Planets acivating the Sun/Chiron midpoint

Principle: Letting go of all things of lesser importance and focusing on what is most important in spiritual terms. Ability to clearly differentiate between what is truly important to oneself in terms of ones personal evolution and what the world/culture/social milieu deems important. The process of ceasing to base one’s self worth on outer or superficial criteria and to perceive ones importance as a being assisting in world change and the spiritual process of others. Allowing the deeper meanings of things to emerge by not placing the projections of one’s ego on them. One has the ability to assist others in the discovery of their life’s meaning and purpose. Bringing to light those ideas and energies which are exactly what is needed to heal those around one, and often doing this without consciously knowing it.

Process: The opening up to deeper and more expanded realizations of the meaning and purpose of everything one encounters.

Moon: An instinct for knowing what is truly important, and the ability to find a way to reveal it. The ability to nurture others in exactly the ways that they need. To feel insecure when not is following their true spiritual purpose.

Mercury: One's communications are imbued with true spiritual meaning, often without one knowing it. The ability to solve problems in such a way that spiritual prupose is revealed in enhanced.

Venus: Healing the ego through love. To be able to appreciate the true spiritual purpose behind all things. To bring new and deeper meaning to relationships.

Mars: To be able to clear anger by seeing the meaning and purpose behind it. To intuitively assert oneself in a way that fulfills spiritual purpose. One actions reveals things one did not expect, and which usually take the form of new depths of meaning and purpose to life.

Jupiter: One's enthusiasm has the effect of helping others to experience greater self-confidence and meaning in life.

Saturn: To feel a deep frustration when one tries to understand the meaning of life. To be afraid to release one's ego problems. One's spiritual path is furthered and enhanced by the development of deep self-confidence based on an alignment with one's Higher Self.

Uranus: To have insights into the spiritual purpose of life, and which usually come suddenly and unexpectedly. To be able to see that the spiritual purpose of life is constantly mutating, taking new forms, and being expressed in

Neptune: Subtle insights into the purpose of life. One's idealism is fulfilled as one let's go of the limitations imposed by one's ego.

Pluto: Relentless ego problems that push one to evolve into deeper identification with one's spiritual self.

Node: To seek out people that get one more deeply in touch with one's purpose in life. One is learning in this lifetime to find the hidden meanings that are everywhere around one.

Ascendant: To be able to identify and focus on the spiritual meaning of the present moment. One's simple presence emanates an aura of spiritual meaning and purpose.

Midheaven: One's purpose in life has to do with the continual seeking of deeper and deeper layers of meaning in existence. One's personal security is based on the ability to become attuned to the multifaceted meanings of life, and to allow one's ego to lose its limits by becoming absorbed in the pervasive harmony of the universe.


  1. Hello John. If you have time, could you lead me to viable information on the natal Sun-Chiron midpoint? Even a few words would help. Thanks from Peter.


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