Planets activating the Moon/Chiron midpoint

Principle: Allowing oneself to be guided by instinct, or, when one does not do this, suffering due to ones inability to act on ones instincts. Transcending the dramas of family and learning to love family without being controlled or negatively influenced by them. The quest for and finding of the spiritual family. Letting go of the past. Seeing the past in a spiritual light, which helps to release regrets.

Because one has difficulty in finding security in outer and material things, one is guided toward finding security in identification with the greater self and the protection coming from higher forces.

The ability to move through emotions, especially those that have become stagnant and fixated. The Chiron/Moon combination can mean the clearing of the emotional body, and the exorcising of the ghosts of the past. Learning to find security in fluidity rather than ridigity.

Process: The cleansing of emotions through allowing feelings to flow freely.

Sun: The goal of one's life is dependent on one's ability to allow emotions to flow openly and freely so that the emotional body may be cleansed, vitalized and purified. The ego is healed by deep attunement to and acceptance of one's feelings as well as the feelings of others.

Mercury: Thinking and communicating that are infused with healing emotional energy and which can nurture others at deep levels in profound transformational ways.

Venus: One relates to others in an emotionally healing way. When one relates emotions flow in cleansing fashion.

Mars: Taking action to clear emotions by allowing them to flow more freely. One instinctively knows what to do to foster healing energy.

Jupiter: An enthusiasm and optimism that nurtures others in a profoundly healing way. A generous way of nurturing others that helps them to overcome emotional blocks and encourages them to be more aligned with their instincts.

Saturn: A fear of clearing the emotional body, but one knows at a very deep level that this must be done. Many of the limitations and difficulties in one's life can be cleared by allowing one's emotions to flow and by knowing that one is ultimately safe and therefore need not hold on to or store feelings that need to be let go of.

Uranus: When you allow your originality and uniqueness as an individual to shine forth it has an emotionally cleansing and clearing effect on others, which helps them to receive the nurturing from the universe that they need.

Neptune: One intuitive senses how to cause emotional clearing as well as how to nurture others at a very deep level. The products of one's imagination can have a profoundly healing effect on the feeling bodies of other people.

Pluto: The ability to create profound transformations through allowing emotional energy to flow freely.

Node: When connecting with others one naturally helps them to get in touch with their feelings and to allow them to flow in a cleansing, healing manner.

Ascendant: The ability to heal and cleanse negative feelings about the self, and to let go of identifying with one's insecurities by attuning to a very deep level of spiritual security.

Midheaven: One's path in this lifetime has to do with bringing the warmth of nurturing and love to others in a very pure form, and creating a sense of security wherever one goes.


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