(4) Pluto in Capricorn

Pluto has moved into Capricorn recently (on November 28th, 2008), and so this is the focus of transformations now happening on planet earth. It is good to note that when it went into Capricorn, Saturn was in the 21st degree of Virgo. I am noting this because whenever a planet goes into a new sign, we can look at where all of the other planets are to get a picture of what its transit through that sign is going to be like. And as Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, Saturn is then, in this case, the dispositor of Pluto. Saturn’s being in Virgo at the time of Pluto’s entrance into Capricorn means that the theme is going to be the necessity (Saturn) of PURIFICATION, HEALING, REFINING, AND DEALING WITH DETAILS, AS WELL AS TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR WHAT IS HAPPENING – all of these things being Virgoan.
Capricorn is a unique sign – the only one whose symbol is an animal that doesn’t exist on the physical level: the goat-fish. Most people think of Capricorn as being a goat, but that’s only the upper half of its body, the lower half is like that of a mermaid. It signifies that Capricorn can climb the heights, just as the goat ascends mountains, and can also navigate the depths, like a deep sea fish. Capricorn is the sign of practicality.
But what is practical. If our purpose in being in a body is to learn non-attachment and reach enlightenment (as I believe) then is it practical to spend all our time trying to gain more money, power, fame, friends, possessions, etc? Or to do anything, such as be in denial, live with delusions or take drugs just to avoid anything which is discomforting.
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who, by the way, had Sun in Capricorn one said that most people had no idea how to be truly and effectively selfish. He said that since everything you put out is inevitably going to come back to you, that if you really want to be selfish you’ll help others all you can, shower them with love, and be as generous as possible. Because that will then be what will come back to you. Spoken like a true Capricorn – an enlightened Capricorn.
As I said in my last blog, Capricorn is the sign of limitation. Limitation is not a bad thing, in fact, it’s a wonderful tool for growth. You have probably noticed how, when faced with limitations you tend to figure out ways to make do with what you have. Limitations can stimulate creativity, can help us to concentrate and focus our energy.
Well, with Pluto now going through Capricorn, its time for all of us to get a much clearer idea of what our limitations are, and to decide who we are going to work with them.
Of course, all limitations are illusions. None of us is really limited, in the ultimate sense. That truth, though, is of the sign Aquarius.
Capricorn is also the sign of manipulation. We tend to have a negative association with that word, but if manipulation is engaged in for moral reasons, it can be a good thing. What is yoga, or chi gong, for instance? Simply a way of manipulating ourselves to produce greater health.
Capricorn is also the sign of the Mysteries, meaning those sacred and once secret organizations that used techniques and rituals to further spiritual development. This is the highest form of positive manipulation. It helps us to understand why so many spiritual leaders have been born under the sign Capricorn. Even Christ’s nativity is celebrated when the sun is in that sign.
Right now, (December 8th) until December 24th, Pluto is in the 3rd degree of Capricorn, the third degree carrying the vibration of going to extremes in a rigid way – hopefully as a learning experience. The three can also signify self aggrandizement and being into power and status. It has the strongest shadow essence of any degree frequency, so during this time we might expect to see negative energies coming to the fore -- so that they can be released.
From December 24th until January 21st Pluto is going to be in the 4th degree of Capricorn. The four energy signifies finding the right context in which to use abilities, or to apply energy. The four is about manifestion – making something tangible. This seems a likely time for the Nation Health Care bill to pass.
If we move the astrological clock ahead and look at where Pluto is going to be on December 21st, 2012, the date of the great renewal of planet earth, we see that it is in the 9th degree of Capricorn. The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A woman washes a man’s feet and dries them with her hair.” Feet signify understanding. It is the male understanding that is being purified by the female, or intuitive side. The hair signifies power, for one thing, and also thoughts, as hair comes out of the head. So the intuitive self purifies the understanding of the conscious self. The Omega Symbol for this same degree is “A woman thinks of all the things that have died and rotted to make the soil.”
This signifies the intuitive self realizing the full extent and meaning of every aspect of the past, and how this can provide the fertile ground for the future.
I think as are all going to be very surprised by what is coming in 2012. I do not think its going to be a disaster, or even if disasters of a physical nature occur at or around this time, I don’t think they are going to wipe out humanity.
Many of us are already conscious that we create our reality through our beliefs, that parallel universes exist, and that even the past is subject to change. By 2012 these spiritual truths will become so fully embraced by enough people that a boiling point will be reached and they will have the power to change the world, greatly facilitating the evolution of all.


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