
Pisces 330 – 360 degrees

We can see from this list that 139 degrees and 41 minutes falls in the sign Leo, and as Leo begins at 120 degrees, then 139 degrees and 41 minutes is actually 19 degrees and 41 minutes of Leo, or when looking up the Sabian Symbol, the 20th degree of Leo, since you always round up to the next degree. Blaschke’s book was written with the Sabian Symbols in mind, but as many of you know, I work with four sets of symbolic degrees: TheSabian, the Hyperion, the Omega, and the Chandra. Any of these sets of degrees can be used for interpretation.

So the relationship between my Sun and Moon is signified by the 20th degree of Leo, the Omega symbol for this being, “An herb which, if over-consumed, causes one to die of laughter.” The planetary combination of Sun and Moon signifies ones vitality – the energy flow between conscious and unconscious. I very much relate to this symbol as revealing the nature of my vitality, for I love humor, I know that it has a potent healing power – but needs to be treated with respect, as too much can be destructive.

So now we have a way of reading each aspect between any pair of planets with far greater accuracy than just saying they are in square. If you allow a ten degree orb on squares then a square can be when two planets are from 80 - 100 degrees apart, or between 260 – 280 degrees apart, and so there are actually 40 different degrees in which squares could fall.

Here is an example of reading a square: My Neptune and Venus are 267 degrees and five minutes apart. This falls at 27 degrees and 5 minutes Sagittarius. The Omega Symbol for this is “A man channeling new music from deceased composers.” So a major challenge in my life is to positively express my idealistic (Neptune) love nature and values (Venus). Specifically I have a deep feeling that we are never limited, that there is always more that can be drawn forth from any source. People think that just because a composer is dead there can be no more music coming from him/her. No: this is an illusion, for any energy source can be tapped into to draw forth more wisdom, beauty, and spiritual sustenance. This is definitely me. It is why I use more than one set of degrees, why I’m into so many different astrological techniques, why I sense the dead so often alive and around me. It is all here. All we have to do is tap into it.

And now, here’s a question: My Jupiter is at 27 degrees and 10 minutes of Sagittarius, just 5 minutes away from this Venus/Neptune square degree I just spoke of. So does Jupiter affect my Venus/Neptune square by being there? YOU BET!!! By the way, I refer to this Venus/Neptune degree as a phase point, so I would say, “Jupiter conjunct the Venus/Neptune phase point.” And actually, if you’re going to use these phase points and planetary aspects to them, I would say that for clarity’s sake to only use a one degree orb and only use the conjunction. That way we are pairing down the number of them to the ones that are the most powerful

Do I feel, vibrationally like I have Jupiter energy merging with my Venus/Neptune blend? IT’S ME TO A TEE!!

Now, another question. Back to my Sun/Moon phase point in 20 degrees Leo. (Actually 19 degrees and 41 minutes of Leo). I don’t have any natal planet within a degree of that. But what if, say, Saturn, or any other planet crosses that point? will it have an effect on my vitality? OF COURSE!! And you know, back when I was about 25 years old, which was about 35 years ago, a fellow astrologer brought back some tapes she made at an astrology convention, and I believe it was on a tape of a lecture by the English astrologer Charles Jayne (I hope I spelled your name right) that I first heard of this technique. So its not my technique. But its an utterly wonderful interpretative tool, and needs to be explored much more extensively.

Love and Blessing to you all.



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